Bischi, Gian Italo

Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

Bischi, Gian Italo - Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Transferring Negative Externalities: Feedback Effects of Self-Protection Choices in a Two Hemispheres Model
Angelo Antoci, Simone Borghesi

2. Structural Change, Economic Growth and Environmental Dynamics with Heterogeneous Agents
Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu, Elisa Ticci

3. Bifurcations and Chaotic Attractors in an Overlapping Generations Model with Negative Environmental Externalities
Angelo Antoci, Ahmad Naimzada, Mauro Sodini

4. Stock Dynamics in Stage Structured Multi-agent Fisheries
En-Guo Gu, Fabio Lamantia

5. International Environmental Agreement: A Dynamical Model of Emissions Reduction
Marta Elena Biancardi

6. R&D Cooperation in Real Option Game Analysis
Giovanni Villani

7. Unifying Cournot and Stackelberg Action in a Dynamic Setting
Tonü Puu

8. Issues on Strategy-Switching Dynamics
Weihong Huang

9. R&D Public Expenditure, Knowledge Spillovers and Agglomeration: Comparative Statics and Dynamics
Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin, Carmelo Petraglia

10. Dynamics in Non-Binding Procurement Auctions with Boundedly Rational Bidders
Domenico Colucci, Nicola Doni, Vincenzo Valori

11. Delay Differential Nonlinear Economic Models
Akio Matsumoto, Ferenc Szidarovszky

12. Imperfect Competition, Learning and Fluctuations
Piero Ferri, Anna Maria Variato

13. Persistent Disequilibrium Dynamics and Economic Policy
Luca Colombo, Gerd Weinrich

14. On the Transition Dynamics in Endogenous Recombinant Growth Models
Fabio Privileggi

15. Political Accountability: A Stochastic Control Approach
Michele Longo, Alessandra Mainini

16. Behavioral Portfolio Choice and Disappointment Aversion: An Analytical Solution with “Small” Risks
Enrico Saltari, Giuseppe Travaglini

17. A Simple Agent-based Financial Market Model: Direct Interactions and Comparisons of Trading Profits
Frank Westerhoff

18. Global Bifurcations in a Three-Dimensional Financial Model of Bull and Bear Interactions
Fabio Tramontana, Laura Gardini, Roberto Dieci, Frank Westerhoff

19. A Framework for CAPM with Heterogeneous Beliefs
Carl Chiarella, Roberto Dieci, Xue-Zhong He

20. Optimal Monetary Policy for Commercial Banks Involving Lending Rate Settings and Default Rates
Simone Casellina, Mariacristina Uberti

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Theory, Finance /Banking, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences

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