Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Development of New Radioactive Seeds Tm-170 for Brachytherapy
Amal Ayoub, Gad Shani

2. Implications of Histogram Analysis in Radiation Therapy (HART) Software
A. Pyakuryal

3. Evaluation of dosimetric characteristics of a grid block fabricated for Mega-voltage grid therapy purposes
Karim Ghazi-khanlou Sani

4. Monte Carlo Investigation of Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Spinal Metastases
J. Deng, Z. Chen, J. Knisely, R. Decker, V. Chiang, R. Nath

5. Impact of Kilo-Voltage Cone Beam Computed Tomography on Image-Guided Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer
J. Deng, Z. Chen, R. Nath

6. Cell Deformation by Dielectrophoretic Fields
I. Guido, M. S. Jaeger, C. Duschl

7. Particle-beam radiation therapy for the tumor of pharyngeal region
M. Murakami, Y. Niwa, Y. Demizu, D. Miyawaki, K. Terashima, T. Arimura, Y. Hishikawa

8. A New Synchrotron Radiotherapy Technique with Future Clinical Potential: Minibeams Radiation Therapy
Y. Prezado, M. Renier, A. Bravin

9. Analysis of combined HDR Brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy in the treatment of carcinoma of cervix
T. S. Kehwar, Kamlesh Passi, Rajesh Vashistha, Bikramjit Singh, Veena Jain, Sureshchandra J. Gupta

10. Motion detection system with three USB cameras and an active search algorithm for stereotactic radiosurgery
K. Ogawa, G. Mamiya, H. Iyatomi, Y. Oku, E. Kunieda

11. An Investigation of the concomitant doses from Cone Beam CT and CT simulation in Radiotherapy
R. Potts, M. Oatey

12. Treatment Planning for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
J. L. Bedford

13. The 21st Birthday Party for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT); 21 years from 1988-2009; From concept to practical reality
S. Webb

14. A Dedicated Irradiation Facility for Radiotherapy Dosimetry
K. Derikum

15. A beam model applicable to small fields: development and validation
P. Caprile, G. H. Hartmann

16. MR based treatment workflow for external radiotherapy of prostate cancer
T. Nyholm, M. G. Karlsson, M. Karlsson

17. Computational Simulation of Tumour Hypoxia as applied to Radiation Therapy Applications
E. Dalah, D. Lloyd, D. Bradley, A. Nisbet

18. Investigation of the Recovery Behaviour as Depending on Parotid Gland Irradiation Dose
Reinhard Gerlach, Markus Stock, Susanne Koizar, Carmen Stromberger, Dietmar Georg, Martin Janich

19. Quality Assurance Program for Radiosurgery at Clinicas Hospital: Results of Implementation
L. N. Rodrigues, G. Menegussi, M. A. Silva, R. Rubo, L. Furnari, C. P. Sales, G. R. Santos

20. Application of MRI normoxic polymer gel dosimetry for the evaluation of radiation dose distribution in external beam radiotherapy
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, M. H. Bahreyni Toossi, Gh. Safaeian, A. Hashemian, Sh. Bayani

21. On the Risks of a Constant RBE for Proton Treatment Planning
M. C. Frese, Z. Taheri-Kadkhoda, J. J. Wilkens, U. Oelfke

22. Comparison of Dose Distribution in Brain Tumor Conformal Radiotherapy Using CT and CBCT
Jie Lu, Yong Yin, Jianbin Li

23. Effect of the Same Plan on Doses to Patients during Radiotherapy with Nasopharyngeal Carinoma
Jie Lu, Yong Yin, Tong Bai

24. Optimization of Dose Distribution with Multi-leaf Collimator Using Field-in-Field Technique for Radiotherapy of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
L. Cella, R. Liuzzi, M. Magliulo, M. Conson, L. Camera, M. Salvatore, R. Pacelli

25. On the performance of monitor chambers to measure the output of medical linear accelerators for high-precision dosimetric investigations
R. -P. Kapsch, A. Krauss

26. Calorimetric Determination of Absorbed Dose to Water for an 192Ir HDR Brachytherapy Source in Near-Field Geometry
M. Bambynek, A. Krauss, H. -J. Selbach

27. The first national IMRT dosimetry inter comparison in Switzerland using a thorax phantom with inhomogeneities
H. Schiefer, G. Nicolini, A. Fogliata, W. W. Seelentag, M. K. Fix

28. Calibration of 125I brachytherapy sources in terms of reference air kerma rate
H. -J. Selbach

29. A Mathematical Aid Decision Tool for RT Planning
O. Sotolongo-Grau, D. Rodríguez-Pérez, J. A. Santos-Miranda, M. M. Desco, O. Sotolongo-Costa, J. C. Antoranz

30. Accuracy of GafChromic EBT Film as Dose Meter in Radiotherapy QA
L. J. Battum, D. Hoffmans, S. Kwa, S. Heukelom

31. Low-Dose Cone-Beam CT Imaging for Radiotherapy
Jing Wang, Tianfang Li, Lei Xing

32. The realization and application on image pasting for Cone-beam Computed Tomography
Y I N Yongm, Z H U Jian, L U Jie

33. In vivo dosimetry using MOSFET and TLD for Tomotherapy
Rajesh A. Kinhikar, Chandrshekhar M. Tambe, Dipak S. Dhote, Deepak D. Deshpande

34. Dose audit using a glass dosimeter for Radiation Therapy Facilities in East-Asian Countries
H. Mizuno, Y. K. Nakamura, S. Sakata, K. Tabushi, Y. Kusano, A. Nagano, A. Fukumura, T. Kanai, H. Tsujii

35. Editing range compensator for sparing normal tissue in treatment planning of carbon-ion radiotherapy
M. Mizota, N. Kanematsu

36. A new device for the measurement of the absorbed dose to water for low energy x-ray sources used in brachytherapy
T. Schneider, M. Meier, H. J. Selbach

37. Comparison of PET Concepts for Dose Delivery Monitoring of Particle Therapy
D. Kunath, H. Braess, F. Fiedler, K. Laube, K. Parodi, M. Priegnitz, G. Shakirin, W. Enghardt

38. Image-guided stereotactic body radiation therapy using a low-Z target imaging beam line and a high dose rate unflattened beam
O. Gayou

39. Conformity of brain lesions treated with radiosurgery and fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy
M. C. Lopes, M. Capela, B. C. Ferreira, T. Ventura

40. Comparing pencil-beam generated and Monte Carlo generated dose-to-water and dose-to-tissue distributions for proton therapy patients
H. Paganetti

41. In Vivo Evaluation of Photofrin II Radiosentisitivity for the Treatment of Adenocarcinoma Tumors in Balb-C Mice using Brachytherapy
A. Moradi, B. Hashemi, Z. Hassan

42. Extend Distance Treatment for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancer
Long Huang, Lech Papiez, Ramin M. Abolfath, Ewa Papiez, Robert Timmerman, Timothy D. Solberg

43. Monte Carlo dosimetry with PENELOPE code of the VariSource VS2000 192Ir high dose rate brachytherapy source
F. J. Casado, B. Mateo, E. Cenizo, S. García-Pareja, P. Galán, C. Bodineau

44. Energy Dependence Investigations of GafChromic EBT Films for Pretreatment Dosimetric Verification of IMRT Plans
K. Chełmiński, W. Bulski, D. Georg, D. Bodzak, Z. Maniakowski, D. Oborska

45. Design and fabrication of the control part of a prototype multileaf collimator system
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, A. Hashemian, Sh. Nasseri

46. Quantitative Evaluation of Gating Radiotherapy System and Dynamic Tumor Tracking Radiotherapy System Developed at KIRAMS
Seungwoo Park, Haijo Jung, Kum Bae Kim, Young Hoon Ji

47. Dosimetrical Aspect of CT Simulation Role in Radiation Therapy Planning
Seyed Rabi Mahdavi, Alireza Nikoofar, Hamidreza Mirzaei, Bahram Mofid

48. Implantable in vivo Dosimetric Probe Based on GaN Radioluminescence
Anas Ismail, Patrick Pittet, Guo-Neng Lu, Jean-Marc Galvan, Jean-Yves Giraud, Jacques Balosso

49. Pre-clinical experiments in the deep-seated tumor heavy-ion therapy terminal at HIRFL-CSR
Q. Li, Z-Y. Dai, X-G. Liu, Q-F. Wu, X-D. Jin, P. Li, J-J. Tao

50. Second source model of collimator scatter and spectra of proton beams
W. Ulmer

51. Determination of nuclear cross sections of proton beams by the collective model and extended nuclear-shell theory
W. Ulmer, E. Matsinos

52. 4D Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for Particle Therapy Combined with the Spring Network Model of Lung Motion
K. L. Ishikawa, S. Takagi, K. Matthys, S. Wada

53. Prognostic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy of Regional Lymph Node Metastasis of the Surgical Esophageal Carcinoma Patients After Resection
Min Gao, Shuchai Zhu, Yuxiang Wang

54. Quality control of brachytherapy source using MCNP5 calculation and radiochromic films measurement
J. Ródenas, I. Gerardy, M. Dycke, S. Gallardo

55. A Monte Carlo Study of the Particle Angular Distributions from the Electron Applicators of a Medical Linear Accelerator
N. Jabbari, B. Hashemi

56. Four-Dimensional Computerized Tomography (4D-CT) Reconstruction Without an External Breath Surrogate
Z H A N G Shu-xu, Z H O U Lin-hong, Yu Hui, C H E N Guang-jie, L I N Sheng-qu, Z H A N G Hai-nan

57. Usefulness of GafChromic EBT film for dosimetry beyond 8.0 Gy
Hideki Aoyama, Shinsuke Tokura, Yoshiharu Azuma, Sachiko Goto, Keiji Inamura

58. Influence of the CT slice thickness on the dose calculation for stereotactic treatment planing
V. Jacob, P. Kneschaurek

59. “F-MRI: a method to assess therapy-induced cognitive impairment?”
B. Walter

60. Revaluation for problem of clinical particle therapy in cell biological effects of proton, carbon-ion and X-ray at Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center
S. Nagayama, M. Murakami, T. Maeda, M. Baba, Y. Demizu, Y. Hishikawa, M. Abe

61. Fast and Accurate Proton Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction for Applications in Proton Therapy
S. N. Penfold, R. W. Schulte, V. Bashkirov, A. B. Rosenfeld

62. Patient setup using a 3D laser surface scanning system
Th. Frenzel

63. Therapy Optimization Based on Non-linear Uptake of PET Tracers versus “Linear Dose Painting”
I. Toma-Dasu, J. Uhrdin, A. Daşu, A. Brahme

64. Ant colony algorithm implementation in commissioning radiosurgery photon beams for Monte Carlo treatment planning
S. García-Pareja, F. Manzano, P. Galán, A. M. Lallena, L. Brualla

65. Respiratory Training and Guiding System using Head Mount Display Device to improve the regularity of breathing
Eunhyuk Shin, Hee-Chul Park, Youngyih Han, Jung Suk Shin, Sang-Gyu Ju, Jaiki Lee, Yong-Chan Ahn

66. The use of aSi EPID for in vivo dosimetry in photon beams: clinical experience
P. Boissard, P. François, A. Mazal

67. Response of Lithium Formate EPR Dosimeters at Photon Energies Relevant to Brachytherapy
Emelie Adolfsson, Gudrun Alm Carlsson, Jan-Erik Grindborg, Håkan Gustafsson, Eva Lund, Åsa Carlsson Tedgren

68. Development of IMRT Treatment Planning System
Jeong-Hoon Park, Woong Cho, Kwang-Ho Cheong, Won-Gyun Jung, Tae-Suk Suh

69. An Investigation on the Internal Wedge Factor Estimation for an Elekta Linac using Monte Carlo Simulation
P. Hejazi, B. Hashemi, M. Shahriari, M. Eivazi, A. Kazemnejad

70. Three Dimensional Gamma-Index Analysis and Considerations of the Reference Level Definition for Dosimetric IMRT Plan Verification with 2D Ionisation Chamber Arrays
B. Poppe, A. Ruehmann, K. Willborn, B. Allgaier, D. Harder

71. Parameterisation of Small Photon Fields in Off-Axis Regions for the SIEMENS 160 MLC
B. Poppe, J. Riediger, G. Suft, A. Ruehmann, K. Willborn, D. Harder

72. Suitability of the MVCT of TomoTherapy and Siemens Oncor for Treatment Planning
D. Schmitt, D. Albers, F. Cremers

73. Measurement of Absorbed Dose to Water of a Gamma Knife Type C
H. T. Chung, Y. Park, S. Hyun, Y. Choi, K. H. Kim, K. J. Chun

74. On line neutron dose evaluation in patients under radiotherapy
F. Sanchez-Doblado, C. Domingo, F. Gómez, J. L. Muñiz, R. Barquero, M. J. García-Fusté, G. Hartmann, M. T. Romero, J. A. Terrón, J. Pena, H. Schuhmacher, F. Wissmann, R. Böttger, A. Zimbal, F. Gutierrez, F. X. Guerre, J. Roselló, L. Nuñez, L. Brualla, F. Manchado, A. Lorente, E. Gallego, R. Capote, D. Planes, J. I. Lagares, R. Arráns, R. Colmenares, K. Amgarou, E. Morales, J. P. Cano, F. Fernández, G. Sroka-Pérez, O. Schramm

75. Lorentz function convolution kernel of narrow photon beam profiles in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media
Djouguela, D. Harder, A. Rühmann, K. Willborn, B. Poppe

M. Speiser, P. Medin, W. Mao, L. Papiez, F. Gum, T. Solberg

77. Heavy Ion Radiotherapy for Shallow-Seated Tumors at IMP
X. -G. Liu, Q. Li, Z. -Y. Dai

78. Density response characteristics of GafChromic EBT dosimetry film using ultraviolet light exposure
S. Tokura, Y. Azuma, H. Aoyam, S. Goto

79. Fiducial-free spinal radiosurgery: Patient motion and targeting accuracy in 227 single fraction treatments with the Cyberknife
C. Fürweger, M. Kufeld, A. Schlaefer, C. Drexler

80. Electron arc planning on the commercial radiation treatment planning system
Sei-Kwon Kang, Taejin Hwang, Kwang-Ho Cheong, Soah Park, Me-Yeon Lee, Kyoung Ju Kim, Do Hoon Oh, Hoonsik Bae

81. Influence of Modulation Restriction in Inverse Optimization with HIPO of Prostate Implants on Plan Quality: Analysis Using Dosimetric and Radiobiological Indices
D Baltas, Z Katsilieri, V Kefala, S Papaioannou, A Karabis, P Mavroidis, N Zamboglou

82. Improving the performance of direct Monte-Carlo optimization for large tumor volumes
J. Alvarez Moret, M. Alt, L. Bogner

83. Finite Element-Based Biomechanical Modeling of the Bladder for Image Guided Radiotherapy
X. Chai, J. B. Kamer, M. Herk, M. C. C. M. Hulshof, P. Remeijer, F. Pos, H. T. Lotz, A. Bel

84. Verification of the accuracy in patient alignment using a laser-optical 3D-surface imaging system
T. Moser, S. Fleischhacker, K. Schubert, G. Sroka-Perez, M. Uhl, K. Herfarth, J. Debus, C. P. Karger

85. LDR and HDR intracavitory brachytherapy of cancer cervix uterus- rectal doses and ERD comparison
Arun Chougule, D. P. Agarwal

86. Evaluation on Lung Cancer Patients’ Four-dimensional Treatment Plans Utilizing Biologically Effective Uniform Dose
Fan-Chi Su, Chengyu Shi, Panayiotis Mavroidis, Virginia Goytia, Richard Crownover, Prema Rassiah-Szegedi, Dimos Baltas, Niko Papanikolaou

87. Brachytherapy seed localization via iterative forward projection matching (IFPM) algorithm using intraoperative cone-beam-CT sinogram projections
D. Pokhrel, M. J. Murphy, D. A. Todor, D. Lazos, E. Weiss, Y. Motai, J. F. Williamson

88. Using Correlated Sampson to Accelerate CT-Based Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
A. Sampson, Y. Le, D. Todor, J. Williamson

89. Investigation of a stereoscopic camera system for gated radiotherapy
A. Vasquez, T. Moser, G. Echner, G. Sroka-Perez, C. P. Karger

90. Extracting breathing traces from any cone-beam image-set
A. P. Kavanagh, P. M. Evans, V. N. Hansen, S. Webb

91. A linear implementation of dose-volume constraints for multi-criteria optimization
A. Schlaefer, D. Ruan, S. Dieterich, W. Kilby

92. Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning: Dose to Water or Dose to Medium?
C. -M. Ma, J. S. Li

93. Comparison of Contra lateral Breast & Chest wall doses during Radiotherapy of Ca-Breast (with mastectomy) using Co-60 machine and 6 MV LINAC.
Shafqat Faaruq, Mehnaz, Basim Kakakhail, Saeed ur Rehman

94. The integration of the dose-guided radiation therapy process on a clinical workstation
J. Cheung, T. Boettger, W. Hu, J. F. Aubry, J. Pouliot

95. First experience with patient oriented Rapid Arc treatment plan verification
D. M. Wagner, H. Vorwerk

96. EGSnrc Monte Carlo-aided dosimetric studies of the 192Ir microSelectron v2 HDR brachytherapy source
Liu Hong, G. A. Zakaria, G. H. Hartmann

97. Motion management in scanned particle therapy: beam gating & tracking
C. Bert, A. Gemmel, N. Saito, N. Chaudhri, R. Lüchtenborg, M. Durante, E. Rietzel

98. Quality assurance and application of a 4D in vivo dosimetry system using a deformable lung phantom
A. Cherpak, M. Serban, J. Seuntjens, J. E. Cygler

99. Dosimetric advantages of Stereotactic IMRT of brain lesions delivered with a micro-multileaf collimator
B. C. Ferreira, M. C. Lopes, M. Capela

100. In vivo measurements of the dose delivered by kilovoltage cone-beam CT during prostate radiation therapy
G. Marinello, J. P. Mege, M. L. Herve, J. L. Lagrange

101. Initial application of a geometric QA tool for integrated MV and kV imaging systems on Trilogy, Synergy, and Vero
Weihua Mao, Michael Speiser, Paul Medin, Lech Papiez, Timothy Solberg, Lei Xing

102. A New Electron IMRT Technique for Breast Cancer: Comparison to Photon IMRT and Conventional Irradiation Based on Static and Dynamic Dose Measurements
T. Gauer, K. Engel, A. Kiesel, D. Albers, F. Cremers

103. TLD Correction Factor for Dose Delivery Verification on Gamma Radiation Cobalt-60 on Clinical Treatment
Heru Prasetio, Dian Milvita, S. S. Djarwani

104. Development of Treatment Planning System in Peking University
Bao Shanglian, Zhang Yibao, Huang Feizeng

105. Direct Monte-Carlo optimization (DMCO) with biological, physical and hybrid objective functions
T. Dirscherl, M. Rickhey, L. Bogner

106. 4D calculation and biological dosimetry of the RBE-weighted dose for scanned carbon ion beam therapy
A. Gemmel, C. Bert, N. Saito, N. Chaudhri, G. Iancu, C. v. Neubeck, M. Durante, E. Rietzel

107. Radiobiological analysis of planned and delivered IMRT dose distributions
P. Mavroidis, B. Costa Ferreira, N. Papanikolaou, R. Svensson, B. K. Lind, A. Brahme

108. Impact of Truncation Correction in Flat-Detector Computed Tomography on Carbon Ion Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Daniel Kolditz, Michael Meyer, Yiannis Kyriakou, Eike Rietzel, Willi A. Kalender

109. Reconstruction of portal images from IMRT fields for patient setup verification
P. Haering, A. Schwahofer, C. Lang, B. Rhein

110. Comparison of IMRT and photon-electron-mix technique in radiotherapy treatment planning of ablatio mammae
K. Weidner, L. Bogner

111. Relative peripheral dose at IMRT- A comparison between Siemens Oncor and Artisté
A. Schwahofer, M. Moeller, T. Wiezorek

112. EPID calibration method for transit in-vivo dosimetry
A. Fidanzio, S. Cilla, F. Greco, L. Azario, L. Grimaldi, D. Sabatino, A. Piermattei

113. Guided radiotherapy by an in-vivo dosimetry for lung tumors
S. Cilla, A. Fidanzio, F. Greco, L. Grimaldi, G. D’Onofrio, D. Sabatino, A. Piermattei

114. Implementation of a complete IMRT QA program and clinical experience with the DAVID chamber for in-vivo verification of IMRT deliveries
H. K. Looe, A. Rühmann, R. Kollhoff, W. Kunth, N. Chofor, D. Harder, K. Willborn, B. Poppe

115. Enhancing the error detection capability of the DAVID system with the use of adaptive warning and alarm levels
H. K. Looe, A. Rühmann, D. Harder, B. Poppe

A. F. Menezes, D. V. S. Batista, L. A. R. Rosa

117. Technical accuracy of a beam tracking system for scanned particle therapy of intra-fractionally moving targets
Nami Saito, Christoph Bert, Naved Chaudhri, Alexander Gemmel, Dieter Schardt, Gerhard Kraft, Marco Durante, Eike Rietze

118. A Joint Research Project to improve the accuracy in dosimetry of brachytherapy treatments in the framework of the European Metrology Research Programme.
M. P. Toni, I. Aubineau-Lanièce, M. Bovi, J. Cardoso, D. Cutarella, F. Gabris, J. E. Grindborg, A. S. Guerra, H. Jarvinen, C. Oliveira, M. Pimpinella, J. Plagnard, T. Sander, H. J. Selbach, V. Sochor, J. Solc, J. Pooter, E. Dijk

119. Proposals for a ICRU-50/62 -Consistent Dose Prescription Suited for IMRT Radiation Techniques
M. Oechsner, K. Bratengeier, M. Gainey, M. Flentje

120. Fast Dose Calculations in Radiation Therapy with GPUs
Philippe Després, Sami Hissoiny, Jean-Philippe Gariépy, Benoît Ozell

121. Robust Radiobiological Optimization for Proton Therapy Treatment Planning
F. Kroupal, M. C. Frese, E. Heath, U. Oelfke

122. Neutron Therapy at the FRMII - Calculation of Dose inside a Voxel Phantom
S. Garny, W. Rühm, F. M. Wagner, H. G. Paretzke

123. Monte Carlo based independent monitor unit calculation in IMRT
O. Pisaturo, R. Moeckli, F. O. Bochud

124. Suggestion for an extended quality assurance in 4D CT and its function in gated radiotherapy using a motion phantom
A. Block, A. Mewes

125. On-line compensation of dose changes introduced by tumor motion during scanned particle therapy
R. Lüchtenborg, N. Saito, N. Chaudhri, M. Durante, E. Rietzel, C. Bert

126. Feasibility Study of the Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Acute Rectal and Urinary Bladder Toxicity Following Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
A. Pella, R. Cambria, B. A. Jereczek-Fossa, D. Zerini, C. Fodor, F. Serafini, G. Baroni, M. Riboldi, M. Ciceri, M. F. Spadea, P. Patete, M. Peroni, F. Cattani, C. Garibaldi, G. Pedroli, A. Pedotti, R. Orecchia

127. Imaging QA Program for Image Guided RadioTherapy (IGRT)
K. Schubert, K. Wagenknecht, S. Lissner, G. Sroka-Perez, J. Debus

128. Dose QA Using EPID and a Dose Prediction Algorithm Independent of the Planning System
J. Berndt, M. Misslbeck, P. Kneschaurek

129. Investigation of the Dose Distribution Quality Achievable with Arc-Modulated Cone Beam Therapy
S. Ulrich, F. Sterzing, S. Nill, K. Schubert, K. K. Herfarth, J. Debus, U. Oelfke

130. Investigating the Reproducibility of Motion for Lung Tumours Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
A. Richter, J. Wilbert, K. Baier, M. Guckenberger, M. Flentje

131. A Feasibility Study on Multi Prompt-Gamma-Ray Telescope System for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
Y. Sakurai, H. Tanaka, M. Suzuki, G. Kashino, Y. Kinashi, S. Masunaga, K. Ono, A. Maruhashi

132. Measurement of Inter-fraction Changes in Bladder Volume Using Ultrasound Image Guidance for Gynecological Radiotherapy
Hayeon Kim, Sushil Beriwal, M. Saiful Huq

133. A comparison of dose and energy-based mapping methods for 4D Monte Carlo dose calculation in deforming anatomy
E. Heath, I. Kawrakow, F. Tessier, J. V. Siebers

134. IGRT and its Quality Assurance at the DKFZ
C. Lang, B. Rhein, P. Häring, A. Schwahofer

135. Implementing Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT): Initial Dosimetric Results for Retrospective Patient Study
A. Richter, J. Wilbert, T. Krieger, M. Guckenberger, K. Baier, F. Schwab, M. Flentje

136. Influence of Patient Movement and Anatomy Alteration on the Quality of 3D US-Based Prostate HDR Brachytherapy Treatment
N. Milickovic, I. Nikolova, N. Tselis, H. A. Azhari, N. Zamboglou, D. Baltas

137. Clinical Evaluation of an Intra-Modality 3D Ultrasound IGRT System
C. Kleefeld, M. Moore, W. Putten

138. Quality assurance of a robotic, image guided radiosurgery system
C. Drexler, C. Fürweger

139. Impact of Beam Alignment on Leakage of the Siemens 160 MLCTM
S. Klüter, G. Sroka-Perez, K. Schubert, J. Debus

140. Observations of Prostate Intrafractional Motion during External Beam Radiation Therapy
J. S. Li, A. Pollack, E. M. Horwitz, M. K. Buyyounouski, C -M Ma

141. Imaging motion with a 4-row CT scanner (GE Light Speed RT)
C. Kornhuber, A. Mehnert, D. Vordermark

142. Measurements of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio with “EPID QC Phantom®” and “epidSoft 2.0” from PTW
J. Liebich, J. Licher, C. Scherf, J. Moog, E. Kara, U. Ramm

143. E-IMRT: a web platform for the verification and optimization of radiation treatment plans.
J. Pena, D. M. Gonzalez-Castaño, F. Gomez, A. Gago-Arias, F. J. González-Castaño, D. A. Rodríguez-Silva, D. González, M. Pombar, M. Sánchez, B. C. Portas, A. Gómez, C. Mouriño

144. Tumor Alignment between 4DCT and 4D Cone Beam CT for Irregular Respiratory Patient - a Phantom Study
C. Ding, L. Huang, L. Papiez, R. Timmerman, T. Solberg

145. Analysis of Error Detection in EPID-Based IMRT Pre-Treatment QA
J. J. Gordon, J. Gardner, S. Wang, J. V. Siebers

146. Improving the accuracy of entrance dosimetry measurements for dose modeling
J. V. Siebers, J. D. Ververs, M. R. McEwen

147. Evaluation of the Twin Chamber Signal Ratio, a Physical Estimate of the Low- Energy Photon Contribution to Dose within Radiotherapy Fields
N. Chofor, D. Harder, K. Willborn, A. Rühmann, B. Poppe

148. Uncertainties of RBE in treatment planning for ion beam tumor therapy: Experimental and modeling aspects
T. Friedrich, T. Elsässer, M. Scholz

149. Efficacy of Cummulative Biological Doses at Various Points of Lymphatic Trapzoid Using Microselectron HDR
Kamlesh Passi, J. V Zakhmi, R. Vashistha, Bikramjit Singh, Meenakshi Mittal, S. J. Gupta, T. S. Kehwar

150. Obtaining information on intra-fraction prostate displacement in radiotherapy determined from pre- and post-treatment kV imaging
T. Kron, J. Thomas, C. Fox, A. Thompson, R. Owen, A. Herschtal, A. Haworth, KH. Tai, F. Foroudi

151. The Investigation of Dosimetric Reduction on Organs at Risk in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma for Static IMRT Planning
Jian Zhu, Min Liu, Yong Yin

152. Dose calculations for clinical proton broad beams by GEANT4
T. Akagi, T. Yamashita, D. Suga, M. Murakami, Y. Hishikawa, T. Aso, A. Kimura, T. Sasaki

153. Use of Nanoparticles in Brachytherapy – An Alternative for Enhancing Dosesin Cancer Treatment
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299. Accelerated Dose Calculation Engine for Interstitial Brachytherapy
Omar Chibani, Belal Moftah, C. -M. Charlie Ma

300. Updated Beam Parameters for Monte Carlo Simulation of Five Varian Megavoltage Photon Beams (4, 6, 10, 15 and 18 MV)
Omar Chibani, Belal Moftah, Charlie Ma

301. Single and Multibeam Dose Distribution for Treatment Planning of Cancer
Rukhsana Jabeen, M. Afzal

302. Quantitative Analyses of Normal Tissue Effects in the Clinic (QUANTEC): Clinical Use
R. K. Haken, L. B. Marks, S. M. Bentzen, L. S. Constine, J. O. Deasy, A. Eisbruch, E. D. Yorke, A. Jackson

303. The Lessons of QUANTEC (Quantitative Analysis of Normal Tissue Effects in the Clinic): Recommendations for Reporting and Gathering Data on Dose-Volume Dependencies of Treatment Outcome
A. Jackson, L. B. Marks, S. M. Bentzen, A. Eisbruch, E. D. Yorke, R. K. Haken, L. S. Constine, J. O. Deasy

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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