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Advanced Tribology

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Table of contents

1. Current Industrial Activities of Tribology in China
Siwei Zhang

2. The Fullerene-Like Nanostructure Hydrogenated Carbon Films with Super-Low Friction
Qunji Xue, Junyan Zhang

3. Tribology in Nanomanufacturing—Interaction between Nanoparticles and a Solid Surface
Jianbin Luo, Dan Guo

4. Tribology at Small Scales
Steve Granick

5. Frontiers of Research in Liquid Lubrication
Hugh A. Spikes

6. EHL with Grease at Low Speeds
Yoshitsugu Kimura, Toshiaki Endo, Daming Dong

7. The Nature of Adhesion and Friction
Stephen M. Hsu

8. Space Tribology of China
Weimin Liu

9. Active Control of Sliding Friction
Yonggang Meng, Yu Tian

10. Superhard and Low Friction Nanocomposite Coatings: Design, Synthesis, and Applications
A. Erdemir, O. L. Eryilmaz, M. Urgen, K. Kazmanli, V. Ezirmik

11. Tribology of Metal-on-Metal Bearings at High Inclination Angles
Reginald Lee, Aiguo Wang, Aaron Essner, Shirong Ge

12. Key Factors to Induce Cavitation-Erosion
Darong Chen, Jiadao Wang, Haosheng Chen

13. Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiC-Reinforced HSS-Based Composites with an Interpenetrating Network for High Temperature Self-Lubrication Applications
Yanjun Wang, Zuomin Liua

14. Friction and Wear Characteristics of Advanced Space Lubricants
Nobuyoshi Ohno, Shigeki Morita, Sobahan Mia, Shingo Obara

15. Lubrication Analysis of Journal Bearing and Rotor System Using CFD and FSI Techniques
Huiping Liu, Hua Xu, Zhongmin Jin, Peter Ellison

16. Oil Film Behavior under Minute Vibrating Conditions in EHL Point Contacts
Chen Feng, Taisuke Maruyama, Tsuyoshi Saito

17. Different Loading and Motion Applied on Hip Simulators Affects the Lubrication of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants
Leiming Gao, Zhongmin Jin, Fengcai Wang, Peiran Yang

18. EHD Lubrication of Different Types of Gears
Vilmos Simon

19. The Role of Heat Partition in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
H. P. Evans, K. J. Sharif, A. Clarke, R. W. Snidle

20. Influence of Surface Roughness on Elastohydrodynamic Journal Bearings with Non-Newtonian Lubricants
Chatchai Aiumpornsin, Mongkol Mongkolwongrojn

21. Theoretical Investigation of Journal Bearings with Non-Newtonian Fluids Included Thermal Effects
Mongkol Mongkolwongrojn, Chatchai Aiumpornsin

22. Magnetic Fluid Based Squeeze Film Behavior between Transversely Rough Curved Plates
G. M. Deheri, Rakesh M. Patel, Nikhilkumar D. Abhangi

23. Engine Lubrication System Analysis and Oil Pump Design Optimization
Quanbao Zhou

24. Temperature-Dependent Rheology and Tribology of Lubrication Greases Investigated with New Flexible Platform for Tribological Measurements on A Rheometer
Jörg Läuger, Patrick Heyer

25. Study on Characteristic Parameters of Wear Particle Boundary
Guobin Li, Delin Guan

26. Viscosity Variation Model and Its Application in Micro/Nano-Scale Clearance
Dong Chun-liu, Zhang Chao-hui, Wang Yan

27. Numerical Solving Method for the Structural Stiffness of Gas Foil Bearings
Geng Haipeng, Qi Shemiao, Yu Lie

28. Biotribological Properties of Natural Swine Joint Cartilage
Cui Tao, Xiong Dangsheng

29. Effect of Surface Texturing on Lubrication Film Formation within Non-Conformal Contacts
I. Křupka, R. Poliščuk, M. Vaverka, M. Hartl, M. Vrbka, O. Šamánek

30. Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Oil Film Pressure in a Dynamically Loaded Journal Bearing
Sun Meili, Xia Chengyong, Wang Xiangang

31. Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation of LY12 and HPb62-2 Ring Compression
Bin Guo, Feng Gong, Chunju Wang, Debin Shan

32. Application of Metal Self-Repairing Additives on Cylinder-Piston Ring Rubbing Pairs
Lei Wang, X. C. Zhou, Q. Q. Li, C. Q. Yuan, X. P. Yan, Y. H. Chen

33. Wettability Study of Multiply-Alkylated Cyclopentanes (MACs) on Silicon Substrates
Ying Wang, Mingwu Baia

34. Numerical Analysis on Hydrodynamics of Circular Translational Polishing under Mixed Lubrication
W. Zhai, P. Feng

35. Micro-Tribological Analysis of POM-MoS2s-Compounds
R. Stengler, S. Schraube, X. G. Hu

36. On Lubrication Characteristics of Dual Tori Double-Enveloping Toroidal Worm Drive
Yaping Zhao, Xuezhu Dong, Wenjun Wei, Jiancheng Zhou

37. Thermoelastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Crankshaft Bearing Considering Crankshaft Deformation under Load
Jun Sun, Jianglin Liu, Changlin Gui

38. Transient Behavior of Elasto-Metal-Plastic Journal Bearing during the Stage of Stop
Jian Jin, Guoxian Zhang, Xiaojing Wang

39. Analyses on the Splashing Parameters of High-Speed Oil Impacted a Wall in Jet Lubrications
Le Gu, Liqin Wang, Zhenhuan Ye, Dezhi Zheng

40. Interferometry Measurement of Spinning Effect on Sliding EHL
F. Guo, X. M Li, B. Fan

41. Effect of Wide Dimples on Planar Contact Lubrication
Jiadao Wang, Zhongling Han, Haosheng Chen, Darong Chen

42. Friction Properties and Microstructure of Al-Cu-Fe Nano Films
Zhou Xi-ying, Liu Yan-hui, Xu Zhou

43. Tribological Properties of Ti6Al4V Alloy by FOTS Self-Assembled Monolayers Modification Treatment
Sun Changguo, Zhang Huichen

44. Influence of Spinning Effect on the Rolling EHL Films
X. M. Li, F. Guo, B. Fan

45. A Study on Lubrication Characteristics between Piston Ring and Cylinder Bore of Bent-Axis Type Piston Pump
Jae-Youn Jung, Ihn-Sung Cho, Il-Hyun Beak, Hyun-Il Shin, Jae-Cheon Jo, Lu Hong

46. The Fabrication and Lubricant Performance of MoS2 Nanotubes Arrays
Caihong Sun, Changsheng Li

47. The Research on the Lubricant Aging under Durability Test of the Porous Sliding Bearings
Giemza Boleslaw, Kaldonski Tadeus, Krol Artur

48. Models for Predicting Friction Coefficient and Parameters with Influence in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
P. Lafont Morgado, J. Echávarri Otero, J. B. Sánchez-Peñuela Lejarraga, J. L. Muñoz Sanz, A. Díaz Lantada, J. M. Muñoz-Guijosa, H. Lorenzo Yustos, P. Leal Wiña

49. Elastohydrodynamic Film Thickness in Elliptical Contacts with Rolling and Spinning
Tae-Jo Park

50. Experimental Study on the Tribological Properties of Pure Powder Lubrication under Plane Contact
Wang Wei, Liu Xiaojun, Liu Kun, Li Hongxian

51. Hydrodynamic Analysis and Experiment Verification of the High-Pressure Small-Flow Centrifugal Pump
Li Bao-Liang, Jiang Qin-Yu, Pan Xing-He

52. Effect of Liquid Surface Tension and Viscosity on Micro-Bubble Induced by External Electric Field
Xie Guoxin, Luo Jianbin

53. Study of Water Lubrication in Sliding Point Contact Friction Pairs with Hydrophobic Surfaces
Zhizuo Ma, Chenhui Zhang, Shuhai Liu, Wenshi Zhu

54. A Simplified Numerical Elastic-Plastic Contact Model for Rough Surfaces
Zhanjiang Wang, Wenzhong Wang, Yuanzhong Hu, Hui Wang

55. Film Characteristics of Grease in Point Contact under Micro-Swaying Motion
Li Gang, Luo Jianbin, Lu Xinchun, Zhang Chenhui, Liu Shuhai

56. Effects of Solid Body Temperature on the Non-Newtonian Thermal EHL Behavior in Point Contacts
Xiaoling Liu, Peiran Yang

57. Numerical Analysis on Dynamic Characteristics of Flying Magnetic Head with Ultra Thin Spacing
Yao Hua-ping, Huang Ping

58. The Analysis of Higher Guide Bearing Pad Temperature and Its Fault Diagnosis
Mei Gui, Gao Zhi, Liu Ying, Liu Xiangfeng

59. Pitting Life Prediction Based on a 3-D Line Contact Mixed EHL Analysis and Subsurface von Mises Stress Calculation
Dong Zhu, Q. Jane Wang, Ning Ren

60. Numerical Lubrication Simulation of Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints: Ball-in-Socket Model and Ball-on-Plane Model
Wenzhong Wang, Zhongmin Jin, Yuanzhong Hu, Fengcai Wang, D. Dowson

61. Deterministic Simulation of Surfaces in Conformal-Contact Lubrication
Shangwu Xiong, Jane Q. Wang, Chih Lin, Yansong Wang

62. Simulation and Experimental Validation of the Effect of Surface Texture on Fluid Film Formation
Zhang Jinyu, Le Chengning, Meng Yonggang, Hideki Ogata

63. Marangoni Stress and Its Effects on the Flow in an Evaporating Sessile Droplet
Xuefeng Xu, Jianbin Luo

64. Film Forming Characteristics of Oil-in-Water Emulsion with Super-Low Oil Concentration
Ma Liran, Luo Jianbin, Zhang Chenhui

65. A Piston Lubrication Model Considering the Coupling between the Piston Secondary Motion and the System Inertia Variation in an IC Engine
Xiaoxiang Zhang, Zhinan Zhang, Ping Wang, Youbai Xie

66. Analysis of the Combined Effect of the Surface Roughness and Inertia on the Performance of High-Speed Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing
Yang Xuebing, Xiong Wanli, Lü Lang, Hou Zhiquan

67. Study on the Efficiency of the New-Style Reducer with the Green Lubricant
Hu Junhong, Jin Yingli, Guo Dan, Ding Jinyuan, He Weidong

68. Pressure Dependence of the Limiting Shear Stress Coefficient of Liquid Lubricants
G. T. Y. Wan, P. L. Wong

69. A Method of Dual Number for the Aerodynamic Property Analysis of Gas-Lubricated Mechanism: Self-Pressurizing Thrust Bearings and Non-Contacting Face Seals (Part I: Analytical Methods)
Wanfu Xu, Bin Geng, Chunjing Shi

70. A Model for the Calculation of the Micro-Pores Number of Compressively Molded Polyimide Porous Materials
Yuping Pu, Jianmin Chen, Peng Zhao, Qunji Xue

71. Frictional Dynamics in a Two Dimensional Frenkel-Kontorova Model with Square Lattice Symmetry
Ju-na Wei, Cang-long Wang, Wen-shan Duan, Jian-min Chen

72. Advances in Investigation of Elasto-Aerodynamic Lubrication in Compliant Foil Bearings
Lie Yu, Shemiao Qi, Haipeng Geng

73. Normal Stress Effects in Journal Bearing Lubrication with Maxwell Fluid
Li Xiaodi, Chen Haosheng, Chen Darong, Wang Jiadao

74. Analysis of Bearing Outer Ring Creep with FEM
Jianjun Zhan, Kinji Yukawa, Hiromichi Takemura

75. Effects of Content of MoS2 on Sliding Tribological Behavior of Copper-Based Powder Metallurgy Materials under Electrical Current
Shangguan Bao, Zhang Yongzhen, Xing Jiandong, Sun Lemin, Hu Daochun, Qiu Ming

76. Research on Frictional Wear Properties of C/C Composite with Electric Current
L. X. Jia, Y. Z. Zhang, J. Li, L. M. Sun, Y. W. Zhao

77. Friction Behavior of C/C-SiC Braking Composites Fabricated by Warm Compacted-in situ Reaction
Zhuan Li, Peng Xiao, Xiang Xiong, Su-hua Zhu

78. Tribological Properties of Hybrid Ag4SiW12O40 Nanoparticles Multilayer Films
Yanbao Guo, Deguo Wang, Siwei Zhang, Yuqi Xiao

79. Study on Fatigue Crack Behavior of Rail in Different Curve Radius
Wen Zhong, Wenjian Wang, Qiyue Liu

80. Improvement in Wear Resistance of TiNi Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion and Annealing Treatment
Z. H. Li, X. H. Cheng

81. Self-Healing of a Soft Primer Coating Caused by Plasticization during Sliding against UHMWPE
Pieter Samyn, Koenraad Bonny, Gustaaf Schoukens

82. Performance of an Infinitely Long Transversely Rough Hydrodynamic Slider Bearing
G. M. Deheri, Chandaniben D. Changela, H. C. Patel, Nikhilkumar D. Abhangi

83. Investigation of Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Ti811 Alloy at Elevated Temperature
Xiaohua Zhang, Daoxin Liu

84. Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of a Tribological Couple: Spray-Deposited Al-Si/SiCp Composites/Brake Pads
Teng Jie, Chen Ding, Chen Zhenhua

85. Wear Behaviors of a Cu-Based Bulk Metallic Glass under Various Gas Atmosphere
G. Q. Zhang, L. N. Wang, H. Z. Liu

86. A Study of the Correlation between Gear Wear and Vibration
Cao Yibo, Xie Xiaopeng, Liu Yan, Ding Tianhuai

87. Study on the Relationship between Microstructural Change in Friction-Induced Deformation Layer and Friction Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steel
Xue Zongyu, Zhou Sheng, Wei Xicheng, Li Jian

88. Abrasive Wear Behavior of Several Metallic Materials under Simulated Sand-Dust Environment
Chunxia Li, Fengyuan Yan

89. Wear Behavior of Plasma-Nitrided 2Cr13 Martensitic Stainless Steel under Air and Vacuum
Yang Jianqun, Ye Zhuyu, Liu Yong, Yang Dezhuang, He Shiyu

90. Sealing Performance and Wear Mechanism of PTFE Oil Seal
Ye Zibo, Huang Xing, Liang Rongguang

91. Fretting Corrosion Wear of Synergy between Mechanical and Electrochemical for Biomaterials in Hanks Balanced Salt Solution
Li Ji-wu, A. Iwabuchi

92. Torsional Fretting Behaviors of UHMWPE against Different Counter-Bodies
Z. B. Cai, J. Yu, Z. R. Zhou, M. H. Zhu, S. X. Qu

93. An Experimental Study on the Rotational Fretting Wear Behavior of LZ50 Steel
J. L. Mo, Z. J. Liao, M. H. Zhu, Z. R. Zhou

94. Comparative Study of Tribological Properties with Different Fibers Reinforced PTFE/PEEK Composites at Elevated Temperatures
Mu Liwena, Feng Xin, Zhu Jiahuaa, Wang Huaiyuan, Sun Qingjie, Shi Yijun, Lu Xiaohua

95. Research on Friction Characteristic of End Faces of Mechanical Seals
L. Wei, B. Q. Gu, X. Feng, J. J. Sun

96. Failure Mechanism of Hadfield Steel Crossing
F. C. Zhang, B. Lv, T. S. Wang, C. L. Zheng, Q. Zou, M. Zhang, M. Li

97. Synthesis and Tribological Behavior of Surface Coated Cu Nanoparticles in Liquid Paraffin
Ling Zhang, Hongqi Wan, Huidi Zhou, Lei Chen, Jianmin Chen

98. Tribological Behaviors at High Load of MoS2 Films in Vacuum
Xinxin Ma, Guangze Tang, Shiyu He, Gang Wang, Yong Liu, Dezhuang Yang

99. Experimental Study on Running-in of Steel Fiction Pair of Block on Disk in Oil with Micro-and-Nano Diamond Powder
X. P. Xie, Z. G. Wang, S. L. Chen

100. Thermomechanical Properties and Tribological Behavior of CaCO3 Whisker Reinforced Polyetheretherketone Composites
Lin Youxi, Gao Chenghui, Chen Minghui

101. Corrosive Fretting Wear Behavior of a Titanium Alloy TC11 in Artificial Seawater
H. Y. Ding, Z. D. Dai, Y. Zhang, G. H. Zhou

102. Investigation on Rolling Contact Fatigue and Wear Properties of Railway Rail
Wenjian Wang, Wen Zhong, Jun Guo, Qiyue Liu

103. Superlubricity Characteristics Using Ceramic Composite Mineral Powder as Lubricating Oil Additive
Yuzhou Gao, Wengang Chen, Huichen Zhang

104. On the Wear-Resistance of Zinc-Based Composites Reinforced by Modified Silicon Phase
Zhao Haofeng, Wang Ling, Wang Wei, Tan Xingxuan, Huang Tingli, Xia Zhengjun, Liu Yanling, Liu Bin

105. On the Wear-Resistance of Low-Alloyed Steel Modified by Inoculants
Wang Ling, Zhao Haofeng, Yan Kai, Liu Bin, Wang Wei, Chen Xi, Qin Qing, Wang Zhigang, He Jun, Liu Mengyin, Liu Zhigang, Wu Hongyan

106. Research on Worn Mechanism of Disc-Brake Pair Materials for Drilling Rig
X. H. Wang, S. W. Zhang, D. G. Wang, N. Wu

107. Modelling of Self-Lubrication in Frictional Interaction
I. G. Goryacheva

108. An Asperity-Contact Based Oxidation Model for Fretting Wear with the Presence of Debris
J. Ding, S. B. Leen, E. J. Williams, P. H. Shipway

109. Rolling Contact Fatigue of Silicon Nitride Balls under Pure Rolling Condition
Zhou Jing-ling, Chen Xiao-yang, Zhang Pei-zhi, Wu Guo-qing

110. Influence of Different External Pressure on the Thermo-Mechanical Coupling of the Rough Surface during Sliding Contact
J. M. Huang, C. H. Gao, Z. Liu

111. Effect of Transverse Surface Topography on Cavitation Erosion
Y. Li, Z. Xu, H. Chen, J. Wang, D. Chen

112. The Theory of Debris Group in Ferrographic Analysis
Tonggang Liu, Xiaohang Tang, Zhiyi Yang

113. A Method to Monitor Nonferrous Debris in Ferrographic Analysis
Liu Tonggang, Liu Shujin, Yang Zhiyi

114. Interaction between Micro-Particales and Bubbles in Cavitation-Erosion of Hydro-Machinery
Wang Jiadao, Chen Haosheng, Xu Yanji, Qin Li, Li Yongjian, Chen Darong

115. Magnetization of Friction Surfaces and Wear Particles under Tribological Processes
Alan Hase, Hiroshi Mishina

116. Wear Progress Prediction of Carbide Tool in Turning of AISI1045 by Using FEM
L.-J. Xie, C. Schmidt, F. Biesinger, J. Schmidt, S.-Q. Pang

117. Friction and Wear Properties of Fe7Mo6-Based Alloy under the Lubrication of Ethyl-Alcohol
T. Murakami, Y. Hibi, H. Mano, S. Sasaki

118. Seizure of PEEK and Its Composite at High Sliding Velocity in Oil Lubrication
T. Akagaki, M. Kawabata

119. Tribological Behavior of Chromium Alloyed Layer Prepared on Surface of TiAl
Zhiyong He, Xiaofeng Wang, Ying Fan, Zhenxia Wang, Xiaoping Liu, Zhong Xu

120. Wear Characteristics under Boundary Lubrication Contacts in Phosphorated Starch Based Electrorheological Fluids
Chul-Hee Lee, Young-Min Han, Jung Woo Sohn, Seung-Bok Choi

121. Abrasive Wear Mechanisms of Multi Component Ferrous Alloys Abraded by Soft, Fine Abrasive Particles
J.D.B. Mello, A. A. Polycarpou

122. The Analyzes of Mutual Influence of Contact Spots in Sliding Contact of a Periodic Surface and a Viscoelastic Foundation
A. N. Lyubicheva

123. Different Nano-Fillers on the Tribological Properties of PTFE Nanocomposites
Huaiyuan Wang, Xin Feng, Liwen Mu, Xiaohua Lu

124. Study on Surface Passivation Treatment and Tribological Properties of 1Cr18Ni9Ti Stainless Steel in Hydrogen Peroxide
Wang Jihui, Gu Kali, Yuan Chengqing, Sun Xianming, Hu Sheng, Hu Xiaozhong, Li Jian

125. High Speed Tribology: Some Developments on Thermal Behaviors
Zhang Yongzhen, Qiu Ming

126. Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Cu-Graphite Composite within a Wide Range of Sliding Velocity
Wenlin Mai, Jinjun Lu

127. Tribological Aspects of Control over Frictional Interaction between Solids in the Presence of Liquid Crystals
S. F. Ermakov, A. V. Mikelionis

128. Effects of the Concentration of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Solution and NaCl Additive on the Potential-Controlled Friction
Siqing He, Yonggang Meng, Yu Tian

129. Study of Wear and Corrosion Properties of Coated Ionic Liquid
Zhang Xiaohao, Zhang Xiangjun, Liu Yonghe, Mikhail Kosinsky, Imad Ahmed, Stefan Krischok, Juergen A. Schaefer

130. Deformation Behavior of Al-4Cu-2Mg Alloy during Cold Upset Forging
J Babu Rao, Syed Kamaluddin, J Appa Rao, M M M Sarcar, N R M R Bhargava

131. Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Pure Aluminium and Al-Cu Alloys
A Narendra Kumar, R Srinivasu, J Babu Rao

132. Tribological Properties of Spark-Plasma-Sintered Al2O3-SrSO4 Self-Lubricating Nanocomposites at Elevated Temperatures
Yufeng Li, Jiahu Ouyang, Yaming Wang, Yu Zhou, Takashi Murakami, Shinya Sasaki

133. Tribological Behaviors of Some Materials in Sea Water
Jianzhang Wang, Fengyuan Yan, Qunji Xue

134. Nanofretting Wear of Monocrystalline Silicon (100) against Spherical SiO2 Tip in Vacuum
Jiaxin Yu, Bingjun Yu, Linmao Qian, Zhongrong Zhou

135. Influence of Surface Finishing Operations on the Reciprocating Sliding Friction and Wear Response of WC Based Cemented Carbides
K. Bonny, P. Baets, W. Ost, S. Huang, J. Vleugels, O. Biest, W. Liu, B. Lauwers

136. Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Titanium Reinforced Polybenzimidazole Composites
Lu Yanhua, Graduate School, Zhou Huida, Chen Jianmin

137. Friction and Wear Behavior of Laser Cladding NiAl/hBN Self-Lubricating Composite Coating
Shitang Zhang, Jiansong Zhou, Baogang Guo, Huidi Zhou, Yuping Pu, Jianmin Chen

138. Research on the Wear-Resisting Material Produced by Vacuum Evaporation Pattern Casting
Jianxiu Liu, Yongjun Liu, Minxin Zheng, Xiangke Ning

139. Effect of Surface Topography on Friction and Wear of Cast Iron for Cylinder Liners
J. Keller, Ph. Kapsa, V. Fridrici, J. F. Huard

140. Wear Resistance Analysis of Hardening Materials for Engine Cylinder
Jianmin Sun, Qinghui Zhou, Gequn Shu

141. Effects of Speed Sequence on Friction Properties of Sintered Cu-SiO2

Fei Gao, Rong Fu, Baoyun Song, Yves Berthier

142. The Fluid Dynamic Lubrication between Tooth Surfaces of High Order Contact
L. Huran

143. Study on Friction and Wear Behavior of Glass Fiber and Fly Ash Reinforced MC Nylon Composites
S. H. Zhang, G. Chen, C. Cui, C. Mi, F. Tian

144. Experimental Study of Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Chemical Mechanical Polishing for Sapphire Substrate
Wenhu Xu, Xinchun Lu, Guoshun Pan, Jianbin Luo, Chenhui Zhang

145. Friction and Wear of the Ceramic Coating Formed on Magnesium Alloy
Fei Chen, Hai Zhou, Qingfeng Zhang, Fanxiu Lv

146. Thermal-Mechanical Couple Simulation of Solid Brake Disc in Repeated Braking Cycles
Pyung Hwang, Xuan Wu, Young-Bae Jeon, Qi-Cheng Peng, Hee-Chang Seo

147. Preliminary Applications of King’s ART Technology in Industry
Ling Chen, Yayue Zhao, Yuansheng Jin

148. Wear Properties of Potassium Titanate Whiskers Reinforced ZL109 Alloy Composites
Wei Zhongshan, Wu Shenqing

149. Mineralogical Mechanochemical Agent Assisted Reconditioning Effects and Mechanism on Worn Ferrous Surfaces
Jin Yuansheng, Yang Zhongxue

150. Experiment Research on the Friction Performance of O-Ring with Different Oil Swelling Ratios
Fu Suhong, Liu Jinli, Liu Nan, Ma Jingxuan

151. Friction Behaviors of Bushing in Rolling Contact with Shaft and Electroless Ni-PTFE-P or Ni-Al2O3-P Coating
Dayong Liu, Yiwu Yan, Kalun Lee, Jie Yu

152. Nano and Micro Indentation and Scratch Tests of Mechanical Properties of Thin Films
Norm V. Gitis, Suresh Kuiry, Ilja Hermann, Jun Xiao

153. Synthesis of Nano-MoS2 Particles and Its Role in the Self-Lubrication of Polyacetal-Based Composite
Xianguo Hu, Yufu Xu, Kunhong Hu, Ralph Stengler

154. Analysis of a Three-Body Contacting model with the Adhesive effect
Jeng-Haur Horng, Chin-Chung Wei

155. Analysis of Three-Body Contacting Model with Scale Effect
Chin-Chung Wei, Jeng-Haur Horng

156. Adhesion, Friction and Wear Measurements at Microscale
N. Myshkin, A. Kovalev, A. Grigoriev, W. Scharff, E. Kovalev

157. Fabrication and Nano-Tribological Behaviors of PDDA/Ag NPs Composite Molecular Deposition Films
Xiao Yu-qi, Wang De-guo, Zhang Si-wei, Guo Yanbao, Gao Mang-lai

158. Frequency Shift of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube under Axial Load
Kan Biao, Cheng Guanggui, Fan Zhen, Ding Jianning, Wang Xiuqin, Ling Zhiyong

159. Effect of Heat Treatment on the Nano-Tribological Properties of Ionic Liquid Films
Wenjie Zhao, Deming Huang, Jibing Pu, Mingwu Baia

160. Analysis on Wafer Tilt Effects in CMP Process
Chao-hui Zhang, Zi-cheng Wang, Yan Wang

161. Size Effects on Friction of C3602 in Cylinder Compression
Bin Guo, Feng Gong, Chunju Wang, Debin Shan

162. Investigation on the Tribological Characteristics of Nano/Micro Solid Anti-Wear Additives in Engine Lubricants
Zhang Kejin, Wang Dan, Pan Yanchun, Lu Yun, Han Zhiyong

163. The Influence of Carbon Nanotubes on the Tribological Behavior and Wear Resistance of a Polyamide Nanocomposite
B. May, M. R. Hartwich, R. Stengler, X. G. Hu

164. Experimental Investigation of the Frictional Behaviors at Particle-Surface Interfaces in CMP Application Using an Atomic Force Microscope
In-Ha Sung, Hung-Gu Han, Hosung Kong

165. Finite Element Simulation and Analysis of Nano-Scale Adhesive Contacts
Liu Yuan, Zhang Xiangjun

166. Nano/Micro-Tribological Properties of Ultrathin Functionalized Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Films on Silicon Wafer
Yufei Mo, Mingwu Bai

167. Micro Asperity Type Induced in Electrostatic Resistance of MEMS
Xuejin Shen, Licheng Hou, Xiaoyang Chen

168. Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation of the Recess Slider in Magnetic Recording System with Ultra-Thin Spacing
Rongjun Niu, Hongbin Liu, Ping Huang

169. Effect of Solvents on Frictional Properties of Monolayer Lubricant Films Coated on Magnetic Disk Surfaces
Hedong Zhang, Yosuke Fujikawa, Yasunaga Mitsuya, Kenji Fukuzawa

170. Fly-Ability and Durability Test of Dynamic Fly Height Heads at 1 nm Clearance
Ning Li, Lanshi Zheng, David B. Bogy, Yonggang Meng

171. Cavitation Erosion Characteristics of Titanium Alloy Thin Film Prepared by Ion Beam Enhanced Deposition
Zhang Huichen, Gao Yuzhou, Zhou Rixue

172. Measurements of Vertical Elongation and Adhesive Force of Nanometers-Thick Lubricant Films on Magnetic Disks Using Micro Probe for SPM
Yasuji Ohshima, Yasunaga Mitsuya, Kenji Fukuzawa

173. Experimental Research on Boundary Slip of Confined Liquids at Micro/Nano Scale and Effect of Shear Rate and Viscosity
Wang Xin, Meng Yonggang, Zhang Xiangjun, Wen Shizhu

174. Study on Micro-Scale Gas Slider Bearing w ith Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method
Yanrui Zhang, Yonggang Meng

175. Tribological Behaviors of Self-Assembled Dual-Layer Films in Atmosphere and in Vacuum
Bingjun Yu, Jiaxin Yu, Zhongrong Zhou, Linmao Qian, Jun Luo

176. Research on Fractal Contact Model of Cylinders’ Surface
Huang Kang, Zhao Han, Chen Qi

177. Friction between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Films—a Molecular Dynamics Study
Tianbao Mao, Hui Wang, Yuanzhong Hu

178. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Atomic-Scale Friction in Diamond-Silver Sliding System
Pengzhe Zhu, Hui Wang, Yuanzhong Hu

179. Molecular Dynamics Study on Carbon Nanotubes Sandwiched between Si Surface
Li Rui, Hu Yuanzhong, Wang Hui

180. Tribological Aspects of Nanoimprint Process
Zygmunt Rymuza

181. Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Effect of Crystallographic Orientation on Nano-Indentation/Scratching Behaviors of BCC Iron
Cheng Lu, Yuan Gao, Guillaume Michal, Hongtao Zhu, Nam N. Huynh, A. Kiet Tieu

182. 3D Misorientation of Cantilevers and Its Impact in Friction Force Microscopy
Guillaume Michal, Cheng Lu, A. Kiet Tieu

183. Coupled Simulative Analysis for Drive Characteristic of Micro-Comb Structure
D. Guo, Y. Zhu

184. Relating Friction and Processes Development during Chemical — Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
Filip Ilie, Tiberiu Laurian, Constantin Tita

185. An Irreversible Thermodynamics Theory for Friction and Wear
Zhendong Dai

186. Fabrication and Flying Test of Silicon Sliders
Jing Lin, Yonggang Meng, Nanhai Song

187. Surface Damages on Silicon Surfaces Created by Large Silica Cluster Impacts: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Ruling Chen, Jianbin Luo, Dan Guo, Xinchun Lu

188. Silicon Oxide Surface Chemistry and Nano-Tribology
Seong H. Kim

189. Dynamic Testing for Evaluation of HDI Robustness
Zhi Sheng Deng, Eric Lap Pang Lam, Li Zhi Su, Eric Cheuk Wing Leung

190. Effect of Wall Roughness on Electroosmotic Flow in Microchannels
Y. Liu, D. Yang

191. Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring System: Friction and Its Control
Yonghe Liu

192. Fundamentals of Friction and Energy Dissipation
Yuanzhong Hu

193. The Future of Boundary Lubrication by Carbon Coatings and Environmentally Friendly Additives
Mi de Barros Bouchet, J Michel Martin, C Matta, L Joly-Pottuz

194. Tribological Behavior of Sputtered Boron Carbon Nitride Coatings and the Influence of Processing Gas
Youming Chen, Shengrong Yang, Junyan Zhang

195. Effect of the Prepared Process on Tribological Properties of Multi-Layer Elastomeric DLC Monolayer
Ding Jianning, Cheng Guanggui, Kan Biao, Fan Zhen, Ling Zhiyong

196. Tribology Behaviors of in situ Nanoparticles Doped Molecular Deposition Films
Yanbao Guo, Siwei Zhang, Deguo Wang

197. The Friction Property of Hydrogenated Carbon with Fullerene Microstructure after Annealing
Qi Wang, Zhou Wang, Chengbing Wang, Junyan Zhang

198. Study of Worn Surface Characterization Based on Singular Entropy
Li Guobin, Guan Delin

199. An Adaptive Meshless Model for Asperity Thermal Elasto-Plastic Contacts Considering Temperature-Dependent Material Properties
Geng Liu, Zheng Zhang

200. Thermal Oxidized Coating on Surface of Titanium Alloy for Improvement of Tribological Properties in Vacuum
Yong Liu, Zhuyu Ye, Dezhuang Yang, Shiyu He

201. Study on Friction and Wear Properties in Vacuum for γ-Ray Irradiated PTFE Coatings
Yong Liu, Zhuyu Ye, Xingdong Yuan, Dezhuang Yang

202. Friction and Wear Behaviors of Plasma Sprayed Conventional and Nanostructured WC-12Co Coatings at Elevated Temperature
Bin Yin, Yulong An, Huidi Zhou, Fengyuan Yan, Jianmin Chen

203. Wear Behavior of Chromizing-Titanizing Coating
Lou Baiyang, Xu Bin, Jin Lingchuan, Yu Keer

204. Preparation and Polishing Performances of α-Al2O3/Fe2O3 Composite Particles
Qionglin Yan, Hong Lei, Yi Chen, Yuliang Zhu

205. Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Friction and Wear Behavior of MoS2/Graphite Coatings in Vacuum
Jianqun Yang, Yong Liu, Zhuyu Ye, Dezhuang Yang, Shiyu He

206. Preparation of Silica / Alumina Composite Abrasives and Their CMP Behavior on Hard Disk Substrate
Fengling Chu, Hong Lei

207. Friction Properties of Laser Surface Texturing and Molybdenum Alloying Duplex-Treated Ni-Based Alloy
Jianliang Li, Dangsheng Xiong

208. Erosion Characteristic in Ultrasonic Cavitation Experiment
Luo Jing, Li Jian

209. Modification Effects of Potassium Titanate Whisker on the Water Absorption and Tribological Properties of PTFE Composites
Jiahua Zhu, Yijun Shi, Xin Feng, Huaiyuan Wang, Xiaohua Lu

210. Influence of the C+-Implantation Dose on the Wetting and Adhesion Properties of Silicon Surfaces
D. G. Wang, D. K. Zhang

211. The Effect of Laser Induced Oxygen-Diffusion Hardening on the Surface Structure and Scratch Resistance of Commercially Pure Ti
Chen Changjun, Zhang Shichang, Zhang Min, Chang Qingming

212. Structure and Tribological Characterization of TiB2/TiBN Multilayer Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
W. S. Lin, J. Chen, J. Zhou

213. First Principles Investigation of Water Adsorption on Fe (110) Crystal Surface Containing N
W. Zhao, J. D. Wang, F. B. Liu, D. R. Chen

214. Research on Fabrication and Tribological Properties of Ti-Al Intermetallic Compound Lubricate Film
Zhang Ye, Li Changsheng, Tian Mingxia

215. XPS and SEM Analyses of Self-Repairing Film Formed by Mineral Particles as Lubricant Additives on the Metal Friction Pairs
Wengang Chen, Yuzhou Gao, Huichen Zhang

216. Study on the Characteristics of Transferred Lubricating Thin Films on Ceramic Surfaces Generated in Liquid Nitrogen
Le Gu, Liqin Wang, Dezhi Zheng, Xiaomei Jia

217. Cr17Ni14Mo3 Powder Laser Cladding on 45Steel Substrate
Sun Huilai, Lin Shuzhong, Zhao Fangfang, Qi Xiangyang

218. Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Plasma Sprayed NiCr/Cr3C2 and NiCr/Cr3C2-BaF2-CaF2 Composite Coatings
Chuanbing Huang, Lingzhong Du, Weigang Zhang

219. Friction and Wear Property of Amorphous Carbon Films Prepared by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
Rong Sun, Ruxu Du, Shuhui Yu, Qunji Xue

220. Research on Silicon Content and Structure Relationship of Amorphous Si-DLC Films by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
H. Lan, T. Kumagai, T. Kato

221. Effect of Deposition Parameters on Nano-Mechanical Properties of DLC Films by PECVD
H. Lan, T. Kato

222. The Effect of Laser Texturing of Steel Surfaces on Film Lubriction Based on Stribeck Curves
Hongbin Liu, Rongjun Niu, Yonggang Meng

223. Formation and Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Alloys
N. Li, C. H. Gao

224. Fabrication and Wear Resistance of Ni-CeO2 Nanocomposite Coatings by Electrodeposition under Ultrasound Condition
Yujun Xue, Wei Ma, Jishun Li, Mingde Duan

225. On the Measurement of Slip Length for Liquid on Super-Hydrophobic Surface
Li Jian, Zhou Ming, Cai Lan, Yang Haifeng, Ye Xia

226. Effect of Plasma Surface Niobizing of γ-TiAl Alloy on Wear Resistance
Xiaoping Liu, Zhiyong He, Bingying Wang, Li Cao

227. Tribological Properties and High-Speed Drilling Performance of Zr-C∶H∶Nx% Coatings with Different Contents of Nitrogen
W. H. Kao, S. H. Yao, Y. L. Su

228. Tribological Behavior of Sputtered CrAINbN Hard Coatings at Elevated Temperatures
G. A. Fontalvo, C. Mitterer

229. The Method of Elastic Coatings Diagnostics from Indentation Data
E. Torskaya, S. Siroezkin, S. Chizhik

230. The Effect of Electric Field on Adhesion Force with Liquid in MIM Structures
Xiong Yi, Zhang Xiangjun, Liu Yonghe, Zhang Xiaohao, Mikhail Kosinskiy

231. Simulation of Friction Composite Behavior Using Heat Treatment
Jiři Gabryš, Yafei Lu, Gražyna Simha Martynková, Yuxiong Liu

232. In-situ Microtribology with High Local Resolution
Wolfgang P. Weinhold, Eberhard G. Mueller, Ralph Stengler, Michael Stoll

233. Optimization of Energy Efficiency of Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films in the Field of Solar Cells by Microtribological Rating
Jing Yu, Wolfgang P. Weinhold, Volker Sittinger, Carsten Diegelmann

234. Contact Analysis of a Spherical Wear Particle between Elastomeric Seal and Coated Steel Surface
Tae-Jo Park, Yun-Geon Hwang, Hyun-Dong Cho, Hyun-Gi Chung

235. Effect of Particles Size and Morphology of Selected Compounds of Friction Composite on Friction Performance
Karla Barabaszová, Yuxiong Liu, Gražyna Simha Martynková, Yafei Lu

236. New Technique of DLC Coating Obtaining for Tribology Applications
N. M. Chekan, V. V. Akulich, E. V. Ladutko, Yan Zhuang, I. P. Akula

237. Effect of Spraying Parameters on Microstructure and Thermal Stability of Fe-Based Metallic Glass Coatings
Li Fuping, Li Jinshan, Kou Hongchao, Jiang Chaoping, Xue Xiangyi, Fu Hengzhi

238. Factors Influencing the Fluid-Assisted Surface Cracking under Rolling-Sliding Contact Loading
J. Wang, J. Lai, S. Loannides

239. Microstructure, Phase and Microhardness Distribution of Laser Deposited Ni-Based Amorphous Coating
Jiang Chaoping, Li Jinshan, Kou Hongchao, Dai Jiangbo, Xue Xiangyi, Fu Hengzhi

240. Friction Modifiers Optimization of the Ceramic Composites for Automotive Applications
Grazyna Simha Martynková, Pavla Thorová, Karla Barabaszová, Yafei Lu

241. Friction and Wear Behaviors and Rolling Contact Fatigue Life of TiN Film on Bearing Steel by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition Technique
Hongxi Liu, Rong Zhou, Yehua Jiang, Baoyin Tang

242. Connectivity Characterization of 3D Surface Topography Based on Mathematical Morphology
Liu Xiaojun, Wang Wei, Liu Kun, Gui Changlin

243. Effect of Microstructure on the Friction Properties of the Electroless Ni-P Deposit
Y. H. Cheng, L. Cheng, Y. Zou, W. Liu

244. Erosion Behaviors of Elastic Polymer Coatings
Zhong Ping, Liao Youwei, Yuan Chengqing, Li Jian

245. Mechanical Properties of the TiAlSiN Coatings by Post Heat Treatments
Wei-Yu Ho, Chin-Wei Chen, Li-Wei Shen, Chi-Lung Chang, Chun-Nane Chen, Chi-Chun Hwang

246. In-situ Measurements of Surface Temperature Fields on Ring-Block Contact Surface under Friction Using an Infrared Thermography
Tao You, Jianwei Yu, Xiaofen Yu

247. Research on the Preparation, Characterization and Tribological Properties of Ultra-Thin Self-Assembled Monolayers on the Magnetic Head Surface
Hu Xiaoli, Zhang Chenhui

248. Super-Hydrophobic and Self-Lubricating Carbon Coating on Ti3SiC2

Jian Sui, Yanjie Zhang, Shufang Ren, Monika Rinke, Jinjun Lu

249. Corrosion Protection of Ultra-Thin Diamond-Like Carbon Films on Cuprum
Min Zhong, Chenhui Zhang, Jianbin Luo

250. SEM and AFM Study on Nanoparticles Used as Lubricating Oils Additives
Gu Zhuoming

251. Study on Wear Model for Piston Ring and Strengthened Cylinder Wall of Engine
Jianmin Sun, Haiqiao Wei

252. State of the Art in Laser Surface Texturing
Izhak Etsion

253. La2O3 Effect on Microstructure, Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Ni-W Coatings
Baolei Han, Xinchun Lu

254. A Comparative Study of Growth Process and Tribological Behavior between Single Component and Mixed Alkylsilane Self-Assembled Molecular Films
X. K. Wang, Y. H. Liu, J. B. Luo, X. C. Lu

255. The Effect of Surface Morphology on the Friction Behavior of HF-CVD Diamond Films
Bin Shen, Fanghong Sun

256. Particles Detection and Analysis of Hard Disk Substrate after Post-CMP Cleaning
Yating Huang, Xinchun Lu, Guoshun Pan, Bill Lee, Jianbin Luo

257. Hard Wear-Resistant Coatings: A Review
T. Hoornaert, Z. K. Hua, J. H. Zhang

258. The Cavitation Erosion of the Mild Carbon Steels Implanted with Titanium and Nitrogen
Liu Fengbin, Chen Darong, Zhao Ming, Wang Jiadao, Xu Yanji

259. Research of the Pits Induced by MnS Inclusions at the Incipient Stage of Cavitation Erosion
Jiang Nana, Liu Shihan, Chen Haosheng, Wang Jiadao, Chen Darong

260. The Water Wettability of the Hydrogenated and Oxygenated Diamond Films
Wang Jiadao, Chen Darong, Liu Fengbin

261. Investigation on the Effect of Transverse Grooves on Friction Force
Zhou Gang, Wang Jiadao, Chen Haosheng, Chen Darong

262. Research for Forming Mechanism of Benard Coating Shaped Bi-Unit Composite Structure
Zhaoliang Dou, Jiadao Wang, Haosheng Chen, Darong Chen

263. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TiCN Coatings Prepared by MTCVD
Zhengbing Qi, Peng Sun, Zhoucheng Wang

264. Erosion-Wear Behavior and Mechanism of HVAS Coatings
Y. H. Han, L. Li

265. Tribological Properties of Textured Ti Coating Prepared by Masked Deposition
Yuanyue Zhang, Tianmin Shao

266. A Method of Micro Laser Surface Texturing Based on Optical Fiber Focusing
Yiqian Zhou, Tianmin Shao, Liang Yin

267. Application of Laser in Surface Technology —An Overview of the Research Work Performed in SKLT
Tianmin Shao

268. Influence of Heat Treatment on Hardness, Elastic Modulus and Bonding Strength of Ti/Ta/TiN/TaN Nanomultilayer Coatings
H. F. Gong, T. M. Shao

269. Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Titanium Reinforced Polybenzimidazole
Yanhua Lu, Jianmin Chen, Haixia Cui, Huidi Zhou

270. Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films Deposition on Glass Using an Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Microwave Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) System
Guangan Zhang, Liping Wang, Pengxun Yan, Junyan Zhang

271. The Biotribological Behavior Researches on the α-Tocopherol Doped and Gamma-Irradiated UHMWPE
Ni Zifeng, Ge Shirong

272. The Effects of Protein and pH on the Tribo-Corrosion Performance of Cast CoCrMo — A Combined Electrochemical and Tribological Study
D. Sun, J. A. Wharton, R. J. K. Wood

273. Biotribological Properties of Carburized Titanium Alloys
Yong Luo, Shirong Ge, Zhongmin Jin, John Fisher

274. Effect of Corrosion and Biofilm on Friction Behavior in Biotribocorrosion System for Metal-on-Metal Hip Prosthesis
Yu Yan, Duncan Dowson, Sophie Williams, Anne Neville, John Fisher

275. A Microscopic Model for Pedestrian Sl ips Caused by Particle Contamination
Hung-Jung Tsai, Pay-Yau Huang, Hung-Cheng Tsai, Chih-Hsiang Liao

276. Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Aspherical Metal-on-Metal Artificial Hip Joints
Qingen Meng, Leiming Gao, Feng Liu, Peiran Yang, Fisher John, Zhongmin Jin

277. Long-Term Contact-Coupled Wear Prediction for Total Metal-on-Metal Hip Joint Replacement
Muhamad Noor Harun, Fengchai Wang, Zhongmin Jin, John Fisher

278. The Molecular Orientation Induced by Multi-Directional Sliding in the UHMWPE Used for the Artificial Joint Replacements
Lu Kang, Eric Lewis, Jagan Mohanraj, Tom Brown, David Barton, Zhongmin Jin, John Fisher

279. Radial Displacements in a Thin Semi-Spherical Layer of Biphasic Articular Cartilage for Use in EHL Models of Natural Hip Joints
A Félix Quiñonez, J Fisher, Z M Jin

280. Investigations of the Sliding Friction Behaviors of Locusts on Slippery Trapping Plate
Wang Lixin, Zhang Xin, Zhou Qiang

281. Tribology of Sequentially Irradiated and Annealed UHMWPE with and without Impingement
Aaron Essner, Lizeth Herrera, Reginald Lee, Jason Longaray, Aiguo Wang

282. Study on UHMWPE Carrying Estradiol to Treat the Particle-Induced Osteolysis
Shuxin Qu, Aiqin Liu, Xiaomin Liu, Shengfu Li, Jie Weng, Zhongrong Zhou

283. Friction and Wear Characteristics of UHMWPE Studied by Orthogonal Method
Wu Gang, Zhao Chunhua, Zhao Xinze

284. Wear Mechanism of Sliding Tracks between Femoral Head and Acetabular Cup of Artificial Joint
Wang Shibo, Ge Shirong, Wang Qingliang, Zhang Dekun

285. Dynamic Contacting Characteristic of Natural Articular Cartilage under Reciprocating Sliding
Qian Shanhua, Ge Shirong

286. Application of Principal Component Analysis and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm to the Classification of UHMWPE Wear Debris from Artificial Joints
J. P. Wu, X. P. Yan, C. Q. Yuan, X. C. Zhou, Z. Jin, J. L. Tipper

287. Numerical Surface Characterization of Wear Debris from Artificial Joints Using Atomic Force Microscopy
C. Q. Yuan, X. P. Yan, Z. Jin, J. L. Tipper

288. A Novel Propelling Mechanism Based on Frictional Interaction for Endoscope Robot
Young-Tae Kim, Dae-Eun Kim

289. Study on the Release of Estradiol from UHMWPE Loading Estradiol Wear Debris in vitro

Xiaomin Liu, Aiqin Liu, Shuxin Qu, Xiaohong Li, Linmao Qian, Zhongrong Zhou

290. A New Method To Simulate Wear within the Patellofemoral Joint of TKR
P. Ellison, D. C. Barton, Z. M. Jin, J. Fisher

291. Modification and Tribological Study on Implant Polymers of Hip Prosthesis
Maoquan Xue

292. Dynamic Contact Model of Bio-Adhesive Pads of Animals: Simulation Experiments
Xiong Yi, Imad Ahmed, Michael Kosinsky, Xiangjun Zhang, Yonghe Liu, J Schaefer

293. Examination of Biolox® delta from Serum Lubricated Reciprocating Sliding Wear
L. Ma, W. M. Rainforth

294. Lubrication of Synovial Joints
Zhongmin Jin

295. Mechanism and Applications of Chemical and Mechanical Polishing
Xinchun Lu, Guoshun Pan, Jianbin Luo

296. Tribological Performance of Biomass-Oil from Straw Product
Xianguo Hu, Qiongjie Wang, Yufu Xu, Xifeng Zhu

297. Extreme Pressure Properties and Mechnism of Bismuth Naphthenate with Sulfur Containing Additives
Huanqin Zhu, Jianqiang Hu, Yongguo Zhang, Yiwei Fei

298. Synthesis and Tribology Properties of Stearate Coated Ag Nanoparticles
Lei Sun, Xiaojun Tao, Pingyu Zhang, Zhijun Zhang

299. Filtrate Reducer Activity and Antiwear Behavior of Drilling Fluid Doped with an Non-Conventional Additive
Wei Danping, Geng Zhiyong, Liu Xiaoyu, Yan Lili, Wang Chengbiao

300. Utilization of Industrial and Agricultural Wastes as a Source of Lubricants, Additives and Fuels
Wei Danping

301. Effect of Tribochemical Reaction on Friction and Wear of DLC under Lubrication with Ionic Liquids at High-Vacuum Condition
Shinya Sasaki, Tsutomu Yagi, Hiroki Mano, Koji Miyake, Miki Nakano, Takao Ishida

302. Tribochemical Reaction of Ionic Liquids on Sliding Metal Surfaces
Tsutomu Yagi, Shinya Sasaki, Hiroki Mano, Koji Miyake, Miki Nakano, Takao Ishida

303. The Tribological Properties of Oil-Soluble Nano-Copper and Nano-Silica Particles as Additives of Lubricating Oils
Jingjing Huang, Xiaohong Li, Zhijun Zhang

304. Preparation and Tribological Properties of Monodispersed Metallic Cu-Sn Alloy Nanoclusters with Modified Surface
Tao Zhao, Shuhui Yuy, Zhijun Zhang, Rong Sun, Ruxu Du

305. Tribological Studies on a Novel Borate Ester Containing Benzothiazol-2-yl and Disulfide Groups as EP and Multifunctional Additive
Yonggang Wang, Tianhui Ren, Jiusheng Li

306. Tribological Behavior of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy against SAE52100 Steel under Ionic Liquid Lubricated Conditions
Yanqiu Xia, Zhengfeng Jia, Junhong Jia

307. Tribological Characteristics of Magnesium Alloy Using BN-Containing Additives under Boundary Lubricating Condition
Zhengfeng Jia, Yanqiu Xia, Weimin Liu, Bin Li

308. Synthesis of YPO4 Nanoparticals vis Microemulsion Method and Its Friction Properties of Lubricating Oils
Limin Zhao, Xin Shao, Yibin Yin, Wenzhi Li

309. A Protective Coating Formed in-situ on the Cylinder Bore in Presence of Mg6Si4O10(OH)8

Zhongxue Yang, Yuansheng Jin

310. Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Copper in Organic Phosphonic Acid System Slurry
Zhang Wei, Lu Xinchun, Liu Yuhong, Pan Guoshun, Luo Jianbin

311. Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper Using Ethylenediamine and Hydrogen Peroxide Based Slurry
Ping Liu, Xinchun Lu, Yuhong Liu, Jianbin Luo, Guoshun Pan

312. Rheological and Tribological Characteristics of Chemically Modified Rapeseed Oil
Li Qinghua, Tao Dehua, Zhang Jianhua, Mo Yunhui

313. Research on Friction-Coatings with Activated Ultra-Thick Tin-Base
Mo Yunhui, Tao Dehua, Wei Xicheng, Li Qinghua

314. Surfactants Lubricating Oil Additives
S. Plaza, L. Margielewski

315. Efficient Tribology Testing of Lubricating Oils with Nano-Additives
Norm V. Gitis, Jun Xiao

316. Manufacture and Characterization of C/C-SiC Fabricated by Warm Compacted-in situ Reacted Process
Li Zhuan, Xiao Peng, Xiong Xiang

317. Experimental Investigations on Relationship between Sorptive Properties, Surface Tension, Contact Angle and Lubricity of Engine and Gear Oils
Tomasz Jan Kaldonski, Tadeusz Kaldonski

318. The Latest Technology of Traction Drive Half-Toroidal CVT
Daping Liu, Takashi Imanishi

319. Long Life Bearing Technologies on Material Aspect
Peng Xiangduo, Yasuyuki Shimizu, Nobuaki Mitamura

320. Fault Diagnosis of Gear Using Oil Monitoring Samples and Vibration Data
Cao Yibo, Xie Xiaopeng, Liu Yan, Ding Tianhuai

321. Prediction of Static Performance of Bump-Type Foil Bearings and Validation
Kai Feng, Shigehiko Kaneko

322. Study on Condition Monitoring in Petrochemical Equipment Using Oil Analysis Technology
Xiaopeng Xie, Wei Feng, Qiansheng Liao

323. Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polymer-Lining and Their Effect on Coefficient of Friction
Yuxing Peng, Zhencai Zhu, Guoan Chen

324. Machine Condition Monitoring and Remaining Life Prediction Using Integrated Approach
S. Ebersbach, Zhongxiao Peng, Chengqing Yuan, Xinping Yan

325. Study on Condition Characteristics of Tribo-System and Its Description Method
Xinping Yan, Chengqing Yuan, Xincong Zhou, Xiuqin Bai

326. Study of Tribological Faults and Their Prevention Approaches in Dredger
X. P. Yan, Y. H. Chen, A. N. Li, C. Q. Yuan

327. Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication and Asperity Contact Simulation of Engine Main Bearing with Flexible Rotating Crankshaft and Flexible Engine Block
Liang Chen, Xigeng Song, Dongxin Xue, Zhangjie Ming

328. Tribology Extenics Condition Evaluation Based on Case Reasoning
Zhao Chunhua, Yu Zhiqiang, Zhao Xinze, Wu Gang

329. Effect of Surface Material on the Cavitation Erosion Noise: Experimental Investigation
Ge Han, Chen Haosheng, Chen Darong, Yan Dayun

330. Research on Mechanism of Casing Wear in Sliding-Impact Wear Condition
Fan Jianchun, Chun Shengli, Zhang Laibin, Yu Huiyuan

331. Durability of Phosphorated Starch Based ER Fluid under Damper
C. H. Lee, J. W. Sohn, Y. M. Han, S. B. Choi

332. Effect of Different Atmosphere on Dry Friction Behavior of Steel Sliding against Brass at High Speed
Qiu Ming, Du Sanming, Zhang Yongzhen, Shangguan Bao

333. A Study on the Application of a Mineral Additive in Lubricating Oil for Cylinder Liner
Yue Wen, Wang Chengbiao, Huang Haipeng, Wen Qingfeng, Liu Yuandong, Liu Jiajun

334. Effect of Ingredients in Slurry Containing Alumina on Polishing of Hard Disk Substrate
Jiazhen Sun, Yan Zhou, Jianbin Luo, Yan Liu, Guoshun Pan, Yonghua Zhu, Xinchun Lu

335. Study on Dispersion Stability and Self-Repair Principle of Ultrafine-Tungsten Disulfide Particulates
Shi Chen, Mao Daheng

336. Research on Micro-Abrasion Performances of TiN Coating in Simulated Body Fluid
Weijiu Huang, Guo Wang, Zhaofeng Li

337. Micro-Abrasion-Corrosion of Ti6Al4V Alloy in Simulated Artificial Hip Joint Environments
Weijiu Huang, Guo Wang, Ziqin Zheng

338. Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of NiP Alloy for Hard Disk Drive Substrates
Weiming Lee, Zuqiang Qi, Wanjia Lu, Jianbin Luo

339. The Material Removal Rate of Metal Polishing Process
Yeau-Ren Jeng, Pay-Yau Huang

340. Tool Life Modelling for High-Speed Milling
Wu Delin, Zhou Yunfei

341. Nano-Scratching-Induced Damages and Their Effect on Fracture Properties of a Single Crystal Sapphire
Yufu Liu, K. Shiraki, Y. Kagawa

342. Interfacial Forces in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
Dedy Ng, Hong Liang

343. Influence of Water on the Tribological Behavior of Collector Materials against Railway Contact Wires at High Sliding Speeds
L. M. Sun, D. C. Hu, B. Shangguan, Y. Z. Zhang

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Mechanics, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Physical Chemistry

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1049 pages
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