Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Assessment of Neuromuscular Function with a New Ground Reaction Force Platform Using Power Spectrum Analysis Technique
P. Schneider, H. Hänscheid, M. Schwab, F. Jakob

2. Evaluation of safety observance in using of Intravenous Contrast media In Iran
M. Mojiri, K. Ghazi Khanloo Sani

3. Biomedical Physics Education of Medical and Healthcare Personnel the Cyprus Experience
S. Christofides, P. Kaplanis, C. Yiannakkaras, N. Papadopoulos, C. Papaefstathiou, G. Kokona, G. Menikou, D. Kaolis

4. A Distribution Strategy for Imaging Centers in the Costa Rican Public Health System
A. Rosales-López, M. R. Ortiz-Posadas

5. Intelligent Tutoring Systems Based on Ontologies and 3D Visualization Platforms in the Teaching of the Human Anatomy
J. S. S. Melo, L. M. Brasil, R. Balaniuk, E. Ferneda, J. S. Santana

6. The Importance of a Safety Culture in Healthcare Facilities for the Development of an Incident Investigation System
P. P. Morita, S. J. Calil

7. A mobile biosensor using living cells for water quality analysis
M. Schmidhuber, J. Wiest, B. Wolf

8. Training of Qualified Medical Physicists: Problems and Struggles in AFOMP Region
Kiyonari Inamura

9. Changes in the Water Content of the Skin during the Early Neonatal Period
K. Shirai, Y. Yamamoto

10. Teaching Signal Processing to the Medical Profession
J. H. Meijer, S. Heukelom, B. J. tenVoorde, J. P. Dekker

11. The Beginnings of a Subject on the “Development of Medical Devices” within the “European Higher Education Area” Framework
A. Díaz Lantada, J. Muñoz-García, P. Lafont, J. L. Muñoz Sanz, J. M. Munoz-Guijosa, J. Echavarri, H. Lorenzo

12. Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology: A ’Learning-by-Doing Approach’
B. Hartmann, J. Meyer, I. J. Kalet

13. Strengthening Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) in East Africa
J. O. Wear, T. M. Judd, A. Issakov

14. More Attention to Risk Class I Medical Devices Navigation Arm Systems and Equipment Trolleys
J. Ruhrmann-Faxel

15. Developing a Database of Generic Specifications for Medical Equipment for Healthcare Institutions in a Developing Country
S. B. Sinha, A. R. Gammie, P. J. Mellon

16. A Medical Biophysics Conceptual Base for Medical / Healthcare / Technology Students at the Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk Uni., Brno
D. Vlk, V. Mornstein, C. J. Caruana

17. Assessment on a Safe use of a Home Telemedicine System regarding Electromagnetic Compatibility
N. Carranza, A. Pozo, J. García, J. L. Monteagudo, V. Ramos

18. Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Assessments in Biomedical Education
M. Karami, N. Heussen, T. Schmitz-Rode, M. Baumann

19. Planning of Medical Physicists Education for Radiotherapy in Russia
V. A. Kostylev

20. Creating an Independent International Medical Physics Board
Raymond K. Wu, Edward S. Sternick, K. Y. Cheung

21. Biomedical Engineering Education and Training in Nigeria
K. I. Nkuma-Udah, G. C. Okoye, G. I. N. Ndubuka

22. Medical Devices Put to Test - How Safe and Intuitive are Blood Sugar Meters?
Maike Reichel, Alexander Steffen

23. Health Technology Management in a Developing Country Like the Philippines
Miguel O. Gutierrez

24. Improving the Methodological Approach to Evaluate the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Primary Health Care in Cuba
S. B. Llanusa, N. Rojo, M. Caraballoso, P. A. Urra

25. Problem Based Practical Courses (PBPC) Combine Student Motivation, Self-structuring and Responsibility in Biomedical Education
I. Slabu, T. Schmitz-Rode, M. Baumann

26. Developed and applications of a novel ceramic-controlled piezoelectric due to an implant of Pt-wire into the body of single disk of BaTiO3 ceramic
Ernesto Suaste-Gómez, Carlos Omar González-Morán, José Jesús Agustín Flores-Cuautle

27. Towards Appropriate Selection and Procurement of Medical Devices: A Proposed Model for Health Care Planners
Adham R. Ismail

28. Education and Training of Medical Physicists in Europe and the Countries of North America: Similarities-Differences-General Guidelines
A. P. Stefanoyiannis, C. Psichis, I. Gerogiannis, S. Christofides, P. A. Kaplanis, X. Geronikola-Trapali, S. N. Chatziioannou, I. Armeniakos, A. Prentakis

29. Educational Development of Biomedical Engineering in China
Xiaohong Weng, Wenxin Niu, Yubo Fan

30. Health Technology Assessment for a Service Contract: a new method for decisional tools
Leandro Pecchia, Luciano Mirarchi, Roberto Doniacovo, Valeria Marsico, Marcello Bracale

31. Cleaning Evaluation and Cross-Contamination in Drug Repackaging Systems
C. Damiani, St. Klein

32. Electromagnetic Fields - A Basic Carcinogenic Factor of Children Oncology
Victor Ovsyannikov

33. Abnormal Mass Detection in a Real Breast Model: A Computational Tactile Sensing Approach
A. Mojra, S. Najarian, S. M. Hosseini, S. M. Towliat Kashani, F. Panahi

34. Biomedical Physics Education for the Healthcare Profession: Quality and Safety as the Starting Points
S. Heukelom, J. Meijer

35. Biomedical Physics Education for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiographers in Europe - A Review
C. J. Caruana

36. From biomedical research to viable products on the health care market - a North Sweden model called CMTF
O. A. Lindahl

37. Web 2.0 and Medical Physics
M. Treutwein

38. Bioengineering assessment of acupuncture
G. Litscher

39. Collaboration between academia, manufacturers and healthcare services for development and adoption of medical devices with regard to costs and effects
J. Persson, Th. -H. Brodtkorb, K. Roback

40. EFOMP Project ’Biomedical Physics Education for the Healthcare Professions’ - An Update for WC2009
C. J. Caruana, M. Wasilewska-Radwanska, A. Aurengo, P. P. Dendy, V. Karenauskaite, M. R. Malisan, J. H. Meijer, D. Mihov, V. Mornstein, E. Rokita, E. Vano, M. Weckstrom, M. Wucherer

41. Biomedical Device Learning Needs of General Nurses in First Cycle Programs in the Czech Republic
S. Paclova, V. Mornstein, C. J. Caruana

42. Professional Training of Medical Physicists in AFOMP - The Role of IOMP PRC
K Y Cheung, Raymond K Wu

43. E-Health Readiness Assessment Methodology (EHRAM)
JunHua Li, Pradeep Ray

44. Medical Natural Sciences: a new academic program to train biomedical researchers
J. P. Dekker, J. H. Meijer

45. A Module for Virtual Training: Calibration of High Energy Photon and Electron Beams According the IAEA Code of Practice TRS 398
G. H. Hartmann, S. Becker, A. R. Brandes, C. Held, D. Kropp, M. Lehmann, A. Mayer, Y. Weber, A. Mahr

46. Status and Perspectives of Qualification in Radiation Oncology Physics in Bangladesh
G. H. Hartmann, G. A. Zakaria

47. HTA (Health Technology Assessment): A Means to Reach Governance Goals and to Guide Health Politics on the Topic of Clinical Risk Management
G. Improta, T. Simone, M. Bracale

48. Clinical simulation - Complementary Study Strategy in Medical Technological Education
Elena Toader

49. Medical Physics Education in Bangladesh and Cooperation with Germany
H. A. Azhari, G. A. Zakaria, G. H. Hartmann

50. Temporal distribution of atrial arrhythmic episodes
F. Censi, G. Calcagnini, E. Mattei, M. Triventi, P. Bartolini

51. Development and Evaluation of a Formal-Analytical Usability Analysing Tool for Medical Devices and Systems
A. Janß, W. Lauer, K. Radermacher

52. Health Technology Assessment of Home Monitoring for the Continuity of Care of patient suffering from congestive heart failure
Leandro Pecchia, Umberto Bracale, Marcello Bracale

53. RFId-based tracking and safety system
Fabrizio Dori, Ernesto Iadanza, Roberto Miniati, Guido Biffi Gentili

54. Bioethics and Empowerment in health management
Gabriela Marinescu

55. Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation Research Collaboration between Universiti Kuala Lumpur, deNuo Sdn. Bhd. and Flinders University, Australia
S. R. Mukhtar, N. H. Harun, R. Jaafar, Z. Abdul Kadir Bakti, M. N. Talib, M. A. Roselan, Z. Ibrahim

56. Multidisciplinary School as a BME Teaching Option
M. Wasilewska-Radwanska, P. Augustyniak

57. Medical Physics Education and Training: Regional and International Challenges
B. Issa

58. Biomedical Physics Education for Healthcare Professions: A Lithuanian Contribution
Violeta Karenauskaite, Saulius Bagdonas, Ricardas Rotomskis

59. EMITEL e-Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics with Multilingual Dictionary
S Tabakov, P Smith, F Milano, S -E Strand, I -L Lamm, C Lewis, M Stoeva

60. Estimation Accuracy of Human COG Trajectory Using Accelerometer
K. Komoto, M. Makikawa

61. An analysis for electrical noise of electric bulb shaped fluorescent tube to maintain security level of medical use RFID tag
R. Hosaka

62. A Model for Effective and Efficient Teleteaching of Medical Physics
P. Sprawls, S. Tabakov

63. Issues in E-Health Cost Impact Assessment
B. Moullec, P. Ray

64. Increasing Preload Reduced Actin-Myosin Interaction in Isolated Beating Rat Whole Heart Under Hypoxia
J. Shimizu, T. Miyasaka, Y. Tamura, D. Takeshita, N. Yagi

65. The Current Status of Medical Physics in Asia-Oceania
T. S. Suh

66. Strategy for Radiotherapy Development in Russia
V. A. Kostylev

67. VERT: Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training
A. W. Beavis, L. Page, R. Phillips, J. Ward

68. Technology behind Video Lectures for Biomedical Engineering
A. Kybartaite, J. Nousiainen, J. Malmivuo

69. A setup for checking electromagnetic interference between implantable cardiac pacemaker and RFID UHF
R. Tranfaglia, M. Sansone, A. Santise, L. Mirarchi, M. Bracale

70. Vibration stimuli to planta pedis is effective to fall prevention
M. Yoshida, D. Kan, M. Takeoka, S. Mouri

71. Risk Assessment in Radiotherapy - Lessons from Systems Engineering
E. F. Fallon, L. Chadwick, W. J. Putten

72. Web site Development for EMITEL e-Encyclopaedia and Multilingual Dictionary
M Stoeva, A Cvetkov, S Tabakov

73. Improving the interpretation of Patent Data by the employment of the Semantic- Web formalism in the specific context of Biomedical Technology
B. Spyropoulos, M. Botsivaly

74. Development and Application of New Storage-Technologies for Effective and Secure Cryobanking
J. C. Schulz, F. R. Ihmig, S. G. Shirley, C. H. P. Durst, A. Germann, H. Briesen, H. Zimmermann

75. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasound Experience from the EMIT and EMITEL e-Learning and e-Encyclopedia Projects
A. Simmons, C. Deane, S. Keevil, T. Jansson, E. Nordh, G. Boyle, M. Almquist, R. Wirestam, V. Aitken, F. Milano, F. Schlindwein, F. Stahlberg, D. Goss

76. SEMIO: an expert system for monitoring critical hospital infrastructures
E. Iadanza, F. Dori, R. Miniati, E. Rossi

77. An e-learning experience for medical education in Mediterranean countries
C. Brancaleone, R. Tranfaglia, L. Mirarchi, M. Bracale

78. Bioengineering Education in Romania
D. Zaharia, R. Ciorap

79. Employees’ Commitment for ISO 9000 Implantation in a Philanthropic General Hospital: A Case Study by Multiple Correspondence Analysis
J. C. G. D. Costa, R. M. Ichinose, R. M. V. R. Almeida, A. F. C. Infantosi

80. Text Mining for Automatic Lexical Analysis of Layman Text of Biomedical Argument
D. Defilippi, S. Pivetti, M. Giacomini

81. Magnetic Resonance (MR) Safety and Compatibility - Survey of Methods and Standards for Testing and Marking Medical Devices
Gregor Schaefers

82. EMITEL e-Encyclopaedia Links with EMERALD e-Learning Modules
F. Milano, J. Coward, B-A. Jonsson, I-L. Lamm, M. Peterson, P. Sprawls, S-E. Strand, and S. Tabakov

83. Medical Physics Training Programme at Chulalongkorn University and Evaluation of Its Effectiveness
F. Milano, A. Krisanachinda, S. Suriyape

84. The Role of National Radiation Regulatory Agencies in the Education and Training of Medical Physicists in the Republic of the Philippines
A. P. Peralta

85. Incident reports to BfArM support the importance of usability for patient safety
T. Rölleke

86. Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Technology in Medical Diagnosis: Case Study of Heart Failure
Charles O. Akinyokun, Okure U. Obot, Faith-Michael E. Uzoka

87. Implementation of the 3R-strategy in the case of the development of a novel active lung model
K. Stiglbrunner, M. Weingant, P. Kroesl, A. Drauschke

88. Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias Using PNN Neural Network Based on ECG Feature Extraction
A. Darouei, A. Ayatollahi

89. Future of personalized therapies in diabetes mellitus: A crossroads among EHR, knowledge management and digital healthcare
M. Prado-Velasco, C. Costa, G. Aranda

90. EHR access rights and the role of the patient
B. Bergh, N. Bach, A. Brandner, O. Heinze

91. Electronic Medical Equipment: Statistics and Analysis of Patent Data for Technology Assessment
Ouyang Zhaolian, Chi Hui, Yang Guozhong

92. Assessment and Development of Competency of Clinical Engineering Practitioners - South East Asian Experience
Ashok V. Shah, Azman Hamid

93. Forgotten Costs: - The Dilemma of Medical Equipment Economy in Developing Countries
M. S. Tuleimat

94. Present Status of Medical Radiological Physics in Bulgaria
J. Vassileva

95. The enhancement of the radiotherapy resources in Osaka, Japan; based on the Japanese structure surveys in 2003 and 2005
Y. Mochimaru, Y. Ohno, H. Numsaki, H. Shibuya, T. Nishimura, T. Teshima, The JASTRO Committee

96. IOMP Model Curriculum for postgraduate (MSc-level) education programme on Medical Physics
S Tabakov, A Kirsanachinda, P Sprawls, E Podgorsak, C Lewis

97. Autism and Technology: an approach to new technology-based therapeutic tools
S. Blasco, P. Cerro, M. Elena, J. D. Uceda

98. Biomedical Engineering as a Major within Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - Pros and Cons
O. Dössel

99. Towards Patient Empowerment - Can the Patient Really Decide?
F. Falcão-Reis, M. E. Correia, L. Sousa

100. Human resources as an important factor in the management of medical equipment: Institutions involved and their expertise in Peru
Leopoldo Yábar Escribanel, Daniel García Romero, Emilio Villavicencio Chamorro

101. Development of an electronic device based on the concept of masked voice
Leopoldo Yábar Escribanel, Daniel García Romero, Emilio Villavicencio Chamorro

102. Investigation of Intraindividual Difference in Vigilance Index of Saccade Based on Rated Facial Sleepiness
T. Nonomura, Y. Inoue, A. Ueno

103. Ultra Small Disposable Incontinence Sensor with RFID Tag
Kenji Yamada, Shigeru Kobayakawa, Nami Shintani, Masanobu Ohshita, Tomoyuki Araki, Hideya Takahashi, Eiji Shimizu

104. A home-based care model of cardiac rehabilitation using digital technology
M. K. Karunanithi, A. Sarela

105. Medical Process Management - An Innovative Master of Science Program Addressing the Challenges Faced by Health Care Systems
H. Mang, H. -U. Prokosch, J. Schüttler

106. Biomedical Engineering Education and Training in India - A Need for New Approach
N. D. Khambete

107. Accreditation and Certification in Biomedical Engineering in the Czech Republic
L. Lhotská, J. Cmíral

108. The Regulation of the Clinical Engineering Profession as an Important Contribution to Quality Assurance in Health Care
J. H. Nagel

109. Infant Travel for Obtaining Medical Assistance: Factors Suggested by Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Associative Ellipsoid
R. M. V. R. Almeida, A. F. C. Infantosi, J. C. G. D. Costa

110. Teaching and Learning of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Ukrainian Medical Universities
Ya. V. Tsekhmister, A. V. Chalyi, K. A. Chalyy

111. A simple laboratory method for teaching how electrocardiogram is generated
R. A. Ricardo, R. A. Bassani, J. W. M. Bassani

112. Development of Portable Monitoring Device with an Accelerometer and GPS Receiver for Health Management
N. Shiozawa, Y. Sakaue, T. Isaka, M. Makikawa

113. Cooperative Installation of the Medical Physics Online Study Program “Master of Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy”
S. Barthold-Beß, I. Niedermaier, G. H. Hartmann, O. Jäkel, C. Karger, S. Nill, U. Oelfke, F. Giesel, M. Münter, T. Hetz, H. Meeh, J. Debus, W. Schlegel

114. Women in Science in Europe: EU Policies for the Promotion of Women Scientists and the Role of the European Platform of Women Scientists in Shaping Them
Emmanuelle Causse

115. Indicators for Evaluating and Measuring the Impact of Healthcare Infrastructure and Technology Management on Investments, Service Delivery and Quality of Care
J. H. Nagel, M. Nagel

116. A Microprocessor-based Biofeedback Emotion System
Y. T. Chang, C. Y. Wang, J. J. Lau, J. H. Lin, S. T. Tang

117. Global Courseware for Visualization and Processing Biosignals
T. Peterek, M. Augustynek, P. Žůrek, M. Penhaker

118. An Ontology Architecture for HL7 V3: Pitfalls and Outcomes
F. Oemig, B. Blobel

119. What Is Needed to Finally Achieve Semantic Interoperability?
B. Blobel, F. Oemig

120. Incorporating Interoperability Functionality for Increasing Patient Safety with PCA-Included Multiple Infusion Therapy
S. M. Krishnan, M. Vanicatte, I. Lee, J. M. Goldman

121. Collaborative Clinical Engineering Internship Program between an Academic Institution and a Teaching Hospital
S. M. Krishnan, P. A. Cortès

122. Development of a Heart Rate Monitor Based on an Ear Phone
K. R. Chung, G. S. Hong, C. Choi, H. J. Yoon, J. H. Hyeong, S. Y. Kim

123. Evaluation of Mixed Reality Sickness by Changing the Time Lag between Real Images and Virtual Images in an Advanced Driver Assistance System
S. Nakajima, S. Ino, K. Yamashita, M. Sato, A. Kimura

124. Certification of Clinical Engineers in Sweden
P. Ask, N. -E. Pettersson, K. Andersson

125. Research on Trusted Personal Health and Wellness Information in Ubiquitous Health Information Space
P. Nykänen, P. Ruotsalainen, B. Blobel, A. Seppälä

126. Incremental Semantic Enrichment of Narrative Content in Electronic Health Records
S. Schulz, P. Daumke, H. Stenzhorn, K. Markó, M. Poprat

127. Patient Empowerment by Ontology-Based Multi-lingual Systems
M. Brochhausen, L. Slaughter

128. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): A Method for Coping with Low Frequency Noise Annoyance
S. Benton, D. Robertson, H. G. Leventhall

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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IFMBE Proceedings
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