Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Is the MOSFET Dosimeter Feasible at Diagnostic X-Ray Energies for Interventional Radiology?
K. Chida, Y. Inaba, I. Yanagawa, H. Saito, T. Ishibashi, M. Zuguchi

2. Doses to Patients from Photo-Neutrons Emitted in a Medical Linear Accelerator
M. K. Saeed, O. Moustafa, O. A. Yasin, C. Tuniz, F. I. Habbani

3. Correlation between Radiation Sensitivity and Body Weight
S. F. Akber, T. S. Kehwar

4. Simulation of Human Eye for Ophthalmic Brachytherapy Dosimetry Using MCNP-4C Code
S. Asadi, S. Farhad Masoudi, M. Shahriari

5. Radioprotective Effects of Hesperidin against Genotoxicity Induced by Gamma Irradiation in Human Lymphocytes
Seyed Jalal Hosseinimehr, Aziz Mahmoudzadeh, Amirhossein Ahmadi, Soheila Mohamadifar, Shahram Akhlaghpoor

6. Iranian doctor’s knowledge about received dose by patients in diagnostic radiology
Karim Ghazikhanlou Sani

7. Biological Effect of Single, Very Large Dose Fractions as Used in Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT)
C. Herskind, L. Ma, Q. Liu, F. Wenz

8. Molecular Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Second Cancers
C. Herskind, F. Wenz

9. Diagnostic Reference Levels in Computer Tomography at IPOCFG, EPE
A. R. Roda, M. C. Lopes, A. M. Fausto

10. Estimation of External Natural Background Gamma Rays Doses to the Population of Caspian Coastal Provinces in North of Iran
A. Shabestani Monfared

11. Patient Dosimetry and Image Quality in Conventional Diagnostic Radiology: A Practical Optimization Experience from a Serbian Hospital
O. Ciraj-Bjelac, D. Arandjic, D. Kosutic, M. Kovacevic

12. The Effect of Spatially Nonuniform Electromagnetic Field and Antitumor Drug on Growth of Maglinant Tumor
V. E. Orel, N. A. Nikolov, A. V. Romanov, I. I. Dzyatkovskaya, Yu. I. Mel’nik

13. Prevention of Overexposure by Means of Active Protective Reactions and Magnitude of Temporary Blinding from Visible Laser Radiation
H. -D. Reidenbach

14. Dose Distribution in Pediatric CT Abdominal Examination: Phantom Study
R. Gotanda, T. Katsuda, T. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, H. Yatake, Y. Takeda

15. Ionization Effects Produced by Neutron Interaction Products in BNCT Field
S. Mohammadi

16. Criteria for Acceptability for Radiological, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Equipment – Part 4: Nuclear Medicine Equipment
S. Christofides, L. Malone, S. Mattsson, P. Horton

17. Criteria for Acceptability for Radiological, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Equipment – Part 3: Radiotherapy Equipment
P. Horton, I. -L. Lamm, W. Lehmann, S. Lillicrap

18. Half-Value Layer Measurement for Effective Energy, Using Radiochromic Film and Step-Shaped Aluminum Filter
T. Gotanda, T. Katsuda, R. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, T. Kuwano, K. Yamamoto, H. Yatake, K. Kashiyama, Y. Takeda

19. Influence on Erythropoiesis and Blood Catalase Activity Low Intensity Electromagnetic Millimeter Radiation
Ts. I. Adamyan, E. S. Gevorgyan, H. H. Hovhanisyan, S. M. Minasyan, V. P. Kalantaryan, A. A. Hakhoumian

20. Quality Assurance in Digital Volume Tomography
F. H. Schöfer, C. Hoeschen

S. Balter, H. Blendinger

22. CT Quality Assurance Protocol and Its Validation in Various Ministry of Health Hospitals in Oman
L. S. Arun Kumar, Rashid Al-Hajri, Sultan Al-Busaidy

23. Precise Mapping of Skin Dose to Avoid Further Radiation-Induced Epilation
M. Hayakawa, T. Moritake, F. Kataoka, T. Takigawa, Y. Koguchi, Y. Miyamoto, Y. Matsumaru

24. The Comparative Analysis of Various Methods of CT Effective Doses Estimation
S. A. Kruchinin, M. I. Zelikman

25. Criteria for Acceptability for Radiological, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Equipment – Part 1: Introduction and Methodology
K. Faulkner, J. Malone, S. Christofides, S. Lillicrap

26. Radiation Exposure to Critical Organs in Orthopantomography
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, F. Akbari, Sh. Bayani, A. Jafari, M. Malakzadeh

27. First Report of Radiation Dose to Pediatric Patients Arising from Diagnostic Chest and Abdomen Examination
M. Malekzadeh, M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, Sh. Bayani Rodi, M. T. Shakeri, F. Akbari

28. Dental Treatment with Fluoride at Various Stages of Tumor Therapeutic Irradiation
W. Fränzel, R. Gerlach

29. Electron Absorbed Fractions in Skeletal Soft Tissues Based on Red Bone Marrow Segmentation at Runtime in μCT Images of Human Trabecular Bone
R. Kramer, H. J. Khoury, J. W. Vieira, K. Robson-Brown, D. Fuelle

30. Patient Dose Reduction in Some Routine Radiographic Examination in Iran
M. R. Deevband, M. J. KeykhaFarzaneh, M. R. Kardan, H. R. Khosravi, F. Faghihi, R. Faghihi

31. A Study of Maternal and Foetal Doses Arising from V/Q and CTPA Scanning during Pregnancy
K. L. Fleckney, L. A. Hunt, P. I. Ignotus

32. Study and Analysis of Radiation Level at Different Hospitals in Nepal
Kanchan P. Adhikari, L. N. Jha, Pedro Galan Montenegro

33. Radiation Protection in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories: Non-shielded Parts of the Body Contribute Significantly to the Effective Dose of the Operator
H. Boetticher, J. Lachmund, W. Hoffmann

34. Calculation of Normalized Organ Doses for Pediatric Patients Undergoing CT Examinations on Four Types of CT Scanner
J. T. M. Jansen, P. C. Shrimpton

35. Preview of a Series of Adult Human Phantoms for Radiation Protection Dosimetry
R. Kramer, H. J. Khoury, V. F. Cassola, V. J. Melo Lima

36. Optical Enhancement of DNA-Base Radio-Resistivity
Ramin M. Abolfath, Lech Papiez, Strahinja Stojadinovic, Timothy Solberg

37. Radiology Workload Analysis – Role and Relevance in Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
P. Charnock, C. Baker, S. Baily, J. Fazakerley, R. Jones, B. M. Moores, R. Wilde

38. Use of Active Personal Dosemeters in Interventional Radiology: A Systematic Study in Laboratory Conditions
I. Clairand, J. -M. Bordy, J. Daures, J. Debroas, M. Denozière, L. Donadille, M. Ginjaume, C. Itié, C. Koukorava, A. -L. Lebacq, P. Martin, L. Struelens, M. Sans Mercé, M. Tosic, F. Vanhavere

39. Diagnostic Reference Levels in Cardiology and Interventional Radiology
Ph. R. Trueb, A. Aroua, A. Stuessi, E. Samara, R. Treier, F. R. Verdun, F. Bochud, W. Zeller

40. Compensator for Advanced Radiation Field Homogeneity
K. -J. Dörner

41. Differences in Gamma-H2AX Foci Formation after Irradiation with Continuous and Pulsed Proton Beams
O. Zlobinskaya, T. E. Schmid, G. Dollinger, V. Hable, C. Greubel, D. Michalski, J. Wilkens, G. Du, M. Molls, B. Röper

42. Diagnostic Reference Levels in Computed Tomography in Switzerland
R. Treier, A. Aroua, F. Bochud, E. Samara, F. R. Verdun, A. Stuessi, Ph. R. Trueb, W. Zeller

43. A New Method to Measure Shielding Properties of Protective Clothing Materials
L. Büermann

44. Radiation Response of Normal Tissues and Tumors to Carbon Ion Irradiation
C. P. Karger, P. Peschke, M. Scholz, P. Huber, J. Debus

45. The Impact of the 2007 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) in Medical Applications
C. H. Clement

46. Estimation of Patient Doses from Interventional Radiology Procedures in Pakistan Result of IAEA Project RAS /9/047
Areesha Zaman, Aftab Ahmed, Hamid Naseer, Numair yunous, Mahboob Ali, Maham Zaman

47. Inhibiting Survivin Expression Increases the Radiosensitivity of Human Hepatoma HepG2 Cells to High-LET Carbon Ions
X. D. Jin, Q. Li, P. Li, Q. F. Wu, Z. Y. Dai

48. Extremity and Eye Lens Doses of the Staff during Interventional Radiology Procedures – First Results
C. Koukorava, E. Carinou, J. Domienik, J. Jankowski, S. Krim, D. Nikodemova, L. Struelens, F. Vanhavere

49. GafChromic® Film Measurements for Microbeam Radiation Therapy (MRT)
E. Bräuer-Krisch, E. A. Siegbahn, A. Bravin

50. Application of the New ICRP Reference Phantoms to Internal Dosimetry: Calculation of Specific Absorbed Fractions of Energy for Photons and Electrons
L. Hadid, A. Desbrée, H. Schlattl, D. Franck, E. Blanchardon, M. Zankl

51. Dose-Area-Product to Effective Dose in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology
L. Struelens, K. Bacher, M. Zankl

52. The Reference Computational Phantoms Adopted by ICRP and ICRU
M. Zankl, J. Becker, N. Petoussi-Henss, H. Schlattl, W. E. Bolch, K. F. Eckerman, H. G. Menzel, C. Hoeschen

53. Indoor Radon Measurement in Some Apartments of Mashhad City (Iran)
A. Binesh, A. A. Mowlavi, S. Mohammadi, P. Parvaresh

54. Mammodos – In-Vivo Dosimetry in Mammography
J. U. Wuerfel, C. Pychlau, C. Cappellini, A. Bulgheroni, F. Risigo, V. Chmill, M. Caccia, A. Martemiyanov

55. Investigation of the Specific Absorption Rate for a 7 Tesla T/R Body Array
T. Bolz, A. Bahr, J. Mosig, A. Bitz, S. Orzada

56. Lessons Learned from 25 Years in Exploring Norwegian Radiology Practices from a Radiation Protection Point of View
H. M. Olerud, L. Borgen, E. G. Friberg, K. B. Lysdahl, R. D. Silkoset, A. Widmark, G. Saxeböl

57. Calibration of Semiconductor Detectors for Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology
A. R. Petri, R. A. Terini, M. A. G. Pereira

58. Charge Recombination Correction in the Dosimetry by Means Ionization Chambers of a High Dose-per-Pulse Electron Accelerator for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)
E. Moretti, M. R. Malisan, K. Frisano, R. Padovani

59. Doses to Patients in Interventional Cardiology
A. Benini, F. Pedersen, E. Jorgensen, S. Helqvist, L. Sondergaard, H. Kelbak, K. Saunamaki

60. Criteria for Acceptability for Radiological, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Equipment – Part 2: Radiology Equipment
J. F. Malone, A. Schreiner, H. Zoetelief, I. D. Mclean, S. Balter, E. Vano, H. Bosmans, N. Bischof, R. Klausz, A. Dowling, U. O’Connor, C. Walsh, A. Gallagher, K. Faulkner

61. TL Response Study at Dosimetry of 106 Ru/Rh Ophthalmic Applicator
D. P. F. Figueiredo, K. A. C. Daros, R. B. Medeiros

62. The Exposure Assessment of Pulsed Magnetic Fields – A Comparison between Physiological Backgrounds and Guidelines
Ch. S. Rueckerl, K. Fr. Eichhorn

63. Accelerated Hypo-Fractionation by Biological Equivalent DVH for Patients Affected by Gastric Carcinoma in Postoperative Concomitant Radiochemotherapy
P. Pedicini, M. Mazziotta, S. Clemente, M. Cozzolino, L. Caporaso, P. Sanpaolo, V. Barbieri, L. Lapadula, G. Castaldo, V. Fusco

64. Reducing Non-uniformity Error of Radiochromic Film in the Diagnostic Range by Ultraviolet Exposure: Preliminary Study
T. Katsuda, R. Gotanda, T. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, K. Yamamoto, H. Yatake, K. Kashiyama, T. Kuwano

65. Investigation of Acceptance Criteria for the gamma-index in Scanned Carbon Ion Radiotherapy
S. Lahrmann, O. Jäkel, C. P. Karger

66. Feasibility of Polycrystalline Alanine-in-Glass Tubes as Gamma-Ray Dosimeters
Anan M. Al-Karmi, M. A. Morsy

67. The Risk for Secondary Cancers in Patients Treated for Prostate Carcinoma – An Analysis with the Competition Dose Response Model
A. Daşu, I. Toma-Daşu, L. Franzén, A. Widmark, P. Nilsson

68. Evaluating the Dosimetric Effect of Lack of Side-Scatter Volume for Measurements of Large Fields with an Integration Diode Array
P. Ma, W. J. Cui, J. R. Dai

69. Radon Measurement in Drinking Water Samples of Mashhad City in Iran
A. Binesh, S. Mohammadi, A. A. Mowlavi, P. Parvaresh

70. Water-Equivalent Calibration of 192 Ir HDR Brachytherapy Source using MAGIC Gel Polymer
M. S. Alva, T. Marques, M. Schwarcke, O. Baffa, P. Nicolucci

71. Doses to patients for computed tomography in Sarajevo
A. Beganović, A. Skopljak-Beganović, A. Drljević, S. Džanić, J. Bošnjak, M. Gazdić-Šantić, B. Metlić, L. Lincender, M. Ninković

72. Biological Effects of Densely Ionizing Radiation
M. Durante

73. Track Structure and Biological Effects of Densely Ionizing Radiation
Hooshang Nikjoo

74. Patient Radiation Doses during Cardiac Angiography and Implantations of Cardiac Resynchronization Devices. Deriviation of Local DRLs
T. Topaltzikis, N. Papageorgiou, J. Skoularigis, F. Triposkiadis, C. Kappas, K. Theodorou

75. Protection of Human Health and the Environment by Means of Predisposal Management of Medical Solid Radioactive Waste
A. P. Stefanoyiannis, I. Gerogiannis, S. Christofides, G. Koutroumpis, X. Geronikola-Trapali, S. N. Chatziioannou, A. Bakas, I. Armeniakos, A. Prentakis, S. Bakalis

76. The Effect of Activated Water on Staphylococcal Infection in Vivo in Animal Model and in Vitro on Staphylococcus Aureus Culture
Vladimir I. Vysotskii, Lydia S. Kholodna, Alla A. Kornilova

77. Evaluation of SAR in a Finite Element Human Body Model Imposed to Magnetic Fields Generated by a MRI Bird Cage Coil
Sylvia Smajic-Peimann, Waldemar Zylka

78. Exploring the Use of the Tarmed Coding System for Establishing the Annual Frequency of Medical x-Ray Examinations in Switzerland
A. Aroua, F. O. Bochud, R. Coultre, E. -T. Samara, A. Stuessi, R. Treier, Ph. R. Trueb, J. -P. Vader, F. R. Verdun, W. Zeller

79. Simulation of Beta-Emitters for Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry using Voxel Phantoms and Monte Carlo Calculations
N. Petoussi-Henss, M. Zankl, H. Schlattl, W. B. Li, C. Hoeschen

80. Characterization of a Radiochromic Solid Polymer Dosimeter According to Its’ Composition
A. Mostaar, B. Hashemi, M. H. Zahmatkesh, S. M. R. Aghamiri, S. R. Mahdavi

81. Radiosensitizing Effect of IUdR Combined with Co-60 γ Radiation on Malignant Glioma Spheroids
H. Khankeshizaeh, B. Hashemi, A. Neshastehriz

82. The Use of Radiobiological Parameters and the Evaluation of NTCP Models. How Do They Affect the Ability to Estimate Radiation Induced Complications?
P. Svolou, I. Tsougos, K. Theodorou, C. Kappas

83. Simulating Dose and Cancer Risk due to Low-Dose Neutron Background in Proton Beam Therapy
B. Athar, H. Paganetti

84. Characterization of Barite and Crystal Glass as Attenuators in x-Ray and Gamma Radiation Shielding
Airton T. Almeida, M. A. Pereira Santos, M. S. Nogueira Tavares, J. A. Filho

85. Population Exposure from Medical X-Rays in Germany: Time Trends – 1996 to 2005
E. A. Nekolla, J. Griebel, G. Brix

86. Paediatric Organ and Effective Doses in Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography
C. Theodorakou, K. Horner, K. Howard, A. Walker

87. Why No One Believes Us: Cognitive Neuroscience and Radiation Risk
R. E. Toohey

88. Numerical Estimation of Peak/Average SAR Ratio for Different Thorax Models
V. Hartwig, G. Giovannetti, N. Vanello, M. F. Santarelli, L. Landini

89. The Lower Detection Limit of GR-200A and MCP-100D Thermoluminescence Dosimeters at Different Readout and Annealing Temperatures
T. Stock, M. Lüpke, H. Seifert

90. Air Kerma-Area Product in Pediatric X-Ray Examinations of Paranasal Sinuses: An Indirect Method of Assessment
M. A. S. Lacerda, T. A. Silva, H. J. Khoury

91. Dosimetry Studies on a Fetus Model Combining Medical Image Information and a Synthetic Woman Body
L. Bibin, J. Anquez, A. Hadjem, E. Angelini, J. Wiart, I. Bloch

92. Use of a Standard Ionization Chamber at Different Distances in Diagnostic Radiology Beams
M. T. Yoshizumi, L. C. Afonso, L. V. E. Caldas

93. Implementation of Tube Current Modulation in CT Dose Computations with Voxel Models
H. Schlattl, M. Zankl, C. Hoeschen

94. Trends in Dosimetry at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
J. W. A. Gutteling, S. Bambang Oetomo, P. F. F. Wijn

95. Evaluation of the Radiological Risk for Premenopausic Women in a Breast Cancer Early Detection Program
R. Tortosa, M. Ramos, G. Verdú, J. I. Villaescusa

96. Study on Local Maximum Skin Doses to Patients Undergoing Cardiac Procedures
J. Domienik, S. Papierz, M. Brodecki, M. Tybor, J. Jankowski, A. Korejwo

97. Validation of a MC Code to Assess Patient Doses from Cone Beam CT in Dentistry
J. J. Morant, M. Salvadó, I. Hernández, E. Velasco, A. Calzado

98. Design of an Experimental Set Up for MRI Induced Heating Measurement on Biomedical Implants
V. Hartwig, G. Antoniello, G. Giovannetti, N. Vanello, M. F. Santarelli, L. Landini

99. Approved Personal Dosimetry for Medical Personnel using Direct Ion Storage Dosimeters
M. R. Gårdestig, H. B. L. Pettersson

100. Simulating Mammographic Absorption Imaging and Its Radiation Protection Properties
C. Hoeschen, H. Schlattl, M. Zankl, T. Seggebrock, L. Clemente, F. Grüner

101. Dosimetry and Quality Control in Medical Imaging Applications
B. M. Moores

102. Patient Dose Measurements in Full Field Digital Mammography and Comparison with Dose to the Standard Breast
N. J. Tyler, C. Strudley, P. Hollaway, D. J. Peet

103. Implementation on Methodology for TLD Postal Dosimetry Audit of Radiotherapy Photon Beams in Non-reference Conditions in Cuba
Stefan Gutiérrez Lores, Gonzalo Walwyn Salas

104. A Tissue-Equivalent Radioluminescent Fiberoptic Probe for In-Vivo Dosimetry Based on Mn-Doped Lithium Tetraborate
M. Santiago, M. Prokic, P. Molina, J. Marcazzó, E. Caselli

105. Applicability of Imaging Plates for Individual Monitoring
M. B. Greiter, D. Regulla, C. Hoeschen

106. Evaluation of Radiation Doses Inside a Phantom of Mammography Utilizing Compton Spectrometry
J. N. Almeida, R. A. Terini, S. B. Herdade, T. C. Furquim

107. Comparison of Dose Distribution of Ionizing Radiation in a Water Phantom with Frequency of Cytogenetic Damage in a Human Bronchial Cells
M. Konopacka, J. Rogoliński, K. Ślosarek

108. Comprehensive Evaluation of On-position Leakage from Source Head of Bhabhatron-II Telecobalt Unit
S. D. Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, D. C. Kar

109. Patient Exposure from Interventional Cardiology Procedures in Slovenia
D. Žontar, V. Kanič, D. Kuhelj, D. Škrk, U. Zdešar

110. Measurement of Entrance Skin Dose Due the Imaging Systems for Treatment Planning of Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Arteriovenous Malformations
O. O. Galván Cruz, O. A. García-Garduño, B. Hernández Reyes, S. Moreno Jiménez, M. A. Célis López, J. M. Lárraga-Gutiérrez

111. Gamma Dose Rate Measurement and Dose Rate Calculation of Sensitive Organs in the Vicinity of Hot Springs in Kerman Province, Southeastern Iran
A. Jomehzadeh, Z. Jomehzadeh

112. Effect of Varying Phantom Size in Dosimetry of Iridium-192: A Comparison of Experimental Data with EGSnrc Monte Carlo Calculation
H. Seo, M. Haque, R. Hill, C. Baldock

113. Validating Methodologies for Evaluation of Patient Doses Submitted to Chest X-Ray Examinations
P. M. C. Oliveira, P. L. Squair, V. L. S. Oliveira, M. E. S. Abrantes, T. C. Alonso, T. A. Silva

114. Scattering Medium Depth and Cell Monolayer Positioning with Respect to Beam Field Affect Cell Viability
J. Rogoliński, M. Konopacka, A. Sochanik, K. Ślosarek

115. Effect of Modulated Microwave Exposure on Spectral Asymmetry of Human EEG
A. Suhhova, H. Hinrikus, M. Bachmann, J. Lass

116. Trigger Levels to Prevent Tissue Reaction in Interventional Radiology Procedures
A. Trianni, D. Gasparini, R. Padovani

117. Absorbed Dose Enhancement Caused by Gold Particles in Polymer Gels
L. C. Afonso, F. Schöfer, C. Hoeschen

118. Assessment of the Self-Developing Films Usefulness in Interventional Radiology
A. Werduch, M. Brodecki, J. Jankowski, A. Korejwo

119. Biology of High Dose-High Precision Radiotherapy – Experience from Brachytherapy of Cervix Cancer
C. Kirisits, D. Georg

120. Evaluation of Dose Dependent Structural Changes in 3D Brain Micro-Vasculature in Response to Heavy Particle Radiation Exposure
C. Hintermüller, J. S Coats, A. Obenaus, G Nelson, T Krucker, M Stampanoni

121. Simultaneous Measurements of Electrical and Optical Properties of Radiochromic Films Exposed to UV Radiation as a Function of Temperature
F Gómez-Galván, H. Mercado-Uribe

122. Linear Accelerator Direct Shielded Doors – An Approach for Calculating the Specialized Shielding Required Adjacent to the Door
M. C. Martin

123. Database MAMOLIT for Mammography Screening Patients in Lithuania
D. Adliene, M. Laurikaitis, J. Laurikaitiene, I. Cibulskaite, A. Urboniene

124. The Effects of Hydrogenous Medium on MRI Image of MAGICA Gel Dosimeter
S. M. Abtahi, M. Shahriari, M. H. Zahmatkesh

125. Overview of Dosimetry and Self-shielding Models in Ultraviolet Phototherapy
D. R. Grimes, N. J. O’Hare

126. Low Cost Alternative to Lead Glass Shielding in PET/CT Control/Scanner Room Window
J. A. M. Santos, A. L. Bastos, J. Lencart, A. G. Dias, M. F. Carrasco

127. Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging Based Polymer Gel Dosimetry: Methodology, Spatial Resolution, Applications
A. Berg

128. Effective Dose Contribution of Cone-Beam CT Acquisition during Uterine Artery Embolization: A Phantom Study
A. Crop, K. Bacher, L. Defreyne, H. Thierens

129. Evaluation of Effective Patient Dose in Paranasal Sinus Imaging: Comparison of Cone Beam CT, Digital Tomosynthesis and Multi Slice CT
K. Bacher, K. Mermuys, J. Casselman, H. Thierens

130. Exploring the Techniques for Radiation Leakage Measurements of a Telegamma Machine
G. Sahani, D. N. Sharma, P. K. Dash Sharma, S. P. Agarwal

131. Measurements and EGSnrc Monte Carlo Simulations for Thimble Ion Chambers with Various Metal Caps at 60Co Beams
A. Toussaint, J. Wulff, K. Zink

132. Monte Carlo calculations of the perturbation factor pcav for various Air cavities and guard ring widths in clinical electron beams
F. Rosam, J. Wulff, K. Zink

133. The ORAMED Project: Optimisation of Radiation Protection for Medical Staff
F. Vanhavere, E. Carinou, G. Gualdrini, I. Clairand, M. Sans Merce, M. Ginjaume

134. Radiation Dose to Patients from Radiopharmaceuticals
S. Mattsson, L. Johansson, J. Liniecki, D. Nosske, M. Stabin, S. Leide-Svegborn, D. Taylor

135. Alanine Dosimetry – A Versatile Dosimetric Tool
D. Regulla

136. Three Dimensional Dose Verification of Intensity Modulated Radiosurgery Using Polymer-Gel Dosimetry
Dong-Joon Lee, Hyun-Tai Chung, Moon-Jun Sohn

137. RADEM - recombination ambient dose equivalent meter for neutron dosimetry around medical accelerators
N. Golnik, P. Tulik, W. Bulski

138. How Far Old Technology and Practices Are in Use in Radiology?
O. Ciraj-Bjelac, M. Rehani

139. Effective Dose - A Flawed Concept That Could and Should Be Replaced
D. J. Brenner

140. Status of Radiation Protection of Patients in Developing Countries
Madan M. Rehani

141. Training of Doctors Using Fluoroscopy
Madan M. Rehani

142. WHO’s Role in the Assessment of Medical Radiation Exposures and Devices
F. Shannoun, M. Perez, N. Pendse, A. Velazquez Berumen, B. Fahlgren, S. Groth, E. Deventer

143. Laser Particle Acceleration for Radiotherapy: A first radiobiological characterization of laser accelerated electrons
J. Pawelke, E. Beyreuther, W. Enghardt, M. Kaluza, L. Karsch, L. Laschinsky, E. Leßmann, D. Naumburger, M. Nicolai, C. Richter, R. Sauerbrey, H. -P. Schlenvoigt, M. Baumann

144. Medical Exposure Issues in the Revision of the International Basic Safety Standards for Protection against Ionization Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources
C. Borrás

145. A Kinetic Model for Tumor Survival Curves: Its Relation to the Linear-Quadratic Model
R. Martín-Landrove, N. Guillén, M. Martín-Landrove

146. Induction of DNA doublestrand-breaks along the tracks of low energy protons
Philipp Schrögel, Lukas Kober, Cecilia Pizzolotto, Andreas Teufel, Christian Vogel, Luitpold Distel, Wolfgang Eyrich

147. New Materials for Radiation Protection Buildings Monte Carlo-Simulations and Measurements for X-rays Protons and Carbon Ions
R. G. Mueller, J. Forster, R. Forster, N. Achterberg, J. Karg, O. Pravida

148. Fetal Dose Evaluation in X-Ray Radiotherapy in Cases of Advanced Gestation
D. Filipov, K. C. Mafra, H. R. Schelin, D. S. Soboll

149. Neutron spectrometry and determination of neutron ambient doses in radiotherapy treatments under different exposure conditions
C. Domingo, M. J. García-Fusté, E. Morales, K. Amgarou, J. A. Terrón, J. Roselló, L. Brualla, L. Nuñez, R. Colmenares, F. Gómez, G. H. Hartmann, F. Sánchez-Doblado, F. Fernández

150. First Results of a Multi Centre Study about Reduction of X-ray Exposure due to Surgical Navigation for Pedicel Screw Placement in Spine Surgery
A. B. König, C. Coauthor, D. E. Othercoauthor

151. Patient Doses in Latin American Countries
Helen Khoury, Patricia Mora, Simone Kodlulovich, Maria Yolanda Defaz, Susana Blanco, Fernando Leyton, Tony Benavente, Daniel Blanco, Norma Roas, Juan Cardenas, Raul Ramirez

152. Slowing the increase in the collective dose resulting from CT scans
D. J. Brenner

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Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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