Nelson, Matthew L.

Value Creation in E-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L. - Value Creation in E-Business Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Generic Business Model Types for Enterprise Mashup Intermediaries
Volker Hoyer, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva

2. The Commercial Open Source Business Model
Dirk Riehle

3. IPhone or Kindle: Competition of Electronic Books Sales
Li Chen

4. Business Models in Emerging Online Services
Kelly Lyons, Corrie Playford, Paul R. Messinger, Run H. Niu, Eleni Stroulia

5. Business Model Design from an ANT Perspective: Contributions and Insights of an Open and Living Theory
Cristina Chuva Costa, Paulo Rupino Cunha

6. Customer-Specific Transaction Risk Management in E-Commerce
Markus Ruch, Stefan Sackmann

7. An Evaluation of Multiple Perceptions of Digital Rights Management
Allyn D. Stott, Aakash Taneja

8. Consumer’s Online Shopping Influence Factors and Decision-Making Model
Xiangbin Yan, Shiliang Dai

9. Generation Gap and the Impact of the Web on Goods Quality Perceptions
Yun Wan, Makoto Nakayama, Norma Sutcliffe

10. How the Website Usability Elements Impact Performance
Muhammad Aljukhadar, Sylvain Senecal

11. Effects of Website Interactivity on Online Retail Shopping Behavior
Hafizul Islam

12. Trust-Building in Electronic Markets: Relative Importance and Interaction Effects of Trust-Building Mechanisms
Stefan Tams

13. Pricing Strategy in Online Retailing Marketplaces of Homogeneous Goods: Should High Reputation Seller Charge More?
Yuewen Liu, Kwok Kee Wei, Huaping Chen

14. Secure Mobile Support of Independent Sales Agencies
Jochen Kokemüller, Heiko Roßnagel, Anette Weisbecker

15. People-to-People Lending: The Emerging E-Commerce Transformation of a Financial Market
Hui Wang, Martina Greiner, Jay E. Aronson

16. Forecasting U.S. Home Foreclosures with an Index of Internet Keyword Searches
G. Kent Webb

17. Organizing Equity Exchanges
Torsten Schaper

18. The Impact of New Execution Venues on European Equity Markets’ Liquidity – The Case of Chi-X
Michael Chlistalla, Marco Lutat

19. System Latency in Linked Spot and Futures Markets
Martin Wagener, Ryan Riordan

20. Quantifying Users’ Interconnectedness in Online Social Networks – An Indispensible Step for Economic Valuation
Martin Gneiser, Julia Heidemann, Mathias Klier, Andrea Landherr, Florian Probst

21. Enhancing the Quality of Financial Advice with Web 2.0 – An Approach Considering Social Capital in the Private Asset Allocation
Dennis Kundisch, Robin Zorzi

22. Web 2.0 in SME Networks - A Design Science Approach Considering Multi-perspective Requirements
Nadine Blinn, Nadine Lindermann, Katrin Fäcks, Markus Nüttgens

23. Mashups: An Approach to Overcoming the Business/IT Gap in Service-Oriented Architectures
Stefan Bitzer, Matthias Schumann

24. Online Reputation Systems in Web 2.0 Era
Weijun Zheng, Leigh Jin

25. Evolution of Decision Rules Used for IT Portfolio Management: An Inductive Approach
Prasanna P. Karhade, Michael J. Shaw, Ramanath Subramanyam

Keywords: Computer Science, e-Commerce/e-business, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing, Computers and Society

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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