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Software Process Improvement

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Table of contents

1. Factors with Negative Influence on Software Testing Practice in Spain: A Survey
Luis Fernández-Sanz, M. Teresa Villalba, José Ramón Hilera, Raquel Lacuesta

2. What Is a Test Case? Revisiting the Software Test Case Concept
Dani Almog, Tsipi Heart

3. Automating Expert-Defined Tests: A Suitable Approach for the Medical Device Industry?
David Connolly, Fergal Mc Caffery, Frank Keenan

4. A Model for Selecting an Optimum Set of Measures in Software Organizations
Ansar Malook Bhatti, Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah, Cigdem Gencel

5. Applying a Functional Size Measurement Procedure for Defect Detection in MDD Environments
Beatriz Marín, Giovanni Giachetti, Oscar Pastor

6. Sustainable Service Innovation Model: A Standardized IT Service Management Process Assessment Framework
Béatrix Barafort, Anne Rousseau

7. How Can Agile Practices Minimize Global Software Development Co-ordination Risks?
Emam Hossain, Muhammad Ali Babar, June Verner

8. Mapping CMMI Level 2 to Scrum Practices: An Experience Report
Jessica Diaz, Juan Garbajosa, Jose A. Calvo-Manzano

9. The QualOSS Process Evaluation: Initial Experiences with Assessing Open Source Processes
Martín Soto, Marcus Ciolkowski

10. Innovation Process Design: A Change Management and Innovation Dimension Perspective
Thomas Peisl, Veronika Reger, Juergen Schmied

11. Discovering Changes of the Change Control Board Process during a Software Development Project Using Process Mining
Jana Šamalíková, Jos J. M. Trienekens, Rob J. Kusters, A. J. M. M. (Ton) Weijters

12. Global Software Development Patterns for Project Management
Antti Välimäki, Jukka Kääriäinen, Kai Koskimies

13. Applying Application Lifecycle Management for the Development of Complex Systems: Experiences from the Automation Industry
Jukka Kääriäinen, Antti Välimäki

14. Exploring the Role of Usability in the Software Process: A Study of Irish Software SMEs
Rory V. O’Connor

15. Quality Attribute Techniques Framework
Yin Kia Chiam, Liming Zhu, Mark Staples

16. Building an Observatory of Course-of-Action in Software Engineering: Towards a Link between ISO/IEC Software Engineering Standards and a Reflective Practice
François-Xavier Bru, Gaëlle Frappin, Ludovic Legrand, Estéban Merrer, Sylvain Piteau, Guillaume Salou, Philippe Saliou, Vincent Ribaud

17. Tailoring ISO/IEC 27001 for SMEs: A Guide to Implement an Information Security Management System in Small Settings
Thierry Valdevit, Nicolas Mayer, Béatrix Barafort

18. An Integrated Framework to Guide Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations
Francisco J. Pino, Félix García, Mario Piattini

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Programming Techniques, Models and Principles, The Computing Profession, The Computer Industry

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