Herrero, Álvaro

Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems

Herrero, Álvaro - Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Data Mining Based Analysis of Nmap Operating System Fingerprint Database
João Paulo S. Medeiros, Agostinho M. Brito, Paulo S. Motta Pires

2. Knowledge System for Application of Computer Security Rules
Menchaca García Felipe Rolando, Contreras Hernández Salvador

3. Clustering of Windows Security Events by Means of Frequent Pattern Mining
Rosa Basagoiti, Urko Zurutuza, Asier Aztiria, Guzmán Santafé, Mario Reyes

4. Text Clustering for Digital Forensics Analysis
Sergio Decherchi, Simone Tacconi, Judith Redi, Alessio Leoncini, Fabio Sangiacomo, Rodolfo Zunino

5. A Preliminary Study on SVM Based Analysis of Underwater Magnetic Signals for Port Protection
Davide Leoncini, Sergio Decherchi, Osvaldo Faggioni, Paolo Gastaldo, Maurizio Soldani, Rodolfo Zunino

6. Fuzzy Rule Based Intelligent Security and Fire Detector System
Joydeb Roy Choudhury, Tribeni Prasad Banerjee, Swagatam Das, Ajith Abraham, Václav Snášel

7. A Scaled Test Bench for Vanets with RFID Signalling
Andrés Ortiz, Alberto Peinado, Jorge Munilla

8. A SVM-Based Behavior Monitoring Algorithm towards Detection of Un-desired Events in Critical Infrastructures
Y. Jiang, J. Jiang, P. Capodieci

9. Design and Implementation of High Performance Viterbi Decoder for Mobile Communication Data Security
T. Menakadevi, M. Madheswaran

10. An Adaptive Multi-agent Solution to Detect DoS Attack in SOAP Messages
Cristian I. Pinzón, Juan F. Paz, Javier Bajo, Juan M. Corchado

11. A Self-learning Anomaly-Based Web Application Firewall
Carmen Torrano-Gimenez, Alejandro Perez-Villegas, Gonzalo Alvarez

12. An Investigation of Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms for Encrypted Traffic Identification
Carlos Bacquet, A. Nur Zincir-Heywood, Malcolm I. Heywood

13. A Multi-objective Optimisation Approach to IDS Sensor Placement
Hao Chen, John A. Clark, Juan E. Tapiador, Siraj A. Shaikh, Howard Chivers, Philip Nobles

14. Towards Ontology-Based Intelligent Model for Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Gustavo Isaza, Andrés Castillo, Manuel López, Luis Castillo

15. Ontology-Based Policy Translation
Cataldo Basile, Antonio Lioy, Salvatore Scozzi, Marco Vallini

16. Automatic Rule Generation Based on Genetic Programming for Event Correlation
G. Suarez-Tangil, E. Palomar, J. M. Fuentes, J. Blasco, A. Ribagorda

17. Learning Program Behavior for Run-Time Software Assurance
Hira Agrawal, Clifford Behrens, Balakrishnan Dasarathy, Leslie Lee Fook

18. Multiagent Systems for Network Intrusion Detection: A Review
Álvaro Herrero, Emilio Corchado

19. Multimodal Biometrics: Topics in Score Fusion
Luis Puente, M. Jesús Poza, Juan Miguel Gómez, Diego Carrero

20. Security Efficiency Analysis of a Biometric Fuzzy Extractor for Iris Templates
F. Hernández Álvarez, L. Hernández Encinas

21. Behavioural Biometrics Hardware Based on Bioinformatics Matching
Slobodan Bojanić, Vukašin Pejović, Gabriel Caffarena, Vladimir Milovanović, Carlos Carreras, Jelena Popović

22. Robust Real-Time Face Tracking Using an Active Camera
Paramveer S. Dhillon

23. An Approach to Centralized Control Systems Based on Cellular Automata
Rosaura Palma-Orozco, Gisela Palma-Orozco, José Jesús Medel-Juárez, José Alfredo Jiménez-Benítez

24. Intelligent Methods and Models in Transportation
Ma Belén Vaquerizo García

25. Knowledge Based Expert System for PID Controller Tuning under Hazardous Operating Conditions
Héctor Alaiz, José Luis Calvo, Javier Alfonso, Ángel Alonso, Ramón Ferreiro

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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