Veulliet, Eric

Sustainable Natural Hazard Management in Alpine Environments

Veulliet, Eric - Sustainable Natural Hazard Management in Alpine Environments, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Global Change and Natural Hazards: New Challenges, New Strategies
J. Stötter, H. Weck-Hannemann, E. Veulliet

2. Flood Forecasting for the River Inn
S. Senfter, G. Leonhardt, C. Oberparleiter, J. Asztalos, R. Kirnbauer, F. Schöberl, H. Schönlaub

3. Runoff and bedload transport modelling for flood hazard assessment in small alpine catchments - the PROMABGIS model
M. Rinderer, S. Jenewein, S. Senfter, D. Rickenmann, F. Schöberl, J. Stötter, C. Hegg

4. Modelling peak runoff in small Alpine catchments based on area properties and system status
C. Geitner, M. Mergili, J. Lammel, A. Moran, C. Oberparleiter, G. Meißl, H. Stötter

5. Process-based investigations and monitoring of deep-seated landslides
C. Zangerl, C. Prager, W. Chwatal, S. Mertl, D. Renk, B. Schneider-Muntau, H. Kirschner, R. Brandner, E. Brückl, W. Fellin, E. Tentschert, S. Eder, G. Poscher, H. Schönlaub

6. Alpine tourist destinations – a safe haven in turbulent times? – Exploring travellers’ perception of risks and events of damage
C. Eitzinger, P.M. Wiedemann

7. Protective measures against natural hazards – are they worth their costs?
A. Leiter, M. Thöni, H. Weck-Hannemann

8. Analysing Decision Mechanisms for Natural Hazard Management
C.D. Gamper, P.A. Raschky, H. Weck-Hannemann

9. Alternative Risk Transfer and Alternative Risk Financing
M. Gruber, R. Wiesner

10. Risk management
S. Ortner, J. Lammel, M. Pöckl, A.P. Moran

11. Laser scanning - a paradigm change in topographic data acquisition for natural hazard management
T. Geist, B. Höfle, M. Rutzinger, N. Pfeifer, J. Stötter

12. Improving Safety in Alpine Regions through a combination of GSM/GPRS with satellite communication, GIS, and robust positioning technology
S. Baumann, J. Czaja, W. Lechner

13. Pros and cons of four years experience of alpS
E. Veulliet, H. Weck-Hannemann, J. Stötter

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Applied Earth Sciences, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Physical Geography, Landscape Ecology, Social Sciences, general, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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Natural Sciences

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