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Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems

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Table of contents

1. Thorough Analysis of Downlink Capacity in a WCDMA Cell
Ioannis B. Daskalopoulos, Vassilios G. Vassilakis, Michael D. Logothetis

2. Fast Randomized STDMA Link Scheduling
Sergio Gomez, Oriol Gras, Vasilis Friderikos

3. Efficient QoS-Driven Resource Allocation in Integrated CDMA/WLAN Networks - An Autonomic Architecture
Georgios Aristomenopoulos, Timotheos Kastrinogiannis, Symeon Papavassiliou

4. Efficient Anonymous Authentication Protocol Using Key-Insulated Signature Scheme for Secure VANET
Youngho Park, Chul Sur, Chae Duk Jung, Kyung-Hyune Rhee

5. Application-Aware Dynamic Retransmission Control in Mobile Cellular Networks
Nadhir Ben Halima, Dzmitry Kliazovich, Fabrizio Granelli

6. Congestion Avoidance Control through Non-cooperative Games between Customers and Service Providers
Dimitris E. Charilas, Athanasios D. Panagopoulos, Panagiotis Vlacheas, Ourania I. Markaki, Philip Constantinou

7. Application of Fuzzy AHP and ELECTRE to Network Selection
Dimitris E. Charilas, Ourania I. Markaki, John Psarras, Philip Constantinou

8. An Adaptive QoS Routing Solution for MANET Based Multimedia Communications in Emergency Cases
Tipu Arvind Ramrekha, Christos Politis

9. A Distributed Energy-Aware Trust Management System for Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yannis Stelios, Nikos Papayanoulas, Panagiotis Trakadas, Sotiris Maniatis, Helen C. Leligou, Theodore Zahariadis

10. A Mobile Multi-hop Relay Base Station (MRBS) – Relay Station (RS) Link Level Performance of Coding/Modulation Schemes, on the Basis of the REWIND Research Program
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Avishay Mor, Konstantinos N. Voudouris, O. Amrani, George Agapiou

11. A Face Centered Cubic Key Agreement Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ioannis G. Askoxylakis, Konstantinos Markantonakis, Theo Tryfonas, John May, Apostolos Traganitis

12. A Tree Based Self-routing Scheme for Mobility Support in Wireless Sensor Networks
Young-Duk Kim, Yeon-Mo Yang, Won-Seok Kang, Jin-Wook Kim, Jinung An

13. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios: Performance Analysis for Realistic System Setups and Channel Conditions
Marco Renzo, Laura Imbriglio, Fabio Graziosi, Fortunato Santucci, Christos Verikoukis

14. Cross-Layer Optimization of Video Services over HSDPA Networks
Luca Superiori, Martin Wrulich, Philipp Svoboda, Markus Rupp

15. Dynamic Resource Allocation for IEEE802.16e
Alberto Nascimento, Jonathan Rodriguez

16. Developing an Innovative Multi-hop Relay Station Software Architecture in the Scope of the REWIND European Research Programme
Konstantinos N. Voudouris, Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Panagiotis Tsiakas, Avishay Mor, George Agapiou, Avner Aloush, Maria Belesioti, Evangelos Sfakianakis

17. Full Scale Software Support on Mobile Lightweight Devices by Utilization of All Types of Wireless Technologies
Ondrej Krejcar

18. QoS-constrained Energy Minimization in Multiuser Multicarrier Systems
Qing Bai, Michel T. Ivrlač, Josef A. Nossek

19. Performance Analysis of Power Saving Class of Type 1 with Both Downlink and Uplink Traffics in IEEE 802.16e
Sangkyu Baek, Bong Dae Choi

20. Testing Cooperative Communication Schemes in a Virtual Distributed Testbed of Wireless Networks
George Kormentzas, Luis Alonso, Christos Verikoukis

21. RFID-Based Identification: A Measurement Study
Marina Buzzi, Marco Conti, Enrico Gregori

22. Self-management in Future Internet Wireless Networks: Dynamic Resource Allocation and Traffic Routing for Multi-service Provisioning
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Nancy Alonistioti, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou, George Agapiou, Andrej Mihailovic, Maria Belesioti

23. Self-organizing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Spontaneous Clustering at the MAC Layer
J. Alonso-Zárate, E. Kartsakli, P. Chatzimisios, L. Alonso, Ch. Verikoukis

24. Wireless Location Positioning Based on WiMAX Features - A Preliminary Study
Azmi Awang Md Isa, Garik Markarian, Kamarul Ariffin Noordin

25. IEEE 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks: Challenges and Perspectives
Aggeliki Sgora, Dimitris D. Vergados, Periklis Chatzimisios

26. IEEE 802.16 Packet Scheduling with Traffic Prioritization and Cross-Layer Optimization
João Monteiro, Susana Sargento, Álvaro Gomes, Francisco Fontes, Pedro Neves

27. Towards Adaptable Networking: Defining the Protocol Optimization Architecture Requirements
Martin André, Fumio Teraoka

28. Uptake of Mobile ICT Health Services: Has the Time Come to become Commodity?
Pantelis A. Angelidis

29. Impact of the Transmission Scheme on the Performance in Wireless LANs
Andreas Könsgen, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Görg, Ronald Böhnke

30. Increasing the Performance of OFDM-OQAM Communication Systems through Smart Antennas Processing
Nizar Zorba, Stephan Pfletschinger, Faouzi Bader

31. Middleware Building Blocks for Architecting RFID Systems
Nikos Kefalakis, Nektarios Leontiadis, John Soldatos, Didier Donsez

32. Multicost Energy-Aware Broadcasting in Wireless Networks with Distributed Considerations
Christos Papageorgiou, Panagiotis Kokkinos, Emmanouel Varvarigos

33. On the Performance of Intra-system Optimization of Virtual Manufacturing Communication Systems
Ainara Gonzalez, Angel Martin, Miguel Angel Urrutia, Oscar Lazaro

34. Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 Non-beacon Mode with Both Uplink and Downlink Traffic in Non-saturated Condition
Tae Ok Kim, Jin Soo Park, Kyung Jae Kim, Bong Dae Choi

35. Efficient and Accurate WLAN Positioning with Weighted Graphs
René Hansen, Bent Thomsen

36. Feasibility of a GNSS-Probe for Creating Digital Maps of High Accuracy and Integrity
Dimitris Vartziotis, Alkis Poulis, Alexandros Minogiannis, Panayiotis Siozos, Iraklis Goudas, Jaron Samson, Michel Tossaint

37. Extending Internet into Space – ESA DTN Testbed Implementation and Evaluation
Christos Samaras, Ioannis Komnios, Sotirios Diamantopoulos, Efthymios Koutsogiannis, Vassilis Tsaoussidis, Giorgos Papastergiou, Nestor Peccia

38. Conceptual Design of a Wireless Strain Monitoring System for Space Applications
Panagiotis Broutas, Stathis Kyriakis Bitzaros, Dimitrios Goustouridis, Stavros Katsafouros, Dimitrios Tsoukalas, Stavros Chatzandroulis

39. Novel Metamaterials for Patch Antennas Applications
Theodore Zervos, Fotis Lazarakis, Antonis Alexandridis, Kostas Dangakis, Dimosthenis Stamopoulos, Michalis Pissas

40. On the Design of Direct Radiating Antenna Arrays with Reduced Number of Controls for Satellite Communications
Theodoros Kaifas, Katherine Siakavara, Dimitrios Babas, George Miaris, Elias Vafiadis, John N. Sahalos

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, System Performance and Evaluation, Performance and Reliability, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Communications Engineering, Networks

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