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Table of contents

1. The Impact of Persistence Length on the Communication Efficiency of Microtubules and CNTs
Stephen F. Bush, Sanjay Goel

2. Single and Multiple-Access Channel Capacity in Molecular Nanonetworks
Baris Atakan, Ozgur B. Akan

3. Timing Information Rates for Active Transport Molecular Communication
Andrew W. Eckford

4. Information Transfer through Calcium Signaling
Tadashi Nakano, Jian-Qin Liu

5. Quantitative Analysis of the Feedback of the Robust Signaling Pathway Network of Myosin V Molecular Motors on GluR1 of AMPA in Neurons: A Networking Approach for Controlling Nanobiomachines
Jian-Qin Liu, Tadashi Nakano

6. RF Control of Biological Systems: Applications to Wireless Sensor Networks
Hooman Javaheri, Guevara Noubir, Sanaa Noubir

7. Sub-micrometer Network Fabrication for Bacterial Carriers and Electrical Signal Transmission
Gaël Bringout, Sajjad Saeidlou, Sylvain Martel

8. Pulse-Density Modulation with an Ensemble of Single-Electron Circuits Employing Neuronal Heterogeneity to Achieve High Temporal Resolution
Andrew Kilinga Kikombo, Tetsuya Asai, Yoshihito Amemiya

9. Carbon Nanotube Nanorelays with Pass-Transistor for FPGA Routing Devices
Ming Liu, Haigang Yang, Sansiri Tanachutiwat, Wei Wang

10. Quantum-Like Computations Using Coupled Nano-scale Oscillators
Nikolai Nefedov

11. Optimization of Nanoelectronic Systems Reliability by Reducing Logic Depth
Milos Stanisavljevic, Alexandre Schmid, Yusuf Leblebici

12. Coherent Polarization Transfer through Sub-wavelength Hole Arrays
Martin P. Exter, Erwin Altewischer, J. P. (Han) Woerdman

13. Study on Electrical and Optical Properties of the Hybrid Nanocrystalline TiO2 and Conjugated Polymer Thin Films
Le Ha Chi, Nguyen Nang Dinh, Pham Duy Long, Dang Tran Chien, Tran Thi Chung Thuy

14. Through Silicon Via-Based Grid for Thermal Control in 3D Chips
José L. Ayala, Arvind Sridhar, Vinod Pangracious, David Atienza, Yusuf Leblebici

15. Can SG-FET Replace FET in Sleep Mode Circuits?
Marius Enachescu, Sorin Cotofana, Arjan Genderen, Dimitrios Tsamados, Adrian Ionescu

16. Functional Model of Carbon Nanotube Programmable Resistors for Hybrid Nano/CMOS Circuit Design
Weisheng Zhao, Guillaume Agnus, Vincent Derycke, Ariana Filoramo, Christian Gamrat, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin

17. Designing Reliable Digital Molecular Electronic Circuits
Ci Lei, Dinesh Pamunuwa, Steven Bailey, Colin Lambert

18. Creating Nanotechnicians for the 21st Century Workplace
Michael Burke, Kristi Jean, Cheryl Brown, Rick Barrett, Carrie Leopold

19. Chances and Risks of Nanomaterials for Health and Environment
Michael Riediker

20. Fabrication of Elastomeric Nanofluidic Devices for Manipulation of Long DNA Molecules
Elena Angeli, Chiara Manneschi, Luca Repetto, Giuseppe Firpo, Corrado Boragno, Ugo Valbusa

21. Repeater Insertion for Two-Terminal Nets in Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits
Hu Xu, Vasilis F. Pavlidis, Giovanni Micheli

22. Nanophotonics for Lab-on-Chip Applications
Peter Seitz

23. Highly Sensitive Arrays of Nano-sized Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes for Industrial and Bio Imaging
Edoardo Charbon

24. A Cancer Diagnostics Biosensor System Based on Micro- and Nano-technologies
Pedro Ortiz, Neil Keegan, Julia Spoors, John Hedley, Alun Harris, Jim Burdess, Richie Burnett, Margit Biehl, Werner Haberer, Thomas Velten, Matthew Solomon, Andrew Campitelli, Calum McNeil

25. Nanoelectrochemical Immunosensors for Protein Detection
Alessandro Carpentiero, Manuela Leo, Ivan Garcia Romero, Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, Freimut Reuther, Giorgio Stanta, Massimo Tormen, Paolo Ugo, Martina Zamuner

26. Quantum Dots and Wires to Improve Enzymes-Based Electrochemical Bio-sensing
Sandro Carrara, Cristina Boero, Giovanni Micheli

27. Ultra Low Energy Binary Decision Diagram Circuits Using Few Electron Transistors
Vinay Saripalli, Vijay Narayanan, Suman Datta

28. Organic Memristors and Adaptive Networks
Victor Erokhin, Tatiana Berzina, Svetlana Erokhina, M. P. Fontana

29. Nanostencil and InkJet Printing for Bionanotechnology Applications
Kristopher Pataky, Oscar Vazquez-Mena, Juergen Brugger

30. A New Method for Evaluating the Dynamics of Human Brain Networks Using Complex-Systems
Jian-Qin Liu, Shigeyuki Kan, Takahiko Koike, Satoru Miyauchi

31. On Two-Layer Hierarchical Networks How Does the Brain Do This?
Valeriu Beiu, Basheer A. M. Madappuram, Peter M. Kelly, Liam J. McDaid

32. Reduced Interconnects in Neural Networks Using a Time Multiplexed Architecture Based on Quantum Devices
Peter M. Kelly, Fergal Tuffy, Valeriu Beiu, Liam J. McDaid

33. On the Reliability of Interconnected CMOS Gates Considering MOSFET Threshold-Voltage Variations
Mawahib Hussein Sulieman

34. On Wires Holding a Handful of Electrons
Valeriu Beiu, Walid Ibrahim, Rafic Z. Makki

35. Improving Nano-circuit Reliability Estimates by Using Neural Methods
Azam Beg

36. A Bayesian-Based EDA Tool for Nano-circuits Reliability Calculations
Walid Ibrahim, Valeriu Beiu

Keywords: Computer Science, Computation by Abstract Devices, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Models and Principles, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Processor Architectures

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