Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Sodium profiling, but not cold dialysate, improves the absolute plasma refill rate during hemodialysis, measured by computer-guided, algorithm-controlled ultrafiltration
Walter J. Brummelhuis, Rob J. Geest, Leonard J. Schelven, Walther H. Boer

2. Phase/Magnitude Retrieval Algorithms in Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
A. S. Paterno, R. A. Stiz, P. Bertemes-Filho

3. An enhanced optical method for measuring concentration of uric acid removed during dialysis
J. Jerotskaja, I. Fridolin, K. Lauri, M. Luman

4. System Structure and Control Properties of Cardiovascular Regulation: Significance for the Artificial Heart
Juergen Werner, Martin Hexamer

5. Medical Device Alarms – The Clinician
M. Imhoff

6. Remote Patient Monitoring – Return on Investment
M. Imhoff

7. Innovative Acoustic Biofeedback Interventions for Hypertension
P. Friedrich, D. Maroun, R. Weber, P. Martius, B. Wolf

8. Development of Remote Monitoring System for Deep Freezer
H. K. Yun, J. S. Kim, M. K. Kim, K. H. Min, W. S. Choi, D. I. Shin, S. J. Huh

9. Antimicrobial activity of Beta-Thujaplicin (Hinokitiol) on heterotrophic bacteria isolated from Reverse Osmosis water using for the preparation of Hemodialysis fluids
Xipeng Zhao, Toshitsugu Sugawara, Satoshi Kuroda, Junji Arisawa, Kazuyuki Kimura

10. From Experimental Investigations with Laser Bio-Photometry to Statistical Models Applied for the Normal and Pathological Tissue
C. R. Ravariu, A. Bondarciuc, F. Ravariu

11. Technology of Automated Medical Diagnostics Using Fuzzy Linguistic Variables and Consensus Ranking Methods
A. I. Maistrou, A. V. Bogomolov

12. Measuring of uremic substances in dialysate by visible ultraviolet spectroscopy
K. Umimoto, Y. Kanaya, H. Kawanishi, N. Kawai

13. Radial Pulse Type Changed by the Applied Pressure in Same Position
HeeJung Kang, YongHeum Lee, Kyungchul Kim

14. An adaptive controller for noisy pressure controlled ventilation
Alessandro Beda, Peter M. Spieth, Thomas Handzsuj, Paolo Pelosi, Nadja C. Carvalho, Edmund Koch, Thea Koch, Marcelo Gama Abreu

15. Distributed Model for Fluid Flow Driven by Hydrostatic and Osmotic Pressures during Peritoneal Dialysis
J. Waniewski

16. Medical Device Alarms - The Statistician
R. Fried

17. Total Body Water Changes Using Segmental Bioimpedance in Healthy Population with Similar Anthropometry
J. Rosell-Ferrer, L. Nescolarde, J. Elvira

18. 8-Patient ECG Telemetry System Intended for Cardiac Rehab
G. Meissimilly, M. Cartaya, J. Valles, A. Guerra, G. Botana

19. Measurement System for Surface Electromyogram and Handgrip Force Based on LabVIEW
Hao Dong-Mei, Yang Yi, Wan Zheng

20. Detecting Narcotic Usage Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Saliva Samples
Chen Anyu, Hua Lin, Liu Jinghua, Cui ZiJian, Jiao Yi, Qu Dian, Guo Xun, Liu Chunwei, Huang Wen, Wang Hong

21. Implementation of a semi-digital automatic control loop for control of hot wire anemometers particularly for use in mobile spirometry
M. Gül, M. Bachmeier, A. Scholz, D. Dill, B. Wolf

22. Probe Pressure Optimization In Bio-impedance Spectroscopy
Ahmad Keshtkar, Asghar Keshtkar

23. A Method to Create Resource Consumption Profiles for Biomedical Equipment
L. N. Nascimento, S. J. Calil

24. Comparison of Rectangular Wave Excitations in Broad Band Impedance Spectroscopy for Microfluidic Applications
M. Min, A. T. Giannitsis, R. Land, B. P. Cahill, U. Pliquett, T. Nacke, D. Frense, G. Gastrock, D. Beckmann

25. Development of a Portable Impedance Tomography System (PITS)
J. Foussier, A. Cordes, S. Leonhardt

26. Parasitic capacitances in the installation of IT grounding systems for operation rooms, ICUs and hemodynamics centers
L. E. S. Spalding, W. P. Carpes Junior, N. J. Batistela, C. R. Groth

27. Internal filtration induces severe concentration of blood cells inside hollow-fiber dialysis membrane at the start of postdilution hemodiafiltration
H. Tsukao, K. Kokubo, T. Shinbo, M. Hirose, H. Kobayashi

28. Implementation of the Multiprocessing in a Central Monitoring Station with 16 Patient Monitors
I. Niubó, M. Cartaya

29. Automated Wearable Artificial Kidney (AWAK): A Peritoneal Dialysis Approach
David B. N. Lee, Martin Roberts

30. Neurophysiological Monitoring - the Engineer
G. Stockmanns, D. Jordan, G. Schneider, E. F. Kochs

31. Neurophysiological Monitoring - the Clinician
G. Schneider, G. Stockmanns, D. Jordan, E. F. Kochs

32. Phonocardiographic Classification of Mechanical Heart Valves Using Artificial Neural Networks
C. Licciardello, V. Tarzia, T. Bottio, V. Pengo, G. Gerosa, A. Bagno

33. Checking electric safety in patient care vicinity
E. B. Rodríguez-Denis, F. Obando

34. In Vivo Validation of an Automatic Controlled Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator
T. Wartzek, M. Walter, T. Schmitz-Rode, S. Kowalewski, R. Rossaint, S. Leonhardt

35. Continuous Hand-to-Foot and Segmental Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Measurements within a Period of Five Days
G. Medrano, L. Beckmann, M. Gube, R. Kasim, S. Kim, T. Kraus, S. Leonhardt

36. A New Sensory Device and Optimal Position for Monitoring HR/RR during Sleep
W. Chen, X. Zhu, T. Nemoto

37. Resistivities of the live monkey skulls
Chi Tang, Fusheng You, Guang Cheng, Dakuan Gao, Feng Fu, Xiuzhen Dong

38. Disinfection of Surgical Materials Using Photo-Activated Tolonium Chloride
G. A. Thomson, R. Mackay, M. S. Pridham, Y. L. Liu

39. Directed Transesophageal Left Atrial and Left Ventricular Electrocardiography in Evaluation of Interatrial and Interventricular Delay in Patients with Heart Failure
M. Heinke, B. Ismer, R. Surber, T. Heinke, H. Kühnert, D. Eisenträger, G. Dannberg, D. Prochnau, H. R. Figulla

40. Transoesophageal electrical bioimpedance measurements of the heart in humans
G. Giovinazzo, S. Raga, N. Ribas, Antoni Bayes-Genis, Juan Cinca, J. Rosell-Ferrer

41. Instrument towards Faster Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer – Resonance Sensor Stiffness Measurements on Human Prostate Tissue in vitro
V. Jalkanen, B. M. Andersson, O. A. Lindahl

42. A Body Sensor Network Based Support System for Automated Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Measurements
S. Kim, L. Cousin, L. Beckmann, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt

43. Basic Air-cooling Fuzzy Control System for Brain Hypothermia
H. Wakamatsu, T. Utsuki, T. Wakatsuki

44. Label-free detection of ischemic effects on the cardiomyocytes by impedance spectroscopy
D. Krinke, H. G. Jahnke, O. Pänke, A. A. Robitzki

45. Electrical Responses by Acupuncture Stimulation for Electrical Grounding and Insulation Conditions
Sun-Min Kwon, Soo-Byung Kim, Byung-Jo Jung, Kyoung-Joung Lee, Yong-Heum Lee

46. A Novel Impedimetric Based Screening System for Label-Free Detection of Tau Hyperphosphorylation in Human Cells
H. G. Jahnke, R. Kurz, O. Pänke, A. A. Robitzki

47. Impedimetric Detection of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel Activity
O. Pänke, A. A. Robitzki

48. Prediction of Dialysis-induced Hypotension
K. Solem, B. Olde, L. Sörnmo

49. SmartHEALTH: preliminary results of an electrochemical measurement using a microfluidic-based cancer diagnostic instrument
M. Bertschi, S. Dasen, A. Sousa, L. Cognolato, A. Fragoso, D. Latta, V. Neuman, J. Krauss

50. An improved right sided electrical impedance method to monitor pulmonary edema
R. P. Patterson, F. Yang, A. Belalcazar

51. Flow Controlled Micropumps - Closing the Gap towards Medical Applications
S. Dahms, J. Uckelmann, U. Michelsen

52. Development of MR active contrast agents via Parahydrogen Induced Polarization
K. Münnemann, M. Roth, F. Dechent, D. Graafen, J. Bargon, H. W. Spiess, L. M. Schreiber

53. MOVISHOW: Telemetry Software to Process ECG Signals of Multiple Patients in Rehabilitation
M. E. Cartaya, J. Valles, G. Meissimilly, G. Botana, A. Guerra

54. Study on Electric Field Environmental Design for Hospitals by Utilizing Electromagnetic Environment Simulation System
Takashi Kano, Tetsuo Endo, Takashi Kato

55. An analysis of frequency components of shunt murmur for diagnosing shunt stenoses in hemodialysis
Yoshi Nishitani, Hiroshi Inada

56. A study on oculogyration evaluating system for objective diagnosis of the Alzheimer type dementia
Ichiro Fukumoto

57. Evaluation of Distal Ureter Peristalsis by Multichannel Impedance Monitoring in Patients with Renal and Ureteral Stones
O. I. Apolikhin, I. S. Mudraya, L. A. Khodyreva, V. I. Kirpatovsky

58. Using an Electrical Bio-Impedance Method to Detect and Evaluate Gastric Motility for Erosive Gastritis Patients
Li Zhangyong, Hu Na, Ran Qiming

59. Design Multiparameter Anaesthesia Depth Monitor System
Ran Qiming, Wang Wei, Hu Na, Guan Fangyong, Li Zhangyong

60. Fully Implantable Blood Pressure System: Implantation Experiences
U. Urban, R. Ballan, H. Fassbender, P. Fuerst, T. Goettsche, B. Bender, R. Becker, W. Mokwa, H. K. Trieu, P. Osypka, R. Glocker, U. Steinseifer, T. Schmitz-Rode

61. On using impedance cardiography for estimation of central blood pressure
A. Heller, P. Wach

62. Recording of DC-MEG and peripheral signals in stroke patients
T. H. Sander, S. Leistner, M Wachs, M. Burghoff, G. Curio, B. -M. Mackert, L. Trahms

63. A tool for establishing dry weight in hemodialysis patients. All patients ?
J. Cridlig, M. Nadi, M. Kessler

64. Photosensitization Reaction-Induced Electrophysiological Response of Myocardial Cells Dependent on Subcellular Photosensitizer Distribution
A. Ito, H. Matsuo, T. Suenari, T. Kimura, S. Miyoshi, S. Ogawa, T. Arai

65. Nutritional Status and Risk of Death in Maintenance Haemodialysis Patients Can Be Assessed by Means of Electrical Body Impedance Analysis
Khairi Ayad, Ahmed Belal, Senussi Elbeshti, Adriano Casela, Delfina Costa, Virginia Aielli, Brunella Andreini, Raffaele Caprioli, Alberto Lippi, Carlo Donadio

66. Evaluation Of Glomerular Filtration Rate In End-Stage Renal Disease Patients: Old And New Prediction Formulas
Angelica Kanaki, Giulia Grassi, Carlo Donadio

67. Spectral Analysis of diffuse reflectance spectroscopic data of various skin conditions
Shanthi Prince, S. Malarvizhi

68. Quality of reporting of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) studies evaluating body fluid volumes: the need for standardization
L. Barrera-Ariza, C. H. González-Correa, C. A González-Correa

69. Hematocrit Measurement - A high precision on-line measurement system based on impedance spectroscopy for use in hemodialysis machines
Dennis Trebbels, Roland Zengerle, David Hradetzky

70. Evaluation of electrodes for impedance spectroscopy
U. Pliquett, T. Nacke, D. Frense, A. Barthel, U. Klingebiel, M. Möschter, D. Beckmann

71. Time frequency analysis of the experimental electrical impedance of pulsatile blood flowing through rigid tubes
R. L. Gaw, B. H. Cornish, B. J. Thomas

72. Decay properties of the experimental electrical impedance of pulsatile blood flowing through rigid tubes
R. L. Gaw, B. H. Cornish, B. J. Thomas

73. Development of Novel Short-term Heating Angioplasty: Assessment of Artery Collagen/Elastin Ratio and Its Contribution to Artery Dilatation
N. Shimazaki, H. Tokunaga, T. Arai, M. Sakurada

74. Assessment Of Medical Equipment In Respect To Their Down Time
Walid Tarawneh, Sameh El-Sharo

75. In vitro online postdilution hemodiafiltration: effect ofvarious bicarbonate dialysis fluid concentrations on acid-base status
H. Morel, M. Y. Jaffrin, P. Paullier, J. Vienken, C. Legallais

76. Levels of Salivary Chromogranin-A Secreted During Simulated Monotonous Driving Stress
T. Yamakoshi, S. B. Park, W. C. Jang, K. Kim, Y. Yamakoshi, H. Hirose

77. Exercise ECG mapping employing an electrode array sheet
Sadahito Uto, Fumitaka Kobayashi, Hiroko Wakimoto

78. Single-Sided Coil Configuration for Magnetic Particle Imaging
T. F. Sattel, S. Biederer, T. Knopp, K. Lüdtke-Buzug, B. Gleich, J. Weizenecker, J. Borgert, T. M. Buzug

79. Screening of heart diseases with multivariate short-term heart rate variability analysis
A. Heitmann, T. Huebner, R. Schroeder, S. Perz, A. Voss

80. New storage method for pressure sensitive transplants
G. Śliwiński, A. Schneider, S. Graf, A. Sieroń, Z. Śliwiński, M. Kasper, H. Feußner, R. Poll, C. Thiele

81. A physical phantom modeling extended magnetic nanoparticle distributions in biological systems
F. Wiekhorst, D. Baumgarten, W. Haberkorn, U. Steinhoff, J. Haueisen, M. Bär, L. Trahms

82. Cardiac Reserve Measurements Derived from Ejection Fractions Can Be Used for Patient-Specific Clinical Monitoring
H. Kunig, M. Krause, P. Klinder, L. Engelmann

83. Development of the Natural Heartbeat Synchronize Control Method for the Undulation Pump Ventricular Assist Device Using the Inflow Pressure
I. Saito, T. Isoyama, H. Miura, H. Nakagawa, A. Kouno, T. Ono, W. Shi, Y. Inoue, A. Kishi, Y. Abe

84. Localization and Quantification of Magnetic Nanoparticles by Multichannel Magnetorelaxometry for in vivo Hyperthermia Studies in Carcinoma Models
H. Richter, M. Kettering, F. Wiekhorst, U. Steinhoff, D. Eberbeck, I. Hilger, L. Trahms

85. Development of automatic controller for providing multi electrolyzed water
K. Umimoto, H. Kawanishi, Y. Tachibana, N. Kawai, S. Nagata, J. Yanagida

86. Design studies for a blood sedimentation chamber based on gravity
U. Ruppin, H. Martin, P. Lubinus, M. Freund, K. -P. Schmitz

87. Non invasive oscillometric assessment of pulse pressure variation - a feasibility study
N. Kiefer, S. Smolka, A. Hoeft, S. Zenker

88. Bioelectrical impedance phase angle as a predictor of survival in patients with advanced cancer
M. Marra, L. Santarpia, C. Montagnese, L. Alfonsi, A. Caldara, F. Contaldo, F. Pasanisi

89. Optimization of Atrioventricular Delay of Pacemaker by Impedance Cardiography and Plethyzmography
Kazimierz Peczalski, Dariusz Wojciechowski, Piotr Sionek, Zbigniew Dunajski, Tadeusz Palko

90. Improving Safety in Healthcare through the Establishment of a Healthcare Human Factors Team
A. C. Easty, J. A. Cafazzo, A. Chagpar

91. Study on Detecting Phase Deviation in Brain MIT System
Wei Zhou, Ming-xin Qin, Ke Li, Wen-zhe Li, Hua Zhang, Wei-min Yang

92. Cancer Detection Probe Combining Raman and Resonance Sensor Technology - Experimental Study on Temperature Dependence and Effects of Molding
M. Nyberg, K. Ramser, O. A. Lindahl

93. Inhibition of the Neural Activity by Paired Stimulation in Somatosensory Evoked Potentials and High Frequency Oscillations
D. Nomura, A. Hyodo, Y. Katayama, K. Iramina

94. A new simple measurement system of visceral fat accumulation by bioelectrical impedance analysis
T. Shiga, T. Hamaguchi, Y. Oshima, H. Kanai, M. Hirata, K. Hosoda, K. Nakao

95. Universal software for electrophysiological recordings using lowcost digitalization cards
M. Martinková, E. Krajčovičová, R. Konopková, J. Otáhal

96. Gas Embolism in Divers - Non-invasive Detection of Gas Bubbles in Blood Vessels
A. Wolf

97. Skin AC conductance levels and responses in axillary hyperhidrosis patients
C. Tronstad, A. L. Krogstad, H. Kalvøy, S. Grimnes, Ø. G. Martinsen

98. Impact of Precision on Long-Term Patient Monitoring during Osteoporosis Treatment
A. Slavchev, M. Boyanov

99. A simulator to test automated non-invasive sphygmomanometers
S. Mieke, R. Seemann, W. Riedel, A. Murray, J. N. Amoore

100. An Attempt at Explanation for Etiology of Stenotic Lesions Proximal of the Venous Anastomosis at Arteriovenous Vascular Grafts
U. Krueger, J. Zanow, H. Scholz

101. Ambulatory monitoring of human behavior, physiology and environment - A Research and Development agenda to go beyond actigraphy
E. J. W. Someren

102. Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticle Loaded Rat Organs Using a 16 Channel Micro SQUID System
D. Baumgarten, M. Liehr, J. Haueisen

103. Implementation of a capacitive ECG measurement system in clinical practice: an interim report
B. Eilebrecht, M. Czaplik, M. Walter, T. Wartzek, R. Rossaint, S. Leonhardt

104. The Aachen MiniHLM - A Miniaturized Heart Lung Machine for Neonates with Congenital Heart Defect
J. Arens, H. Schnöring, M. Pfennig, I. Mager, J. Vázquez-Jiménez, T. Schmitz-Rode, U. Steinseifer

105. Optical Studies of the Capillary Refill Kinetics in Fingertips
E. Kviesis-Kipge, E. Curkste, J. Spigulis, D. Gardovska

106. Impedance properties of stainless steel needle electrodes
H. Kalvøy, B. Nordbotten, C. Tronstad, Ø. G. Martinsen, S. Grimnes

107. Comparison of different cannulation approaches for Cardio Pulmonary Bypass
Tim A S Kaufmann, Marcus Hormes, Marco Laumen, Daniel L Timms, Torsten Linde, Thomas Schmitz-Rode, Anton Moritz, Omer Dzemali, Ulrich Steinseifer

108. The Role of Technology for Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring in the Future Exemplified
Jens Muehlsteff, Olaf Such, Richard Willmann

109. Multilevel biofeedback technology for electromagnetic therapy of vascular diseases
P. V. Luzhnov, L. A. Shamkina, S. I. Shchukin

110. New Estimation Approach for Total Hemoglobin Concentration Based on a Fuzzy Expert System
K. Abo Alam, O. Abdallah, A. Bolz

111. Single Dispersion Cole Parameters of Malignant and Benign Prostate
R. J. Halter, A. Schned, J. Heaney, A. Hartov, K. D. Paulsen

112. First-in-man application of left ventricular augmentation for treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
B. Retzlaff, B. Voss, A. Will, R. Lange, R. Bauernschmitt

113. Performance Improvement of a Chromatic Confocal Distance Sensor for Coating Thickness Measurement on Drug-Eluting Stents
C. Gocke, C. Schultze, W. Schmidt, N. Grabow, K. -P. Schmitz

114. A magnetically quasi-transparent tool for ankle passive mobilization in investigations on cortical involvement using MEG
S. Viscuso, S. Pittaccio, F. Zappasodi, F. Tecchio

115. Evaluating the Use of a Raman Fiberoptic Probe in Conjunction with a Resonance Sensor for Measuring Porcine Tissue in vitro
S. Candefjord, M. Nyberg, V. Jalkanen, K. Ramser, O. A. Lindahl

116. Magnetic Relaxation Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticle Distributions
D. Rühmer, E. Heim, T. Wawrzik, F. Ludwig, M. Schilling

117. Breath Analysis during Artificial Ventilation: Volatile Substances in Exhaled Breath during i.v. Anesthesia and Sedation in the OR and ICU with propofol
A. Hengstenberg, C. Schüller, L. Dibbelt, E. -G. Kraatz, H. Gehring, M. Grossherr

118. Some Design Consideration to Upgrade the Function of Portable ECG Device
W. Mohd. Azhar Wan Ibrahim, Kama Bistari Muhammad

119. Monitoring of Propofol Boli in Breathing Gas using Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry
B. Varadarajan, M. Grossherr, J. -U. Meyer, L. Dibbelt, H. Gehring, A. Hengstenberg

120. Sleep Recording And Sleep Analysis Methods
T. Penzel, M. Glos, C. Schöbel, I. Fietze

121. Cardiac Contractility Assessment in Rotary Blood Pump Recipients Derived from Pump Flow
P. Naiyanetr, F. Moscato, M. Vollkron, P. Zrunek, G. Wieselthaler, H. Schima

122. 25 years of laser therapy application in clinics
Victor Ovsyannikov

123. Determination of post-mortem interval using in situ tissue optical fluorescence
E. S. Estracanholli, C. Kurachi, J. R. Vicente, P. F. C. Menezes, V. S. Bagnato

124. Wireless Recording System for Long-Term Monitoring of Bone Fracture Healing
Ch. Moß, N. Weinrich, K. Seide, J. Müller

125. Clinical Engineering Incorporating Human Factors Engineering into Risk Management
M. R. Signori, R. Garcia

126. Supporting Decision Making Tool within the Process of Replacement and Incorporation of New Technologies to the Health Area
F. Santos, R. Garcia

127. Micro-Computerized System to Investigate the Neurocardiogenic Syncope
J. F. R. Baggio, H. G. Nascimento, R. Moraes

128. Wearable and Ultra Low Power Wireless System for Physiological Monitoring
C. P. Figueiredo, J. Cardona, K. -P. Hoffmann, P. M. Mendes

129. An attempt of new calibration method with support vector machines regression for pulse oximetry
M. Ogawa, Y. Yamakoshi, M. Nogawa, T. Yamakoshi, K. Motoi, S. Tanaka, K. Yamakoshi

130. Multivariate Calibration Models to Classify Blood Glucose Levels Non-invasively Based on A New Optical Technique Named Pulse Glucometry
Y. Yamakoshi, M. Ogawa, T. Yamakoshi, T. Tamura, K. Yamakoshi

131. Development of pathological evaluating system of tremor disease by a tablet PC and accelerometers
Yoshinobu Matsumoto, Masato Tamura, Ichiro Fukumoto

132. Low Level Laser Stimulation of K1 Acupoint Induced Precuneus Activations
Chang-Wei Hsieh, Chao-Hsien Hsieh, Jih-Huah Wu, Qwa-Fun Wang, Jyh-Horng Chen

133. Development of an innovative instrument for the online characterization of high frequency percussive ventilators
F. Riscica, U. Lucangelo, A. Accardo

134. Distribution of Magnetic Nanoparticles after Magnetic Drug Targeting in an Ex Vivo Bovine Artery Model
S. Lyer, R. Tietze, R. Jurgons, H. Richter, F. Wiekhorst, K. Schwarz, L. Trahms, Ch. Alexiou

135. Design of A Microcontroller Based Cole-Cole Impedance Meter for Testing Biological Tissues
Hakan Solmaz, Yekta Ülgen, Murat Tümer

136. Hospital-Based HTA for medical software
Fabrizio Dori, Ernesto Iadanza, Roberto Miniati, Mario Fregonara Medici

137. An Effective Developing Platform of Physiological Measurement Apparatus for Simplifying the Processes of Design and Verification in Customized Requirement
Chia-Hung Chien, Chia-Chi Wu, Chia-Ti Tsai, Fok-Ching Chong

138. Urea concentrating ability of artificial renal tubule based on countercurrent multiplier system using electrodialysis, dialysis and filtration
K. Kokubo, Y. Otani, H. Tsukao, T. Shinbo, M. Hirose, H. Kobayashi

139. Control of a rotary blood pump for defined ventricular unloading: A potential tool for ventricular recovery
F. Moscato, M. Arabia, P. Naiyanetr, G. A. Danieli, H. Schima

140. Wearable Artificial Kidneys: A Historical Perspective
Martin Roberts, David B. N. Lee

141. Patient-specific modelling of the cardiovascular system - application to septic shock with a minimal data set
Thomas Desaive, J. Geoffrey Chase, Christina Starfinger, Bernard Lambermont, Alexandre Ghuysen, Philippe Kolh, Pierre C. Dauby, Geoffrey M. Shaw, Christopher. E. Hann

142. In-vitro Validation of Catheter Recirculation Measured by Thermal Dilution
C. Mohr, W. Kleinekofort

143. Circadian Behavior of Cardiovascular Variability
M. Glos, I. Fietze, K. Pusch, A. Blau, G. Baumann, T. Penzel

144. Risks Involved With Medical Device Use in a Home Care Program
C. A. Mestas, S. J. Calil

145. Controllability of 1/R control in non-pulsatile total artificial heart
Yusuke Abe, Takashi Isoyama, Itsuro Saito, Hidekazu Miura, Hidemoto Nakagawa, Wei Shi, Yusuke Inoue, Sachiko Yamaguchi, Ayumi Kishi, Minoru Ono, Akimasa Kouno, Toshiya Ono, Tsuneo Chinzei, Kou Imachi

146. The possibility of the classification about Ht values using the AR model
Y. Nitta, M. Akutagawa, T. Emoto, T. Okahisa, H. Miyamoto, Y. Ohnishi, S. Nakane, R. Kaji, M. Nishimura, Y. Kinouchi

147. Non invasive monitoring of the cardio respiratory activity
O. Baltag, C. M. Rau, A. Banarescu

148. Monitoring of body fluid in patients with chronic heart failure using Bioimpedance - Spectroscopy
L. Beckmann, A. Cordes, E. Saygili, A. Schmeink, P. Schauerte, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt

149. Nano Technology for the Development of Artificial Internal Organs
T. Yambe, Y. Shiraishi, H. Miura, G. Miyata, K. Tabayashi, K. Imachi

150. Determination of 6-minute walk test using accelerometer-based ambulatory monitoring device for the assessment of patient’s progress in cardiac rehabilitation
Mohanraj Karunanithi, Niranjan Bidargaddi, Antti Sarela

151. Non-linear resistance associated to complex geometry at high flow rates in vascular access for hemodialysis
L. Antiga, R. N. Planken, K. Canneyt, L. Botti, A. Caroli, B. Ene-Iordache, J. Tordoir, P. Verdonck, A. Remuzzi

152. Effects of Power Line Communication System on Medical Equipments
T. Shinbo, S. Miyazaki, M. Hirose, K. Kokubo, H. Kobayashi

153. Concepts for Simplifying Automatic Blood-Gas Control during Extracorporeal Circulation
M. Hexamer, J. Werner, B. J. E. Misgeld

154. Instrument for estimation of red blood cells speed distribution using laser-Doppler spectrum decomposition
S. Wojtkiewicz, A. Liebert, R. Maniewski

155. A complex installation for biomagnetism studies
D. Costandache, A. Banarescu, O. Baltag, D. Zaharia, R. Ciorap

156. Lack of reliability of cardiac output measurements derived from arterial pressure waveform analysis in on-pump cardiac surgery patients
S. Eleftheriadis, M. Heringlake, K. -U. Berger, H. V. Groesdonk, J. Schoen

157. Breath Gas Monitoring of Ventilation and Drug Application as a Basis for Respiratory Therapy and Automated Infusion Systems
M. Grossherr, A. Hengstenberg, B. Varadarajan, P. Schmucker, L. Dibbelt, R. Noel, H. Gehring

158. The Impact of Hyperthermal Surfaces on Blood in Vitro - An Approach
K. F. Hamilton, P. C. Schlanstein, I. Mager, T. Schmitz-Rode, U. Steinseifer

159. Vector magnetic field mapping of a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation coil using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: in vitro and in vivo experiments
A. S. C. Peres, V. H. O. Souza, D. Maziero, D. B. Araujo, C. E. G. Salmon, O. Baffa

160. Modeling of the bioelectrical impedance of blood by synthesis of the equivalent electrical circuits
L. I. Kalakutskiy, S. A. Akulov

161. Monitoring of Cyclic Opening and Closing of Ventilatory Lung Units Using the Regional Ventilation Delay Index - Preliminary Data
T. Muders, J. Zinserling, H. Luepschen, S. Leonhardt, C. Putensen, H. Wrigge

162. Pharmacodynamic modelling of changes in arterial blood pressure during propofol anesthesia in volunteers: comparison between invasive and continuous noninvasive measurements
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223. Evidence-Based Maintenance For Medical Equipment
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242. Electromagnetic Interference with RFID Readers in Hospitals
Yue Ying, Dirk Fischer, Uvo Hölscher

243. Development of Low Noise Active Electrode for High-Resolution EEG
Sari Ahokas, Jaakko Malmivuo, Pasi Kauppinen

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S. J. Calil, R. R. V. Oliveira, L. N. Nascimento

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J. M. Hernández, A. A. Méndez, M. Elena, P. Cerro, S. Blasco, J. D. Uceda

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Ali Hasnain, Mudaser Awan, Muddassar Farooq

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Hans-Peter Klose, Martin Braecklein, Sandra Nelles

259. Kidney Regeneration Using Stem Cells And Acellular Whole Organ Scaffolds: Perspective And Recent Developments
Edward A. Ross

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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