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Data Analysis and Classification

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Table of contents

1. Clustering of High-Dimensional and Correlated Data
Geoffrey J. McLachlan, Shu-Kay Ng, K. Wang

2. Statistical Methods for Cryptography
Alfredo Rizzi

3. An Algorithm for Earthquakes Clustering Based on Maximum Likelihood
Giada Adelfio, Marcello Chiodi, Dario Luzio

4. A Two-Step Iterative Procedure for Clustering of Binary Sequences
Francesco Palumbo, A. Iodice D’Enza

5. Clustering Linear Models Using Wasserstein Distance
Antonio Irpino, Rosanna Verde

6. Comparing Approaches for Clustering Mixed Mode Data: An Application in Marketing Research
Isabella Morlini, Sergio Zani

7. The Progressive Single Linkage Algorithm Based on Minkowski Ultrametrics
Sergio Scippacercola

8. Visualization of Model-Based Clustering Structures
Luca Scrucca

9. Models for Asymmetry in Proximity Data
Giuseppe Bove

10. Intimate Femicide in Italy: A Model to Classify How Killings Happened
Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi

11. Two-Dimensional Centrality of Asymmetric Social Network
Akinori Okada

12. The Forward Search for Classical Multidimensional Scaling When the Starting Data Matrix Is Known
Nadia Solaro, Massimo Pagani

13. Discriminant Analysis on Mixed Predictors
Rafik Abdesselam

14. A Statistical Calibration Model for Affymetrix Probe Level Data
Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo M. Mineo

15. A Proposal to Fuzzify Categorical Variables in Operational Risk Management
Concetto Elvio Bonafede, Paola Cerchiello

16. Common Optimal Scaling for Customer Satisfaction Models: A Point to Cobb–Douglas’ Form
Paolo Chirico

17. Structural Neural Networks for Modeling Customer Satisfaction
Cristina Davino

18. Dimensionality of Scores Obtained with a Paired-Comparison Tournament System of Questionnaire Items
Luigi Fabbris

19. Using Rasch Measurement to Assess the Role of the Traditional Family in Italy
Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi, Marco Grisoli

20. Preserving the Clustering Structure by a Projection Pursuit Approach
Giovanna Menardi, Nicola Torelli

21. Association Rule Mining of Multimedia Content
Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm, Arne Jacobs, Thorsten Hermes

22. Automatic Dictionary- and Rule-Based Systems for Extracting Information from Text
Sergio Bolasco, Pasquale Pavone

23. Several Computational Studies About Variable Selection for Probabilistic Bayesian Classifiers
Adriana Brogini, Debora Slanzi

24. Semantic Classification and Co-occurrences: A Method for the Rules Production for the Information Extraction from Textual Data
Alessio Canzonetti

25. The Effectiveness of University Education: A Structural Equation Model
Bruno Chiandotto, Bruno Bertaccini, Roberta Varriale

26. Simultaneous Threshold Interaction Detection in Binary Classification
Claudio Conversano, Elise Dusseldorp

27. Detecting Subset of Classifiers for Multi-attribute Response Prediction
Claudio Conversano, Francesco Mola

28. Clustering Textual Data by Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Applications and Extensions to Hierarchical Data
Matteo Dimai, Nicola Torelli

29. Multilevel Latent Class Models for Evaluation of Long-term Care Facilities
Giorgio E. Montanari, M. Giovanna Ranalli, Paolo Eusebi

30. Author–Coauthor Social Networks and Emerging Scientific Subfields
Yasmin H. Said, Edward J. Wegman, Walid K. Sharabati

31. A Hierarchical Model for Time Dependent Multivariate Longitudinal Data
Marco Alfò, Antonello Maruotti

32. Covariate Error Bias Effects in Dynamic Regression Model Estimation and Improvement in the Prediction by Covariate Local Clusters
Pietro Mantovan, Andrea Pastore

33. Local Multilevel Modeling for Comparisons of Institutional Performance
Simona C. Minotti, Giorgio Vittadini

34. Modelling Network Data: An Introduction to Exponential Random Graph Models
Susanna Zaccarin, Giulia Rivellini

35. An Analysis of Earthquakes Clustering Based on a Second-Order Diagnostic Approach
Giada Adelfio

36. Latent Regression in Rasch Framework
Silvia Bacci

37. A Multilevel Latent Variable Model for Multidimensional Longitudinal Data
Silvia Bianconcini, Silvia Cagnone

38. Turning Point Detection Using Markov Switching Models with Latent Information
Edoardo Otranto

39. Statistical and Numerical Algorithms for Time Series Classification
Roberto Baragona, Salvatore Vitrano

40. Mining Time Series Data: A Selective Survey
Marcella Corduas

41. Predictive Dynamic Models for SMEs
Silvia Figini

42. Clustering Algorithms for Large Temporal Data Sets
Germana Scepi

43. Robust Clustering for Performance Evaluation
Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, Andrea Cerioli

44. Outliers Detection Strategy for a Curve Clustering Algorithm
Balzanella Antonio, Elvira Romano, Rosanna Verde

45. Robust Fuzzy Classification
Matilde Bini, Bruno Bertaccini

46. Weighted Likelihood Inference for a Mixed Regressive Spatial Autoregressive Model
Carlo Gaetan, Luca Greco

47. Detecting Price Outliers in European Trade Data with the Forward Search
Domenico Perrotta, Francesca Torti

48. Comparing Continuous Treatment Matching Methods in Policy Evaluation
Valentina Adorno, Cristina Bernini, Guido Pellegrini

49. Temporal Aggregation and Closure of VARMA Models: Some New Results
Alessandra Amendola, Marcella Niglio, Cosimo Vitale

50. An Index for Ranking Financial Portfolios According to Internal Turnover
Laura Attardi, Domenico Vistocco

51. Bayesian Hidden Markov Models for Financial Data
Rosella Castellano, Luisa Scaccia

52. Regression Imputation for Space-Time Datasets with Missing Values
Antonella Plaia, Anna Lisa Bondì

53. A Multiple Imputation Approach in a Survey on University Teaching Evaluation
Isabella Sulis, Mariano Porcu

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

Publication year
Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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22 pages
Natural Sciences

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