Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Education and Training of the Medical Physicist in Europe
S. Christofides, W. Schlegel, R. Padovani, P. F. Sharp, A. Torresin, M. Wasilewska-Radwanska, Wil Putten, E. Guibelalde, K. U. Kasch

2. Concerns of Editors and Publishers: Plagiarism, Rights of Authors, Open Access, etc.
C. G. Orton

3. Electroporation of Bone Tissue: Implications for Use in the Treatment of Bone Metastasis with Electrochemotherapy
R. Cadossi, M. Fini, M. Ronchetti, F. Terlizzi, F. Cavani

4. Education, clinical training and professional recognition of medical physicists
Ahmed Meghzifene

5. Quantification of the experimental limitations of a semiconductor PET camera
D. C. Oxley, A. J. Boston, H. C. Boston, J. R. Cresswell, A. N. Grint, L. J. Harkness, D. S. Judson, P. J. Nolan, I. H. Lazarus

6. Nanosecond-Duration Electric Pulses Open Nanometer-Size Pores in Cell Plasma Membrane
A. G. Pakhomov, B. L. Ibey, A. M. Bowman, F. M. Andre, O. N. Pakhomova

7. Thermosensitive Mn2+ - Liposomes for MR-Guided Hyperthermia - Solvent-Dependent Mn2+ Release
H. M. Reinl, M. Hossann, L. H. Lindner, M. Reiser

8. Status of Education and Training in Africa: Focus on South Africa
W. I. D. Rae

9. Treatment Planning Methods for Efficient Dose Delivery in Radiation Therapy Using Laser Accelerated Particle Beams
S. Schell, J. J. Wilkens

10. Causes, Detection and Characterization of Tumor Hypoxia
P. Vaupel

11. Experiences of in-field and remote monitoring of diagnostic radiological quality in Ghana using an equipment and patient dosimetry database
M. A. Ward, E. K. Ofori, D. Scutt, B. M. Moores

12. New Frontiers in Pre-clinical Small Animal Radiation Research
John W. Wong

13. Size Matters - Revealing Small Scale Structures in Large Datasets
T. Fogal, J. Krüger

14. Focus and Context-Visualization without the Complexity
J. Krüger, T. Fogal

15. Electroporation and Behind: The Action of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field
U. Pliquett

16. Application of Morphometric Analysis For Quontitative Evaluation of Liver Biopsies in Therapeutic Trials
I. B. Tokin, I. I. Tokin, G. F. Filimonova, P. Hussar, V. M. Bure, Yu. M. Motusenko

17. Image-Guided Stereotactic Small Animal Irradiator
R. Pidikiti, S. Stojadinovic, K. Song, M. Speiser, S. Seliounine, D. Saha, T. D. Solberg

18. Electric Field Redistribution due to Conductivity Changes during Tissue Electroporation: Experiments with a Simple Vegetal Model
A. Ivorra, L. M. Mir, B. Rubinsky

19. Nanoparticle-mediated radionuclide-gene therapy of liver cancer
Mu-Hua Cheng, Yao-Xiong Huang

20. Development of Laser Accelerated Proton Beams for Radiation Therapy
C. -M. Ma, E. Fourkal, I. Veltchev, J. S. Li, J. Fan, T. Lin, A. Tafo

21. An Initial EFOMP Position on the Tuning Process for Masters Programs in Medical Physics in Europe
S. Christofides, W. Schlegel, R. Padovani, P. F. Sharp, A. Torresin, M. Wasilewska-Radwanska, W. Putten, E. Guibelalde, K. -U. Kasch, C. J. Caruana

22. The influence of intracellular connections on the electric field induced membrane voltage and electroporation of cells in clusters
G. Pucihar, D. Miklavčič

23. Medical Physics Degree: A Mature Choice For Greece
C. Koutsojannis, S. Kaplanis

24. Plasma medicine - therapeutic application of physical plasmas
Thomas Woedtke, Michael Jünger, Thomas Kocher, Axel Kramer, Jürgen Lademann, Ulrike Lindequist, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

25. Numerical models of microneedle electrodes for gene electrotransfer in skin
N. Pavšelj, D. Miklavčič

26. Small Animal Imaging with Micro, Flat-panel and Clinical CT-Scanners: An Applicability Analysis
W. Stiller, F. Kiessling, W. Semmler

27. Intramuscular fat content estimation in the loin muscle of pig carcasses by ultrasound spectral parameter analysis
S Lakshmanan, T Koch, D Mörlein, S Brand, K Raum

28. Sound velocity and attenuation of porcine loin muscle, backfat and skin
T. Koch, S. Lakshmanan, K. Raum, M. Wicke, D. Mörlein, S. Brand

29. Design and Synthesis of A Novel Inhibitor of 5-Enolpyruvylshikimate -3-phosphate Synthase
Jianhua Wang, Zhengjian Lv

30. Introduction of Apoptosis and Inhibition of SMMC-7721 Growth by 2-Arsonoacetic Acid
J. H. Wang, Y. L Wei, Z. J. Lv

31. Laser-accelerated ion beams for future medical applications
S. D. Kraft, K. Zeil, S. Bock, M. Bussmann, T. Kluge, J. Metzkes, T. Richter, T. E. Cowan, R. Sauerbrey, U. Schramm

32. Medical Physics Status in the Middle East Countries
I. Duhaini

33. Locoregional hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer patients: The Mammatherm-trial
J. K. Jueckstock, B. Eberhardt, H. L. Sommer

34. The Future of Medical Physics The Role of Medical Physics in Research and Development An Opinion
S. Christofides

35. Application Potentials of Microwave in NanoMagnetic Particle Hyperthermia
M. Janmaleki, M. Mahmoudi, M. Rafienia, H. Peirovi

36. Thermographic measurements of allergen-induced skin reactions
E. Rokita, T. Rok, G. Tatoń

37. Vascular Disrupting Action of Electrochemotherapy
G. Sersa, M. Cemazar, M. Snoj

38. Construction of EGFP Expressing HepG2 Cell Line Using Electroporation
M. Cemazar, I. Hreljac, G. Sersa, M. Filipic

39. Automated Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation for the Study of Biological Effects and Oncologic Hyperthermia
M. F. J. Cepeda, A. Vera, L. Leija

40. Electrically Mediated Gene Delivery to the Skin
R. Heller, B. Ferraro, A. Donate, M. J. Jaroszeski

41. Independent Treatment Time Verification for 3D Conformational Radiotherapy with Cobalt-60 Beam Data from IAEA-TECDOC-1540
O. M. Makam Kom, N. Licht

42. Medical Physics Education and Training in South East Asia
A. Krisanachinda, N. V. Hoa, J. C. L. Lee, K. H. Ng, A. P. Peralta, D. Soejoko, T. J. Wong

43. The Assessment of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Task Load Index (TLI) as Physiological Markers for Physical Stress
A. Nassef, M. Mahfouf, D. A. Linkens, E. Elsamahy, A. Roberts, P. Nickel, G. R. J. Hockey, G. Panoutsos

44. Method for treatment planning of tissue ablation by irreversible electroporation
A. Zupanic, D. Miklavcic

45. Effects of automation to the surgeons
N. Geißler, G. Strauss, P. Jannin, W. Korb

46. Analysis of Mechanisms Involved in Gene Electrotransfer - Theoretical and an in Vitro Study
M. Pavlin, M. Kandušer, D. Miklavčič

47. Reviewing and Editing of Scientific Papers
F. Nüsslin

48. Object-oriented Model Library of the Cardiovascular System Including Physiological Control Loops
A. Brunberg, J. Maschuw, R. Autschbach, D. Abel

49. Artificial heart valves, flow acceleration and shear stresses
Ali A Sakhaeimanesh

50. Optimization of Clinical Radiofrequency Hyperthermia by Use of MR-Thermography in a Hybrid System
P. Wust, M. Weihrauch, M. Weiser, J. Gellermann, S. Eisenhardt, T. Chobrok, V. Budach

51. Xenon Biosensors for Multi-Purpose Molecular Imaging
Leif Schröder, Tyler Meldrum, Monica Smith, Franz Schilling, Philipp Denger, Sina Zapf, David Wemmer, Alexander Pines

52. Automation in Rehabilitation: How to Include the Human into the Loop
R. Riener, A. Duschau-Wicke, A. König, M. Bolliger, M. Wieser, H. Vallery

53. Research in Medical Physics: What, Why, and How
J. M. Boone

54. AFOMP's Draft Policy #2: "Recommended Clinical Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist Staffing Levels in AFOMP Countries"
W. H. Round, Y. K. Tay, K. H. Ng

55. Technology of Cancer Particle Radiation Therapy Based on Ultrafast Intense Laser Generated Proton- and Ion Beams
T. Tajima

56. (invited for session ‘Automation in medicine') Mechanical Ventilation: Much Ado about Ventilation Modes
F. Dietz

57. Fundamentals and Medical Applications of Neutron and Light Spectroscopy of Confined Liquids
K. A. Chalyy, L. A. Bulavin, V. F. Chekhun, A. V. Chalyi, Ya. V. Tsekhmister, L. M. Chernenko

58. Phase contrast imaging for medical diagnostics: towards clinical application with compact laser-based X-ray sources
P. Coan, P. C. Diemoz, A. Bravin, T. Schlossbauer, M. Reiser, D. Habs, T. Schneider, C. Glaser

59. Ethics in Research
William R. Hendee

60. Workshop The Challenge And The Reward Of Being An Entrepreneur In Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering
William R. Hendee

61. The Art of Grantsmanship
H. J. Khoury

62. Influence of anisotropic tissue electrical conductivity on electric field and temperature distribution during electroporation-based therapy
I. Lacković, R. Magjarević, D. Miklavčič

63. Mapping the Brazilian Medical Device Innovation System: A Wide Field for Biomedical Engineering Development
E. J. V. Oliveira, V. L. S. N. Button, V. C. M. Oliveira

64. Cell Tracking and Single Cell Imaging by MRI
Brian Rutt

65. The Heat Is on in Cancer
R. Issels

66. Nano-medicine in Cancer Therapy
Dag Rune Olsen

67. Advice for Writing a Successful Research Proposal
Paul Keall

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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