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Advances in Environmental Geotechnics

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Table of contents

1. The 2009 Zeng Guo-Xi Lecture

1. Systems Engineering The Design and Operation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills To Minimize Contamination of Ground Water
R. Kerry Rowe

2. Static and Seismic Analysis of Solid Waste Landfills
Pedro Simão Sêco e Pinto

2. Invited Lectures

3. Modeling Applied To Environmental Geotechnics
Mario Manassero, Andrea Dominijanni, Guido Musso

4. Modeling Dominant Transport Processes in One-Dimensional Contaminant Transport
E. C. Nirmala Peter, M. R. Madhav, E. Saibaba Reddy, T. V. Bharat

5. The Vector Sum Method: a New Approach to Calculating The Safety Factor of Stability Against Sliding For Slope Engineering and Dam Foundation Problems
Xiu-Run Ge

6. Acid Mine Drainage From Abandoned Mine Sites: Problematic and Reclamation Approaches
Bruno BussiÈre

7. Effect of MgO Additive on Preventing Leakage of Cr(VI) From a Fly Ash
Jin-Chun Chai, Takanori Hino, Nobuyuki Nishino

8. Environmental Geotechnics Related to Landfills of Municipal Solid Wastes
Yun-Min Chen, Tony L. T. Zhan

9. Tdr Measurement System and The Application of Tdr in Geoenvironmental Engineering
Ren-Peng Chen, Wei Chen, Yun-Min Chen

10. The Status of Engineering Technical Standards of Waste Sanitary Landfill Treatment in China
Yi-Xin Dong

11. Challenges Associated With The Design of Covers
Delwyn G. Fredlund, J. Stianson

12. Geotechnical Aspects Of Landfill Closure And Aftercare
Erwin Gartung, Wolf-Ulrich Henken-Mellies, Jürgen Kanitz, Hans-Günter Ramke

13. Dewatering Sludge Using Electrokinetic Geosynthetics
S. Glendinning, J. A. Hall, J. Lamont-Black, C. J. F. P. Jones, D. T. Huntley, C. White, A. Fourie

14. Full-Scale Practice of Ecologically Based Landfill of Municipal Solid Waste: to Accecelerate The Biological Conversion Inside Landfill and Cover Layers
Pin-Jing He

15. Gasoline Contaminated Sites: Pollutant Transport and Remediation
Li-Ming Hu, Jay N. Meegoda, Irene M. C. Lo, Yan Liu, Sheng-Yan Gao, Zhao-Qun Wu

16. Contaminated Land and Environmental Damage: an Analysis of Current Remedial Strategies and Future Developments
Stephan A. Jefferis

17. In-Situ Containment For Waste Landfill and Contaminated Sites
Takeshi Katsumi, Toru Invui, Masashi Kamon

18. Application of Electrical Resistivity For Cement Solidified/Stabilized Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils
Song-Yu Liu, Yan-Jun Du, Lei Chen, Zhi-Bin Liu, Fei Jin

19. Recent Research On The Hydrogeological And Settlement Characteristics Of Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste
D. J. Richards, W. Powrie, R. P. Beaven

20. Geosynthetic Fundamentals in Landfill Design
Gregory N. Richardson, Aigen Zhao

21. Application of Shear Strength of Solid Waste and Multilayer Liner in Landfills
Jian-Yong Shi, Xue-De Qian, Jun-Gao Zhu, Yu-Ping Li

22. An Application of Centrifuge Model in Environmental Geotechnics Assessment of Soft Geological Barrier Subjected to Pile Constructions in Waste Disposal Site
Jiro Takemura, Binod Amatya, Osamu Kusakabe

23. Removal of Heavy Metal from Aqueous Solutions Using Chinese Loess Soil
Xiao-Wu Tang, Yan Wang, Zhen-Ze Li

24. Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical Modeling for Geoenvironmental Phenomena
Hywel R. Thomas, Philip J. Vardon, Yu-Chao Li

25. Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Sites
Albert T. Yeung

26. Advances on Buffer/Backfill Properties of Heavily Compacted Gaomiaozi Bentonite
Wei-Min Ye, Qiong Wang, Yong-Gui Chen, Bao Chen

27. A Preliminary Understanding on Performance of Barriers for MSW Landfills in Southern China
Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, Xiao-Wu Tang

28. Role of Soil Water in Cement-Based Treatment of Dredged Materials
Wei Zhu, C. F. Chiu

3. Basic and Advanced Theories for Modeling of Geoenvironmental Phenomena

29. Numerical Simulation Of Electro-Osomosis In Soft Clay
Liming Hu, Wei-Ling Wu, Zhao-Qun Wu

30. Research on Coefficent of Brittle Stress Drop of Brittle-Plastic Rocksand Itsappliction
Gui-Cai SHI, Xiu-Run Ge, Yun-De Lu

31. Dynamic Stability Analysis Of Landfill Slope In Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Xue-Tao Wang, Tensay G. Berhe, Stephen Webb, Wei Wu

32. High-Speed and Long Range Flow Analysis Model Of Waste Body After Sanitary Msw Landfills Slope Unstability
Zhan-Hong Qiu, Yun-Min Chen, Xiao-Gang Wang

33. One-Dimensional Consolidation Of Aquitard Considering Non-Darcy Flow
Zhong-Yu Liu, Jin-Chao Yue, Li-Yun Sun

34. Site Effect Analysis Of Shirvan Gtl Refinery, Using Equivalent Linear Soil Behavior (Ne Of Iran)
Ahmad Adib, Naser Ebadati, Kobra Heydarzadeh

35. Data Divison Method of Sand Liquefaction Samples Based on Self-Organizing Maps
Si-Si Liu, Ming-Hua Zhao

36. Gom-Svm Predictor For Land Subsidence at Finished Underground Mining
Zheng-Wen Xie, Xiao-Yu Liang

37. A Fully Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Model For Methane Hydrate Reservoir Simulations
Huo-Lang Fang

38. Numerical Simulation Of Dynamic Responses In Transversely Isotropic Fluid-Saturated Elastic Seabed Under Wave Actions
Zhou-Yuan Heng, Wang-Yong He, Sun Zhi, Chen-Ming Wei

39. Solutions For A Completely Saturated Porous Elastic Solid With Impeded Boundaries
Ze-Hai Cheng, Jian-Zhong Xia, Yun-Min Chen, Dao-Sheng Ling, Bing Zhu

40. The Three-Dimension Saturated-Unsaturated Seepage Analysis Under Atomized Rain Of Hydropower Project With High Slope
Huan-Ling Wang, Wei-Ya Xu

41. Study On Unloading Rock Mass Constitutive Relationship
Jie Liu, Jian-Lin Li, Xiao-Hu Wang, Jian-Jun Qu, Ting Zhu

42. Destructuration Constitutive Model For Soft Clay
Xiao-Jun Yu, Zhi-Hong Qi

43. Identification of Damping Ratios of Soil-Structure System Subjected to Ambient Excitation
Zhi-Ying Zhang, Qiang Pan, Chong-Du Cho, Zhan-Chao Gao

4. Testing and Monitoring for Geoenvironmental Engineering

44. Laboratory Flume Studies on Consolidation of Soft Silty Seabed Soil Under Wave Actions
Ying Liu, Hong-Jun Liu, Xiu-Hai Wang, Min-Sheng Zhang

45. Characteristics of Shear Strength of Unsaturated Weak Expansive Soil
Wei-Min Ye, Ya-Wei Zhang, Bao Chen, Shi-Fang Zhang

46. On The Determination of The Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Using The Pressure Plate Extrator
Hui Chen, Chang-Fu Wei, Rong-Tao Yan, Pan Chen, Pan-Pan Yi

47. Zero Valent Iron to Remove The Arsenic Contamination from Natural Ground Water: Batch and Column Experiment
M. A. Abedin, Takeshi Katsumi, Toru Invui, Masashi Kamon

48. Simulation Tests of Biodegradation and Compression of Municipal Solid Waste
Jun-Long Liu, Han Ke, Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen

49. Compatibility of Tropical Soil and Bentonite Mixtures Subjected To Chemical Solutions
Thiago Luiz Coelho Morandini, Adilson do Lago Leite

50. Development of Sediment Monitoring During Heavy Rainfalls
Chih-Ping Lin, Chih-Chung Chung, Yu-Chia Chang, Tzong-Shen Chang

51. Research on Relations of Engineering Indexes and Microstructure Feature Values to Saturated Soft Soil
Yong Xu, Ji-Chao Zhang, Wu-Ping Li, He Yi

52. Shear Strength Behavior of Bentonite Modified by Tetramethylammonium Cations
Bate Bate, Susan E. Burns

53. Monitoring of Landfill Settlement by Means of Horizontal Inclinometers
Xiao-Bing Xu, Hai-Yun Wei, Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, Yao-Shang Wang

5. Municipal Solid Wastes and Landfill Engineering

54. Effect of Thickness of Hydraulic Barrier on The Integrity of A Cover System Subjected To Differential Settlements
Bhamidipati V. S. Viswanadham, Sathiyamoorthy Rajesh

55. Seismic Response Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Xue-Jing Deng, Xian-Jing Kong, De-Gao Zou

56. Study On Soil Properties Of The Early Ecological Restoration For A Chemical Landfill In Huainan
Wen Fan, Jia-Ping Yan, Hui-Ping Liu

57. Geotechnical Site Characterization Of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill In Uzbekistan
Kobiljon Kholmatov, Diana Khashimova, Wei Wu, Marufdjan Musaev

58. Ambient Noise Site Investigation of A Representative MSW Landfill In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Thiep Doanh, Xue-Tao Wang, Stephen Webb, Wei Wu

59. Analyses On Applicability Of Et Covers in Humid Areas
Wen-Jie Zhang, Yun-Min Chen

60. In-Situ Tests And Slope Stability Analysis Of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Hsin-Yu Shan, Tsuo-Hsien Fan

61. Effect Of Municipal Solid Waste Composition On Permeability
Harris Ramli, Mastura Azmi, F. Ahmad, M. M. Ali

62. Study On The Duncan-Chang Model Parameters Of Stress Compression For Municipal Solid Waste
Zhen-Ying Zhang, Chang-Fu Wu, Yun-Min Chen

63. Study On Parameter Sensitivity Of The Combination Failure Of Landfill with A Dam
Fan Tu, Fang-Qiang Chang, Zhao-Yun Xiao, Xiao-Jie Wu

64. Model Tests On Deformation Behavior of Bentonite Mixed Soil Layer Subjected to A Local Subsidence In Landfill
Shigeyoshi Imaizumi, Yasuto Shinozaki, Kengo Kudo, Takuya Yoshinao

65. Factors Affecting Slope Stability Of Landfill Covers
Manoj Datta

66. One-Dimensional Settling Behavior of A Group of Soil Materials In Static Water Assuming Coastal Landfill
Shuichi Nagaoka, Yuta Nabeshima, Kenichi Sato, Shotaro Yamada, Tomoaki Hachimura, Tetsuya Miyahara

67. Experimental Study On The Nonlinear Change Of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Of Waste Soil
Ying Zhao, Qiang Xue, Bing Liang, Lei Liu

68. Landfill Gas Generation and Transport In Bioreactor Landfill
Qi-Lin Feng, Lei Liu, Qiang Xue, Ying Zhao

69. Development Of A Computer Software For Predicting Landfill Settlement and Its Storage Capacity
Yao-Shang Wang, Han Ke, Tony L. T. Zhan, Xue-Chen Bian, Yun-Min Chen, Zhe Fu

70. Influence Of Rainfall Pattern On The Infiltration Into Landfill Earthen Final Cover
Guan-Wei Jia, Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, D. G. Fredlund

71. Municipal Solid Waste Management After Wenchuan Earthquake
Hua Tao

72. Field Investigation On The Feasibility of Leachate Recirculation In Chengdu Msw Landfill, China
Ji-Wu Lan, Tony Liang-Tong Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, Han Ke, Zhao Liu, Guo-Qing Lu

6. Sludge and Dredging Soils

73. Reuse Of Pond Sediment By Mixing With Stabilizers and Shredded Paper
Yasuyuki Nabeshima, Seishi Tomohisa

74. Laboratroy Study on Electrokinetic Dewatering of Sewage Sludge
Yuan Feng, Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, Quan-Fang Zhang

75. Hydraulic Conductivity Evaluation of Vertical Cutoff Walls Bearing Filter Cake From Slug Test Analysis
The-Bao Nguyen, Chulho Lee, Yonghoon Ahn, Hangseok Choi

76. Filtration Performance Of Two-Layered Nonwoven Geotextiles
Li-Fang Liu, Lian-Ying Ji, Fa-Wen Guo, Qian-Li Wang, Xiao-Jie Yang

77. Reasonable Construction Management In Fill Loading With Vacuum Consolidation Method Based On Fem Analyses
Mohammad Shahiduzzaman, Yoshihiko Tanabashi, Hiroshi Kawabata, Yujing Jiang, Satoshi Sugimoto

78. Finite Element Numerical Analysis To Interaction Of Buried Spiral Steel Plastic Composite Pipe With Surrounding Soils
Xiang-Yong Zeng, An-Fu Deng, Bing Zheng, Xiao-Dong Guo

79. Experimental Study on Engineering Properties of A Dredged Sediment Solidified by Common Cementitious Materials
Ping Chen, Bang-Min Qin

80. Improving Soft Ground and Sludge by Over-Pressure Vacuum Consolidation System
Ya-Wei Jin, Ben Niu

81. Changing In The Physical Parameters of Dumps of The Coal-Mining Industry of Kansk-Achinsk (Siberian) Coal Field and Possibility of Their Remediation
E. V. Stanis, E. N. Ogorodnikova, E. A. Karpukhina

82. Dynamic Reaction Analysis of Tailing Dams Under Earthquake
Bao-Lin Xiong, Xi-Liang Wang, Chun-Jiao Lu

7. Geotechnical Reuse of Industrial Wastes

83. Use of Recycled Copper Slag in Cement-Treated Singapore Marine Clay
S. H. Chew, S. K. Bharati

84. Experimental Study on The Engineering Properties of Two Incineration Bottom Ash of Municipal Solid Wastes
Jian-Ming Zhang, Min-Yun Hu, Si-Fa Xu

85. Utilization of Coal Ash As Recycling Material Options in View Point of Geoenvironment
Ahmad Rifa’I, Noriyuki Yasufuku, Kiyoshi Omine, Kazuyoshi Tsuji

86. Study on The Engineering Property of Mixed-Soil Fly Ash
Ya-Sheng Luo, Jing Li, Andrew Chan

87. Experimental Study on Treatment of Over-Wetted Clays Using Calcium Chloride
Ying-Ying Zhang, Yan-Jun Du, Song-Yu Liu, Fan Zhang

88. Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Ash Molten Slag Mixed With Bentonite
Fujio Igari, Shigeyoshi Imaizumi

89. An Applicability of Dehydrated Cake Produced from Quarry to Impermeable Material with Heavy Metal Adsorption
Ryo Suetake, Kenichi Sato, Miyako Takeda, Morimoto Tatsuo

90. Unconfined Compressive Strength of Mixture of Phosphogypsum-Fly Ash-Lime-Clay
Zhi-Hong Qi, Xue-Yuan Xu, Mi-Lin Zhu, Yang Hu

91. Adsorption Behavior and Mechanism of Cu(II) on Activated Firmiana Simplex Leaf
Qiang Tang, Xiao-Wu Tang, Man-Man Hu, Yun-Min Chen, Yan Wang, Nai-Yu Kou

8. Contaminated Land and Remediation Technology

92. Purification of Cr(VI)-Contaminated Soil by Fermentation of Organic Matter
Kiyoshi Omine, Noriyuki Yasufuku, Kazuya Tamura

93. An Overview of Stabilization/Solidification Technique for Heavy Metals Contaminated Soils
Yan-Jun Du, Song-Yu Liu, Zhi-Bin Liu, Lei Chen, Fan Zhang, Fei Jin

94. Case Study on Influences of Oil Contamination on Geotechnical Properties of Coastal Sediments in The Yellow River Delta
Yong-Gang Jia, Qiong Wu, Xiang-Mei Meng, Xiu-Juan Yang, Zhong-Nian Yang, Geng-Cheng Zhang

95. Bioremediation of Water Contaminated With BTEX, TPH and TCE Under Different Environmental Conditions
C. K. Lei, J. H. Li, S. S. Dong, H. Shim

96. Hysteretic Retention of Pb(II) in Kaolin Column
Zhen-Ze Li, Yun-Min Chen, Xiao-Wu Tang, Yan Wang, Qiang Tang

97. Experimental Study On The Mechanism Of Action Of Ionic Soil Stabilizer On Red Clay Of Wuhan
Wei Xiang, De-Shan Cui, Fei Ai

98. Effects of Surface-Active Agengt on Mechanical Beheviors of Loess
Nai-Yu Kou, Xiao-Wu Tang, Quan-Fang Zhang, Yun-Min Chen, Qiang Tang

99. Edta-Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Cadmium from A Natural Clay of High Buffer Capacity
Ying-Ying Gu, Albert T. Yeung, Hong-Jiang Li

100. Applications of Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall with Wrap-Around Facing in Railway
Guang-Qing Yang, Qiao-Yong Zhou, Bao-Jian Zhang, Jun-Xia Ding

101. Test Study on Engineering Properties of Gabion Structures
Guo-Lin Yang, Xiang-Jing Huang, Yu-Liang Lin

102. Pullout Test Study on Interface Friction Characteristics of Reinforcements with Red Sandstone as Filler
Yu-Liang Lin, Guo-Lin Yang, Yun Li, Xiang-Jing Huang

103. Application of Geomembrane as Carbon Capture at Palm Oil Mill
Andryan Suhendra, Amelia Makmur

104. Interface Frictional Property Between Sand and Geomembrane
Jun-Li Gao, Meng-Xi Zhang, Wen-Jie Zhang

105. Covered Anaerobic Lagoons with Hdpe Geomembrane: Experiences in Developing Asian Countries
Hoe-Boon Ng, Chang-Wei Qi, Xiao-Ming Tan

106. Lessons Learned from the Numerical Modelling of a Retaining wall with Non-Uniform Reinforcements
Xiang-Jing Huang, Ze Liu, M Vicari

107. Experimental Studies of Arching Effect and Geosynthetic Deformation in Local Subsidence Problem
Deng Gao, Bin Zhu, Yun-Min Chen, Tony L. T. Zhan, Xiang-Zhi Wang

108. A Large-Scale Ramp Model Test on Composite Liner Systems
Wei-An Lin, Tony L. T. Zhan, Yun-Min Chen, Sheng He

10. Geoenvironmental Risk Assessment, Management and Sustainability

109. Urban Night Soil Transportation and Treatment in China
Ting Liu, Zhu-Lei Chen, Lie Yang

110. Study on the Relationship Between Landslides, Debris Flows and the Modern River Geological Processes
Ming-Xin Zheng

111. Seismic Damage Characteristics of Rural Adobe-Wood Building in Gansu Province Induced by the Wenchuan Great Earthquake
Ai-Lan Che, Zhi-Jian Wu, Jun-Jie Sun, Jing-Hua Qi

112. Effective Factors on Amplification in Chabahar City, Southeast of Iran
Ahmad Adib, Kobra Heydarzadeh

113. Post Disaster Information Management: Issues Related to Mitigation Activities in Iran
Ahmad Adib, Vahid Hosseini Jenab

114. Analysis and Evaluation on Hydrofracture Failure in an Asphalt Concrete Core Rock-Fill Dam: A Maopingxi Dam Case
Xin-Hua Zhou, Xi-Bao Rao

115. Geoenvironmental Risk Assesment in Albania
L. Bozo, G. J. Ikonomi

116. Study on Debris Flow Hazard Discriminant Analysis and Zoning of One Dump
Shi-Guo Sun, Shao-Jie Feng, Ting-Ting Jiang, Hua Xiao, Sheng-Hua Zhang

11. Ecological Techniques and Case Histories

117. Sustainable Design Based On Near Nature Construction Method —A Case Study
Huat-Yoo Chua, Hsiao-Chou Chao, Chung-Tien Chin

118. Engineering Geological Properties of the Saturated Clay Foundation at the Southern Edge of MU Us Desert in China
Sheng-Rui Su, Fang-Qiang Sun

119. Geology Consideration Influential in Urban Development and Vulnerability of the Gorgan Region (NE Iran)
Naser Ebadati, Ahmad Adib, Reza Magsoodlorad

120. Protection Technology and Applications of Gabion
Guo-Lin Yang, Zhe-Zhe Liu, Gui-Lin Xu, Xiang-Jing Huang

121. A Parametric Study on Evaluation Of Stability of Column Type DM Improved Ground
Masaki Kitazume

122. Case Study on Geoenvironmental Effects of Press-In Piles Installation
Jian-Xue Song, Tong-He Zhou, Yuan-Cheng Guo

123. A Construction Case of Ramps Located on the Expansive Soil for Highway Interchange
He-Ping Yang, Xiao Ni, Jie Xiao

124. Analysis of the Deep-Seated Concrete Slab for Settlement Control at Bridge Approach Embankment
Yun Sun, Yi-Qiang Xiang, Dong-Mei Guo, Ting-Ting Zhang

125. Application of Geocell in the Ecological Protection of Rock Slope
Xin-Jun Zou, Ming-Hua Zhao

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Science & Conservation

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