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Surgery for Low Back Pain

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Table of contents

1. The Biology of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke, Hans-Joachim Wilke

2. Low Back Pain: Where Does the Pain Come From?
Helena Brisby

3. The Role of Cytokines in the Degenerative Spine
Björn Rydevik, Helena Brisby

4. Psychosocial Aspects of Low Back Pain
Christine Cedraschi, Valérie Piguet

5. Instability and Low Back Pain
Tommy Hansson

6. Dynamic MRI of the Spine
J. J. Abitbol, Soon-Woo Hong, Sana Khan, Jeffrey C. Wang

7. Assessment of Status of End Plate and Diffusion in Degenerative Disc Disease
S. Rajasekaran

8. The Role of Physician Extenders in a Low Back Pain Practice
Michael R. Zindrick, Michael N. Tzermiadianos, Cary R. Templin, Raymond E. Hines

9. Natural Evolution of Nonspecific Low-Back Pain
Michel Benoist, Thibaut Lenoir

10. Prescribing Conservative Treatment for Low Back Pain
F. Balagué, J. Dudler

11. Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Low back Pain and Back Schools
Margareta Nordin

12. The Place of Chiropractic Care in the Treatment of Low Back Pain
Christopher J. Colloca

13. Efficacy of IDET and PIRFT for the Treatment of Discogenic Low Back Pain
Brian J. C. Freeman

14. Lumbar Orthoses to Prevent and Treat Low-Back Pain
Michel Benoist, Thibaut Lenoir

15. Indication for Lumbar Spinal Fusion
Max Aebi

16. Evidence for Efficacy of Pedicle-Based Systems
Jeremy Fairbank

17. Low Back Pain Is Not an Indication for Stabilisation in Patients Operated for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
E. Munting

18. Hybrid Construct for DDD in the Lumbar Spine: The Compromise Between Fusion and Nonfusion
J. C. Huec, R. Meyrat, F. Debusscher, S. Aunoble

19. The Management of Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis
Brian J. C. Freeman, Ujjwal K. Debnath

20. Transpedicular-Transdiscal-Transcorporal (TPDC)-Fixation
Max Aebi

21. Facet Problems: A Surgical Indication?
F. Pellisé

22. Adjacent Level Disease: “Myth” or “Fact”
David A. Wong, Katherine E. Wong

23. Pelvic Girdle Pain: Indication for Surgery?
Bengt Sturesson

24. Blood Loss Management in Major Spine Surgery
Serena S. Hu, Jeremy A. Lieberman

25. How Disc Replacement Fits in the Treatment Algorithm for Degenerative Disc Disease: Refining Indications for Disc Replacement
Richard D. Guyer, Donna D. Ohnmeiss

26. Clinical Factors that May Affect Outcome in Lumbar Total Disc Replacement. What Is the Evidence?
Michael R. Zindrick, Mark Lorenz, Leonard I. Voronov, Michael N. Tzermiadianos, Alexander Hadjipavlou

27. A Prospective Randomized Comparison of Two Lumbar Total Disk Replacements
Richard D. Guyer, Donna D. Ohnmeiss

28. Limitations of Lumbar Disk Arthroplasty
Serena S. Hu

29. Is Posterior Dynamic Stabilization an Option to Avoid Adjacent Segment Decompensation?
Missoum Moumene, Jürgen Harms

30. Immediate Biomechanical Effects of Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilisation
Brian J. C. Freeman, Caspar E. W. Aylott

31. Overview of Pedicle Screw-Based Posterior Dynamic Stabilization Systems
Richard D. Guyer, Donna D. Ohnmeiss, Kevin R. Strauss

32. Semirigid Fixation System for the Lumbar Spine
Dieter Grob, Andrea Luca, Anne F. Mannion

33. Nonrigid Stabilization of the Spine – Problems Observed: Screw Loosening/Breakage/Implant Failure/Adjacent Segment Degeneration
Paul F. Heini

34. Interspinous Implants: State of the Art and Research of Evidence
Marek Szpalski, Robert Gunzburg, Christopher J. Colloca, Robert J. Moore

35. NuBac Disc Arthroplasty System: Rationale and Clinical Results
Massimo Balsano, Domagoj Coric, Margreet Derks

36. Outcome Assessment for Cost-Utility Evaluations: SF-6D vs. EQ-5D
Rikke Søgaard, Terkel Christiansen, Finn Bjarke Christensen

37. Review of the Medical Evidence Regarding the Surgical Treatment of Low Back Pain
Andrew P. White, Justin G. Brothers, Alexander R. Vaccaro

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Neurology

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