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Table of contents

1. HOWRAN: An Hybrid Optical Wireless Radio Access Network for WiMAX Antennas Backhauling
Maurice Gagnaire, Tony Youssef

2. The Audacity of Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Networks
Martin Maier, Navid Ghazisaidi, Martin Reisslein

3. When Are Online and Offline Excess Bandwidth Distribution Useful in EPONs?
Jason R. Ferguson, Michael P. McGarry, Martin Reisslein

4. Cost-Performance Planning of Municipal Wireless Access Networks
Paolo Giacomazzi, Alessandro Poli

5. Greener Copper with Dynamic Spectrum Management
John Cioffi, Sumanth Jagannathan, W. Lee, H. Zou, A. Chowdhery, W. Rhee, G. Ginis, P. Silverman

6. Performance Comparison of Orthogonal and Quasi-orthogonal Codes in Quasi-Synchronous Cellular CDMA Communication
Sujit Jos, Preetam Kumar, Saswat Chakrabarti

7. Supporting Session and Access Point Mobility in a Large Multi-provider Multi-vendor Municipal WiFi Network
Timo Ojala, Toni Hakanen, Ossi Salmi, Mikko Kenttälä, Juha Tiensyrjä

8. A Fast MAC-Layer Handover for an IEEE 802.16e-Based WMAN
Sayan K. Ray, Krzysztof Pawlikowski, Harsha Sirisena

9. A Conflict-Free Low-Jitter Guaranteed-Rate MAC Protocol for Base-Station Communications in Wireless Mesh Networks
T. H. Szymanski

10. Coexistence of Collocated IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth Technologies in 2.4 GHz ISM Band
Ariton E. Xhafa, Xiaolin Lu, Donald P. Shaver

11. Enabling Broadband as Commodity within Access Networks: A QoS Recipe
Enrique Areizaga, Andreas Foglar, Antonio J. Elizondo, Frank Geilhardt

12. A Simulator of Periodically Switching Channels for Power Line Communications
Taro Hayasaki, Daisuke Umehara, Satoshi Denno, Masahiro Morikura

13. Placement of Base Stations in Broadband Power Line Communications Access Networks by Means of Multi-criteria Optimization
Abdelfatteh Haidine, Ralf Lehnert

14. Modeling of Channel Allocation in Broadband Powerline Communications Access Networks as a Multi-Criteria Optimization Problem
Abdelfatteh Haidine, Ralf Lehnert

15. Topology Design of Hierarchical Hybrid Fiber-VDSL Access Networks with Enhanced Discrete Binary PSO
Rong Zhao, Yi Zhang, Ralf Lehnert

16. Near-Optimal Multi-user Greedy Bit-Loading for Digital Subscriber Lines
Alastair McKinley, Alan Marshall

17. Case for Dynamic Reconfigurability in Access Networks
Rajeev Roy, Wim Etten

18. Fragmentation in a Novel Implementation of Slotted GPON Segmentation and Reassembly
Yixuan Qin, Martin Reed, Zheng Lu, David Hunter, Albert Rafel, Justin Kang

19. TCP Performance over Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Networks
Julio Orozco, David Ros

20. A Fast Channel Switching Method in EPON System for IPTV Service
Yaling Nie, Hideya Yoshiuchi

21. WDM Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Schemes for Ethernet PONs
Kae Hsiang Kwong, Hammad Yaqoob, Craig Michie, Ivan Andonovic

22. VoIP Performance with Aggressive AMC and SINR Feedback for WiMAX Downlink
Xiangning Fan, Zhu Dengkui

23. Performance of Adaptive Sub-carrier and Bit Allocation Algorithms for Multi-user OFDM Wireless Systems
Xiangning Fan, Chu Jintao

24. Proportional Increase Multiplicative Decrease (PIMD) Wireless Scheduler: An Efficient Scheduler for IEEE 802.11e HCF
Arshad Hussain, Shaban Qaiser

25. Appropriate Templates for Broadband Access in Non-developed and Developing Countries
Morteza Haddadzadeh

26. A Unified Framework of the Performance Evaluation of Optical Time-Wavelength Code-Division Multiple-Access Systems
Elie Inaty

27. Performance Analysis of Multi-format WDM-RoF Links Based on Low Cost Laser and SOA
Carlos Almeida, António Teixeira, Mário Lima

28. Performance Evaluation of the Cable Bundle Unique Power Back-Off Algorithm
Driton Statovci, Tomas Nordström

29. Estimating Video Quality over ADSL2+ under Impulsive Line Disturbance
Glauco Gonçalves, Ramide Dantas, André Palhares, Judith Kelner, Joseane Fidalgo, Djamel Sadok, Henrik Almeida, Miguel Berg, Daniel Cederholm

30. Wireless Channel Condition Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid Optical/Wireless Networks
Ying Yan, Hao Yu, Lars Dittmann

31. Planning Multitechnology Access Networks with Performance Constraints
Steven Chamberland

32. Loop Identification and Capacity Estimation of Digital Subscriber Lines with Single Ended Line Testing
Carine Neus, Wim Foubert, Leo Biesen

33. Optical CDMA with Embedded Spectral-Polarization Coding over Double Balanced Differential-Detector
Jen-Fa Huang, Chih-Ta Yen, Bo-Hau Chen

34. Robust Coverage and Performance Testing for Large-Area Wireless Networks
Caleb Phillips, Russell Senior, Douglas Sicker, Dirk Grunwald

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Coding and Information Theory, Information Systems and Communication Service, System Performance and Evaluation, Performance and Reliability, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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