Jemielniak, Joanna

Interpretation of Law in the Global World: From Particularism to a Universal Approach

Jemielniak, Joanna - Interpretation of Law in the Global World: From Particularism to a Universal Approach, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction Captruing the Change: Universaling Tendencies in Legal Interpretation
Joanna Jemielniak, Przemysław Mikłaszewicz

2. Transformations in Law Interpretation: Towards a Universal Approach – The Phenomenon, Causes and Symptoms
Ewa Łętowska

3. Discourse Ethics as a Basis of the Application of Law
Bartosz Wojciechowski

4. Judicial Interpretation of Bilingual and Multilingual Laws: A European and Hong Kong Comparison
Deborah Cao

5. The European Dual Nature: Unity/Fragmentation
Anne Wagner

6. The Universalisation of Legal Interpretation
Marek Safjan

7. The Power of National Courts in Interpreting Domestic and EU Law: The Indeterminacy of Choice
Ermal Frasheri

8. Implementation of European Regulation of the Financial Sector: Consequences for the Consumer Protection
Camilla Hørby Jensen, Nina Dietz Legind

9. Joint Competence of the EC and Its Member States as a Source of Divergent Interpretations of the TRIPS Agreement at Community and National Levels
Monika Niedźwiedź

10. Some Idealism About Realism. Judging Under Certainty and the Standardization of Adjudication in the EC Law
Mariusz Jerzy Golecki

11. Pro-European Interpretation of Criminal Law Vis-à-vis the Constitutional Standards of the European Union Member States
Barbara Nita

12. Linguistic Pluralism and Interpretation of European Law in the Third Pillar, Discussed with Reference to the Example of Article 54 of the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement
Barbara Nita, Andrzej Światłowski

13. Introducing Hermeneutic Methods in Criminal Law Interpretation in Europe
Alicja Ornowska

14. Fifty Years in Five? The Brazilian Approach to the New York Convention
André Albuquerque Cavalcanti Abbud

15. Explaining Transnational Rules: Discourses and Material Conditions When Implementing the Swedish Corporate Code of Conduct
Karin Jonnergård, Ulf Larsson-Olaison

16. The Translation of Transplanted Rules: The Case of the Swedish Nomination Committee
Ulf Larsson-Olaison

17. Transnational Law, Between Ius Mercatorum and Ius Civile

Cristián Giménez Corte

Keywords: Law, International & Foreign Law/Comparative Law, General Law/Fundamentals, Law Theory/Law Philosophy, European Law/Public International Law, Criminal Law, Philosophy of Law

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