Cheng, T. C. Edwin

Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Cheng, T. C. Edwin - Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Evolution of Quick Response Programs
Matthew J. Drake, Kathryn A. Marley

2. Impact of Information Systems on Quick Response Programs
Robert Setaputra, Xiaohang Yue, Dongqing Yao

3. Fast Fashion: Achieving Global Quick Response (GQR) in the Internationally Dispersed Clothing Industry
Bart L. MacCarthy, P. G. S. A. Jayarathne

4. Procurement Flexibility under Price Uncertainty
Qi Feng, Suresh P. Sethi

5. The Value of Information in Quick Response Supply Chains: An Assortment Planning View
Hajnalka Vaagen, Stein W. Wallace

6. Improving Revenue Management: A Real Option Approach
Wai-Ki Ching, Xun Li, Tak Kuen Siu, Zhenyu Wu

7. Supply Chain Scheduling Under Quick Response
Xiang Li, Yongjian Li

8. Dynamic Pricing of Seasonal Product without Replenishment: A Discrete Time Analysis
Zhongjun Tian

9. Supplier Selection in Make-to-Order Manufacturing
Jinfeng Yue, Yu Xia, Thuhang Tran, Bintong Chen

10. Enhancing Responsiveness for Mass Customization Strategies through the Use of Rapid Manufacturing Technologies
Hartanto Wong, Daniel Eyers

11. Innovative Process in E-Commerce Fashion Supply Chains
Margaret Bruce, Lucy Daly

12. The Next Generation Demand Network in Quick Response Systems: Intelligent Products, Packet Switching and Dynamic Information
Jeff Barker, Gavin Finnie

13. RFID’s Applications in Quick Response Systems
Xiaowei Zhu, Samar K. Mukhopadhyay, Xiaohang Yue

14. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems for the Textiles and Clothing Industry
Patrick C. L. Hui, Kidith Tse, Tsan-Ming Choi, Na Liu

15. Simulation-based Optimization of Inventory Model with Products Substitution
Di Huang, Qiu Hong Zhao, Cheng Cheng Fan

16. Fast Fashion: Quantifying the Benefits
Warren H. Hausman, John S. Thorbeck

17. Divide and Conquer: From MTO to ATO/MTO
Ying Wei, Frank Y. Chen, Mark Lee, Houmin Yan, Kenneth Kong, Chi Ho Ng

18. Quick Response Practices in the Hong Kong Apparel Industry
Pui-Sze Chow, Tsan-Ming Choi, T. C. E. Cheng, Shuk-Ching Liu

19. Efficient Response Systems with RFID Technology: Cases in China
Hongwei Wang, Shuang Chen, Yong Xie, Qing Ding

20. The Emergence of the Fast Fashion Business Model and Imposed Quick Response Challenges for Chinese Fabric Manufacturers
Jennie Hope Peterson, Jimmy Chang, Yiu-Hing Wong, Carl A. Lawrence

21. Innovative Mass Customization in the Fashion Industry
Ho-Ting Yeung, Tsan-Ming Choi, Chun-Hung Chiu

22. Improving Allocation of Inventory for Quick Response to Customer Orders: A Case Study
Tej S. Dhakar, Charles P. Schmidt, David M. Miller

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Production/Logistics, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Business Information Systems

Publication year
International Handbooks on Information Systems
Page amount
15 pages

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