Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Synthesis and characterization of a new generation of hydrogels for biomedical applications
Krystyna Pietrucha, Stefan Verne

2. Biological Evaluation of Non-degradable Polyurethane for Aortic Valve Tissue Engineering
B. Akra, R. Abou Rahal, A. Uhlig, U. Haas, C. Fano, M. Dauner, H. Gulbins, B. Meiser, G. Eissner, B. Reichart

3. Perfusion Bioreactor: A New Pulsatile System for the Perfusion of Tissue Engineered Cardiovascular Prostheses
B. Akra, A. Uhlig, U. Haas, C. Fano, M. Dauner, P. Lohse, H. Gulbins, B. Meiser, G. Eissner, B. Reichart

4. Interactions of Cells with Elastic Cholesteryl Liquid Crystals
C. F. Soon, M. Youseffi, N. Blagden, S. B. Lobo, F. A. Javid, M. C. T. Denyer

5. Valve-gear: A contribution to development of artificial cardiac valves
H. A. Vielberg

6. Finite element simulation of mechanical tests of individual cells
J. Bursa, V. Fuis

7. Corrosion behavior of some new implant biomaterials in biofluids
M. V. Popa, E. Vasilescu, P. Drob, D. Raducanu, I. Cinca, C. Vasilescu

8. Electrochemical stability of a new Ti base bioalloy in simulated human fluids
M. V. Popa, E. Vasilescu, P. Drob, C. Vasilescu

9. Shear Stress Induces Differentiation of Arterial Endothelial Cells From Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
Kimiko Yamamoto, Tomomi Masumura, Nobutaka Shimizu, Syotaro Obi, Joji Ando

10. Infiltration/Accumulation of Low Density Lipoproteins in Endothelial/Smooth Muscle Cell Co-Culture Preparations with Different Modes
Z. F. Ding, Y. B. Fan, X. Y. Deng

11. Osteoblast culture on titanium base bioalloy and its corrosion resistance in physiological solutions
M. V. Popa, D. Iordachescu, E. Vasilescu, P. Drob, A. Cimpean, C. Vasilescu, S. I. Drob

12. Tissue Engineering of Small Caliber Vessel Grafts from Human Umbilical Veins
M. Hoenicka, S. Schrammel, V. R. Jacobs, G. Huber, C. Schmid, D. E. Birnbaum

13. Biomechanical In-Vitro Evaluation of a New Carrier Material for ADCT
J. Beger, H. Fuchs, F. Heuer, S. Klingseis, C. Schilling, J. Mollenhauer, K. Benz, H. -J. Wilke

14. Material and Structures for Gastrointestinal Stents
R. A. Rothwell, M. S. Pridham, G. A. Thomson

15. Effect of fluid shear stress on tubular kidney epithelial cell structure
L. Condorelli, I. Cattaneo, C. Arrigoni, L. Antiga, N. Perico, A. Remuzzi

16. Electromechanically Active Polymers: New Opportunities for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Federico Carpi, Gabriele Frediani, Danilo Rossi

17. The Isolation and Proliferation Characteristics of Rabbit Adipos Derived Stromal Cells at Early Stage in Vitro
Jianjiang Xu, Jiaxu Hong, Sun Xinghuai

18. Application of a microcellular injection molding process (MuCell®) to produce an implant with porous structure
Hongbin Wu, Erhard Krampe, Henning Schlicht, Erich Wintermantel

19. Cytological evaluation of a porous implant made from TPU
Hongbin Wu, Sabine Wacker, Henning Schlicht, Erich Wintermantel

20. Multifunctional characterization of engineered cartilage using nano-pulsed laser
M. Ishihara, I. Bansaku, M. Sato, J. Mochida, M. Kikuchi

21. Preosteoblasts Enhance the Proliferation and Osteogenesis of Embryonic Stem Cells via Cell–Cell Contact and Osteogenic Supplements
M. T. Tsai, S. T. Lin, W. H. Chang

22. In vitro degradation of chitosan under mechanical load
Ping Li, Xiaoliang Feng, Lu Jia, Jingwen Li, Chunqiu Zhang, Yubo Fan

23. Optical Measurement System for pH of Medium Adjacent to Contracting Cultured Myotube in Vitro
S. Hashimoto, S. Mochizuki, E. Yamada, K. Kida, K. Nishimura, D. Inoue

24. Non-invasive Characterization of the Osteogenic Differentiation of hMSCs in 3D by Impedance Spectroscopy
Cornelia Hildebrandt, Impidjati, Hagen Thielecke

25. Contractile forces during cancer cell invasion
B Fabry, T M Koch, S Münster, C T Mierke, J P Butler

26. Enhancement of a culture of human osteoblasts inside hydroxyapatite scaffolds via [2 mT; 75 Hz]-electromagnetic bioreactor
L. Fassina, E. Saino, L. Visai, M. G. Cusella Angelis, F. Benazzo, G. Magenes

27. Akt1-Dependent Pathways Involved in the Regulation of Tumor Conditioned Medium -Induced Endothelial Cell Migration and Survival
H. Q. Wang, L. J. Chen, J. Tang, X. D. Sun, J. B. Feng, D. G. Xu, D. S. Li, T. Z. Huang

28. Microsystems for the Characterization of 3D-ECM Analogous Bio-Interfaces
U. Fröber, M. Stubenrauch, T. Weiß, A. Berg, D. Voges, R. Schade, G. Hildebrand, M. Schnabelrauch, K. Liefeith, M. Hoffmann, H. Witte

29. Reverse Transcription PCR Screening of different neuronal guiding cues and their receptors in human staurosporine differentiated SH-SY5Y cells
Marco Glaß, Heinz-Georg Jahnke, Andrea A. Robitzki

30. Membrane Loads in a Compressed Skeletal Muscle Cell Computed Using a Cell-Specific Finite Element Model
N. Slomka, A. Gefen

31. Strategies combining cells and scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
E. Saino, L. Fassina, M. S. Sbarra, M. G. Cusella Angelis, G. Magenes, F. Benazzo, L. Visai

32. Microstructural Comparison and Analysis of Bone Scaffold Prepared by FDM and SLS Process
Lin liulan, Rong bin, Hu Qingxi, Fang Minglun

33. The Effects of MGF on the Physiological Behaviors of Osteoblasts
Liling Tang, Min Qiu, Dajun Li, Fangyi Jiang, Yuanliang Wang

34. Bone Marrow Concentrate: a novel tool for bone repair!
M. Jäger, M. Herten, E. M. Jelinek, U. Fochtmann, R. Krauspe

35. Cyclic mechanical cells stimulation of myoblasts in skeletal muscle tissue engineering: a preliminary study
G. Silvani, L. Portella, L. Fassina, L. Benedetti, G. Magenes, M. G. Cusella Angelis

36. Microstructure and Cell Adhesion of Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Composites
H. R. Le, S. Pranti-Haran, K. Donnelly, R. P. Keatch

37. The Development of a Combined Electrical & Mechanical Stimulation Bioreactor to Improve Tissue Engineered Muscle Function
J. B. Vorstius, R. P. Keatch, K. Donnelly, P. S. Maher

38. Bio-Mechanical Evaluation of a 3D Printed Composite Material
P. S. Maher, R. P. Keatch, K Donnelly, J. B. Vorstius

39. PEG-based thermo-responsive polymer coatings for the control of cell adhesion
A. Lankenau, E. Wischerhoff, K. Uhlig, HG. Börner, JF. Lutz, C. Duschl

40. Development and characterization of high volume producible micro structured surfaces for tissue engineering applications
C. Brecher, C. Wenzel, F. Pretzsch, H. Bueth, P. Kluger

41. Two-Photon Polymerization for Microfabrication of Three-Dimensional Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Application
T. Weiß, A. Berg, S. Fiedler, G. Hildebrand, R. Schade, M. Schnabelrauch, K. Liefeith

42. Study on Adhesion Force of Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Endothelial Cells on Different Adhesion Substrates
G. X. Wang, C. J. Tang, L. Xiao, X. Wu, X. Xie, L. Yang

43. Development of a System for the Performance and Evaluation of Mechanical Conditioning on Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts
Stefanos E. Diamantouros, Thomas C. Flanagan, Thomas Finocchiaro, Thorsten Deichmann, Mathias Wilhelmi, Thomas Schmitz-Rode, Stefan Jockenhoevel

44. Bioreactor Development for the Study of Angiogenesis within Tissue Engineered Constructs
J. Frese, K. Motejlek, T. Schmitz-Rode, J. Neulen, S. Jockenhoevel

45. Gene expression modulation in stretched muscle cells
G. Silvani, L. Fassina, L. Benedetti, G. Magenes, M. G. Cusella Angelis

46. Comparison of composite polysaccharide-based materials for tissue engineering by means of texture analysis
F. Brun, A. Accardo, G. Turco, S. Paoletti

47. Quantification of the Time Course of Proliferation and Scattering Activity of Cells in Time Lapse Videos
T. Timmel, A. Bauer, U. Kertzscher, K. Affeld, J. Hengstler

48. Ultrasound biomicroscopy of healthy and repair cartilage tissue
K. Gelse, A. Olk, S. Eichhorn, B. Swoboda, F. Hennig, M. Schoene, K. Raum

49. Inhibition of E-Selectin by Selectively deSulfated Heparin through Chitosan Microspheres Impregnated Collagen Scaffold
T. S. Ramyaa Lakshmi, N. Shanmugasundaram, Mary Babu

50. Monitoring of cartilage synthesis in tissue-engineered scaffolds by ultrasound biomicroscopy
N. Männicke, K. Raum, W. Richter, E. Steck

51. Investigation of Plasma Protein Adsorption, Platelets Adhesion and Partial Thromboplastin Time on Plasma SiCOH Nanocoating
G. X. Wang, Q. Zhang, Y. Shen, L. J. Wan, D. Y. Jia, C. J Tang, S. P. Ge, Q. S. Yu

52. Influence of Ascorbic acid(AsA) concentration in culture medium on mechanical property of regenerated cartilage
S. Omata, Y. Sawae, T. Murakami

53. Nanoscaled San-Huang-Xie-Xin-Tang Suppresses Liver Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation and Fibrosis by TGF-β1
Sherry Huang, Miffy Yang, Jin-Ching Chen, Walter H. Chang

54. On the impact of single cell biomechanics on the spatio-temporal organization of regenerative tissue
J. Galle, A. Krinner, P. Buske, D. Drasdo, M. Loeffler

55. Transforming growth factor β 3 causes decreased HaCaT cell alignment to extracellular matrix proteins Fibronectin, Laminin and Collagen type I as a result of an enhanced migratory phenotype
R. Berends, M. Youseffi, M. Denyer

56. Biodegradable Sirolimus-loaded Poly(lactide) Nanoparticles as Delivery Systems for the Prevention of Restenosis in Coronary Stent Application
F. Luderer, K. Sternberg, H. W. Rohm, M. Löbler, K. Köck, H. K. Kroemer, K. -P. Schmitz

57. A comparative study of two oxidation treatments to form bismuth-doped titanium surface
Y. C. Ko, J. Y. Chen, H. L. Huang, D. J. Lin

58. Differentiation of side population cells isolated from human amniotic mesenchymal cells into vascular endothelial cells
Naoko Maruyama, Kenichi Kokubo, Toshihiro Shinbo, Minoru Hirose, Mamoru Kobayashi, Norio Sakuragawa, Hirosuke Kobayashi

59. Quantitative 3D High Speed Video Analysis of Capsule Formation during Encapsulation Processes
I. Meiser, S. C. Müller, H. Zimmermann, F. Ehrhart

60. Bioreactor and scaffold design for the mechanical stimulation of silk based anterior cruciate ligament grafts
M. Hohlrieder, K. Cicha, A. Teuschl, M. Griensven, H. Redl, J. Stampfl

61. In vitro Biocompatibility of Electrospinning Polyaniline Fibers
Mu-Feng Shie, Wen-Tyng Li, Chung-Feng Dai, Jui-Ming Yeh

62. Chemical surface modification of poly(ε-caprolactone) for accelerated wound healing after implantation of vascular devices
M. Teske, H. W. Rohm, K. Kunna, H. Keul, M. Wilhelmi, S. Jockenhövel, A. Ovsianikov, K. -P. Schmitz, K. Sternberg

63. Fractal Dimension Characteristics of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation
M. Rabbani, M. Tafazzoli Shadpour, Z. Goli Malekabadi, M. Janmaleki

64. Methods for Encapsulation and Storage of Human Stem Cells in Three Dimensional Alginate Aggregates
J. C. Schulz, F. K. Groeber, A. F. J. Beier, I. Meiser, F. Ehrhart, U. Zimmermann, H. Zimmermann

65. Revealing of Medical and Biological Relevant Cellular Processes by Automated Time Lapse Microscopy
M. M. Gepp, I. Sébastien, F. K. Groeber, J. C. Schulz, F. Ehrhart, Heiko Zimmermann

66. Tissue engineering of heart valve leaflet by self-assembly of tissue spheroids biofabricated from human fat tissue derived stem cells
V. Mironov, V. Kasyanov, A. Nagy-Mehesz, R. Moreno, Z. Hajdu, T. Trusk, I. Ozolanta, M. Murovska, Y. Wu, H. Yao, V. Beachley, X. Wen, A. Bradshaw, R. Visconti, R. Norris, R. Markwald

67. The Influences of Reuse Solution and the Hemodialysis Environment on the High Flux Polyamide Hollow Fiber Membranes
N. Sarıca, M. E. Aksoy, M. Usta, C. Bindal, A. H. Üçışık

68. Novel Dynamic Bioreactor System for Heart Valve Cultivation under Echocardiographic Control
S. Kreitz, G. Dohmen, S. Diamantouros, J. Frese, T. C. Flanagan, T. Schmitz-Rode, R. Autschbach, S. Jockenhoevel

69. Biological and Micromechanical Approaches to Single Osteon of Equine Tibia
Hidetake Yamamoto, Yu Araki, Yuta Takahashi

70. Electrically Functionalized Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Phosphate Surfaces to Enhance Immobilization and Proliferation of Osteoblasts In Vitro and Modulate Osteogenesis In Vivo
Yu. Dekhtyar, M. V. Dvornichenko, A. V. Karlov, I. A. Khlusov, N. Polyaka, R. Sammons, K. V. Zaytsev

71. Biopolymers from African Giant Snail Shells Waste: Isolation and Characterization
E. E. C. Agoha, E. A. Mazi

72. Studies On The Electric Field Distribution Using Different Electrode Shapes For Electrochemotherapy
Mamdouh M. Shawki, Mohammed A. Elbelbesy, Thannaa E. Shalaby, Metwali A. kotb, Youssef S. Youssef

73. Effects of Shear Stress on the Binding of Atherosclerosis Targeting Nanoparticles to Activated Endothelial Cells
K. Rhee, J. H. Na, G. Khang

74. Materials Science Aspects of Bone Fracture and Regeneration
Peter Fratzl, Richard Weinkamer, Manjubala Inderchand, Paul Roschger, Andreas Lendlein, Georg Duda

75. Seeding Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Fibrin-Based Scaffolds - A Potential for a Future Angiogenic Therapy?
E. Lotan, S. Einav

76. Development of Unified Transcutaneous Transformer for Energy and Information Transmission for a Totally-Implantable Artificial Heart
T. Yamamoto, K. Koshiji, A. Homma, E. Tatsumi, Y. Taenaka

77. Numerical assessment on the metabolic response of chondrocytes after cyclic loading: The influence of stress rate and magnitude
A. Tasci, S. Ferguson, P. Büchler

78. Biomechanical stability and biological effect of titanium intramedullary implant in rabbit femur with the filler of fast-setting calcium phosphate cement
D. J. Lin, J. H. ChernLin, C. P. Ju, W. C. Chen, S. H. Huang, Y. C. Tien

79. Consideration of Measurement of Electrical Characteristics for Sacrificed Cow Muscles
Wataru Kiyoyama, Takahiko Yamamoto, Kohji Koshiji, Tatsumi Eisuke, Akihiko Homma, Yoshiyuki Taenaka

80. Lubrication Property of Hydrogel Layer on Articular Cartilage Surface
Takaki Tokuyama, Yusuke Morita, Kazuto Tanaka, Tsutao Katayama, Eiji Nakamachi

81. Effects of BaTiO3 Piezoelectric Thin Film Coating on Activity of Rat Bone Marrow Cell
Yuki Tateyama, Yusuke Morita, Kazuto Tanaka, Tsutao Katayama, Eiji Nakamachi

82. An Evaluation in Microstructural Properties of Xenogeneic Cancellous Bone Being Scaffold Subjected to Mechanical Strain in Bone Tissue Engineering
Xu Xiao-ying, Zhang Xi-zheng, Guo Chun, Guo Yong, Guo Xin

83. Bioimpedance Measurement Setup for the Assessment of Viability and Number of Human Adipose Stem Cells Cultured as Monolayers
L. Jaatinen, L. Sippola, M. Kellomäki, S. Miettinen, R. Suuronen, J. Hyttinen

84. Quantitative Assessment of Bone Properties during Defect Healing in an Animal Defect Model by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
M. Schulz, J. Brandt, K. Raum, K. Brehme

85. Effect of Crosslinkers on Physical Properties of Gelatin Hollow Tubes for Tissue Engineering Application
Chu-Hua Chiu, Han-Chin Shih, Shyh-Chuan Jwo, Ming-Fa Hsieh

86. Disruption and Re-polymerization Kinetics of f-actin Cytoskeleton in Bone Cells Subjected to Dynamic Mechanical Stimulus
R. S. A. Nesbitt, J. Macione, M. Eschbach, Y. Roberts, A. Debroy, S. P. Kotha

87. Relaxation of strained actin networks
A. Pomerance, W. Losert

88. Poly(vinyl alcohol) based monomers for lithography-based 3D fabrication
C. Heller, M. Schwentenwein, M. Porodec, M. Schulz-Siegmund, J. Stampfl, F. Varga, R. Liska

89. Nanoparticulate detection systems for the evaluation of New Drug Delivery Approaches and Drug Targeting principles
J. K. Teßmar, A. F. E. Hezinger, G. Zayed, B. Kosog, C. Rose, A. M. Göpferich

90. Quantitative Analysis and Manipulation of Cell Adhesion to Molecular Resolution
Jens Friedrichs, Anna Taubenberger, Daniel Müller

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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