Hessami, Ali G.

Global Security, Safety, and Sustainability

Hessami, Ali G. - Global Security, Safety, and Sustainability, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Question: Where Would You Go to Escape Detection If You Wanted to Do Something Illegal on the Internet? Hint: Shush!
Alan Poulter, Ian Ferguson, David McMenemy, Richard Glassey

2. A Security Audit Framework for Security Management in the Enterprise
Cyril Onwubiko

3. Watermarking Spatial Data in Geographic Information Systems
Jahid Aybet, Hasan Al-Saedy, Muhammad Farmer

4. Situation Awareness in Systems of Systems Ad-Hoc Environments
Abdullahi Arabo, Qi Shi, Madjid Merabti

5. The Georgia’s Cyberwar
Maria José Rios, Sérgio Tenreiro Magalhães, Leonel Santos, Hamid Jahankhani

6. The UK Government’s Critical National Infrastructure Policy for Emergency Services Communications Platforms: Vulnerabilities in the TETRA Architecture
Devon Bennett, Hamid Jahankhani, Hossein Jahankhani

7. Analysing the Kerberos Timed Authentication Protocol Using CSP-Rank Functions
Yoney Kirsal, Orhan Gemikonakli

8. Analyzing the Extent of Notice to Customer Attitude in the Organizational Structure of Vendors and Its Effect on e-Buyer’s Trust
Ali Sanayei, Reza Shafeai

9. A Systems Framework for Sustainability
Ali G. Hessami, Feng Hsu, Hamid Jahankhani

10. Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Travel Time Reliability of Optimal Path
Dan Ma

11. Geofencing in a Security Strategy Model
Anthony C. Ijeh, Allan J. Brimicombe, David S. Preston, Chris O. Imafidon

12. Using Business Process Execution Language to Handle Evaluation Factors for Web Services Compositions
Christos K. Georgiadis, Elias Pimenidis

13. The Significance of Security in Transmitting Clinical Data
Anthony C. Ijeh, David S. Preston, Chris O. Imafidon

14. Security Concern over Earth Viewer Software Using Satellite Photo Service
M. Hanumanthappa, Manish Kumar, Bhavanam Lakshma Reddy

15. The People’s Republic of China – The Emerging Cyberpower
Sérgio Tenreiro Magalhães, Maria J. Rios, Leonel Santos, Hamid Jahankhani

16. Computer Anti-forensics Methods and Their Impact on Computer Forensic Investigation
Przemyslaw Pajek, Elias Pimenidis

17. Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection Systems
Elidon Beqiri

18. Exploitation of Secrets Injected in Java Midlets
Alessandro Distefano, Antonio Grillo, Alessandro Lentini, Gianluigi Me, Riccardo Galbani

19. Biometrically Based Electronic Signatures for a Public Networked Environment
Bobby Tait, Basie Solms

20. Policy Translation and Reconciliation Techniques for the System-of-Systems Domain
Oliver Drew, Qi Shi, Madjid Merabti

21. The Kido Botnet: Back to the Future
David Emm

22. Information Systems Security and Its Affiliation to Information Technology Risk Management
Hamid Jahankhani, Mathews Nkhoma

23. A Sustainable Approach to Healing the World for Humanity and the Environment ... An Evolving Idea
Elaine Smitha

24. Hey – Get Off My Cloud!
David Lilburn Watson

25. Static and Dynamic Analysis for Web Security in Generic Format
Raymond Wu, Masayuki Hisada, Rasika Ranaweera

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Computers and Society, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Data Encryption, Biometrics, Systems and Data Security

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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