Vlad, Simona

International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology

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Table of contents

1. Engineering Control of Airborne Disease Transmission in Health Care Facilities
D. Curseu, M. Popa, D. Sirbu, M. S. Popa

2. Field Investigation of Volatile Organic Compounds’ Levels and Origin in an Unpolluted Residential Area
M. Popa, D. Sirbu, D. Curseu, M. S. Popa, A. Hosu

3. Collaborative Pre-surgery Planning in a Tele-immersive Environment Using VR Technology
T. Butnaru, F. Girbacia

4. Indications of the Modern Vitreo-Retinal Surgery Techniques
S. D. Talu, N. Lazan, S. Lupascu, E. Sebestyen, L. Toader

5. Diagnosis and Control by Using Biomarkers
M. Culea, E. Culea, O. Cozar, D. Ilesan, M. Udrescu

6. Patient Simulation Experience in Family Medicine Residents Education
M. Florea, S. Talu, M. Talu

7. Assessing Glycemic Control in Diabetes: From Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose to Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
M. Gribovschi, A. Fodor, G. Grosu, N. Hancu

8. Transformation of Micro-radio-Photography System into X-Ray Standard System with Applications in Romania
H. Waedt, M. Popa, P. Manea

9. Digital Simulation for Computer Control of Radiological Devices: A Preliminary Model Using Partial Differential Equations
N. M. Roman, H. Colosi, M. Pusca

10. Trust and Reputation in e-Health Systems
L. Alboaie, S. C. Buraga

11. Home Monitoring Device for Cardiovascular Diseases
R. Ciorap, C. Hritcu-Luca, C. Corciova, A. Stan, D. Zaharia

12. EKG Monitoring on the Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth Transmission
M. Munteanu, R. Balaban, D. Moga, M. Dumitrean, D. Rafiroiu, F. Neaga

13. Dynamic Service Composition for Plug-and-Play Medical Devices
F. C. Pop, M. F. Vaida, M. Cremene, M. Riveill, C. Puia

14. Database Design Patterns for Healthcare Information Systems
M. Muji, R. V. Ciupa, D. Dobru, C. Bica, P. Olah, V. Bacarea, M. Marusteri

15. Multi-Agent Model for a Mobile Hospital Logistic System
D. Floroian, F. Moldoveanu, L. Floroian

16. The Role of Information Technology in Health Education: Strengths and Weaknesses
L. M. Lotrean, F. Mocean, V. Laza, S. Poledna

17. Effectiveness of Charismatic Leadership in Romanian Hospitals
Gh. A. Catana, D. Catana

18. Core Decisional Values in Romanian Hospitals Leadership
Gh. A. Catana, D. Catana

19. External Marketing Environment as Perceived by Managers from Romanian Hospitals
A. Constantinescu-Dobra

20. Modified Screen Printed Electrodes for the Development of Biosensors
C. Cristea, E. Bodoki, V. Sima, R. Sandulescu

21. Electromyographic Response for Grip Exercise
K. Menyhardt, D. I. Stoia, M. Toth-Tascau, M. Dreucean

22. Patient Movement Monitoring and Respiration Rate Analysis with an Acceleration Sensor
A. V. Craciun, D. Borzasi

23. A Study about Human Eyes Wavefront Aberrations Capture and Correction
F. Toadere

24. Anthropometric Measurements for Assessment of Body Fat in Young People
D. Sirbu, D. Curseu, M. Popa, M. S. Popa

25. Electromagnetic Fields of MRI Scanners and Human Exposure Safety
S. Miclaus, L. Beldean

26. How Biomedical Technology Becomes Nowadays a Main Actor in Prevention and Control of Hypertension
R. M. Negoescu, A. C. Meruta

27. Dynamic Shielding in Biomagnetism
D. Costandache, A. Banarescu, O. Baltag, I. Rau, M. Rau, S. Ojica

28. Automated Method for Computing Peak Area on a Drifted Baseline Signal
S. Gergely, M. N. Roman

29. Technical Performance for Glycemic Control in Diabetes Mellitus
G. Roman, G. Ghimpeteanu

30. Wireless Monitoring of SaO2 in Chronic Disease
C. Hritcu-Luca, C. Corciova, R. Ciorap

31. Design of a Heart Rate Monitor Device
L. M. Man

32. Positioning System for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
C. Curta, A. Nicu, M. Plesa, M. Valcu, R. Ciupa

33. A Model of Selective Left VNS and Recording in a Man
P. Peclin, J. Rozman

34. Enhancing the Human Reactivity by Using the Negative Air Ions Generators
V. Laza

35. Using the Negative Air Generators to Improve the Animal Reactivity
V. Laza, L. Lotrean

36. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Elicit Changes in Motor Cortex Excitability during Haptic Training
D. Rafolt, M. Christova, M. Krenn, E. Gallasch

37. Modulation of Stimulation Frequency of Spinal Cord Afferents with Constant Electrode Site and Stimulus Intensity Can Induce a Variety of Movements
W. Mayr, C. Hofer, K. Minassian, U. Hofstotter, H. Kern, M. Bijak, E. Unger, F. Rattay, M. Dimitrijevic

38. Development of a Control System for a Parallel Robot Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery
C. Vaida, D. Pisla, N. Plitea, B. Gherman, B. Gyurka, E. Stancel, J. Hesselbach, A. Raatz, L. Vlad, F. Graur

39. Virtual Reality Simulation of Tetrobot Parallel Robot for Medical Applications
E. Teutan, S. -D. Stan, D. Verdes, R. Balan

40. Transmit Frequency Optimization for Ultrasound Constrast Agent Response
S. Menigot, A. Novell, I. Voicu, A. Bouakaz, J. -M. Girault

41. Estimating Fetal Heart Rate from Multiple Ultrasound Signals
I. Voicu, D. Kouame, M. Fournier-Massignan, J. -M. Girault

42. Estimating Activation of Denervated, Degenerated Muscle after Functional Electrical Stimulation with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
T. Mandl, M. Meyerspeer, M. Reichel, H. Kern, C. Hofer, W. Mayr, E. Moser

43. Microwaves and Infrared Thermography – Applications in Early Breast Cancer Detection
O. Baltag, A. Banarescu, D. Costandache, M. Rau, S. Ojica

44. Principal Component Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data during Visual Perception of Human Faces in Adults and Children with Autism
M. Ben Mlouka, J. Martineau, I. Voicu, N. Hernandez, J. M. Girault

45. Architecture of an on Electrode Integrated Electronics with an All Digital Interface for Electrical Impedance Tomography
I. Jivet

46. Conscience and Consciousness in Biomedical Engineering Science and Practice
R. Negoescu

47. Monitoring Neuromuscular Fatigue through the Area/Amplitude Ratio Computed on the SEMG and MMG
M. T. Tarata

48. Numerical Representations in Alpha Satellite DNA Analysis
G. P. Pop, E. Onaca

49. DNA Cryptographic Algorithms
O. Tornea, M. E. Borda

50. Efficient ECG Signal Parameters Extraction Using Multiresolution Analysis
Z. German-Sallo

51. EKG Analysis Using STFT Phase
M. Munteanu, C. Rusu, L. Vladareanu, D. Petreus, V. Rusu, M. Dobra

52. Analysis of ECG Signals and Their Automatic Classification
M. Chetan, A. M. Morega, M. Morega

53. Voice Biometric System
E. Lupu, M. Cioban

54. Colors Vision Analysis for a Normal Viewer and for a Daltonist
F. Toadere

55. Rule-Based Methods for the Computer Assisted Diagnosis of Medical Images
A. L. Ion, S. C. Udristoiu, L. Stanescu, D. D. Burdescu

56. Liver 3D Reconstruction Modalities – The First Step toward a Laparoscopic Liver Surgery Simulator
F. Graur, D. Pisla, L. Scurtu, N. Plitea, A. Cote, A. Lebovici, S. Draghici, L. Furcea, A. Muresan, H. Neagos, L. Vlad

57. 3D Rendering of Radiological Images Using Java Secure Technologies
L. Chiorean, M. -F. Vaida

58. Fourier Domain – Optical Coherence Tomography in Diagnosing and Monitoring of Retinal Diseases
S. Talu, F. Balta, S. D. Talu, A. Merticariu, M. Talu

59. Classification of the Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Ultrasound Images Based on the Imagistic Textural Model of This Tumor
D. Mitrea, S. Nedevschi, M. Lupsor, M. Socaciu, R. Badea

60. Deformable Variational Models Used in Medical Imaging
A. I. Mitrea, D. M. Ivan, D. Mitrea, D. Inoan, P. Mitrea

61. Optical Multi-touch System for Patient Monitoring and Medical Data Analysis
S. Crisan, I. G. Tarnovan, B. Tebrean, T. E. Crisan

62. Determination of Wall Strain in Model Cerebral Aneurysms by Image Registration
D. C. Barber, J. Hartwell, S. Naylor, A. Marzo, D. R. Hose

63. Organ Confinement of Prostate Cancer: Neural Networks Assisted Prediction
C. Botoca, R. Bardan, M. Botoca, F. Alexa

64. An Overview on Mathematical Models of Human Corneal Surface
S. Talu, M. Talu

65. ALE Formulation and WEB-Method Approximation for a Fluid Structure Interaction Problem on Carotids
A. M. I. Maierean

66. The Design of an Adapted Osteosynthesis Implant for Fibula’ Fracture
C. Radu, I. C. Rosca, D. Cotoros

67. Analysis of an Adapted Osteosynthesis Implant for Fibula’s Fracture Using Finite Element Method
I. C. Rosca, C. Radu, M. I. Baritz

68. Enzyme-Synthetic Inhibitor Specific Interactions Study by a New Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Method
T. Petreus, C. E. Cotrutz, M. Neamtu, E. C. Buruiana, P. D. Sirbu, A. Neamtu

69. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Fibroblast Growth Factors Receptors Activation
M. Neamtu, C. E. Cotrutz, A. Filioreanu, T. Petreus, A. Neamtu

70. Mathematical Modeling of Human Ventricular Action Potentials
A. I. Nicu, C. S. Curta, M. Cretu, R. V. Ciupa, M. Voinicu

71. COAST: Modelling Restenosis and Stent Based Therapies
D. J. W. Evans, A. Caiazzo, J. L. Falcone, J. Hegewald, E. Lorenz, B. Stahl, D. Wang, J. Bernsdorf, B. Chopard, J. Gunn, D. Walker, R. Hose, M. Krafczyk, A. Hoekstra, P. Lawford

72. Analog Modeling and Numeric Simulation of the Van der Pol Equation with Variable Parameters (α and β)
M. N. Roman, H. Colosi, F. Roman

73. Matlab Modelling of Nerve Fiber Activation by Magnetic Stimulation
M. Plesa, L. Darabant, R. Ciupa, A. Nicu, C. Curta

74. 3D Modeling of the Induced Electric Field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
D. Rafiroiu, S. Vlad, L. Cret, R. V. Ciupa

75. Artificial Intelligence Techniques Applied to Electromagnetic Interference Problems
L. Czumbil, D. D. Micu, A. Ceclan

76. Analysis of Several FEM Models for the Assessment of the Human Head Exposure to Microwaves
M. Morega, A. M. Morega, A. Machedon

77. Towards a New Concept: Electromagnetic Biocompatibility
M. I. Buzdugan, H. Balan

78. The Electromagnetic Threat in the Today’s Environment
M. I. Buzdugan, Dan D. Micu, E. Simion, A. Ceclan, L. Cimpan

79. CFD Simulation of the Portal Vein Blood Flow
C. C. Botar, T. Vasile, S. Sfrangeu, S. Clichici, P. S. Agachi, R. Badea, P. Mircea, M. V. Cristea, R. Moldovan

80. Closure Mechanics of Mechanical Heart Valve Prostheses – Experimental and Computational Analysis
A. Turcu, A. Lungu, S. Vlad, D. Rafiroiu, R. V. Ciupa, V. A. Diaz, A. J. Narracott, P. V. Lawford, D. R. Hose

81. Reverse Engineering of Some Cardiovascular Devices
D. Rafiroiu, A. Iancu, A. Lazar, I. Tiseanu, T. Craciunescu, J. Hart

82. Computational Modeling of Arterial Blood Flow
A. M. Morega, A. Dobre, M. Morega, D. Mocanu

83. Research about Precision Casting of Removable-Fixed Ensemble Applied in Dental Prosthodontics
W. A. Uriciuc

84. Computer Technologies Applied in Orthodontic Biomechanical Analysis
D. Bica, L. C. Brezeanu

85. Experimental Model for Orthodontic Tooth Movement
C. Bica, L. C. Brezeanu, M. Muji

86. Cervical Spine Mobility Using 3D Ultrasound-Based Measuring System
D. I. Stoia, M. Toth-Tascau

87. Diffusion Convection in a Vertical Rectangular Porous Cavity
C. Revnic, I. Pop, A. Prodan, R. Campean

88. Designing and Implementing a Human Hand Prosthesis
L. Stanciu, A. Stanciu

89. Development of an Active Upper-Limb Orthosis
A. Alutei, A. Vaida, D. Mandru, M. O. Tatar

90. Dynamic Condylar Screw (DCS) versus Condylar Blade Plate (CBP) in Complex Supracondylar Femoral Fractures – A Biomechanical Study
P. D. Sirbu, E. Carata, T. Petreus, F. Munteanu, C. Popescu, R. Asaftei, P. Botez

91. Minimally Invasive Surgery by Angular Stability Systems in Proximal Tibia Fractures – Biomechanical Characteristics and Preliminary Results
P. D. Sirbu, E. Carata, T. Petreus, F. Munteanu, C. Popescu, R. Asaftei, P. Botez

92. Estimating Dynamic Properties of Denervated Muscles with the Pendulum Test
M. Krenn, D. Rafolt, E. Gallasch, H. Kern, W. Mayr

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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