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Water Resources in Mexico

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Table of contents

1. Water Resources in Mexico: A Conceptual Introduction
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen

2. Mexico’s Water Challenges for the 21st Century
Felipe I. ArreguÍn Cortés, Mario LÓpez Pérez, Humberto Marengo MogollÓn

3. Integrated Water Management in Hydrological Basins:Multidisciplinary and Multi-Institutionality as an Action Paradigm
Ignacio Sánchez Cohen, úrsula Oswald Spring, Gabriel Díaz Padilla, José Luís González Barrios

4. Analysis of Weather Time Series for Decision-making in Mexico
Gabriel Díaz Padilla, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen, Rafael Alberto Guajardo Panes

5. Coastal Aquifers of Sonora: Hydrogeological Analysis Maintaining a Sustainable Equilibrium
Miguel Rangel Medina, Rogelio Monreal Saavedra, Christopher Watts

6. Preliminary Investigation of Groundwater and Surface Water Geochemistry in Campeche and Southern Quintana Roo
Eugene Perry, Guadalupe Velazquez Oliman, Niklas Wagner

7. Environmental Monitoring and Crop Water Demand
Jaime Garatuza Payán, Julio Cesar Rodríguez, Christopher J. Watts

8. Advances in Geomatics and Geospatial Technology for Solving the Water Problem in Mexico
Felipe Omar Tapia Silva

9. Water Use for Agriculture in Mexico
Enrique Palacios Vélez, Enrique Mejia Saez

10. Social Problems with the Agricultural Use of Urban Wastewater
Francisco Peña

11. Effects of Land Use in the Hydrology of Montane Catchments in Central-eastern Mexico
Lyssette E. Muñoz Villers, Miguel Equihua, Conrado Tobón, Francisco J. Gutiérrez Mendieta

12. Impact of Land Use Changes in the Surface Hydrodynamics of a Water-harvesting Basin
José Luis González Barrios, Jean-Pierre Vandervaere, Luc Descroix, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen, Eduardo Chávez Ramírez, Guillermo González Cervantes

13. Evapotranspiration in the Upper and Middle Nazas River Basins
Eduardo Chávez Ramírez, Guillermo González Cervantes, José Luis González Barrios, Alejandro López Dzul

14. Potable Water Use from Aquifers Connected to Irrigation of Residual Water
Juana Enriqueta Cortés Muñoz, César Guillermo Calderón Mólgora

15. Evaluation of the Pollution of Hydrological River Basins:Priorities and Needs
Anne M. Hansen, Carlos Corzo Juárez

16. Water Quality in the State of Aguascalientes and its Effects on the Population’s Health
Francisco Javier Avelar González, Elsa Marcela Ramírez López, Ma. Consolación Martínez Saldaña, Alma Lilián Guerrero Barrera, Fernando Jaramillo Juárez, José Luís Reyes Sánchez

17. Potable Water Pollution with Heavy Metals, Arsenic, and Fluorides and Chronic Kidney Disease in Infant Population of Aguascalientes
Laura Arreola Mendoza, Luz María Del Razo, Olivier Barbier, M. Consolación Martínez Saldaña, Francisco Javier Avelar González, Fernando Jaramillo Juárez, José L. Reyes Sánchez

18. Environmental Study on Cadmium in Groundwater in Yucatan
Julia Pacheco Avila, Armando Cabrera Sansores, Manuel Barcelo Quintal, Ligia Alcocer Can, Mercy Pacheco Perera

19. Fish and Macroinvertebrates as Freshwater Ecosystem Bioindicators in Mexico: Current State and Perspectives
Catherine Mathuriau, Norman Mercado Silva, John Lyons, Luis Manuel Martínez Rivera

20. Configuration of a Hydrocarbon Contamination Plume and Restoration of a Site near Reynosa, Tamaulipas
Salvador Israel Garza González, Raúl Herrera Mendoza

21. Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Surface Water and Their Degradation by Advanced Oxidation Process with Ozone
Ramiro Vallejo Rodríguez, Alberto López López

22. Biodegradation of a Reactive Red Azo Dye in an Upflow Anaerobic Bioreactor
Linda González, Eleazar Escamilla Silva

23. Water Security, Conflicts and Hydrodiplomacy
Úrsula Oswald Spring

24. Distribution of Surface Water of the Rio Bravo between Mexico and the United States

Vicente Germán Soto, José Luis Escobedo Sagaz

25. Determining Spaces for Intervention in a Coastal Basin
Antonina Galván Fernández

26. Social Intervention as a Practice of Translation: Sustainability and Processes of Community Knowledge
Claudia Rocío González Pérez, Antonina Galván Fernández

27. The Governance Crisis in Urban Water Management in Mexico
David Barkin

28. The Growth of Water Demand in Mexico City and the Over-exploitation of its Aquifers
Jorge A. Morales Novelo, Lilia Rodríguez Tapia

29. Reflections on the Magdalena River Master Plan in Mexico City
Arsenio Ernesto González Reynoso, Itzkuauhtli Zamora Saenz

30. Assessment of a Water Utility Agency: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Alejandra Martín Domínguez, Víctor Javier Bourguett Ortiz, Flor Virginia Cruz Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel Mejía González, Víctor Hugo Alcocer Yamanaka, Juan Maldonado Silvestre, Gustavo Armando Ortíz Rendón, Petronilo Cortés Mejía, Arturo González Herrera, Martín Piña Soberanis, Ma. Lourdes Rivera Huerta, Leticia Montellano Palacios, Carlos Eduardo Mariano Romero, Velitchko Georguiev Tzatchkov

31. Water Pollution from Agriculture: Policy Challenges in a Case Study of Guanajuato
Rosario Pérez Espejo

32. Urban Water Management: From a Vicious Circle to Public Participation, Self-sufficiency and Sustainability
Nicolás Pineda Pablos, Alejandro Salazar Adams

33. Institutional Barriers for Effective Water Governance in Mexico: Study of the Central Gulf Hydrological Administrative Region X
Judith Domínguez Serrano

34. Concluding Remarks
Úrsula Oswald Spring

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Physical Geography

Publication year
Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace
Page amount
32 pages
Natural Sciences

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