Schneider, Dominik T.

Rare Tumors In Children and Adolescents

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Table of contents

1. Rare Tumors: A Different Perspective on Oncology
Thomas A. Olson, Dominik T. Schneider, Ines B. Brecht, Andrea Ferrari

2. Showing Efficacy in Treating Rare Pediatric Tumors: Introduction to European Regulatory and Scientific Support Available to Investigators
Ralf Herold, Jordi Llinares

3. Rare Tumors: Pathology and Biology Perspectives
Bahig Shehata, Sarah Shulman

4. Epidemiology
Ines B. Brecht, Peter Kaatsch

5. Biology and Etiology of Rare Pediatric Tumors
Ines B. Brecht, Johannes H. M. Merks

6. Genetic Predisposition and Genetic Susceptibility
Johannes H. M. Merks, Ines B. Brecht

7. France
Daniel Orbach, Yves Reguerre

8. Germany
Ines B. Brecht, Dominik T. Schneider

9. Italy
Andrea Ferrari

10. Poland
Jan Godzinski

11. The United Kingdom
Bernadette Brennan

12. The United States
Farzana D. Pashankar, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo

13. The EXPeRT Initiative
Gianni Bisogno

14. Internet Resources
Ines B. Brecht, Sonja Offenmüller

15. Differential Diagnosis of Head and Neck Tumors
Jan Godzinski, Ines B. Brecht

16. Thyroid Carcinomas
Maura Massimino, Antje Redlich, Paola Collini, Peter Vorwerk

17. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Rolf Mertens, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Michela Casanova

18. Esthesioneuroblastoma
Barbara Hero, Gianni Bisogno

19. Germ Cell Tumors of the Head and Neck
Dominik T. Schneider, Thomas A. Olson

20. Odontogenic Tumors
Jan Godzinski, Roberto Bianchi, Marco Guzzo

21. Salivary Gland Tumors
Marco Guzzo, Jan Godzinski

22. Laryngeal Tumors
Roberto Bianchi, Jan Godzinski, Marco Guzzo

23. Pathological Aspects of Mediastinal Tumors
Alexander Marx, Ivo Leuschner

24. Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors
Dominik T. Schneider, Giovanni Cecchetto, Thomas A. Olson

25. Pleuropulmonary Blastoma
John R. Priest

26. Bronchial Carcinoids and Carcinomas
Michael Semik, Antje Redlich, Peter Vorwerk

27. Pediatric Pleural Mesothelioma
Nicolas André, Sergey K. V. V. Kashanskiy, Abbas Agaimy

28. Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma
Jan Godzinski

29. Pathology and Differential Diagnosis
Bahig M. Shehata, Sarah C. Shulman

30. Gastrointestinal Cancer Predisposition Syndromes
Lucio Bertario, Stefano Signoroni

31. Tumors of the Esophagus and the Stomach
Dietrich Schweinitz

32. Intestinal Carcinomas
Andrea Ferrari

33. Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Appendix
Antje Redlich, Nicole Boxberger, Peter Vorwerk

34. Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
M. Benesch

35. Pancreatic Tumors
Winfried Barthlen, Ines B. Brecht, Bence Sipos

36. Liver Tumors
Howard M. Katzenstein, Michela Casanova

37. Paediatric Peritoneal Mesothelioma
Nicolas André, Abbas Agaimy

38. Retroperitoneal Tumors
Ines B. Brecht, Winfried Barthlen

39. Gonadal and Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors, Sex Cord Stromal and Rare Gonadal Tumors
Dominik T. Schneider, Monica Terenziani, Giovanni Cecchetto, Thomas A. Olson

40. Rare Tumors of the Urinary Tract
Filippo Spreafico, Norbert Graf

41. Breast Cancer
Dominik T. Schneider

42. Rare Tumors of the Peripheral Nervous System
Bernadette Brennan, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Gianni Bisogno

43. Rare Tumors of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues
Alberto S. Pappo, Thomas K. Eigentler, Claus Garbe, Paola Collini, Andrea Ferrari, Jochen Rössler

44. Rare Mesenchymal Tumors
Andrea Ferrari, Rita Alaggio, Stefano Ferrari

45. Tumors of Unknown Primary
Thomas A. Olson

46. Rare Subsequent Primary Cancers in Pediatric Cancer Survivors
Ann C. Mertens, Thorsten Langer

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Pediatrics

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Pediatric Oncology
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10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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