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Handbook of Information and Communication Security

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Table of contents

Part A. Fundamentals and Cryptography

1. A Framework for System Security
Clark Thomborson

2. Public-Key Cryptography
Jonathan Katz

3. Elliptic Curve Cryptography
David Jao

4. Cryptographic Hash Functions
Praveen Gauravaram, Lars R. Knudsen

5. Block Cipher Cryptanalysis
Christopher Swenson

6. Chaos-Based Information Security
Jerzy Pejaś, Adrian Skrobek

7. Bio-Cryptography
Kai Xi, Jiankun Hu

8. Quantum Cryptography
Christian Monyk

Part B. Intrusion Detection and Access Control

9. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Karen Scarfone, Peter Mell

10. Intrusion Detection Systems
Bazara I. A. Barry, H. Anthony Chan

11. Intranet Security via Firewalls
Inderjeet Pabla, Ibrahim Khalil, Jiankun Hu

12. Distributed Port Scan Detection
Himanshu Singh, Robert Chun

13. Host-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection
Jiankun Hu

14. Security in Relational Databases
Neerja Bhatnagar

15. Anti-bot Strategies Based on Human Interactive Proofs
Alessandro Basso, Francesco Bergadano

16. Access and Usage Control in Grid Systems
Maurizio Colombo, Aliaksandr Lazouski, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori

17. ECG-Based Authentication
Fahim Sufi, Ibrahim Khalil, Jiankun Hu

Part C. Networking

18. Peer-to-Peer Botnets
Ping Wang, Baber Aslam, Cliff C. Zou

19. Security of Service Networks
Theo Dimitrakos, David Brossard, Pierre Leusse, Srijith K. Nair

20. Network Traffic Analysis and SCADA Security
Abdun Naser Mahmood, Christopher Leckie, Jiankun Hu, Zahir Tari, Mohammed Atiquzzaman

21. Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing
Melody Moh, Ji Li

22. Security for Ad Hoc Networks
Nikos Komninos, Dimitrios D. Vergados, Christos Douligeris

23. Phishing Attacks and Countermeasures
Zulfikar Ramzan

Part D. Optical Networking

24. Chaos-Based Secure Optical Communications Using Semiconductor Lasers
Alexandre Locquet

25. Chaos Applications in Optical Communications
Apostolos Argyris, Dimitris Syvridis

Part E. Wireless Networking

26. Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kashif Kifayat, Madjid Merabti, Qi Shi, David Llewellyn-Jones

27. Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jamil Ibriq, Imad Mahgoub, Mohammad Ilyas

28. Security via Surveillance and Monitoring
Chih-fan Hsin

29. Security and Quality of Service in Wireless Networks
Konstantinos Birkos, Theofilos Chrysikos, Stavros Kotsopoulos, Ioannis A. Maniatis

Part F. Software

30. Low-Level Software Security by Example
Úlfar Erlingsson, Yves Younan, Frank Piessens

31. Software Reverse Engineering
Teodoro Cipresso, Mark Stamp

32. Trusted Computing
Antonio Lioy, Gianluca Ramunno

33. Security via Trusted Communications
Zheng Yan

34. Viruses and Malware
Eric Filiol

35. Designing a Secure Programming Language
Thomas H. Austin

Part G. Forensics and Legal Issues

36. Fundamentals of Digital Forensic Evidence
Frederick B. Cohen

37. Multimedia Forensics for Detecting Forgeries
Shiguo Lian, Yan Zhang

38. Technological and Legal Aspects of CIS
Peter Stavroulakis

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Systems and Data Security

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883 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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