Hippe, Zdzisław S.

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

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Table of contents

I. General Problems of H-CSI

1. From Research on the Decision-Making in Ill-Structured Situation Control and the Problem of Risks
N. A. Abramova, S. V. Kovriga

2. Emulating the Perceptual System of the Brain for the Purpose of Sensor Fusion
R. Velik, D. Bruckner, R. Lang, T. Deutsch

3. Knowledge Acquisition in Conceptual Ontological Artificial Intelligence System
M. Krótkiewicz, K. Wojtkiewicz

4. Problems of Knowledge Representation in Computer-Assisted Decision Making Systems
J. L. Kulikowski

5. A Dialogue-Based Interaction System for Human-Computer Interfaces
G. Bel-Enguix, A. H. Dediu, M. D. Jiménez-López

6. Consistency-Based vs. Similarity-Based Prediction Using Extensions of Information Systems – An Experimental Study
K. Pancerz

7. Image Annotation Based on Semantic Rules
A. L. Ion

II. Disabled Persons Helping and Medical H-CSI Applications

8. A Prototype Mobility and Navigation Tele-Assistance System for Visually Disabled
M. Bujacz, P. Barański, M. Morański, P. Strumiłło, A. Materka

9. Eye-Mouse for Disabled
T. Kocejko, A. Bujnowski, J. Wtorek

10. Eye-Blink Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the Disabled
A. Królak, P. Strumiłło

11. HMM-Based System for Recognizing Gestures in Image Sequences and Its Application in Continuous Gesture Recognition
A. Wilkowski

12. Machine Learning of Melanocytic Skin Lesion Images
G. Surówka

13. A Preliminary Attempt to Validation of Glasgow Outcome Scale for Describing Severe Brain Damages
J. W. Grzymała-Busse, Z. S. Hippe, T. Mroczek, W. Paja, A. Bucinski

14. Segmentation of Anatomical Structure by Using a Local Classifier Derived from Neighborhood Information
S. Takemoto, H. Yokota, T. Mishima, R. Himeno

15. An Application of Detection Function for the Eye Blinking Detection
T. Pander, T. Przybyła, R. Czabański

16. Self-directed Training in an Evidence-Based Medicine Experiment
M. M. Marta, S. D. Bolboacă, L. Jäntschi

III. Psychological and Linguistic Aspects of H-CSI

17. Emotion Recognition from Facial Expression Using Neural Networks
G. U. Kharat, S. V. Dudul

18. Emotion Eliciting and Decision Making by Psychodynamic Appraisal Mechanism
J. Liu, H. Ando

19. Positing a Growth-Centric Approach in Empathic Ambient Human-System Interaction
R. Legaspi, K. Fukui, K. Moriyama, S. Kurihara, M. Numao

20. Toward Daydreaming Machines
S. I. Ahson, A. Buller

21. Eliminate People’s Expressive Preference in the Mood of Fuzzy Linguistics
Z. Qin, Q. C. Shang

22. VoiceXML Platform for Minority Languages
M. Brkić, M. Matetić, B. Kovačić

23. Polish Speech Processing Expert System Incorporated into the EDA Tool
A. Pułka, P. Kłosowski

24. A Web-Oriented Java3D Talking Head
O. Gambino, A. Augello, A. Caronia, G. Pilato, R. Pirrone, S. Gaglio

25. A VR-Based Visualization Framework for Effective Information Perception and Cognition
H. Y. K. Lau, L. K. Y. Chan, R. H. K. Wong

IV. Robots and Training Systems

26. From Research on the Virtual Reality Installation
F. Sorbier de Pougnadoresse, P. Bouvier, A. Herubel, V. Biri

27. High-Level Hierarchical Semantic Processing Framework for Smart Sensor Networks
D. Bruckner, C. Picus, R. Velik, W. Herzner, G. Zucker

28. A Human-System Interaction Framework and Algorithm for UbiComp-Based Smart Home
C. L. Wu, L. C. Fu

29. Biologically Reasoned Point-of-Interest Image Compression for Mobile Robots
M. Podpora, J. Sadecki

30. Surgical Training System with a Novel Approach to Human-Computer Interaction
A. Wytyczak-Partyka, J. Nikodem, R. Klempous, J. Rozenblit

31. Kinematics Analysis and Design of 3 DOF Medical Parallel Robots
S. D. Stan, M. Manic, V. Maties, R. Balan, D. Verdes

32. Graphical Human-Machine Interface for QB Systems
M. Jasiński, A. Nawrat

33. Visualization of Two Parameters in a Three-Dimensional Environment
L. Deligiannidis, A. Sheth

V. Various H-CSI Applications

34. An Evaluation Tool for End-User Computing Competency in an Organizational Computing Environment
C. Y. Yoon, J. N. Jeon, S. K. Hong

35. Enterprsise Ontology for Knowledge-Based System
J. Andreasik

36. Constructing Ensemble-Based Classifiers Based on Feature Transformation: Application in Hand Recognition
H. Mirzaei, M. Jafarzadegan

37. A New and Improved Skin Detection Method Using Mixed Color Space
M. M. Aznaveh, H. Mirzaei, E. Roshan, M. H. Saraee

38. A Formal Model for Supporting the Adaptive Access to Virtual Museums
A. Dattolo, F. L. Luccio

39. 3D Molecular Interactive Modeling
M. Essabbah, S. Otmane, M. Mallem

40. Shape Recognition of Film Sequence with Application of Sobel Filter and Backpropagation Neural Network
A. Głowacz, W. Głowacz

41. Dynamic Changes of Population Size in Trai ning of Artificial Neural Networks
A. Słowik, M. Białko

42. New Approach to Diagnostics of DC Machines by Sound Recognition Using Linear Predictive Coding
A. Głowacz, W. Głowacz

43. Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy IF-THEN Rules and Genetic Algorithms
A. Rotshtein, H. Rakytyanska

44. Necessary Optimality Conditions for Fractional Bio-economic Systems: The Problem of Optimal Harvest Rate
D. V. Filatova, M. Grzywaczewski

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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