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Progress in Robotics

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Table of contents

1. Time-Varying Affective Response for Humanoid Robots
Lilia Moshkina, Ronald C. Arkin, Jamee K. Lee, HyunRyong Jung

2. The Co-simulation of Humanoid Robot Based on Solidworks, ADAMS and Simulink
Dalei Song, Lidan Zheng, Li Wang, Weiwei Qi, Yanli Li

3. From RoboNova to HUBO: Platforms for Robot Dance
David Grunberg, Robert Ellenberg, Youngmoo E. Kim, Paul Y. Oh

4. BunnyBot: Humanoid Platform for Research and Teaching
Joerg Wolf, Alexandre Vicente, Peter Gibbons, Nicholas Gardiner, Julian Tilbury, Guido Bugmann, Phil Culverhouse

5. Teen Sized Humanoid Robot: Archie
Jacky Baltes, Ahmad Byagowi, John Anderson, Peter Kopacek

6. Interdisciplinary Construction and Implementation of a Human Sized Humanoid Robot by Master Students
Jan Helbo, Mads Sølver Svendsen

7. Safety Aspects in a Human-Robot Interaction Scenario: A Human Worker Is Co-operating with an Industrial Robot
Michael Zaeh, Wolfgang Roesel

8. Integration of a RFID System in a Social Robot
A. Corrales, M. A. Salichs

9. A Practical Study on the Design of a User-Interface Robot Application
Martin Saerbeck, Benoît Bleuzé, Albert Breemen

10. Infrared Remote Control with a Social Robot
J. Salichs, A. Castro-González, M. A. Salichs

11. BlogRobot: Mobile Terminal for Blog Browse Using Physical Representation
Toshihiro Osumi, Kenta Fujimoto, Yuki Kuwayama, Masato Noda, Hirotaka Osawa, Michita Imai, Kazuhiko Shinozawa

12. An Exploratory Investigation into the Effects of Adaptation in Child-Robot Interaction
Tamie Salter, François Michaud, Dominic Létourneau

13. Devious Chatbots - Interactive Malware with a Plot
Pan Juin Yang Jonathan, Chun Che Fung, Kok Wai Wong

14. Towards Better Human Robot Interaction: Understand Human Computer Interaction in Social Gaming Using a Video-Enhanced Diary Method
Swee Lan See, Mitchell Tan, Qin En Looi

15. Promotion of Efficient Cooperation by Sharing Environment with an Agent Having a Body in Real World
Hisashi Naito, Yugo Takeuchi

16. Interaction Design for a Pet-Like Remote Control
Kazuki Kobayashi, Yutaro Nakagawa, Seiji Yamada, Shinobu Nakagawa, Yasunori Saito

17. Experiences with a Barista Robot, FusionBot
Dilip Kumar Limbu, Yeow Kee Tan, Chern Yuen Wong, Ridong Jiang, Hengxin Wu, Liyuan Li, Eng Hoe Kah, Xinguo Yu, Dong Li, Haizhou Li

18. Mutually Augmented Cognition
Florian Friesdorf, Dejan Pangercic, Heiner Bubb, Michael Beetz

19. How Humans Optimize Their Interaction with the Environment: The Impact of Action Context on Human Perception
Agnieszka Wykowska, Alexis Maldonado, Michael Beetz, Anna Schubö

20. Development of a Virtual Presence Sharing System Using a Telework Chair
Yutaka Ishii, Tomio Watanabe

21. PLEXIL-DL: Language and Runtime for Context-Aware Robot Behaviour
Herwig Moser, Toni Reichelt, Norbert Oswald, Stefan Förster

22. Ambient Intelligence in a Smart Home for Energy Efficiency and Eldercare
Liyanage C. Silva, M. Iskandar Petra, G. Amal Punchihewa

23. Intelligent Technologies for Edutainment Using Multiple Robots
Naoyuki Kubota, Yuki Wagatsuma, Shinya Ozawa

24. Remote Education Based on Robot Edutainment
Akihiro Yorita, Takuya Hashimoto, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Naoyuki Kubota

25. Not Just “Teaching Robotics” but “Teaching through Robotics”
Andrew W. Eliasz

26. A Proposal of Autonomous Robotic Systems Educative Environment
Jorge Ierache, Ramón Garcia-Martinez, Armando Giusti

27. Mechatronics Education: From Paper Design to Product Prototype Using LEGO NXT Parts
Daniel M. Lofaro, Tony Truong Giang Le, Paul Oh

28. Fostering Development of Students’ Collective and Self-efficacy in Robotics Projects
David Ahlgren, Igor Verner

29. From an Idea to a Working Robot Prototype: Distributing Knowledge of Robotics through Science Museum Workshops
Alexander Polishuk, Igor Verner, Ronen Mir

30. Teaching Electronics through Constructing Sensors and Operating Robots
Hanoch Taub, Igor Verner

31. Learning from Analogies between Robotic World and Natural Phenomena
Igor M. Verner, Dan Cuperman

32. Integrating Robot Design Competitions into the Curriculum and K-12 Outreach Activities
Robert Avanzato

33. Teamwork and Robot Competitions in the Undergraduate Program at the Copenhagen University College of Engineering
Anna Friesel

34. Multiagents System with Dynamic Box Change for MiroSot
Mikulas Hajduk, Marek Sukop

35. Multi Block Localization of Multiple Robots
TaeKyung Yang, JaeHyun Park, JangMyung Lee

36. Soty-Segment: Robust Color Patch Design to Lighting Condition Variation
Seung-Hwan Choi, Seungbeom Han, Jong-Hwan Kim

37. Task-Based Flocking Algorithm for Mobile Robot Cooperation
Hongsheng He, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Guofeng Tong

38. Analysis of Spatially Limited Local Communication for Multi-Robot Foraging
Stephan Krannich, Erik Maehle

39. AMiRESot – A New Robot Soccer League with Autonomous Miniature Robots
Ulf Witkowski, Joaquin Sitte, Stefan Herbrechtsmeier, Ulrich Rückert

40. BeBot: A Modular Mobile Miniature Robot Platform Supporting Hardware Reconfiguration and Multi-standard Communication
Stefan Herbrechtsmeier, Ulf Witkowski, Ulrich Rückert

41. System Design for Semi-automatic AndroSot
Yong Zhu, Zhimin Ren, Yin Xu, Linquan Yang, Zhongwen Luo, Weixian Lv

42. Extended TA Algorithm for Adapting a Situation Ontology
Oliver Zweigle, Kai Häussermann, Uwe-Philipp Käppeler, Paul Levi

43. An Integer-Coded Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization for Traveling Salesman Problem
Chen Yue, Zhang Yan-duo, Lu Jing, Tian Hui

44. USAR Robot Communication Using ZigBee Technology
Charles Tsui, Dale Carnegie, Qing Wei Pan

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computers and Society, Computers and Education, Personal Computing, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences

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