Xu, Jianming

Molecular Environmental Soil Science at the Interfaces in the Earth’s Critical Zone

Xu, Jianming - Molecular Environmental Soil Science at the Interfaces in the Earth’s Critical Zone, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Advances in the Use of Synchrotron Radiation to Elucidate Environmental Interfacial Reaction Processes and Mechanisms in the Earth’s Critical Zone
Donald Lewis Sparks

2. Microbial Role in Global Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals and Metalloids at the Interfaces in the Earth’s Critical Zone
Geoffrey Michael Gadd

Session 1. The Role of Mineral Colloids in Carbon Turnover and Sequestration and the Impact on Climate Change

3. Soils as Source and Sink of Environmental Carbon Dioxide
Rattan Lal

4. Impacts of Mineral Colloids on the Transformation of Biomolecules and Physical and Chemical Protection of Soil Organic Carbon
Pan Ming Huang

5. Unravelling the Biogeochemical Cycles of Carbon and Nutrients in Forest Ecosystems: Innovative Approaches with Advanced Stable Isotope and NMR Techniques as well as Soil Chemical and Physical Methods
Zhihong Xu

6. Effects of Soil Management from Fallow to Grassland on Soil Microbial and Organic Carbon Dynamics
Yuping Wu, Sarah Kemmitt, Jianming Xu, Philip C Brookes

7. Effect of Long-term Fertilization on the Sequestration Rate of Physical Fractions of Organic Carbon in Red Soil of Southern China
Minggang Xu, Xiaogang Tong, Xiujun Wang

8. Abiotic Catalysis of the Maillard and Polyphenol-Maillard Humification Pathways by Soil Clays from Temperate and Tropical Environments
Ailsa Ghillaine Hardie, James Joseph Dynes, Leonard Myrell Kozaka, Pan Ming Huang

9. Effect of Organic Matter Application on CP-MAS-13C-NMR Spectra of Humic Acids from a Brown Soil
Sen Dou, Kai Li

10. The Composition and Organic Carbon Distribution of Organo-mineral Complex in a black Soil as Influenced by Land-use Change and Long-term Fertilization
Xiaozeng Hana, Xueying Hou, Haibo Li

11. Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter Derived from Rice Straw at Different Decay Stages
Hualin Chen, Jiangmin Zhou

12. Organic Fertility of Severely Eroded Soils: Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilization and Cropping Patterns
Wiqar Ahmad, Farmanullah Khan, Muhammad Naeem

Session 2. Biogeochemical Interfacial Reactions and the Transformation, Transport and Fate of Vital and Toxic Elements

13. Role of Biomolecules in Influencing Transformation Mechanisms of Metals and Metalloids in Soil Environments
Antonio Violante

14. Biogeochemical Processes of Arsenic in Paddy Soils
Yongguan Zhu, Wenju Liu, Guilan Duan, Paul Williams, Guoxin Sun

15. Soil Microorganism-mineral-organic Matter Interactions and the Impact on Metal Mobility
Jacques Berthelin

16. Rhizosphere Processes and Management for Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency and Crop Productivity
Fusuo Zhang, Jianbo Shen, Jingying Jing, Long Li, Xinping Chen

17. Effect of Soil Hg Stress on Expression of Heat Shock Protein Gene in Springtail Folsomia Candida

Yurong Liu, Yuanming Zheng, Yu Da, Jizheng He

18. Antimony, Arsenic and Other Toxic Elements in the Topsoil of an Antimony Mine Area
Xiangqin Wang, Mengchang He, Jianhong Xi, Xiaofei Lu, Jun Xie

19. Microcalorimetric and Potentiometric Titration Studies on the Adsorption of Copper by P. putida and B. thuringiensis and Their Composites with Minerals
Linchuan Fang, Peng Cai, Pengxiang Li, Wei Liang, Qiaoyun Huang

20. Sorption, Transformation and Migration of Zn in Some Soils with Percolated Water Regime
Galina Vasilievna Motuzova, Natalia Jurievna Barsova

21. Speciation and Biochemical Transformations of Sulfur and Copper in Rice Rhizosphere and Bulk Soil—XANES Evidence of Sulfur and Copper Associations
Huirong Lin, Jiyan Shi, Bei Wu, Jianjun Yang, Yingxu Chen, Yidong Zhao, Tiandou Hu

22. Population Dynamics of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea and Relationships with Nitrification Rate in New Zealand Grazed Grassland Soils
Hong Jie Di, Keith C. Cameron, Jupei Shen, Jizheng He, Chris S. Winefield, Maureen O’Callaghan, Saman Bowatte

23. Plant Clonal Systems as a Strategy for Nitrate Pollution Removal in Cold Latitudes
Derong Lina, Lijiang Hua, Hong Youa, Dipayn Sarkar, Baoshan Xing, Kalidas Shetty

24. Effect of Ionic Strength on Specific Adsorption of Ions by Variable Charge Soils: Experimental Testification on the Adsorption Model of Bowden et al.

Renkou Xu, Jun Jiang, Cheng Cheng

25. Estimation of the Electrostatic Repulsive Force among Charged Clay Particles in Aqueous Systems
Hang Li, Jie Hou, Xinmin Liu

26. Kinetics of As(III) and Cr(III) Oxidation by OH-birnessites with Various Average Oxidation States (AOSs)
Xionghan Feng, Jiali Xu, Fan Liu, Wenfeng Tan

27. Adsorption/Desorption Kinetics of Zn in Soils: Influence of Phosphate
H. Magdi Selim, Keli Zhao, Lixia Liao, Jianming Xu

28. Bioavailability and Redistribution of Trace Metals in Soil Washed with a Sulfosuccinamate Formulation
Maria del Carmen Hernández-Soriano, Aránzazu Pea, Maria Dolores Mingorance

29. Fractions of Cd, Zn and Their Correlation with Soil Black Carbon in Contaminated Soils Affected by a Smelting Furnace
Ling Liu, Na Li, Longhua Wu, Zhu Li, Jinping Jiang, Yugen Jiang, Xiya Qiu, Yongming Luo

30. Formation of the Metal Complexes between Protoporphyrin IX and Divalent Metal Cations in the Environment
Chi-In Junga, Jeong-Im Yang, Cahul-Ho Park, Jebe-Bum Lee, Hyoung-Ryun Park

31. The Impact of Urban Activities on Heavy Metal Distribution and Bioavailability Index in Selected Tropical Urban Soils
John Onam Onyatta, Charles Kibii Chepkwony, Peter Olengo Ongoma

32. Nitrate Accumulation as Affected by Nitrogen Fertilization and Foliar Application of Micronutrients in Rocket Plant
Ayman Mohamed El-Ghamry

33. Fractions of Heave Metals in Paddy Fields and Their Spatial Relationship to Rice Plant
Keli Zhao, Xingmei Liu, Jiachun Shi, Jianming Xu

34. Competitive Sorption of Nickel and Cadmium in Soils
Lixia Liao, Amitava Roy, Gregory Merchan, H. Magdi Selim

35. Interaction Effect between P and K Fertilization on Faba Bean Plant (Vicia faba L.) Grown under Salt Affected Soils
Mohamed Rida Abd EL-HadyMohamed Ebrahem, Adel Mohamed Abd EL-Hameed Abd EL-Mohsen

36. Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water
Derong Lin, Lijiang Hu, Qun Zhang, Hong You

37. Study on Immobilizing Soil Exogenous Lead Using Phosphate Rock
Guanjie Jiang, Hongqing Hu, Yonghong Liu, Chang Yang, Haizheng Yang

38. Long-term Fertilizer Application Alters the Balance and Vertical Distribution of Phosphorus in a Calcarosol
Dang Thanh Vu, Caixian Tang, Roger Armstrong

39. Nitrate Nutrition But Not Rhizosphere pH Enhances Zinc Hyperaccumulation in Thlaspi caerulescens(Prayon)
Alison C Monsant, Gaelle Ng Kam Chuen, Yaodong Wang, Caixian Tanga

40. Adsorption of Phosphate and Arsenate on New Al13-Oxalate Precipitate: Spectroscopic and Macroscopic Competitive Adsorption Investigations
Jing Liu, Fenghua Zhao

41. Short-term Changes of pH Values and Aluminium Activity in Acid Soils after the Application of Nitrogen Fertilizers
Hejie Pi, Qingru Zeng, Zhaohui Jiang, Jianyu Liao, Xiaoyou Feng, Yulin Sun

42. Transformation of Nitrogen and Its Effects on Metal Elements by Coated Urea Application in Soils from South China
Zhaohui Jianga, Qingru Zeng, Hejie Pi, Bohan Liao, Xiaoyou Feng, Yulin Sun

43. Impacts of Copper on Rice Growth and Yield as Affected by Pig Manure
Jianjun Wu, Xiuling Yu, Zaffar Malik, Hao Chen, Jianming Xu

44. The Effects of Several Amendments on Forms of Lead and Its Uptake by Two Cultivars of Brassica Chinensis in an Acid Red Soil
Xia Li, Jiachun Shi, Jianming Xu, Jianjun Wu

45. Does Iron Plaque Improve the Uptake and Translocation of Lead by Broad-leaf Cattail in Lead-contaminated Soils
Shunqin Zhong, Jianming Xu, Jiachun Shi, Jianjun Wu

46. The Influence of Zn2+ and Mn2+ on Pb2+ Adsorption Behaviors of Birnessite
Fan Liu, Wei Zhao, Wenfeng Tan, Xionghan Feng

47. Removal of Arsenite in Water Using Biogenic Schwertmannite as Adsorbent
Yuehua Liao, Jianru Liang, Lixiang Zhou

48. Wien Effect Measurements in Soil Colloidal Suspensions: A Novel Method for Characterizing the Interactions between Charged Particles and Counter Ions
Yujun Wang, Dongmei Zhou, Chengbao Li, Haowen Zhu, Wei Wang, Jun Zhou

49. Can Zn, Ca and Sulfate Amendments Affect Cadmium Uptake in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Linfei Hu, Jianming Xu, Jianjun Wu, Murray B. McBride

50. Dynamics of As Species in the Interface of Soil and Rice Roots under Three Water Regimes
Wenju Liu, Lina Chen, Ying Wang

51. Extra Supply of Calcium Is Not Required for Maximal Root Growth in the Nitrate and Phosphorus-rich Patch in an Acid Soil
Chandrakumara Weligama, Caixian Tang, Peter W. G. Sale, Mark K. Conyers, Liu Li

52. Effect of Natural Acid Peat Application on the Phytoextraction of Cadmium from Contaminated Soils
Iksong Ham, Jianming Xu, Linfei Hu, Pan Ming Huang

Session 3. Anthropogenic Organics, Crop Protection and Ecotoxicology

53. Interaction of Anthropogenic Organic Chemicals with Organic Matter in Natural Particles
Joseph J. Pignatello

54. Decontamination of Soils through Immobilization of Anthropogenic Organics by Biotic and Abiotic Catalysts
Jean-Marc Bollag

55. Effects of “Aging” on Bioreactive Chemical Retention, Transformation, and Transport in Soil
Hwei Hsien Cheng, William C. Koskinen

56. Interaction of Bttoxin with Organo-mineral Surfaces and Consequences for Its Fate in the Environment
Nordine Helassa, Sylvie Noinville, Philippe Déjardin, Jean-Marc Jano, Hervé Quiquampoix, Siobhán Staunton

57. Microbial and Abiotic Interactions between Transformation of Reducible Pollutants and Fe(II)/(III) Cycles
Fangbai Li, Shungui Zhou, Xiaomin Li, Chunyuan Wu, Liang Tao

58. Assessment of Availability of Phenanthrene and Pyrene in Aging Soil
Wanting Ling, Yuechun Zeng, Yanzheng Gao, Xuezhu Zhu

59. Levels, Distributions and Profiles of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Paddy Fields from Two Towns in a Typical Electronic Waste Recycling Area of Eastern China
Xianjin Tang, Chaofeng Shen, Wenli Liu, Congkai Zhang, Yingxu Chen

60. Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soils with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Its Ecologically Enhanced Techniques
Shiqiang Wei

61. The Contribution of Rhizosphere to Remediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Their Toxicity in Soil: Evaluating with Sequential Extraction and Toxicity Risk
Bin Ma, Huaihai Chen, Yan He, Jianming Xu

62. Spectral Studies of the Toxin of Bt Adsorbed by Minerals
Qingling Fu, Hongqing Hu, Shouwen Chen, Li Huang, Qiaoyun Huang, Tongmin Sa

63. Genotypic Differences in Responses of Wheat (Triticum durum) Roots to Oxytetracycline
Zhaojun Li, Xiaoyu Xie, Alin Song, Ruihuan Qi, Fenliang Fan, Yongchao Liang

64. Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Rhizosphere of Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum L.) Induced by PCBs Pollution
Na Ding, Malik Tahir Hayat, Yan He, Haizhen Wang, Jianming Xu

65. Dynamic Behavior of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Soil and Their Interaction with Organic Matter
Malik Tahir Hayat, Jianming Xu, Na Ding, Tariq Mahmood

66. Effect of Crude Water Extract of Fructus Gleditsiae Sinensis on the Removal of Phenanthrene and Pyrene from Contaminated Soils
Ran Wei, Jun Wang, Hongyu Yang, Yi Chen, Peifen Liu, Jinzhi Ni

67. Distribution Pattern, Sources and Potential Risks of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Soils of Fuzhou City, China
Jinzhi Ni, Xiaoyan Li, Juan Guo, Jun Wang, Hongyu Yang, Ran Wei

68. Thermal Degradation of Chloroteracycline in Animal Manure and Soil
Mingkui Zhang, Huimin Zhang

69. Enhancement of Atrazine Degradation in Paddy Soils by Organic Amendments
Chaolan Zhang, Jianming Xu, Bin Yao

Session 4. Environmental Nanoparticles: Distribution, Formation, Transformation, Structural and Surface Chemistry, and Biogeochemical and Ecological Impacts

70. Soil Science at the Nanoscale: A New View of Structure, Stability, and Reactivity
Patricia A. Maurice

71. Environmental and Colloidal Behavior of Engineered Nanoparticles
Baoshan Xing

72. Humic Substances as Natural Nanoparticles Ubiquitous in the Environment
Nicola Senesi

73. Degradation of Organochlorine Compounds Using Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Nano Particles Impregnated in Hydrophobic Modified Bentonite
Sandro Froehner, M. Maceno, E. C. Luz, K. S. Machado, F. Falcão

74. Effect of Electrolyte on Adsorption/Desorption of Cu2+ on Nano-particle Mn Oxide
Wenfeng Tan, YuanPeng Wang, Fan Liu, Xionghan Feng

75. Sorption of Selected Organic Compounds in Two Black Carbon Particles
Yang-hsin Shih, Po-Hsin Su

76. Adsorption and Inhibition of Butyrylcholinesterase by Different Nanoparticles
Zhenyu Wang, Kai Zhang, Jian Zhao, Fengmin Li, Dongmei Gao, Baoshan Xing

77. Characterization of Soil Clay Minerals Using Mid-infrared Spectroscopy
Changwen Du, Guiqin Zhou, Jing Deng, Jianmin Zhou

78. Investigation Mechanism of MTBE on Wall of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) to Other Products from Air-groundwater (in Environment): MNDO
Leila Mahdavian, Mahmoud Raouf

79. Extraction of Nanoparticles from Argosols and Ferrosols
Wenyan Li, Jianming Xu, Pan Ming Huang

80. Surface and Adsorption Characteristics of Black Carbon from Different Sources
Mingkui Zhang, Zhaoyun Liu

81. A High-resolution TEM Investigation of Nanoparticles in Soils
Rui Zhu, Shenggao Lu

82. Adsorption and Desorption of Tylosin on the Colloidal Fractions of Black Soil
Chunhong Wang, Aifang Xue, Wei Liang, Peng Cai, Qiaoyun Huang

Session 5. Environmental Processes and Ecosystem Health

83. Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Environmental Processes in Soils — An Integrated Approach
Winfried E. H. Blum

84. Emission, Fate and Exposure Risk of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in China
Shu Tao, Yanxu Zhang

85. How Do Microbial Extracellular Enzymes Locate and Degrade Natural and Synthetic Polymers in Soil
Richard G. Burns

86. Influence of Solution Composition on the Exfoliation of Organic Matter from a Model Soil System
Charisma Lattao, Robert L. Cook

87. Transfer of Soil Nickel to Crops in Suburban Areas and Their Healthy Risk in Fujian Province, Southeast China
Dan Luo, Yanhui Chen, Guo Wang

88. Transformation Dynamics and Memory Effect of Soil Amino Sugars Amended with Available Substrates
Hongbo He, Xudong Zhang

89. Evaluating the Maturity and Quality of Solid Waste Compost through Phospholipid Fatty Acid Biomarkers
Ghulam Jilani, Jianming Xu, Yuping Wu, Zhongzhen Liu

90. Effects of Depleted Uranium on Soil Microbial Activity: A Bioassay Approach Using 14C-labeled Glucose
Rizwan Ahmad, David L. Jones

91. Is the Alkalinity within Agricultural Residues Soluble
Clayton R Butterly, Jeffrey A Baldock, Jianming Xu, Caixian Tang

92. Soil Micro-interfaces Control the Fate of Pollutants in Soil Environment
Jizheng He, Yuanming Zheng

93. Soil Microbial Biomass and pH as Affected by the Addition of Plant Residues
Yunfeng Wang, Ling Zhou, Jianjun Wu, Clayton R Butterly, Caixian Tang, Jianming Xu

94. Changes of Soil Enzyme Activities in the Process of Karst Forest Degradation in Southwest China
Fang Liu, Shijie Wang, Xiuming Liu, Yuansheng Liu, Jian Long

95. Effect of cry1Ab Gene Transformation on the Microbial Mediated Decomposition of Rice Residues under Intensive Rice Cropping System
Haohao Lu, Weixiang Wu, Yingxu Chen

96. Characterization of Microbial Community and Phosphorus-releasing Bacteria in the Sediments of a Eutrophic Shallow Lake, Eastern China
Yichao Qian, Yingxu Chen, Jiyan Shi, Liping Lou

97. Carbon Compounds Differ in Their Effects on Soil pH and Microbial Respiration
Fatima Rukshana, Clayton R Butterly, Jianming Xu, Jeffrey A Baldock, Caixian Tang

98. Effects of Soil Water Content on Soil Microbial Biomass and Community Structure Based on Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis
Yuping Wu, Yan He, Haizhen Wang, Jianming Xu

99. Effects of Cadmium and Mercury alone and in Combination on the Soil Microbial Community Structural Diversity
Min Liao, Haijun Zhang, Shouna Yu, Chengli Chen, Changyong Huang

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Chemistry, Mineralogy, Microbiology, Ecotoxicology, Ecology

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