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Plant Developmental Biology - Biotechnological Perspectives

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Table of contents

1. Developmental Biology of Somatic Embryogenesis
R. J. Rose, F. R. Mantiri, S. Kurdyukov, S-K. Chen, X-D. Wang, K. E. Nolan, M. B. Sheahan

2. Microspore Embryogenesis
A. Olmedilla

3. Stress and Somaclonal Variation
A. M. Vázquez, R. Linacero

4. Photosynthate Partitioning
N. G. Halford

5. Molecular Physiology of Seed Maturation and Seed Storage Protein Biosynthesis
H. Weber, N. Sreenivasulu, W. Weschke

6. Fatty Acid Biosynthesis and Regulation in Plants
R. Rajasekharan, V. Nachiappan

7. Biosynthesis and Regulation of Carotenoids in Plants—Micronutrients, Vitamins and Health Benefits
C. I. Cazzonelli, N. Nisar, D. Hussain, M. E. Carmody, B. J. Pogson

8. Biosynthesis and Regulation of Alkaloids
G. Guirimand, V. Courdavault, B. St-Pierre, V. Burlat

9. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Flower Pigments
K. M. Davies, K. E. Schwinn

10. Biosynthesis and Regulation of Flower Scent
B. Piechulla, U. Effmert

11. Amino Compound-Containing Lipids: a Novel Class of Signals Regulating Plant Development
R. Ortiz-Castro, A. Méndez-Bravo, J. López-Bucio

12. The Roles of YUCCA Genes in Local Auxin Biosynthesis and Plant Development
Y. Zhao

13. Role of Cytokinin in the Regulation of Plant Development
T. Kiba, H. Sakakibara

14. Light Signalling in Plant Developmental Regulation
A. Galstyan, J. F. Martínez-García

15. RNA Silencing in Plants
A. Eamens, S. J. Curtin, P. M. Waterhouse

16. DNA Methylation: a Dynamic Regulator of Genome Organization and Gene Expression in Plants
E. J. Finnegan

17. Molecular Mechanisms in Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Growth and Development
A. Berr, W. H. Shen

18. Activation Tagging for Gain-of-Function Mutants
N. Marsch-Martínez, A. Pereira

19. Regulatory Mechanisms of Homologous Recombination in Higher Plants
K. Osakabe, K. Abe, M. Endo, S. Toki

20. Synthetic Promoter Engineering
M. Venter, F. C. Botha

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Anatomy/Development, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Agriculture, Genetic Engineering, Cell Culture

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