Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Tracking the Dynamics of the Cerebral Autoregulation Response to Sudden Changes of PaCO2
J. Liu, D. M. Simpson, R. Allen

2. Superior effects of Losartan to propranolol on opening angle of portal vein of carbon tetrachloride- induced portal hypertension ratsΔ
Zong-Qi Zhang, Bin Shi, Su Liu, Bang Yu, Liang Zhu

3. Effects of arterial wall thickness on pulse wave propagation
F. He, X. Y. Li

4. Improving an SVM-based Liver Segmentation Strategy by the F-score Feature Selection Method
Y. Xu, J. Liu, Q. M. Hu, Z. J. Chen, X. H. Du, P. A. Heng

5. Design and Implementation of Liver Hyperthermia Treatment Planning System
G A O Hongjian, Y A N G Chunlan, Z H A O Lei, A I Haiming, W U Shuicai, C H E N G Zhiggang, L I A N G Ping

6. The mechanical behavior of a new designed hip spacer
T. Thielen, S. Maas, A. Zürbes, D. Waldmann, K. Anagnostakos, J. Kelm

7. Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Blood Flow in Cerebral Aneurysm
Xiaojun Zhang, Weihua Wang, Xiaoyang Li, Bainan XU

8. Prognostic Value of Wave Intensity in Patients Awaiting Heart Transplantation
Henryk Siniawski, Hans B. Lehmkuhl, Michael Dandel, Yuguo Weng, Roland Hetzer

9. Effects of aortic valve stenosis on coronary artery flow using an in-vitro flow model
E. Gaillard, D. Garcia, L. Kadem, P. Pibarot, L. -G. Durand

10. Texture Analysis of Corpus Callosum in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
K. K. Holli, L. Harrison, P. Dastidar, M. Wäljas, J. Öhman, S. Soimakallio, H. Eskola

11. An Adaptive Landmark Scheme for Modeling Brain Deformation in Diffusion-Based Tumor Growth
S. Becker, J. O. Jungmann, A. Mang, T. M. Buzug

12. Spatio-Temporal Modelling of First-Pass Perfusion Cardiovascular MRI
Volker J Schmid, Guang-Zhong Yang

13. Transmission sounding of human lungs by complex acoustic signals
V. I. Korenbaum, A. V. Nuzhdenko, A. A. Tagiltsev, A. E. Kostiv

14. Stem Cell Therapy: Numerical simulation of In Vivo Nutrient Transport and Cells Growth
C. Lazzari, A. Molfetta, N. Alessandri

15. Mesh Fusion based Neurosurgical Simulation with Force Feedback
Yoshihiro Kuroda, Kyousuke Kamada, Yoshiyuki Kagiyama, Osamu Oshiro

16. Augmentation of Coronary Blood Flow in Systole by Reflected Waves in the Proximal Aorta
Justin E. Davies, Davies P. Francis, Nearchos Hadjiloizou, Zachary I. Whinnett, Charlotte H. Manisty, Jazmin Aguado-Sierra, Iqbal S. Malik, Kim H. Parker, Alun D. Hughes, Jamil Mayet

17. Quaternion Grassmann-Hamilton-Clifford algebras: new mathematical tools for classical and relativistic modeling
P. R. Girard

18. Method for monitoring fetal heart rate from pulsed wave ultrasound during the active stage of labor
O. Luria, Y. Megel, D. Smakhtin, D. M. Schwake, O. Barnea

19. Developing computational detection of individual respiratory cycle phases from tracheal sound signal during sleep
A. Kulkas, E. Huupponen, E. Rauhala, S-L. Himanen

20. Femoral Load Change and Caused Bone Remodeling after Hip Arthroplasty
B. -A. Behrens, C. Stukenborg-Colsman, I. Nolte, P. Wefstaedt, A. Bouguecha

21. Fast Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using Wavelet Transform
Peter Bakucz, Stephan Willems, Boris Hoffmann

22. On the Classification of Acoustic Sequences for Intervention in Essential Hypertension
P. Friedrich, T. Kohler, B. Wolf

23. Constrained Reconstruction for Sparse Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Giuseppe Placidi

24. The Reservoir-Wave Approach to Arterial Hemodynamics
J. V. Tyberg, N. G. Shrive, J. J. Wang

25. A Software Tool for Hemodynamics Modeling in Large Vasculatures
H. Ho, K. Mithraratne, T. Mabotuwana, P. Hunter

26. Can The DPD Numerical Method Simulate Blood Flow ?
I. Salib, A. Tsuda, S. Haber

27. Three-Band MRI Image Fusion: A Curvelet Transform Approach
Y. Kiran Kumar

28. Residual Stress Around Outer Cortical Region in Bovine Femoral Diaphysis
S. Yamada, S. Tadano, M. Todoh, K. Fujisaki

29. Analysis of the Electro-Mechanical Activation Sequence of the Myocardium Following the Path Described by the HVMB
J. Marcé-Nogué, F. Roure, G. Fortuny

30. Biomechanical Analysis of Funnel Chest after Correction of Deformation by Stabilizing Plate
B. Gzik-Zroska, D. Tejszerska, W. Wolański, M. Gzik

31. Analysis of Neck Muscles Influence on Cervical Spine Loading Conditions During Daily Activity
M. Gzik

32. Oxygen Consumption by Arteriolar Wall During Enhancement and Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Synthesis
M. Shibata, N. Ohura, S. Ichioka

33. Modern Stereological Methods for Studying Blood and Lymphatic Microvessels
R. A. Krasnoperov

34. System Identification of Mechanomyogram of Anterior Tibial Muscle Evoked by Electrical Stimulation
T. Uchiyama, T. Yamaguchi, T. Higuchi

35. Pilots’ Tolerance to the Plus and Minus Gravitational Acceleration Changes
J. Hanousek, P. Dosel, J. Petricek

36. Identifying Fetal Breathing Movements on the Basis of Spectral Analysis in Fetal Heart Period Time Series
P. Leeuwen, A. Voss, D. Geue, D. Grönemeyer

37. Fast Creation of Endocardial Stimulation Profiles for the Realistic Simulation of Body Surface ECGs
D. U. J. Keller, R. Kalayciyan, O. Dössel, G. Seemann

38. Development of a New Surface EMG Amplitude Estimator and the SNR Performance Evaluation Study
Changmok Choi, Jung Kim

39. Role of NF -κB in the Injury Induced MMP Expression and Activities in ACL
Li Yang, Ruyue Xue, Zhenyu Tang, Jin Zhang, Yequan Wang, K. L. Sung

40. Generating Heart Rate Variability - Application to Hybrid Modeling of Cardiorespiratory System
W. Klonowski, P. Stepien, R. Stepien, P. Bal

41. A Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Low Shear Stress Induced Vascular Remolding: Regulation of Lysyl Oxidase and TGF-Beta
Ying-Xin Qi, Xiao-Dong Wang, Jun Jiang, Xiao-Hua Jiang, Su-Ying Ji, Ding-Kun Long, Zong-Lai Jiang

42. Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation Using the MML Framework
D. Chang, S. Dokos, N. H. Lovell

43. Precise Measurement System for Knee Joint Motions at Pendulum Test Using Accelerometer – Detection of Angular Acceleration by Two Linear Accelerometers–
Y. Yamamoto, K. Jikuya, T. Nakamura, T. Kusuhara, H. Michinishi, T. Okamoto

44. Effect of Leaflet Geometry on Mechanical Performance of Stentless Pericardial Aortic Valves – A Dynamic Simulation
F. L. Xiong, W. A. Goetz, Y. L. Chua, P. Zhang, S. Pfeifer, E. Wintermantel, J. H. Yeo

45. Categorization of HE Stained Breast Tissue Samples at Low Magnification by Nuclear Aggregations
Atsushi Marugame, Tomoharu Kiyuna, Maki Ogura, Akira Saito

46. A Wavelet-Based ECG Delineation in Multilead ECG Signals: Evaluation on the CSE Database
M. Vítek, J. Hrubeš, J. Kozumplík

47. Constitutive Behavior of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
L. Horny, H. Chlup, R. Zitny, S. Konvickova, Tomas Adamek

48. Finite Element Model of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
J. Bursa, P. Mucha, P. Skacel

49. On the Observability of Hodgkin_Huxly Based Cell Models
S. H. Sabzpoushan

50. Brain Activity Movie Functional MRI with Ultra-High Temporal Resolution at 7 Tesla
C. Windischberger, F. Gerstl, F. Ph. S. Fischmeister, V. Schöpf, C. Kaseß, E. Moser

51. Fetal Development, Nonlinear Heart Rate Dynamics, and Self-Organization
D. Hoyer, U. Schneider

52. Petri Nets in Mutual Interactions on Epilepsy

53. A QCT Based Nonlinear Finite Element Method Proposed for Predicting Failure Initiation Load and Locationin Vertebrae Affected by Tumors
A. Zeinali, B. Hashemi

54. Verification of Spectrum Analysis for Finger Plethysmography Based on Standing Wave and Harmonics
H. S. Shin, C. Lee, Y. H. Yun, M. Lee

55. Monte Carlo Simulation of Intrinsic Count Rate Performance for Scintillation Gamma Camera
A. A. Mowlavi, M. Denaro, M. R. Fornasier, A. Binesh

56. Modelling of Eye-Hand Motions in a Common 3D Coordinate System
R. J. Z. Dangel, T. Schmitz-Rode, C. Disselhorst-Klug

57. Effect of Weightlessness on Micromechanical Properties of Rat Bone
L. W. Sun, C. Wang, F. Pu, Y. B. Fan

58. Flow Induced Turbulent Stress Accumulation Study of the Differently Designed Bi-leaflet Mitral Valves Using Dynamic PIV System
T. Akutsu, X. D. Cao

59. Stronger Implant Does Not Cause Stress-Shielding in the Fixation of Hip Fractures – Validated Finite Element Analysis and Cadaver Tests
S. Eberle, C. Gerber, G. Oldenburg, P. Augat

60. Cervical Soft Tissue Motion Measurement by Optical Coherence Tomography
M. Dämgen, B. Schwab, Th. Lenarz, M. Leinung

61. Effects of Eccentric Screwing on the Initial Stability of the Acetabular Cup in Bone of Different Qualities
Jui-Ting Hsu, Heng-Li Huang, Ming-Tzu Tsai

62. An Automatic Angle Tracking Procedure for Repeatable Blood Velocity Measurements
P. Tortoli, A. Dallai, L. Francalanci, S. Ricci

63. Metabolic Requirements of Blood Vessels in a Perfusion Bioreactor
M. Hoenicka, L. Wiedemann, S. Schrammel, C. Schmid, D. E. Birnbaum

64. DTI-Based Thalamus Segmentation – A Group Study
Sarah C. Mang, Susanne Reiterer, Wolfgang Grodd, Uwe Klose

65. Biomechanical Analysis of Various Shapes and Surface Roughnesses of an Immediately Loaded Implant_3D Finite Element Simulation
Heng-Li Huang, Lih-Jyh Fuh, Jui-Ting Hsu, Michael YC Chen

66. Optimizing Coil Currents for reduced SAR in Magnetic Particle Imaging
J. Bohnert, B. Gleich, J. Weizenecker, J. Borgert, O. Dössel

67. Selection of Optimal Hemodynamic Response Function for FMRI Analysis on Acute Stroke Patients
S. F. Storti, E. Formaggio, A. Bertoldo, P. Manganotti, A. Fiaschi, G. M. Toffolo

68. Post-Reconstruction Partial Volume Correction of PET Images Using Iterative Deconvolution Algorithm and Anatomical Priors
D. D’Ambrosio, M. Marengo, S. Boschi, S. Fanti, A. E. Spinelli

69. Functional Correlates of Fractal Behavior of HRV in COPD Patients
G. D’Addio, A. Accardo, G. Corbi, N. Ferrara, F. Rengo

70. Simulation of the Outflow Pathway in the Human Eye
S. Roy, A. Schmocker, P. Reymond, O. Vardoulis, A. Villarmarin, M. Alkharfane, N. Stergiopulos

71. Sensitivity Comparisons of Cylindrical and Hemi-Spherical Coil Setups for Magnetic Induction Tomography
R. Eichardt, C. H. Igney, J. Kahlert, M. Hamsch, M. Vauhkonen, J. Haueisen

72. The Influence of Medical Treatment on Non-linear Complexity Measures of Autonomic Regulation of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Acute Schizophrenia
S. Schulz, K. J. Bär, A. Voss

73. Dynamic Multi-scale Model for the Influence of Water on Elastin
Henry W. Haslach

74. The Relationship between the COP–COM Variable and the Horizontal Acceleration of the Body in Postural Sway, Falling and Walking
H. S. Choi, Y. H. Kim

75. Breast Tumor Segmentation and Discrimination in Ultrasonic Images Based on a Log-Compressed K-Distribution and Features Corresponding to Diagnostic Criteria
Atsushi Takemura

76. Speaker-Independent Malay Vowel Recognition of Children Using Neural Networks
H. N. Ting, Y. M. Lam

77. Alveolar Consonant Recognition of Malay Children Using Neural Networks
H. N. Ting, J. X. Lee

78. Simulation Analysis of the Inverse Problem of the Blood Pressure Scan
J. Talts, R. Raamat, J. Kivastik, K. Jagomägi

79. Effect of Depressive Symptoms on the Diurnal Rhythm of Heart Rate Variability Three Days and Six Months after an Acute Coronary Syndrome
M. Soledad Ladrón Guevara, Jaume Figueras-Bellot, Julio Montoyo, Jordi Soler-Soler, Salvador M. Guinjoan

80. Analysis of Cardiac Torsion with Strain Tensor
Hideyuki Horio, Yoshihiro Kuroda, Tomohiro Kuroda, Osamu Oshiro, Shigeo Wada, Ryo Haraguchi, Kazuo Nakazawa

81. Software Phantoms for Texture Analysis
M. Lahtinen, K. K. Holli, L. Harrison, P. Dastidar, S. Soimakallio, H. Eskola

82. High Wall Shear Stress Gradient Suppress Morphological Responses of Endothelial Cells to Fluid Flow
M. Sato, N. Saito, N. Sakamoto, T. Ohashi

83. Development of a Method to Produce an Arterial Artificial Stenosis Model
S. Pfeifer, D. Kießling, E. Wintermantel

84. Non-stationary Langevin Equation in Cardiology
J. Kirchner, W. Meyer, B. Hensel

85. Construction and Analysis of Human Thoracic Aorta Based on CT Images
W. Fu, B. Chu, Yu Chang, A. Qiao

86. Frequency Domain SpO2 Estimation Based on Multichannel Photoplethysmographic Measurements at the Sternum
R. Vetter, L. Rossini, A. Ridolfi, J. Sola, O. Chetelat, M. Correvon, J. Krauss

87. Neural Adaptive Restoration of Computed Radiography Images
E. Binaghi, V. Colli, I. Gallo, S. Strocchi, C. Vite

88. Dynamic Generation of Physiological Model Systems
J. Kretschmer, A. Wahl, J. Guttmann, K. Möller

89. Modeling Radioimmunotherapy with Anti-CD20 Antibody – Optimal Preload Depending on Lymphoma Transcapillary Solute Exchange
P. Kletting, S. N. Reske, G. Glatting

90. Interaction Analysis with Enhanced Joint Symbolic Dynamics in Schizophrenia
N. Tupaika, S. Schulz, K. -J. Bär, A. Voss

91. Glaucoma Detection by Wavelet-Based Analysis of the Global Flash Multifocal Electroretinogram
J. M. Miguel-Jiménez, S. Ortega, L. Boquete, J. M. Rodríguez-Ascariz, R. Blanco

92. Mutual Information Preconditioning Improves Bayesian Networks Learning of Medical Databases
A. Meloni, A. Ripoli, V. Positano, L. Landini

93. Biotribology of Alternativ Bearing Materials for Knee Arthroplasty
T. M. Grupp, S. Utzschneider, J. Schwiesau, B. Fritz, C. Schröder, W. Blömer, V. Jansson

94. Model Selection in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI: The Akaike Information Criterion
M. Ingrisch, S. Sourbron, M. F. Reiser, M. Peller

95. Determination of Hip Joint Forces by Means of Multi-body Simulation
B. -A. Behrens, G. Helms, M. Stolorz, H. Windhagen, P. Wefstaedt, I. Nolte

96. A 3D Simulation System for Hip Joint Replacement Planning
C. Dick, J. Georgii, R. Burgkart, R. Westermann

97. Evaluation of Osteosynthesis Options and Fracture Healing Progress from Computed Tomography Based Finite Element Analysis
J. Koerber, S. Eberle, P. Augat

98. Differentiation of Water Signal Components in the Human Brain with EPI FID Analysis at 3T
B. Bender, T. Nägele, U. Ernemann, U. Klose

99. Application of RBF Neural Networks for Predicting Low Birth Weight Using Features Extracted from Fetal Monitoring Signals
M. Jezewski, R. Czabanski, D. Roj, J. Wrobel, J. Jezewski

100. Magnetic Field Design for Efficient 3D-Targeting of MNP Complexes
A. Rüger, B. Gleich

101. Analysis of renal calculi structure with the use of X-ray microtomography
G. Taton, E. Rokita, A. Wróbel, F. Beckmann, P. Thor, M. Worek

102. Heart Rate Variability Approaches to Cholinergic Alterations in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
D. Hoyer, K. J. Bär

103. Spatio-temporal Filtering for Fetal QRS Enhancement
M. Kotas, J. Jeżewski, A. Matonia, T. Kupka

104. Particle Method Simulation of Red Blood Cells Infected by Malaria
Takami Yamaguchi, Young Ho Kang, Hitoshi Kondo, Yohsuke Imai, Takuji Ishikawa

105. Automated Extraction of Atrial Fibrillation Activity from the Surface ECG Using Independent Component Analysis in the Frequency Domain
V. Zarzoso, P. Comon

106. Electrical Stimulation on denervated muscle: bone structural changes and correlation between muscle contraction and bone growth
P. Gargiulo, B. Vatnsdal, P. Ingvarsson, S. Knútsdóttir, V. Gudmundsdóttir, S. Yngvason, T. Helgason

107. Influence of the set size and probe item affiliation in the Sternberg memory task on auditory event-related potentials
M. Krbot, A. B. Sefer, V. Isgum, M. Cifrek

108. Detection of the EEG spike-wave patterns evoked by volatile anaesthetics
E. Olejarczyk, R. Rudner, R. Marciniak, M. Wartak, Michał Stasiowski, Przemysław Jałowiecki, A. Sobieszek

R. Stoico, S. Tassani, E. Perilli, F. Baruffaldi, M. Viceconti

110. A new multi-resolution optimization algorithm for PET - CT cardiac images registration
M. Marinelli, F. Tucci, V. Positano, D. Neglia, L. Landini

111. Effects of volatile anaesthetics concentration on spectro-temporal pattern of EEG
E. Olejarczyk, R. Rudner, R. Marciniak, M. Wartak, Michał Stasiowski, Przemysław Jałowiecki, A. Sobieszek

112. Recruitment of Smooth Muscle Cells and Intercellular Calcium Waves during Arterial Vasomotion
D. Seppey, M. Koenigsberger, R. Sauser, M. Lamboley, J. L. Bény, J. J. Meister

113. Comparison of the methods of microscopic image segmentation
A. Korzynska, M. Iwanowski, U. Neuman, E. Dobrowolska, P. Hoser

114. The Role of Atrial Modeling in the Development of ECG Processing Tools
V. Jacquemet, M. Lemay, L. Uldry, C. Duchêne, A. Oosterom, L. Kappenberger, J. -M. Vesin

115. Quasi-Newton Algorithms for Medical Image Registration
M. Schröter, O. Sauer

116. Stereoscopic Visualization of Mammalian Macrophages Infected by Pathogenic Bacteria
Michael Granseier, Heike Grassmé, Erich Gulbins, Hans-Gerd Lipinski

117. In-vitro Flexibility Characteristics of Dynamic Pedicle Screw Systems
C. Schilling, S. Krüger, J. Beger, T. M. Grupp, W. Blömer

118. ’MISS Heart’: Assisting Systems for Minimal Invasive Smart Suturing in Cardiac Surgery - A Conceptually Closed-Loop Approach
T. Wittenberg, K. Drechsler, D. Kaltenbacher, S. Friedl, C. Rotinat-Libersa, C. Reis, M. Betta, G. Sakas, Y. Perrot, J. Stallkamp, M. Kondruweit

119. An Empirical Methodology for the Definition of Frequency Bands for Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Animals: Application to Sprague-Dawley Rats
M. A. García-González, M. Fernández-Chimeno, R. M. Escorihuela, Ll. Capdevila, J. Ramos Castro

120. Monitoring training-induced metabolic adaptations in the M. gastrocnemius of volleyball players by 31P-MRS
R. Rzanny, N. Stutzig, A. Gussew, H. Burmeister, W. A. Kaiser, H-A. Thorhauer, J. R. Reichenbach

121. A Model-Based Method to Estimate Pulse Wave Velocity
M. T. Leung, G. A. Dumont, J. E. Potts, M. T. Potts, G. G. S. Sandor

122. A Novel Setup for Investigations of Reflexive and Reactive Motor Responses in Biceps
G. Staude, M. Rabe, W. Wolf, A. Kossev, G. Bauch

123. Evaluation of Benchmark Indexes to Determine the Best Performance of a Binary Neural Classifier
M. A. Sovierzoski, L. Schwarz, F. M. Azevedo

124. Interactive Registration and Visualization of Cardiac Video and Angiography
S. Friedl, T. Wittenberg, M. Kondruweit

125. A Detailed Model for Knee Joint Acceleration Motions Obtained by Pendulum Test
K. Jikuya, H. Michinishi, T. Nakamura, T. Kusuhara, Y. Yamamoto, T. Okamoto

126. A Finite Element Model of Upper Cervical Vertebrae (C0-C3) and Biomechanical Analysis of the Atlas
Yuan Guo, Xushu Zhang, Weiyi Chen, Xun Ma, Zhe Guan, Kaiheng Liang

127. The Effect of Background Images Combined with Face Images Expressing Disgust
Takamasa Shimada, Hideto Ono, Tadanori Fukami, Yoichi Saito

128. Sleep Stage Diagnosis using Neural Network of Elman-type Feedback SOM
Takamasa Shimada, Kazuhiro Tamura, Tadanori Fukami, Yoichi Saito

129. Stress - Strain Simulations for Optimising the Design of Shape - Memory Polymer Based Annuloplasty Rings
A. Díaz Lantada, P. Lafont, J. Muñoz-García, J. L. Muñoz Sanz, J. M. Munoz-Guijosa, J. Echavarri, H. Lorenzo

130. A New Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Distal Anastomosis Design
F. Kabinejadian, L. P. Chua, D. N. Ghista, Y. S. Tan

131. Modeling of Platelet Aggregation in Cerebrovascular Bifurcation Aneurysms
K. Shimano, H. Ujiie, Y. Enomoto

132. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Bolus Dispersion in Stenosed Coronary Arteries
D. Graafen, K. Münnemann, S. Weber, L. M. Schreiber

133. Distributions of the potential and electric field of an electrode elliptic array used in tumor electrotherapy. Analytical and numerical solutions
Andrés Ramírez Aguilera, Luis Enrique Bergues Cabrales, Héctor Manuel Camué Ciria, Yudelmis Soler Pérez, Eduardo Roca Oria, Soraida Acosta Brooks, Tamara Rubio González

134. Mathematical modeling of tumor growth in mice following low-level direct electric current
Luis Enrique Bergues Cabrales, Andrés Ramírez Aguilera, Rolando Placeres Jiménez, Manuel Verdecia Jarque, Héctor Manuel Camué Ciria, Juan Bory Reyes, Miguel Angel O’Farril Mateus, Fabiola Suárez Palencia, Marisela González Ávila

135. Impact of Model Complexity on Patient Specific Wall Stress Analyses of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
A. Maier, M. W. Gee, C. Reeps, H. H. Eckstein, W. A. Wall

136. Labeling GLUT4 with quantum dots for 3D tracking in live L6 cells
Feng Qu, Xiaoxuan Wang, Zubin Chen, Tao Liang, Anlian Qu

137. Comparison of Two Ultrasonic Methods of One-point Measurement of Pulse Wave Velocity—Where to Set the Echo-tracking Positions, in the Adventitia or Intima?
M. Tanaka, M. Sugawara, K. Niki, T. Izumi, I. Tarui, H. Kodera, T. Okada, A. Harada

138. Research on Stereo Matching Algorithms
Du. Yehui, Gu. Jia

139. A Perfusion Culture System Used to Study Vessels with Different Size
C. Y Lin, G. H Wu, W. F Wu, Y Wang, L. X Shu

140. Influence of geometric simplifications on stresses and strains in aneurysm model
M. Děták, J. Burša, M. Zemánek

141. Sequential Recognition of EMG Signals Using Bayes-Optimal Feature Extraction – Application to the Control of Bio-Prosthetic Hand
M. Kurzynski, A. Wolczowski

142. A Study on EEG based Concentration Power Index Transmission and Brain Computer Interface Application
Chung-heon Lee, Jang-woo Kwon, Jun-eui Hong, Dong-hoon Lee

143. Development of a Passive Knee Motion Simulator to Evaluate Deep Knee Flexion of Total Knee Prosthesis
Y. Takano, M. Ueno, K. Kiguchi, J. Itou, M. Mawatari, T. Hotokebuchi

144. Induction of Auditory Hallucination Experience for Patient with Schizophrenia Using Virtual Auditory Hallucination Exposure System: A Preliminary Study
Young Seok Shin, Jeonghun Ku, Kiwan Han, Hyeongrae Lee, Jinsick Park, Jae-Jin Kim, In Young Kim, Sun I. Kim

145. Model-based estimation of the hemodynamic status of the growth-restricted fetus
O. Luria, J. Bar, M. Kovo, O. Barnea

146. Dose Calculation of 166Ho Therapy Using VARSKIN2 Code
A. A. Mowlavi, A. Afzalifar, N. Afzalifar

147. A New Method of Image Processing for High-Contrast Medical Infrared Imaging of the Horse
C. Siewert, C. Staszyk, A. Bienert, B. Krogbeumker, B. Ohnesorge, H. Seifert

148. Mechanical properties of blood clots - A new test method -
H. Monstadt, N. Krasokha, F. Dorn, S. Reese, W. Theisen, P. Mordasini, C. Breckenfeld, J. Gralla, J. Slotboom, T. Liebig, G. Schroth

149. Classification of Seizures in EEG Using Wavelet-Chaos Methodology and Genetic Algorithm
K. -C. Hsu, S. -N. Yu

150. Effect of Slice Thickness on Texture Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis
S. Savio, L. Harrison, T. Luukkaala, T. Heinonen, P. Dastidar, S. Soimakallio, H. Eskola

151. The Interactions between Arterial and Capillary Flow. Cellular Automaton Simulations of Qualitative Peculiarities
G. Knyshov, Ye. Nastenko, V. Maksymenko, O. Kravchuk, Yu. Shardukova

152. Non Invasive Mapping of Human Atrial Fibrillation
M. S. Guillem, A. M. Climent, J. Millet, D. Husser, A. Bollmann, F. Castells

153. Evaluation of intra-aneurismal hemodynamics after stent placement in a pulsatile side wall model using laser Doppler anemometry
F. Dorn, F. Niedermeier, A. Balasso, D. Liepsch, T. Liebig

154. Evaluation of Endocardial Electrograms Fractionation Complexity in Human Using Statistical Pattern Recognition
V. Křemen, L. Lhotská

155. Individualised Pressure Propagation Model for the Elastic Arteries
A. Mookerjee, A. M. Al-Jumaily, A. Lowe

156. A multi-compartmental mechanical model of the neonatal respiratory system
P. I. Reddy, A. M. Al-Jumaily

157. Passive step response of airway smooth muscle
G. IJpma, A. M. M. Al-Jumaily, S. P. Cairns, G. C. Sieck

158. The forward problem study of MAT-MI simulated by Comsol Multiphysics
Guohui Xu, Zhipeng Liu, Jingyu Li, Tao Yin

159. Complexity Analysis on 24h Heart Rate Variability
Li Xia, Fu Yifei, Bai Jing, Bo Xuefeng, Liu Jinghua

160. Flow-Structure-Acoustic Interaction in a Prestressed Human Larynx Model
Stefan Kniesburges, Stefan Becker, Antonio Delgado, Michael Döllinger

161. Stochastic Modeling for Actin Responses in Chemotactic Cells to External Signal
Weiping Zhu, Shiliang Feng, Xuning Chen

162. Effects of VAD Placement on 3D Fluid Flow in a Patient Specific Numerical Model of the Left Ventricle with Ischemic Heart Failure
M. Perschall, K. Spiegel, T. Schenkel, H. Oertel

163. The Karlsruhe Heart Model KaHMo: A modular framework for numerical simulation of cardiac hemodynamics
T. Schenkel, S. Krittian, K. Spiegel, S. Höttges, M. Perschall, H. Oertel

164. Vertebrae tracking through fluoroscopic sequence: a novel approach
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Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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