Howlett, Robert J.

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

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Table of contents

1. Smart Monitoring of Wind Turbines Using Neural Networks
Jianping Xiang, Simon Watson, Yongqian Liu

2. SMART Buildings: Intelligent Software Agents
Wim Zeiler, Rinus Houten, Gert Boxem

3. Solar Energy Harvesting for ZigBee Electronics
Xin Lu, Shuang-Hua Yang

4. Multi-Agent Systems Technology for Composite Decision Making in Complex Systems
Marina V. Sokolova, Antonio Fernández-Caballero

5. Network-Enabled Intelligent Photovoltaic Arrays
Colin Mallett

6. Design Ontology for Comfort Systems and Energy Infrastructures: Flexergy
Wim Zeiler, Rinus Houten, Gert Boxem, Perica Savanovic, Joep Velden, Willem Wortel, Jan-Fokko Haan, Rene Kamphuis, Henk Broekhuizen

7. An Innovative Building-Integrated Solar-Air Collector: Presentation and First Results
Jean Louis Canaletti, Gilles Notton, Christian Cristofari

8. Development and Strategies of Building Integrated Wind Turbines in China
Bin Cai, Hong Jin

9. Missing Data Interpolation of Power Generation for Photovoltaic System
Kun-Jung Hsu

10. Development of Short-Term Prediction System for Wind Power Generation Based on Multiple Observation Points
Muhammad Khalid, Andrey V. Savkin

11. Electricity Supply to a Remote Village Using Grid-Connected Wind Generators
Eric Paalman, Roger Morgan

12. The Role of Photovoltaics in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Domestic Properties
F. J. O’Flaherty, J. A. Pinder, C. Jackson

13. Armature and Field Controlled DC Motor Based Wind Turbine Emulation for Wind Energy Conversion Systems Operating over a Wide Range of Wind Velocity
Rahul Patel, Chetan V. Patki, Vivek Agarwal

14. Utilization of Fly-Ash Products from Biomass Co-combustion and Zeolite 13X for Building Energy Conservations
C. W. Kwong, C. Y. H. Chao

15. The Effect of Metal Ions on Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Scale Formation
Jitka MacAdam, Simon A. Parsons

16. Lateral Stability of Prefabricated Straw Bale Housing
Christopher Gross, Jonathan Fovargue, Peter Homer, Tim Mander, Peter Walker, Craig White

17. Monitoring of the Moisture Content of Straw Bale Walls
Mike Lawrence, Andrew Heath, Pete Walker

18. An Evaluation of Environmental and Economic Performance of Sustainable Building Technologies for Apartment Houses in Korea
Hae Jin Kang, Jin-Chul Park, Eon Ku Rhee

19. Managing Change in Domestic Renewable Energy Schemes
Craig Jackson, Fin O’Flaherty, James Pinder

20. Optimum Energy Management of a Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
Souhir Sallem, Maher Chaabene, M. B. A. Kamoun

21. Diagnosis by Fault Signature Analysis Applied to Wind Energy
Ouadie Bennouna, Houcine Chafouk

22. A Novel Self-organizing Neural Technique for Wind Speed Mapping
Giansalvo Cirrincione, Antonino Marvuglia

23. Integral Fuzzy Control for Photovoltaic Power Systems
A. Hajjaji, M. BenAmmar, J. Bosche, M. Chaabene, A. Rabhi

24. MACSyME: Modelling, Analysis and Control for Systems with Multiple Energy Sources
A. Naamane, N. K. M’Sirdi

25. Structural Analysis for Fault Detection and Isolation in Fuel Cell Stack System
Quan Yang, Abdel Aitouche, Belkacem Ould Bouamama

26. Efficiency Analysis of Cross-Flow Plate Heat Exchanger for Indirect Evaporative Cooling
Xuelai Liu, Yong’an Li, Jizhi Li, Hongxing Yang, Hengliang Chen

27. Thermal Work Condition Analysis of Teaching Building Heating Network in Winter Vacation with User Regulation
Shuang Li, Hua Zhao, Jianing Zhao

28. Integrated Building Management Systems for Sustainable Technologies: Design Aspiration and Operational Shortcoming
Abbas Elmualim

29. Smart Use of Knowledge: A Case Study of Constructing Decisional DNA on Renewable Energy
Cesar Sanin, Edward Szczerbicki, Paul Cayfordhowell

30. A Study of Photo physical Properties of End Polymeric Material
Jahangir Payamara

31. Renewable Energy Source Emulator
Chu Chin Choon, Colin Coates, Aparna Viswanath

32. Geothermal Active Building Concept
Wim Zeiler, Gert Boxem

33. Heating Supply in Kazakhstan: Concept - Simulation - Comparison
G. Tleukenova, L. Kühl, M. Heuer, N. Fisch, R. Leithner

34. Towards a More Holistic and Complementary Approach to Modelling Energy Consumption in Buildings
Stephen Pullen

35. Energy Consumption in the Greek Hotel Sector: The Influence of Various Factors on Hotels’ Carbon Footprints under the Implementation of the EU and Greek Legislative Framework
Maleviti Eva, Mulugetta Yacob, Wehrmeyer Walter

36. Investigating the Applicability of Different Thermal Comfort Models in Kuwait Classrooms Operated in Hybrid Air-Conditioning Mode
Khaled E. Al-Rashidi, Dennis L. Loveday, Nawaf K. Al-Mutawa

37. Water and Energy Efficient Showers
David Phipps, Rafid Alkhaddar, Roger Morgan, Robert McClelland, Robert Doherty

38. Research of Solar-Kang Heating Systems Design for Rural House in Cold Areas of China
Chunyan Zhou, Hong Jin

39. Research on Energy-Efficient Exterior Walls of Rural Housing in Northern China
Hong Jin, Hua Zhao

40. Family Thermal Performance Analysis Based on Household Metering
Hua Zhao, Hongxiang Shu

41. The Investigation and Analysis of Indoor Temperature Desire of Building Users in Harbin
Hua Zhao, Hongxiang Shu

42. Simulated Performance of Earthtube for Cooling of Office Buildings in the Southeast of UK
Abdullahi Ahmed, Kenneth IP, Andrew Miller, Kassim Gidado

43. Study on a Novel Hybrid Desiccant Dehumidification and Air Conditioning System
K. Sumathy, Li Yong, Y. J. Dai, R. Z. Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development, Civil Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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