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The Jahn-Teller Effect

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Table of contents

1. Recent Developments in the Jahn–Teller Effect Theory
Isaac B. Bersuker

2. Electronic Degeneracy and Vibrational Degrees of Freedom: The Permutational Proof of the Jahn–Teller Theorem
Arnout Ceulemans, Erwin Lijnen

3. Group-Theoretical Analysis of Jahn–Teller Systems
Martin Breza

4. Spin–Orbit Vibronic Coupling in Jahn–Teller and Renner Systems
Leonid V. Poluyanov, Wolfgang Domcke

5. Vibronic Coupling Constant and Vibronic Coupling Density
Tohru Sato, Ken Tokunaga, Naoya Iwahara, Katsuyuki Shizu, Kazuyoshi Tanaka

6. A New Method to Describe the Multimode Jahn–Teller Effect Using Density Functional Theory
Matija Zlatar, Carl-Wilhelm Schläpfer, Claude Daul

7. Second-Order Analysis of Conical Intersections: Applications to Photochemistry and Photophysics of Organic Molecules
Lluís Blancafort, Benjamin Lasorne, Michael J. Bearpark, Graham A. Worth, Michael A. Robb

8. Influence of the Geometric Phase and Non-Adiabatic Couplings on the Dynamics of the H+H2 Molecular System
Foudhil Bouakline, Bruno Lepetit, Stuart C. Althorpe, Aron Kuppermann

9. Multi-Mode Jahn–Teller and Pseudo-Jahn–Teller Effects in Benzenoid Cations
Shirin Faraji, Etienne Gindensperger, Horst Köppel

10. On the Vibronic Interactions in Aromatic Hydrocarbon Radicals and Radical Cations
V. Sivaranjana Reddy, S. Mahapatra

11. The Jahn–Teller Effect in Binary Transition Metal Carbonyl Complexes
Russell G. McKinlay, Martin J. Paterson

12. Jahn–Teller Effect for the 3d Ions (Orbital Triplets in a Cubic Crystal Field)
M. G. Brik, N. M. Avram, C. N. Avram

13. Constructing, Solving and Applying the Vibronic Hamiltonian
Philip L. W. Tregenna-Piggott, Mark J. Riley

14. Instabilities in Doped Materials Driven by Pseudo Jahn–Teller Mechanisms
P. Garcı́a-Fernández, A. Trueba, J. M. Garcı́a-Lastra, M. T. Barriuso, M. Moreno, J. A. Aramburu

15. The Influence of Jahn–Teller Coupling on the High-Spin/Low-Spin Equilibria of Octahedral MIIIL6 Polyhedra (MIII : Mn − Cu), with NiF6
3− as the Model Example
D. Reinen, M. Atanasov

16. Following Jahn–Teller Distortions in Fulleride Salts by Optical Spectroscopy
G. Klupp, K. Kamarás

17. Jahn–Teller Effects in Molecules on Surfaces with Specific Application to C60

Ian D. Hands, Janette L. Dunn, Catherine S. A. Rawlinson, Colin A. Bates

18. Jahn–Teller Effect in Molecular Magnetism: An Overview
Boris Tsukerblat, Sophia Klokishner, Andrew Palii

19. The Effect of Jahn–Teller Coupling in Hexacyanometalates on the Magnetic Anisotropy in Cyanide-Bridged Single-Molecule Magnets
Mihail Atanasov, Peter Comba

20. Cooperative Jahn–Teller Effect: Fundamentals, Applications, Prospects
Michael Kaplan

21. Orbital Ordering Versus the Traditional Approach in the Cooperative Jahn–Teller Effect: A Comparative Study
Victor Polinger

22. Frustration Effect in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems with Orbital Degree of Freedom
Sumio Ishihara

23. Ultrasonic Consequences of the Jahn–Teller Effect
Vladimir Gudkov

24. Long Range Cooperative and Local Jahn-Teller Effects in Nanocrystalline Transition Metal Thin Films
Gerald Lucovsky

25. Jahn–Teller Polarons, Bipolarons and Inhomogeneities. A Possible Scenario for Superconductivity in Cuprates
Joaquin Miranda Mena

26. Polarons and Bipolarons in Jahn–Teller Crystals
Chishin Hori, Yasutami Takada

27. Vibronic Polarons and Electric Current Generation by a Berry Phase in Cuprate Superconductors
Hiroyasu Koizumi

Keywords: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Solid State Physics, Spectroscopy and Microscopy, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Atomic/Molecular Structure and Spectra

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Springer Series in Chemical Physics
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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