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Internet – Technical Development and Applications

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Table of contents

I. Internet – Technical Fundamentals and Applications

1. How to Improve Internet?
Daniel Jachyra

2. Performance Modeling of Selected AQM Mechanisms in TCP/IP Network
Joanna Domańska, Adam Domański, Sławomir Nowak

3. Simulation and Analytical Evaluation of a Slotted Ring Optical Packet Switching Network
Mateusz Nowak, Piotr Pecka

4. A Multi-tier Path Query Evaluation Engine for Internet Information Systems
Andrzej Sikorski

5. Modeling of Internet 3D Traffic Using Hidden Markov Models
Joanna Domańska, Przemysław Głomb, Przemysław Kowalski, Sławomir Nowak

6. Usability Testing of the Information Search Agent: Interface Design Issues
Mirka Greskova

7. The Use of Natural Language as an Intuitive Semantic Integration System Interface
Stanisław Kozielski, Michał Świderski, Małgorzata Bach

8. Student’s Electronic Card: A Secure Internet Database System for University Management Support
Andrzej Materka, Michał Strzelecki, Piotr Dȩbiec

9. Video Shot Selection and Content-Based Scene Detection for Automatic Classification of TV Sports News
Kazimierz Choroś

10. E-Learning Database Course with Usage of Interactive Database Querying
Katarzyna Harezlak, Aleksandra Werner

11. On Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks
Adam Czubak, Jakub Wojtanowski

12. Gift Cards Authorization through GSM in a Distributed Trade Network – Case Study
Joanna Zukowska, Zdzislaw Sroczynski

13. Remote Access to a Building Management System
Krzysztof Dobosz

14. Applying Rough Set Theory to the System of Type 1 Diabetes Prediction
Rafał Deja

II. Information Management Systems

15. Outline of the Enterprise Resource Control Systems Architecture
Mirosław Zaborowski

16. Implementation of Changes to the System in the Model of Multiple Suppliers vs. the Model of a Single Supplier
Wojciech Filipowski, Marcin Caban

17. Standardization of Software Size Measurement
Beata Czarnacka-Chrobot

18. The Role of Automation Tools Supporting the Maintenance of the System Environments
Wojciech Filipowski, Marcin Caban

19. Why IT Strategy Does Not Suffice?
Andrzej Sobczak

20. The Process Approach to the Projects of the Information Systems
Vladimir Krajcik

21. The Importance of Virtual Community for Enterprise Functioning – The Case Study of P.P.H.U. Jedroch Partnership Company
Miroslaw Moroz

III. Information Security in Distributed Computer Systems

22. Quantum Cryptography: Opportunities and Challenges
Andrzej Grzywak, George Pilch-Kowalczyk

23. Cerberis: High-Speed Encryption with Quantum Cryptography
Leonard Widmer

24. ANumerical SimulationofQuantum FactorizationSuccess Probability
Piotr Zawadzki

25. Software Flaws as the Problem of Network Security
Teresa Mendyk-Krajewska, Zygmunt Mazur

26. Security of Internet Transactions
Zygmunt Mazur, Hanna Mazur, Teresa Mendyk-Krajewska

27. Security of Internet Transactions – Results of a Survey
Zygmunt Mazur, Hanna Mazur

28. Ontological Approach to the IT Security Development
Andrzej Białas

29. Enhancement of Model of Electronic Voting System
Adrian Kapczyński, Marcin Sobota

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Communications Engineering, Networks

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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