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Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Isotropically and Anisotropically Weighted Sobolev Spaces for the Oseen Equation
Chérif Amrouche, Ulrich Razafison

2. A New Model of Diphasic Fluids in Thin Films
Guy Bayada, Laurent Chupin, Bérénice Grec

3. On the Global Integrability for Any Finite Power of the Full Gradient for a Class of Generalized Power Law Models p < 2
Hugo Beirão Veiga

4. Steady Flow Around a Floating Body: The Rotationally Symmetric Case
Josef Bemelmans, Mads Kyed

5. On a Stochastic Approach to Eddy Viscosity Models for Turbulent Flows
Luigi C. Berselli, Franco Flandoli

6. Numerical Study of the Significance of the Non-Newtonian Nature of Blood in Steady Flow Through a Stenosed Vessel
Tomáš Bodnár, Adélia Sequeira

7. A Priori Convergence Estimates for a Rough Poisson-Dirichlet Problem with Natural Vertical Boundary Conditions
Eric Bonnetier, Didier Bresch, Vuk Milišić

8. Vortex Induced Oscillations of Cylinders at Low and Intermediate Reynolds Numbers
Roberto Camassa, Bong Jae Chung, Philip Howard, Richard McLaughlin, Ashwin Vaidya

9. One-dimensional Modelling of Venous Pathologies: Finite Volume and WENO Schemes
Nicola Cavallini, Vincenzo Coscia

10. On the Energy Equality for Weak Solutions of the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
Alexey Cheskidov, Susan Friedlander, Roman Shvydkoy

11. The ( p - q) Coupled Fluid-Energy Systems
Luisa Consiglieri

12. A Potential-Theoretic Approach to the Time-Dependent Oseen System
Paul Deuring

13. Regularity of Weak Solutions for the Navier-Stokes Equations Via Energy Criteria
Reinhard Farwig, Hideo Kozono, Hermann Sohr

14. Looking for the Lost Memory in Diffusion-Reaction Equations
José Augusto Ferreira, Paula Oliveira

15. Maximum Principle and Gradient Estimates for Stationary Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations: A Partly Numerical Investigation
Robert Finn, Abderrahim Ouazzi, Stefan Turek

16. A Study of Shark Skin and Its Drag Reducing Mechanism
Elfriede Friedmann, Julia Portl, Thomas Richter

17. Stability of Poiseuille Flow in a Porous Medium
Antony A. Hill, Brian Straughan

18. Towards a Geometrical Multiscale Approach to Non-Newtonian Blood Flow Simulations
João Janela, Alexandra Moura, Adélia Sequeira

19. The Role of Potential Flow in the Theory of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Daniel D. Joseph

20. Small Perturbations of Initial Conditions of Solutions of the Navier–Stokes Equations in the L3–Norm and Applications
Petr Kučera

21. Streaming Flow Effects in the Nearly Inviscid Faraday Instability
Elena Martín, José M. Vega

22. The Dirichlet Problems for Steady Navier-Stokes Equations in Domains with Thin Channels
Yu V. Namlyeyeva, Š Nečcasová, I.I. Skrypnik

23. Existence of Weak Solutions to the Equations of Natural Convection with Dissipative Heating
Joachim Naumann, Jörg Wolf

24. A Weak Solvability of the Navier-Stokes Equation with Navier’s Boundary Condition Around a Ball Striking theWall
Jiřί Neustupa, Patrick Penel

25. On the Influence of an Absorption Term in Incompressible Fluid Flows
B. Hermenegildo de Oliveira

26. Adaptive FE Eigenvalue Computation with Applications to Hydrodynamic Stability
Rolf Rannacher

27. Numerical Simulation of Laminar Incompressible Fluid-Structure Interaction for Elastic Material with Point Constraints
M. Razzaq, J. Hron, S. Turek

28. On Stokes' Problem
Remigio Russo

29. On a C
0 Semigroup Associated with a Modified Oseen Equation with Rotating Effect
Yoshihiro Shibata

30. A New Approach to the Regularity ofWeak Lq-Solutions of Stokes and Similar Equations via the Cosserat Operator
Christian G. Simader

31. Large Time Behavior of Energy in Some Slowly Decreasing Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Zdeněek Skalák

32. A Selected Survey of the Mathematical Theory of 1D Flows
Ivan Strašskraba

33. A Numerical Method for Nonstationary Stokes Flow
Werner Varnhorn

34. A New Criterion for Partial Regularity of Suitable Weak Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations
JÖrg Wolf

35. An In Vitro Device for Evaluation of Cellular Response to Flows Found at the Apex of Arterial Bifurcations
Zijing Zeng, Bong Jae Chung, Michael Durka, Anne M. Robertson

Keywords: Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Classical Continuum Physics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Biomedical Engineering

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