Fischer, Manfred M.

Handbook of Applied Spatial Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Manfred M. Fischer, Arthur Getis

2. Spatial Statistics in ArcGIS
Lauren M. Scott, Mark V. Janikas

3. Spatial Statistics in SAS
Melissa J. Rura, Daniel A. Griffith

4. Spatial Econometric Functions in R
Roger S. Bivand

5. GeoDa: An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis
Luc Anselin, Ibnu Syabri, Youngihn Kho

6. STARS: Space-Time Analysis of Regional Systems
Sergio J. Rey, Mark V. Janikas

7. Space-Time Intelligence System Software for the Analysis of Complex Systems
Geoffrey M. Jacquez

8. Geostatistical Software
Pierre Goovaerts

9. GeoSurveillance: GIS-based Exploratory Spatial Analysis Tools for Monitoring Spatial Patterns and Clusters
Gyoungju Lee, Ikuho Yamada, Peter Rogerson

10. Web-based Analytical Tools for the Exploration of Spatial Data
Luc Anselin, Yong Wook Kim, Ibnu Syabri

11. PySAL: A Python Library of Spatial Analytical Methods
Sergio J. Rey, Luc Anselin

12. The Nature of Georeferenced Data
Robert P. Haining

13. Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
Roger S. Bivand

14. Spatial Autocorrelation
Arthur Getis

15. Spatial Clustering
Jared Aldstadt

16. Spatial Filtering
Daniel A. Griffith

17. The Variogram and Kriging
Margaret A. Oliver

18. Spatial Econometric Models
James P. LeSage, R. Kelley Pace

19. Spatial Panel Data Models
J. Paul Elhorst

20. Spatial Econometric Methods for Modeling Origin-Destination Flows
James P. LeSage, Manfred M. Fischer

21. Spatial Econometric Model Averaging
Oliver Parent, James P. LeSage

22. Geographically Weighted Regression
David C. Wheeler, Antonio Páez

23. Expansion Method, Dependency, and Multimodeling
Emilio Casetti

24. Multilevel Modeling
S. V. Subramanian

25. ARTMAP Neural Network Multisensor Fusion Model for Multiscale Land Cover Characterization
Sucharita Gopal, Curtis E. Woodcock, Weiguo Liu

26. Model Selection in Markov Random Fields for High Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Data
Francesco Lagona

27. Geographic Object-based Image Change Analysis
Douglas Stow

28. The Impact of Human Capital on Regional Labor Productivity in Europe
Manfred M. Fischer, Monika Bartkowska, Aleksandra Riedl, Sascha Sardadvar, Andrea Kunnert

29. Income Distribution Dynamics and Cross-Region Convergence in Europe
Manfred M. Fischer, Peter Stumpner

30. A Multi-Equation Spatial Econometric Model, with Application to EU Manufacturing Productivity Growth
Bernard Fingleton

31. A Fuzzy k-Means Classification and a Bayesian Approach for Spatial Prediction of Landslide Hazard
Pece V. Gorsevski, Paul E. Gessler, Piotr Jankowski

32. Incorporating Spatial Autocorrelation in Species Distribution Models
Jennifer A. Miller, Janet Franklin

33. A Web-based Environmental Decision Support System for Environmental Planning and Watershed Management
Ramanathan Sugumaran, James C. Meyer, Jim Davis

34. Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Viral Meningitis in Michigan, 1993 - 2001
Sharon K. Greene, Mark A. Schmidt, Mary Grace Stobierski, Mark L. Wilson

35. Space-Time Visualization and Analysis in the Cancer Atlas Viewer
Dunrie A. Greiling, Geoffrey M. Jacquez, Andrew M. Kaufmann, Robert G. Rommel

36. Exposure Assessment in Environmental Epidemiology
Jaymie R. Meliker, Melissa J. Slotnick, Gillian A. AvRuskin, Andrew M. Kaufmann, Geoffrey D. Jacquez, Jerome O. Nriagu

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Quantitative Geography, Econometrics, Environment, general

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