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Microbes at Work

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Table of contents

1. Microbes in Aerobic and Anaerobic Waste Treatment
Heribert Insam, Ingrid Franke-Whittle, Marta Goberna

2. Recent Developments in Bio-Energy Recovery Through Fermentation
R. Braun, B. Drosg, G. Bochmann, S. Weiß, R. Kirchmayr

3. Syntrophic Communities in Methane Formation from High Strength Wastewaters
Caroline M. Plugge, Jules B. Lier, Alfons J. M. Stams

4. Biogas Technology – Controlled Gas Flow for Enhanced Mixing, Heating, and Desulfurization
Bernhard Wett, Heribert Insam

5. Vermicomposting: Earthworms Enhance the Work of Microbes
Jorge Domínguez, Manuel Aira, María Gómez-Brandón

6. Compost Microbial Activity Related to Compost Stability
An Ceustermans, Jozef Coosemans, Jaak Ryckeboer

7. Utility of Molecular Tools in Monitoring Large Scale Composting
Jenni Hultman, Jukka Kurola, Aija Rainisalo, Merja Kontro, Martin Romantschuk

8. Production and Utilization of Suppressive Compost: Environmental, Food and Health Benefits
Marco Bertoldi

9. Sanitation by Composting
Björn Vinnerås, F. Agostini, Hakan Jönsson

10. Microbial Antagonists in Animal Health Promotion and Plant Protection
Viviana Klose, Markus Neureiter, Michaela Mohnl, Herbert Danner, Christina Donat

11. Interactions Between Beneficial and Harmful Microorganisms: From the Composting Process to Compost Application
Jacques G. Fuchs

12. Compost Microbial Populations and Interactions with Plants
Dror Minz, Stefan J. Green, Maya Ofek, Yitzhak Hadar

13. Soil Degradation and Rehabilitation: Microorganisms and Functionality
F. Bastida, T. Hernandez, C. Garcia

14. Do Composts Affect the Soil Microbial Community?
Brigitte A. Knapp, Margarita Ros, Heribert Insam

15. Production and Application of Bioorganic Fertilizers for Organic Farming Systems in Thailand: A Case Study
N. Teaumroong, C. Wanapu, Y. Chankum, W. Arjharn, S. Sang-Arthit, K. Teaimthaisong, N. Boonkerd

16. Challenges, Options and Future Research Needs
Juan Luis Turrion-Gomez, Blanca Antizar-Ladislao

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Agriculture

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