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Geographic Information and Cartography for Risk and Crisis Management

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Table of contents

1. Earth Observations and Dynamic Mapping: Key Assets for Risk Management
Alessandro Annoni, Massimo Craglia, Ad Roo, Jesus San-Miguel

2. Spatial Information for Disaster Management Using Examples from IstanbulIstanbul

Orhan Altan, Gerhard Kemper

3. Rapid Population Maps for Crisis Response
Gunter Zeug, Olaf Kranz, Sandra Eckert

4. Modeling of Spatiotemporal Distribution of Urban Population at High Resolution – Value for Risk Assessment and Emergency Management
Sérgio Freire

5. A Framework for Defining a 3D Model in Support of Risk Management
Serkan Kemec, Sisi Zlatanova, H. Sebnem Duzgun

6. DB4GeO, a 3D/4D Geodatabase and Its Application for the Analysis of Landslides
Martin Breunig, Björn Schilberg, Andreas Thomsen, Paul Vincent Kuper, Markus Jahn, Edgar Butwilowski

7. GIS Procedure to Forecast and Manage Woodland Fires
Antonio Condorelli, Giuseppe Mussumeci

8. Cartographic Support of Fire Engine Navigation to Operation Site
Vít Voženílek, Lenka Zajíčková

9. Strategies for the Automatic Extraction of Water Bodies from TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X data
Thomas Hahmann, André Twele, Sandro Martinis, Manfred Buchroithner

10. GIS Techniques in the Evaluation of Pipeline Networks Seismic Hazard
Michele Maugeri, Ernesto Motta, Giuseppe Mussumeci, Erminia Raciti

11. Towards a Quick Damage Detection System Based on Grid Computing
Tuong-Thuy Vu, Masashi Matsuoka

12. GMES Services for Conflict Prevention and Mitigation: Supporting the DG RELEX in Mission Planning
Olaf Kranz, Stefan Lang, Dirk Tiede, Gunter Zeug, Thomas Kemper, Mathilde Caspard, Stephen Clandillon

13. Mobilizing Multi-source Geospatial Information for EW and EM: Maximize Sharing, Enhance Flexibility, and Minimize Costs
Mark Reichardt, Carl Reed

14. Metainformation in Crisis Management Architecture – Theoretical Approaches, INSPIRE Solution
Tomáš Řezník

15. Collaborative Post-disaster Damage Mapping via Geo Web Services
Laban Maiyo, Norman Kerle, Barend Köbben

16. Decision Support for Tsunami Early Warning in Indonesia: The Role of OGC Standards
Ulrich Raape, Sven Teßmann, Andreas Wytzisk, Tilmann Steinmetz, Monika Wnuk, Manuel Hunold, Christian Strobl, Christoph Stasch, Alexander C. Walkowski, Oliver Meyer, Simon Jirka

17. A Service-Based Architecture for the Interoperability of Heterogeneous Sensor data: A Case Study on Early Warning
Valentina Casola, Luca D’Onofrio, Giusy Di Lorenzo, Nicola Mazzocca

18. Development of a Coupled Geoinformation and Simulation System for Early Warning
Eva Ortlieb, Wolfgang Reinhardt, Franz-Xaver Trauner

19. Multi-criteria Evaluation for Emergency Management in Spatial Data Infrastructures
Matthias Müller, Lars Bernard, Rico Vogel

20. Field Tracking Tool: A Collaborative Framework from the Field to the Decision Makers
Alessandro Annunziato, Simone Gadenz, Daniele A. Galliano, Roberto Guana, Francisco Igualada

21. Practical Experience with a Contextual Map Service
Jiří Kozel, Radim Štampach

22. Cartography and Geoinformation for Early Warning and Emergency Management
David Fraser

23. Process Support and Adaptive Geovisualisation in Emergency Management
Petr Kubíček, Tomáš Ludík, Eva Mulíčková, Jaroslav Ráček, Gustav Šafr

24. Perceptions of Various Cartographic Representations Under Specific Conditions
Zdeněk Stachoň, Čeněk Šašinka, Václav Talhofer

25. Research of Students’ Cartographical Knowledge in Early Warning and Crisis Management
Temenoujka Bandrova, Milan Konecny, Monika Rusnakova

26. Geovisual Analytics Tools for Communicating Emergency and Early Warning
Mikael Jern, Monica Brezzi, Patrik Lundblad

27. Kernel Density Estimations for Visual Analysis of Emergency Response Data
Jukka M. Krisp, Olga Špatenková

28. Monitoring and Comparing: A Cartographic Web Application for Real-time Visualization of Hydrological Data
Christophe Lienert, Melanie Kunz, Rolf Weingartner, Lorenz Hurni

29. Designing Map Keys
Map Key
for Crisis ManagementCrisis Management
on the Regional Operational and Informational Centre Level: Monitoring Transport of Dangerous Goods via Contextual Visualisation
Contextual Visualization

Lucie Friedmannová

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
Page amount
22 pages
Natural Sciences

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