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Progress in Spatial Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Progress in Spatial Analysis: Introduction
Antonio Páez, Julie Gallo, Ron N. Buliung, Sandy Dall’Erba

2. Omitted Variable Biases of OLS and Spatial Lag Models
R. Kelley Pace, James P. LeSage

3. Topology, Dependency Tests and Estimation Bias in Network Autoregressive Models
Steven Farber, Antonio Páez, Erik Volz

4. Endogeneity in a Spatial Context: Properties of Estimators
Bernard Fingleton, Julie Gallo

5. Dealing with Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity: The Generalized BME Model
Hwa-Lung Yu, George Christakos, Patrick Bogaert

6. Local Estimation of Spatial Autocorrelation Processes
Fernando López, Jesús Mur, Ana Angulo

7. “Seeing Is Believing”: Exploring Opportunities for the Visualization of Activity–Travel and Land Use Processes in Space–Time
Ron N. Buliung, Catherine Morency

8. Pattern-Based Evaluation of Peri-Urban Development in Delaware County, Ohio, USA: Roads, Zoning and Spatial Externalities
Darla K. Munroe

9. Demand for Open Space and Urban Sprawl: The Case of Knox County, Tennessee
Seong-Hoon Cho, Dayton M. Lambert, Roland K. Roberts, Seung Gyu Kim

10. Multilevel Models of Commute Times for Men and Women
Edmund J. Zolnik

11. Walkability as a Summary Measure in a Spatially Autoregressive Mode Choice Model: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Frank Goetzke, Patrick M. Andrade

12. Employment Density in Ile-de-France: Evidence from Local Regressions
Rachel Guillain, Julie Gallo

13. The Geographic Dimensions of Electoral Polarization in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Vote
Ian Sue Wing, Joan L. Walker

14. Gender Wage Differentials and the Spatial Concentration of High-Technology Industries
Elsie Echeverri-Carroll, Sofía G. Ayala

15. Fiscal Policy and Interest Rates: The Role of Financial and Economic Integration
Peter Claeys, Rosina Moreno, Jordi Suriñach

16. Spatial Models of Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors: The Role of Health Care Accessibility and Availability
Brigitte S. Waldorf, Susan E. Che

17. Immigrant Women, Preventive Health and Place in Canadian CMAs
Kelly Woltman, K. Bruce Newbold

18. Is Growth in the Health Sector Correlated with Later-Life Migration?
Dayton M. Lambert, Michael D. Wilcox, Christopher D. Clark, Brian Murphy, William M. Park

19. Evolution of the Influence of Geography on the Location of Production in Spain (1930–2005)
Coro Chasco Yrigoyen, Ana M. López Garcı́a

20. Comparative Spatial Dynamics of Regional Systems
Sergio J. Rey, Xinyue Ye

21. Growth and Spatial Dependence in Europe
Wilfried Koch

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Quantitative Geography

Publication year
Advances in Spatial Science
Page amount
26 pages

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