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e-Business and Telecommunications

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Table of contents

1. e-Business Innovation: The Next Decade
David A. Marca

2. Development of the Next Generation CDMA Technology and Lessons We Learnt from the Past
Hsiao-Hwa Chen

3. Method for Classification of Unstructured Data in Telecommunication Services
Motoi Iwashita, Ken Nishimatsu, Shinsuke Shimogawa

4. Possible Determinants Affecting the Use of Mobile Tourism Services
Niklas Eriksson, Peter Strandvik

5. Towards a Version-Based Approach to Deal with Business Process Evolution
Mohamed Amine Chaâbane, Eric Andonoff, Lotfi Bouzgenda, Rafik Bouaziz

6. Comparing Consumer Resistance to Mobile Banking in Finland and Portugal
Tommi Laukkanen, Pedro Cruz

7. NPTool: Towards Scalability and Reliability of Business Process Management
Kelly Rosa Braghetto, João Eduardo Ferreira, Calton Pu

8. In Search of Search Engine Marketing Strategy Amongst SME’s in Ireland
Chris Barry, Debbie Charleton

9. Integrating Anomaly-Based Approach into Bayesian Network Classifiers
Salem Benferhat, Karim Tabia

10. Aggregation and Thresholding Schemes for Anomaly-Based Approaches
Salem Benferhat, Karim Tabia

11. A Memory Efficient Network Encryption Scheme
Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh, Klaus Diepold

12. Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Self-organized Public-Key Management System on MANETs under the Lack of Cooperation and the Impersonation Attacks
Eduardo Silva, Aldri Luiz Santos, Michele N. Lima, Luiz Carlos Pessoa Albini

13. Achieving Fast Self Healing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multi-generation Deployment Schemes
Ömer Zekvan Yılmaz, Albert Levi, Erkay Savaş

14. Reducing Memory Requirements for Combinatorial Attacks on NTRU via Multiple Birthdays
R. Overbeck

15. On the Design of Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocols without a Watermark Authority
Geong Sen Poh, Keith M. Martin

16. RKRD: Runtime Kernel Rootkit Detection
Satyajit Grover, Hormuzd Khosravi, Divya Kolar, Samuel Moffat, Michael E. Kounavis

17. A New Narrow-Block Mode of Operation for Disk Encryption with Error Propagation
Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh, Klaus Diepold

18. Security Requirements Management in Software Product Line Engineering
Daniel Mellado, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Mario Piattini

19. On the Suitability of Suffix Arrays for Lempel-Ziv Data Compression
Artur J. Ferreira, Arlindo L. Oliveira, Mário A. T. Figueiredo

20. Iteratively Detected MIMO-OFDM Twisted-Pair Transmission Schemes
Andreas Ahrens, Christoph Lange

21. Whales Localization Using a Large Hydrophone Array: Performance Relative to Cramer-Rao Bounds and Confidence Regions
Frédéric Caudal, Hervé Glotin

22. Automatic Recognition of Isolated Vowels Using F0-Normalized Harmonic Features
Aníbal Ferreira

23. High-Speed Configurable VLSI Architecture of a General Purpose Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Processor
Andre Guntoro, Hans-Peter Keil, Manfred Glesner

24. Face Detection Using Discrete Gabor Jets and a Probabilistic Model of Colored Image Patches
Ulrich Hoffmann, Jacek Naruniec, Ashkan Yazdani, Touradj Ebrahimi

25. Geometric Distortion Resilient Watermarking Based on a Single Robust Feature for Still Images
Michele Scagliola, Pietro Guccione

26. Optimized Two-Party Video Chat with Restored Eye Contact Using Graphics Hardware
Maarten Dumont, Sammy Rogmans, Steven Maesen, Philippe Bekaert

27. A New IMS Based Inter-working Solution
Zhongwen Zhu, Richard Brunner

28. Quality Evaluation of Reverberation in Audioband Speech Signals
Amaro A. Lima, Sergio L. Netto, Luiz W. P. Biscainho, Fabio P. Freeland, Bruno C. Bispo, Rafael A. Jesus, Ronald Schafer, Amir Said, Bowon Lee, Ton Kalker

29. Conservative Transmit Power Control Mechanism for 802.11 Mesh
Karol Kowalik, Marek Bykowski, Brian Keegan, Mark Davis

30. Multiple Mobile Sinks Deployment for Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Ines Slama, Badii Jouaber, Djamal Zeghlache

31. Using Vegetation Barriers to Improving Wireless Network Isolation and Security
Iñigo Cuiñas, Paula Gómez, Manuel García Sánchez, Ana Vázquez Alejos

32. Throughput Maximization for Multiband-OFDM Ultra Wideband Systems with Adaptive Frame Length Control
Liaoyuan Zeng, Eduardo Cano, Sean McGrath, Michael Barry

33. Evaluation of Multicast Scheduling and Clustering Schemes with Packet-Level Macro Diversity in High-Speed Cellular Networks
Neila Héni, Xavier Lagrange

34. The Service Distribution Protocol for MANETs - Criteria and Performance Analysis
Mohamed Hamdy, Birgitta König-Ries

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, e-Commerce/e-business, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Coding and Information Theory, Data Encryption, Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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