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Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe

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Table of contents

1. From Ortelius to OpenStreetMap – Transformation of the Map into a Multifunctional Signpost1

Ferjan Ormeling

2. EuroRegionalMap – How to Succeed in Overcoming National Borders
Andreas Pammer, Anja Hopfstock, Anita Ipša, Jarmila Váňová, Igor Vilus, Nathalie Delattre

3. Methods of Portraying Spatial Data Used in Official Geoinformation Services in Poland – A Comparative Study
Marek Baranowski, Elżbieta Bielecka, Dariusz Dukaczewski

4. Compilation of Digital Elevation Model for Turkey in 3-Arc-Second Resolution by Using SRTM Data Supported with Local Elevation Data
I. Oztug Bildirici, Aydin Ustun, Necla Ulugtekin, H. Zahit Selvi, R. Alpay Abbak, Ilkay Bugdayci, A. Ozgur Dogru

5. Mapping Land Cover with Commercial and Freeware Image Classification Software – An Example from Bavaria, Germany
Lucia Ďurisová, Hartmut Asche

6. New Approach to Multi Scale Cartographic Modelling of Reference and Thematic Databases in Poland
Andrzej Głażewski, Paweł J. Kowalski, Robert Olszewski, Joanna Bac-Bronowicz

7. Implementation of the INSPIRE-Directive in Germany and Poland – Legal Point of View1

Mateusz Badowski

8. Automated Building Simplification Using a Recursive Approach
Tomas Bayer

9. Constraint-Based Evaluation of Automated and Manual Generalised Topographic Maps
Dirk Burghardt, Stefan Schmid

10. Cross-Border Mapping: Geodata, Geonames, Multilinguality and More
Sabine Witschas

11. XSLT Templates for Thematic Maps
Otakar Čerba

12. Geoinformational Methods in Ecodiagnostical Studies for the Losiny Ostrov National Park Territory
Svetlana N. Arshinova

13. Cartography and Graphic Design
Tomasz Opach

14. Various Ways of Assessment of Cartographic Works
Jan D Bláha

15. Exploring Space: Applying Interactive Integrated Media for Visualising Geography
William Cartwright

16. The Art of Autostereoscopic Relief Representation in Cartography
Manfred F. Buchroithner, Klaus Habermann

17. Approaches to Image Abstraction for Photorealistic Depictions of Virtual 3D Models
Jürgen Döllner, Jan Eric Kyprianidis

18. Globes on the Web – Technical Background and First Items of the Virtual Globes Museum
Mátyás Gede, Mátyás Márton

19. Mapping Crime Using Geovirtual Urban Environments
Markus Wolff

20. A Survey of Mobile Indoor Navigation Systems
Haosheng Huang, Georg Gartner

21. Mapping Space-Related Transformation Processes in Eastern Europe. Examples from the Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Peter Jordan

22. The Demographic Atlas of Croatia – A Web-Based Atlas Information System
Hartmut Asche, Aleksandar Toskić, Dubravka Spevec, Rita Engemaier

23. Mapping and Analysing the Local Language Areas for Slovenian Linguistic Atlas
Tomaž Podobnikar, Jožica Škofic, Mojca Horvat

24. Interactive and Multimedia Atlas Information Systems as a Cartographic Geo-Communication Platform
Mirjanka Lechthaler

25. Integration of Hightech Components for Operating Ragweed Mapping and Control System in Hungary Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Gábor Csornai, Gábor Mikus, Gizella Nádor, Irén Hubik, István László, Zsuzsanna Suba

26. Detailed Mapping of Landslide Susceptibility for Urban Planning Purposes in Carpathian and Subcarpathian Towns of Romania
Bogdan Mihai, Ionut Sandric, Ionut Savulescu, Zenaida Chitu

27. Dynamic Cartographic Methods for Visualisation of Health Statistics
Radim Stampach, Milan Konecny, Petr Kubicek, Edvard Geryk

28. A Multiresolution, Reference and Thematic Database as the NSDI Component in Poland – The Concept and Management Systems
Paweł J Kowalski, Robert Olszewski, Joanna Bac-Bronowicz

29. The Remote Sensing Based Hungarian Crop Production Forecast Program (Cropmon) and its Other Applications
Zsuzsanna Suba, Gábor Csornai, Csaba Wirnhardt, Gizella Nádor, László Tikász, László Martinovich, Attila Kocsis, Gyula Zelei, István László, Erika Bognár

30. The Blind Mouse – A Game for Developing and Popularizing Cartographical Skills
Eszter Simonné Dombóvári, Mátyás Gede

31. Orientation of the Map of Lazarus (1528) of Hungary – Result of the Ptolemian Projection?
Gábor Timár, Gábor Molnár, Balázs Székely, Katalin Plihál

32. History of the Hungarian Geological Maps – An Overview from the 18th Century to Nowadays
Csilla Galambos

33. Cartometric Analysis of Old Maps on the Example of Vogt’s Map
Tomáš Bayer, Markéta Potůčková, Miroslav Čábelka

34. Structural Lineaments Derived from Planforms of Watercourses in the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire
Gábor Kovács

35. The Austro-Hungarian Triangulations in the Balkan Peninsula (1855–1875)
Béla Kovács, Gábor Timár

36. Maps of Czech Lands in the Period 1518–1720 from the Map Collection of Charles University in Prague
Miroslav Čábelka, Markéta Potůčková, Tomáš Bayer

37. The Dilemma for the History of Modern Maps Based on Neo-Cartographic Technologies
Markus Jobst, Georg Gartner, Jürgen Döllner

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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16 pages
Natural Sciences

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