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Advances in Computational Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. Multi Lingual Speaker Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network
Prateek Agrawal, Anupam Shukla, Ritu Tiwari

2. Modeling Huntington’s Disease Considering the Theory of Central Pattern Generators (CPG)
Masood Banaie, Yashar Sarbaz, Mohammad Pooyan, Shahriar Gharibzadeh, Farzad Towhidkhah

3. Prophetia: Artificial Intelligence for TravelBox® Technology
R. Chulaka Gunasekara, B. B. Akila Geethal, Mafaz Hassan, C. D. Tharindu Mathew, A. Shehan Perera, Harsha Subasinghe, Yohan Welikala, Lasantha Wimalasena

4. Application Research of Local Support Vector Machines in Condition Trend Prediction of Reactor Coolant Pump
Guohua Yan, Yongsheng Zhu

5. Asymptotic Synchronization for Pulse-Coupled Oscillators with Delayed Excitatory Coupling Is Impossible
Wei Wu, Tianping Chen

6. Missing Data Imputation Through the Use of the Random Forest Algorithm
Adam Pantanowitz, Tshilidzi Marwala

7. Ubiquitous Middleware Using Mobility Prediction Based on Neuro-Association Mining for Adaptive Distributed Object System
Romeo Mark A. Mateo, Malrey Lee, Jaewan Lee

8. A Growing Algorithm for RBF Neural Network
Han Honggui, Qiao Junfei

9. Fault Tolerance Based on Neural Networks for the Intelligent Distributed Framework
Michael Angelo G. Salvo, Jaewan Lee, Jung-sik Lee

10. Learning RNN-Based Gene Regulatory Networks for Robot Control
Wei-Po Lee, Tsung-Hsien Yang

11. Fault Detection for Networked Control Systems via Minimum Error Entropy Observer
Jianhua Zhang, Lei Cai, Hong Wang

12. Discrete-Time Reduced Order Neural Observers
Alma Y. Alanis, Edgar Nelson Sanchez

13. A New Neural Observer for an Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process
Rubén Belmonte-Izquierdo, Salvador Carlos-Hernández, Edgar Nelson Sanchez

14. Prediction of Protein Subcellular Multi-localization by Using a Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machine
Yang Yang, Bao-Liang Lu

15. Application of MultiLayer Perceptron Type Neural Network to Camera Calibration
Dong-Min Woo, Dong-Chul Park

16. Hierarchical Neural Network Model for Water Quality Prediction in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Qiumei Cong, Wen Yu, Tianyou Chai

17. Third Generation Neural Networks: Spiking Neural Networks
Samanwoy Ghosh-Dastidar, Hojjat Adeli

18. Choquet Fuzzy Integral Applied to Stereovision Matching for Fish-Eye Lenses in Forest Analysis
P. Javier Herrera, Gonzalo Pajares, María Guijarro, José J. Ruz, Jesús M. Cruz

19. Fuzzy OLAP: A Formal Definition
Claudia González, Leonid Tineo, Angélica Urrutia

20. Caller Behaviour Classification: A Comparison of SVM and FIS Techniques
Pretesh B. Patel, Tshilidzi Marwala

21. A Dual-Model Discrete-Time Jumping Fuzzy System Approach to NCS Design
Fengge Wu, Fuchun Sun, Huaping Liu

22. A Continuous-Time Recurrent Neurofuzzy Network for Black-Box Modeling of Insulin Dynamics in Diabetic Type-1 Patients
Marcos Angel González-Olvera, Ana Gabriela Gallardo-Hernández, Yu Tang, Maria Cristina Revilla-Monsalve, Sergio Islas-Andrade

23. Vague Query Based on Vague Relational Model
Faxin Zhao, Z. M. Ma

24. Identification and Speed Control of a DC Motor Using an Input-Output Recurrent Neurofuzzy Network
Edgar Berrospe, Marcos Angel González-Olvera, Yu Tang

25. Hybrid Intelligent Control Scheme for an Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process
Rubén Belmonte-Izquierdo, Salvador Carlos-Hernández, Edgar Nelson Sanchez

26. Workability of a Genetic Algorithm Driven Sequential Search for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Hamiltonian with or without Basis Optimization
Subhajit Nandy, Pinaki Chaudhury, Shankar Prasad Bhattacharyya

27. An Improved Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
Haibin Duan, Zhihui Xing, Chunfang Xu

28. Rough Approximation Operators with Hedges
Xueyou Chen

29. An Evolutionary Algorithm with Lower-Dimensional Crossover for Solving Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems
Yulong Shi, Sanyou Zeng, Bo Xiao, Yang Yang, Song Gao

30. Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction of P38 MAPK Pathway Using Ordinary Differential Equation with Linear Regression Analysis
Ming Zheng, Gui-Xia Liu, Han Wang, Chun-Guang Zhou

31. A Novel Multi-threshold Segmentation Approach Based on Artificial Immune System Optimization
Erik Cuevas, Valentín Osuna-Enciso, Daniel Zaldívar, Marco Pérez-Cisneros

32. Research on Improvement Strategies and Parameter Analysis of Ant Colony Algorithm for One-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
Lan Huang, Huayi Chen, Bin Yang, Chun-Guang Zhou

33. Mixture of Experts with Genetic Algorithms
Laura Cleofas, Rosa Maria Valdovinos, C. Juárez

34. Opposition-Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Velocity Clamping (OVCPSO)
Farrukh Shahzad, A. Rauf Baig, Sohail Masood, Muhammad Kamran, Nawazish Naveed

35. Designing a Compact Genetic Algorithm with Minimal FPGA Resources
Alejandro León-Javier, Marco A. Moreno-Armendáriz, Nareli Cruz-Cortés

36. Application of DNA Self-assembly on Maximum Clique Problem
Guangzhao Cui, Cuiling Li, Haobin Li, Xuncai Zhang, Xiaoguang Li

37. Modeling of the Relative Humidity and Control of the Temperature for a Bird Incubator
Jose Jesus Rubio, Martin Salazar, Raul Lugo, Jaime Pacheco, Angel D. Gomez

38. A Novel Automatic Method on Diagnosing Movement Disorders
Masood Banaie, Mohammad Mikaili, Mohammad Pooyan

39. The Fault Diagnosis of Electric Railway Traction Substation with Model-Based Diagnosis of Integration of FDI and DX Approaches
Zhigang Liu, Zhiwei Han, Wei Zhong

40. A Single-Hop Active Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Fengjun Shang

41. A Transelevator Moving Inside of an Automatic Warehouse in Virtual Reality
Jose Jesus Rubio, Enrique Garcia, Jaime Pacheco

42. Improved AFT and Background-Mesh Generation for FEM with Applications in Microwave
Xin Li, Changying Wu, Jie Li, Jiadong Xu

43. Application of Non-redundant Association Rules in University Library
Xiukuan Chen, Xiangjun Dong, Yuming Ma, Runian Geng

44. Global Structure Constraint: A Fast Pre-location for Active Appearance Model
Jie Ma, Dongwei Guo, Miao Liu, Kangping Wang, Chun-Guang Zhou

45. Bio-inspired Architecture for Visual Recognition of Humans Walking
Pedro Luis Sánchez Orellana, Claudio Castellanos Sánchez, Edgar Angel-Guerrero, Tomás Martínez-Arenas

46. Computational Model for Electric Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motors
Rodrigo López-Cárdenas, Luis Pastor Sánchez-Fernández, Sergio Suárez-Guerra

47. Closed-Loop Identification of a Nonlinear Servomechanism: Theory and Experiments
Rubén Garrido, Roger Miranda

48. Dynamic Classifier Selection with Confidence Intervals
Rose Maria Valdovinos, M. Sánchez, Issachar Ruiz

49. Optimal Neuron-Controller for Fluid Triple-Tank System via Improved ADDHP Algorithm
Shaojian Song, Gang Cai, Xiaofeng Lin

50. Method of Learning for Life Pet Artificial
Rodolfo Romero Herrera, Francisco Gallegos Funes, Antonio Gustavo Juàrez Gracia

51. An Sliding Mode Control for an Elbow Arm
Jose Jesus Rubio, Jaime Pacheco, Gerardo Villegas

52. Stabilization on a Physical Pendulum with Moving Mass
Oscar Octavio Gutiérrez-Frías, Juan Carlos Martínez-García, Ruben Garrido-Moctezuma

53. Restricted Growth String for Video-Type Classification
Pedro Luis Sánchez Orellana, José Torres Jiménez, Claudio Castellanos Sánchez

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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