Eckhardt, Bruno

Advances in Turbulence XII

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Table of contents

1. Lagrangian modeling and properties of particles with inertia
F. Toschi, L. Biferale, E. Calzavarini, E. Lévêque, A. Scagliarini

2. Effect of Faxén forces on acceleration statistics of material particles in turbulent flow
E. Calzavarini, R. Volk, M. Bourgoin, E. Lévêque, J.-F. Pinton, F. Toschi

3. Lagrangian analysis of turbulent convection
Jörg Schumacher, Mohammad S. Emran

4. Linear and angular dynamics of an inertial particle in turbulence
Yoann Gasteuil, Jean-François Pinton

5. Collision rate between heavy particles in a model turbulent flow
L. Ducasse, A. Pumir

6. From cloud condensation nuclei to cloud droplets: a turbulent model
A. Celani, A. Mazzino, M. Tizzi

7. Lagrangian statistics of inertial particles in turbulent flow
Mickaël Bourgoin, Nauman Qureshi, Christophe Baudet, Alain Cartellier, Yves Gagne

8. Lagrangian statistics of two–dimensional turbulence in a square container
B. Kadoch, W. J. T. Bos, K. Schneider

9. Measurement of Lagrangian Particle Trajectories by Digital in-line Holography
G. Gülker, T. Homeyer, J. Peinke

10. 3-D Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) in gas flows using coloured tracer particles
Dominique Tarlet, Christian Bendicks, Robert Bordás, Bernd Wunderlich, Dominique Thévenin, Bernd Michaelis

11. Two-particle dispersion in 2D inverse cascade turbulence and its telegraph equation model
Atsushi MIZUTA, Sadayoshi TOH, Takeshi MATSUMOTO

12. Numerical simulations of particle dispersion in stratified flows
G. Brethouwer, E. Lindborg

13. Experimental study of the von Kármán flow from Re = 102 to 106: spontaneous symmetry breaking and turbulent bifurcations
P.-P. Cortet, S. Atis, A. Chiffaudel, F. Daviaud, B. Dubrulle, F. Ravelet

14. Flow reversals in a vertical channel
J.-C. Tisserand, M. Creyssels, M. Gibert, B. Castaing, F. Chilla

15. Linear Instability of Streamwise Corner Flow
F. Alizard, U. Rist, J.-C. Robinet

16. DNS of turbulent plane Couette flow with emphasis on turbulent stripe
T. Tsukahara, Y. Kawaguchi, H. Kawamura

17. Geometry of state space in plane Couette flow
P. Cvitanović, J. F. Gibson

18. Linear and nonlinear instabilities of sliding Couette flow
K. Deguchi, M. Nagata

19. Localization in plane Couette edge dynamics
Tobias M. Schneider, Daniel Marinc, Bruno Eckhardt

20. Nonlinear optimal perturbations in plane Couette flow
Luca Brandt, Yohann Duguet, Robin Larsson

21. Order parameter in laminar-turbulent patterns
L. S. Tuckerman, D. Barkley, D. Moxey, O. Dauchot

22. Pattern formation in low Reynolds number plane Couette flow
Y. Duguet, P. Schlatter, D. S. Henningson

23. Quasi-stationary and chaotic convection in low rotating spherical shells
B. Futterer, C. Egbers

24. Linear stability of 2D rough channels
F. Fabiani, P. Orlandi, S. Leonardi

25. Transient turbulent bursting in enclosed flows
K. Hochstrate, M. Avila, J. Abshagen, G. Pfister

26. On New Localized Vortex Solutions in the Couette-Ekman Layer
M. Withalm, N. P. Hoffmann

27. Shear instabilities in Taylor-Couette flow
A. Meseguer, F. Mellibovsky, F. Marques, M. Avila

28. Particle Tracking Velocimetry in Transitional Plane Couette Flow
B. Lüthi, B. Holzner, M. Kinzel, A. Liberzon, A. Tsinober

29. Experimental study of coherent structures in turbulent pipe flow
A. Lozar, B. Hof

30. Forced localized turbulence in pipe flows
M. Avila, B. Hof

31. From localized to expanding turbulence
B. Hof, A. Lozar

32. Influence of test-rigs on the laminar-to-turbulent transition of pipe flows
F. Durst, K. Haddad, Ö. Ertunç

33. Interaction of turbulent spots in pipe flow
Devranjan Samanta, Alberto Lozar, Bjoern Hof

34. Large-scale transitional dynamics in pipe flow
F. Mellibovsky, A. Meseguer, T. M. Schneider, B. Eckhardt

35. Nonlinear coherent structures in a square duct
Håkan Wedin, Alessandro Bottaro, Masato Nagata

36. Quantitative measurement of the life time of turbulence in pipe flow
D. J. Kuik, Christian Poelma, Bjorn Hof, J. Westerweel

37. Experimental investigation of turbulent patch evolution in spatially steady boundary layers
Jens H. M. Fransson

38. Interaction of noise disturbances and streamwise streaks
Philipp Schlatter, Luca Brandt, Rick Lange

39. Linear generation of multiple time scales by 3D unstable perturbations
S. Scarsoglio, D. Tordella, W. O. Criminale

40. Convection at very high Rayleigh number: signature of transition from a micro-thermometer inside the flow
J. Salort, F. Gauthier, B. Chabaud, O. Bourgeois, J.-L. Garden, R. Puits, A. Thess, P.-E. Roche

41. Estimating local instabilities for irregular flows in the differentially heated rotating annulus
U. Harlander, R. Faulwetter, K. Alexandrov, C. Egbers

42. Search for the “ultimate state” in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
E. Bodenschatz, D. Funfschilling, G. Ahlers

43. Rayleigh–Taylor instability in two dimensions and phase-field method
A. Celani, A. Mazzino, P. Muratore-Ginnaneschi, L. Vozella

44. Split energy cascade in quasi-2D turbulence
G. Boffetta, A. Celani, S. Musacchio

45. Stabililty and laminarisation of turbulent rotating channel flow
S. Wallin, O. Grundestam, A. V. Johansson

46. The vortical flow pattern exhibited by the channel flow on a rotating system just past transition under the influence of the Coriolis force
Venkatesa I. Vasanta Ram, Burkhard Müller, Fantri Azhari

47. Transient evolution and high stratification scaling in horizontal mixing layers
C. Arratia, S. Ortiz, J. M. Chomaz

48. Toward cost-effective Control of Wall Turbulence for Skin Friction Drag Reduction
Nobuhide Kasagi, Yosuke Hasegawa, Koji Fukagata

49. Active control of turbulent boundary layer using an array of piezo-ceramic actuators
H. L. Bai, Y. Zhou

50. Flat plate turbulent boundary-layer control using vertical LEBUs
V. I. Kornilov, A. V. Boiko

51. Estimation of the spanwise wall shear stress based on upstream information for wall turbulence control
B. Frohnapfel, Y. Hasegawa, N. Kasagi, S. Große

52. Interactions between vortex generators and a flat plate boundary layer. Application to the control of separated flows.
T. Duriez, B. Thiria, T. Cambonie, J. E. Wesfreid, J. L. Aider

53. Modulated global mode of a controlled wake
V. Parezanović, O. Cadot

54. Swirl effects in turbulent pipe flow
F. Nygård, H. I. Andersson

55. Control of an axisymmetric turbulent wake by a pulsed jet
J. F. Morrison, A. Qubain

56. Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent mixed convection in enclosures with heated obstacles
Olga Shishkina, Claus Wagner

57. On Drag Reduction in Turbulent Channel Flow over Superhydrophobic Surfaces
C. Peguero, K. Breuer

58. Response of Periodically Modulated Turbulence
H. E. Cekli, W. Water

59. Turbulent drag reduction by feedback: a Wiener-filtering approach
F. Martinelli, M. Quadrio, P. Luchini

60. A driving mechanism of turbulent puff in pipe flow
M. Shimizu, S. Kida

61. Wavelet tools to study vortex bursting and turbulence production
M. Farge, J. Ruppert-Felsot, P. Petitjeans

62. The minimum-enstrophy principle for decaying 2D turbulence in circular domains
G. H. Keetels, H. J. H. Clercx, G. J. F. Heijst

63. Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent vortex ring
P. J. Archer, T. G. Thomas, G. N. Coleman

64. Reconnection of vortex bundles
Sultan Alamri, Anthony J. Youd, Carlo F. Barenghi

65. Turbulent energy cascade caused by vortex stretching
Susumu Goto

66. Instabilities and transient growth of trailing vortices in stratified fluid
Claire Donnadieu, Jean-Marc Chomaz, Sabine Ortiz

67. Implementation of Vortex Stretching into the Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations via Arbitrary External Straining
F. Sabetghadam, S. A. Ghaffari, M. Dadashi

68. Turbulent cascade of a quantum fluid at finite temperature
E. Lévêque, C. F. Barenghi, P. Diribarne, P.-E. Roche

69. Visualization of quantum turbulence in 3He-B by thermal excitations
Y. A. Sergeev, C. F. Barenghi, N. Suramlishvili

70. The 3D structure of a dipole in a shallow two-layer fluid
R. A. D. Akkermans, L. P. J. Kamp, H. J. H. Clercx, G. J. F. Heijst

71. The 3D character of decaying turbulence in a shallow fluid layer
A. R. Cieslik, L. P. J. Kamp, H. J. H. Clercx, G. J. F. Heijst

72. Vortex dynamics in a Karman street behind a heated cylinder: defects and potentialities of acoustic diagnostics
V. V. Chernov, P. L. Soustov, P. R. Gromov, A. B. Ezersky, P. Paranthoen

73. Asymmetric vortex shedding in the turbulent wake of a flat plate in a rotating fluid
Hatef A. Khaledi, Mustafa Barri, Helge I. Andersson

74. Stability of steady vortices and new equilibrium flows from “Imperfect-Velocity-Impulse” diagrams
P. Luzzatto-Fegiz, C. H. K. Williamson

75. The effect of Freestream Turbulence on Far Axisymmetric Wakes
E. Rind, I. P. Castro

76. Application of the deterministic turbulence method to study of LEBU-device mechanism
V. I. Borodulin, Y. S. Kachanov, A. P. Roschektayev

77. The role of the intense vorticity structures in the turbulent structure of the jet edge
Ricardo J. N. Reis, Carlos B. Silva, José C. F. Pereira

78. Large Scale Dynamics of a Jet in a Counter Flow
C. Duwig, J. Revstedt

79. Dynamics of vortex filaments in turbulent flows and their impact on particle dispersion
A. Scagliarini, L. Biferale, F. Toschi

80. The effect of coherent structures on the secondary flow in a square duct
A. Sekimoto, A. Pinelli, M. Uhlmann, G. Kawahara

81. How to Discriminate Between Light and Heavy Particles in Turbulence
H. I. Andersson, P. H. Mortensen, J. J. J. Gillissen, L. H. Zhao, B. J. Boersma

82. Anisotropic clustering and particles velocity statistics in shear turbulence
P. Gualtieri, F. Picano, G. Sardina, C. M. Casciola

83. Direct Numerical Simulation of inertial particle accelerations in near-wall turbulence: effect of gravity
V. Lavezzo, S. Gerashchenko, Z. Warhaft, L. Collins, A. Soldati

84. Simulating Fibre Suspensions: Lagrangian versus Statistical Approach
L. H. Zhao, H. I. Andersson, J. J. J. Gillissen, B. J. Boersma

85. Inertial particles in a turbulent pipe flow: spatial evolution
F. Picano, G. Sardina, C. M. Casciola

86. Heat transfer mechanisms in bubbly Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Paolo Oresta, Roberto Verzicco, Detlef Lohse, Andrea Prosperetti

87. Scaling of polymer drag reduction with polymer and flow parameters in turbulent channel flow
D. H. Lee, R. Akhavan

88. DNS study on “diameter effect” of drag reduction in viscoelastic-fluid flow
T. Ishigami, T. Tsukahara, Y. Kawaguchi

89. Modifications of the turbulent structure in a bubbly boundary layer
B. Jacob, M. Miozzi, A. Olivieri, E. F. Campana, R. Piva

90. Budgets of polymer free energy in homogeneous turbulence
E. Angelis, C. M. Casciola, R. Piva

91. Shear-induced self-diffusion in a Couette flow of a dilute suspension
E. S. Asmolov

92. Turbulent flow over rough walls
Ian P. Castro

93. Top-down and bottom-up eddy motion in wall bounded turbulence
P. Carlotti, F. Laadhari

94. A study of turbulent Poiseuille-Ekman flow at different rotation rates using DNS
A. Mehdizadeh, M. Oberlack

95. Experimental study of forced stratified turbulence
P. Augier, P. Billant, E. Negretti, J.-M. Chomaz

96. DNS of the turbulent cloud-top mixing layer
J. P. Mellado, H. Schmidt, B. Stevens, N. Peters

97. Modelling and Simulation of Momentum and Heat Transfer in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer over Rough Surface: Study with Improved Turbulence Model
A. F. Kurbatskiy, L. I. Kurbatskaya

98. Wind Direction Effects on Urban Like Roughness: an LES Study
J. M. Claus, I. P. Castro, Z. ―T. Xie

99. Anisotropy in turbulent rotating convection
R. P. J. Kunnen, H. J. H. Clercx, B. J. Geurts

100. Nonlocal interactions and condensation in forced rotating turbulence
L. Bourouiba, D. Straub

101. Structural Features of Rotating Sheared Turbulence
F. G. Jacobitz, W. T. Bos, K. Schneider, M. Farge

102. Structure functions and energy transfers in a decaying rotating turbulence experiment
F. Moisy

103. Table-top rotating turbulence: an experimental insight through particle tracking
L. Del Castello, H. J. H. Clercx, R. R. Trieling, A. Tsinober

104. On the structure of rapidly-rotating, decaying turbulence
P. A. Davidson

105. Large-eddy simulations of gravity current flows past submerged cylinders
E. Gonzalez-Juez, E. Meiburg, G. Constantinescu, T. Tokyay

106. Large scale quasi-2D structures and the problem of nonlinear bottom friction
A. A. Khapaev, S. V. Kostrykin, I. G. Yakushkin

107. Double-period oscillation of passive scalar flux in stratified turbulence
H. Hanazaki

108. Energy spectra of stably stratified turbulence
Y. Kimura, J. R. Herring

109. The wind-driven turbulent oscillating channel flow subjected to a stable stratification
W. Kramer, V. Armenio, H. J. H. Clercx

110. Numerical studies of turbulence in breaking internal waves
S. N. Yakovenko, T. G. Thomas, I. P. Castro

111. Vortex self-similarity and the evolution of unforced inviscid two-dimensional turbulence
D. G. Dritschel, R. K. Scott, C. Macaskill, G. A. Gottwald, C. V. Tran

112. Large Eddy Simulation of compressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the local interstellar medium
A. A. Chernyshov, K. V. Karelsky, A. S. Petrosyan

113. Experimental Studies of Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
Ke-Qing Xia

114. Various flow amplitudes in 2D non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq Rayleigh-Bénard convection in water
Enrico Calzavarini, Siegfried Grossmann, Detlef Lohse, Kazuyasu Sugiyama

115. A comparison of turbulent thermal convection between conditions of constant temperature and constant heat flux boundaries
Hans Johnston, Charles R. Doering

116. Diffusion of heavy particles in turbulent flows
A. S. Lanotte, J. Bec, L. Biferale, M. Cencini, A. Scagliarini, F. Toschi

117. Quantification of heavy particle segregation in turbulent flows: a Lagrangian approach
E. Meneguz, M. W. Reeks, A. Soldati

118. The dispersion of lines written in a turbulent jet flow
M. Mirzaei, N. J. Dam, J. J. Meulen, W. Water

119. PDF modeling of vapour micromixing in turbulent evaporating sprays
Gaurav Anand, Patrick Jenny

120. Forces on light particles in stratified turbulence
M. Aartrijk, H. J. H. Clercx

121. Renormalized transport of inertial particles
M. Martins Afonso, A. Celani, A. Mazzino, P. Olla

122. Turbulence modification in the vicinity of a solid particle
Aurore Naso, Andrea Prosperetti

123. Particle Transport in Turbulent Wakes Behind Spherical Caps
N. G. W. Warncke, R. Delfos, J. Westerweel

124. Turbulent heat transfer and large-scale flow in convection cells with aspect ratio Γ > 1
Mohammad S. Emran, Jorge Bailon-Cuba, Jörg Schumacher

125. Shot noise of thermal plumes : Evidence of a boundary layer instability consistent with the onset of Kraichnan’s Regime of convection
F. Gauthier, P. -E. Roche

126. Scalar mixing in turbulent confined flow
D. Kolomensky, B. Kadoch, W. J. T. Bos, K. Schneider, P. Angot

127. Prandtl-, Rayleigh-, and Rossby-number dependence of heat transport in turbulent Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Richard J. A. M. Stevens, Jin-Qiang Zhong, Herman J. H. Clercx, Roberto Verzicco, Detlef Lohse, Guenter Ahlers

128. Oscillations of Large-Scale Structures in turbulent Mixed Convection in a rectangular enclosure
A. Westhoff, D. Schmeling, J. Bosbach, C. Wagner

129. Interaction between slope flows and an urban heat island
Marco Giorgilli, Monica Moroni, Paolo Monti, Antonio Cenedese

130. Origin of the small-scale anisotropy of the passive scalar fluctuations
J. Kalda, A. Morozenko

131. Mixing asymmetry in variable density turbulence
D. Livescu, J. R. Ristorcelli

132. Turbulent transport close to a wall
G. Boffetta, F. Lillo, A. Mazzino

133. Persistence of inhomogeneity of the turbulence generated by the static grid structure
Ö. Ertunç, N. ÖzyIlmaz, H. Lienhart, F. Durst

134. On the energy decay of grid generated turbulence
P.-Å. Krogstad, P. A. Davidson

135. Turbulent Entrainment in Jets: The role of Kinetic Energy
Rodrigo M. R. Taveira, Carlos B. Silva, J. C. F. Pereira

136. Fast and slow changes of the length of gradient trajectories in homogeneous shear turbulence
P. Schäfer, M. Gampert, L. Wang, N. Peters

137. Coherent streaky structures and optimal perturbations of turbulent boundary layers
C. Cossu, G. Pujals, S. Depardon

138. Time-mean description of turbulent bluff-body separation in the high-Reynolds-number limit
B. Scheichl, A. Kluwick, F. T. Smith

139. Isotropic Free-stream Turbulence Promotes Anisotropy in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
S. Torres-Nieves, B. Brzek, J. Lebrón, R. B. Cal, H. S. Kang, C. Meneveau, L. Castillo

140. Travelling waves in a straight square duct
M. Uhlmann, G. Kawahara, A. Pinelli

141. Thermal boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
R. Puits, C. Resagk, A. Thess

142. DNS of turbulent transport of scalar concentration in various thermally stratified boundary layers
H. Hattori, S. Yamazaki, Y. Nagano

143. Wall turbulence without walls
Yoshinori Mizuno, Javier Jiménez

144. Turbulent flow and heat transfer in eccentric annulus
N. V. Nikitin, S. I. Chernyshenko, H. L. Wang

145. On imperfect hot-wire resolution issues and their effect on mean quantities
R. Örlü, J. H. M. Fransson, P. H. Alfredsson

146. The diagnostic plot - a new way to appraise turbulent boundary-layer data
P. H. Alfredsson, R. Örlü, T. Kurian, J. H. M. Fransson, A. Segalini, J. -D. Rüedi, A. Talamelli

147. DHMPIV and Tomo-PIV measurements of three-dimensional structures in a turbulent boundary layer
O. Amili, C. Atkinson, J. Soria

148. LDA measurements of Reynolds stresses in a swirling turbulent pipe flow
B. Z. Genç, Ö. Ertunç, J. Jovanović, A. Delgado

149. Time-resolved stereoscopic PIV of the log-layer in fully developed turbulent pipe flow
S. Große, D. J. Kuik, J. esterweel

150. Massive separation in rotating turbulent flows
Mustafa Barri, George K. El Khoury, Helge I. Andersson, Bjørnar Pettersen

151. Scaling of torque in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow with background rotation
R. Delfos, F. Ravelet, J. Westerweel

152. Velocity gradient statistics in a turbulent channel flow
Dmitry Krasnov, Thomas Boeck, Jörg Schumacher

153. Channel flow LES with stochastic modeling of the sub-grid acceleration
R. Zamansky, I. Vinkovic, M. Gorokhovski

154. DNS of three-dimensional separation in turbulent diffuser flows
Johan Ohlsson, Philipp Schlatter, Paul F. Fischer, Dan S. Henningson

155. Optimal amplification of large scale streaks in the turbulent Couette flow
Y. Hwang, C. Cossu

156. Symmetry of Coherent Vortices in Plane Couette Flow
T. Itano, S. C. Generalis, S. Toh, J. P. Fletcher

157. Universal character of perturbation growth in near-wall turbulence
N. Nikitin

158. Experimental assessment of turbulent drag reduction by wall traveling waves
M. Quadrio, F. Auteri, A. Baron, M. Belan, A. Bertolucci

159. Effects of very-large roughness in turbulent channel flow
D. M. Birch, J. F. Morrison

160. Roughness effects in a rotating turbulent channel
Vagesh D. Narasimhamurthy, Helge I. Andersson

161. Mean Flow and Turbulence over Rough Surfaces
M. Amir, I. P. Castro

162. DNS of vibrating grid turbulence
G. Khujadze, M. Oberlack

163. Step onset from an initial uniform distribution of turbulent kinetic energy.
D. Tordella, M. Iovieno

164. Fractal-generated turbulent scaling laws from a new scaling group of the multi-point correlation equation
M. Oberlack, G. Khujadze

165. Casimir Cascades in Two-Dimensional Turbulence
John C. Bowman

166. The development of truncated inviscid turbulence and the FPU-problem
G. Ooms, B. J. Boersma

167. The renormalized eddy-fragmentation equation and its exact solutions
V. L. Saveliev, M. Gorokhovski

168. Determination of the statistics of the velocity gradient tensor as a function of scale : solution of the tetrad model
A. Naso, A. Pumir

169. TSF Experiment for comparision of high Reynold’s number turbulence in He I and He II : first results.
P. Diribarne, J. Salort, C. Baudet, B. Belier, B. Castaing, L. Chevillard, F. Daviaud, S. David, B. Dubrulle, Y. Gagne, A. Girard, B. Rousset, P. Tabeling, P. Thibault, H. Willaime, P. E. Roche

170. Extraction of the non-equilibrium energy spectrum in high Reynolds number turbulence
K. Horiuti, Y. Tsuji, K. Saitou

171. Universality of Kolmogorov law in spectrally condensed turbulence in thin layers
H. Xia, M.G. Shats, H. Punzmann

172. Multi-scale correlations in regular and fractal-generated turbulence
R. Stresing, J. Peinke, R. E. Seoud, J. C. Vassilicos

173. On an alternative explanation of anomalous scaling and how inertial is the inertial range
M. Kholmyansky, A. Tsinober

174. Phenomenological relation between the Kolmogorov constant and the skewness in turbulence
L. Chevillard, B. Castaing, E. Lévêque, A. Arneodo

175. Kolmogorov scaling and intermittency in Rayleigh-Taylor turbulence
G. Boffetta, S. Cusacchio, A. Mazzino, L. Vozella

176. Observation of weak turbulence spectra of capillary waves
H. Punzmann, M. G. Shats, H. Xia

177. A new numerical methodology to follow the time-decay of turbulence
G. Sardina, P. Gualtieri, C. M. Casciola

178. Velocity kinematic relations in decaying turbulent flow past a grid
R. Gurka, G. Kopp, A. Liberzon, P. Sarathi, A. Tsinober

179. Lagrangian intermittency and time-correlations in two-dimensional turbulence
K. Schneider, S. Neffaa, B. Kadoch, W. J. T. Bos

180. Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation: Theory and Application
N. A. Adams, S. Hickel

181. A challenging new problem for LES: the flow near the turbulent/nonturbulent interface
Carlos B. Silva

182. Towards practical large-eddy simulations of complex turbulent flows
J. Boudet, A. Cahuzac, P. Borgnat, E. Lévêque, F. Toschi

183. Coherent Vortex Simulation: application to 3D homogeneous isotropic turbulence
N. Okamoto, K. Yoshimatsu, K. Schneider, M. Farge, Y. Kaneda

184. LES of a Non-Premixed Flame with an Assumed Tophat FDF
A. M. Kempf, A. Kronenburg

185. Closure models for inhomogeneous turbulence
R. Rubinstein, W. J. T. Bos, D. Livescu, S. L. Woodruff

186. Statistical Mechanics of Fluid Turbulence based on the Cross-Independence Closure Hypothesis
Tomomasa Tatsumi

187. Large-Eddy Simulation of a Two-Phase Plane Mixing-Layer
M. Dianat, Z. Yang, J. J. McGuirk

188. Subgrid particle resolution for the turbulent transport of a passive scalar
G.-H. Cottet, G. Balarac, M. Coquerelle

189. An adaptive local deconvolution method for general curvilinear coordinate systems
Stefan Hickel, Dominic Terzi, Jochen Fröhlich

190. On under-resolved simulation of atmospheric convection
Z. P. Piotrowski, P. Smolarkiewicz, S. P. Malinowski, A. A. Wyszogrodzki

191. The Multispectral Method: Progress and Prospects
Malcolm Roberts, John C. Bowman, Bruno Eckhardt

192. Discretization errors and subgrid scale implementations in Large Eddy Simulations
A. Viré, B. Knaepen

193. Reversals of the magnetic field generated by a turbulent flow
S. Fauve, E. Dormy, C. Gissinger, F. Pétrélis

194. Direct measurement of turbulent magnetic diffusivity in liquid metal flow
P. Frick, S. Denisov, V. Noskov, R. Stepanov

195. Shell models of MHD turbulence
T. Lessinnes, D. Carati, M. K. Verma, F. Plunian

196. Turbulence induced by magnetic fields
K. Bajer, K. A. Mizerski

197. Spin-up in MHD turbulence
S. Neffaa, W. J. T. Bos, K. Schneider

198. Influence of helicities on statistical properties of MHD turbulence
P. Frick, I. Mizeva, R. Stepanov

199. Transient growth in MHD duct flow
Thomas Boeck, Dmitry Krasnov, Maurice Rossi, Oleg Zikanov

200. Optical visualisation of the flow around a cylinder in electrolyte under strong axial magnetic field.
O. Andreev, A. Kobzev, Yu. Kolesnikov, A. Thess

201. Synthetic turbulence model and DNS for magnetohydrodynamics with rotation
B. Favier, F. S. Godeferd, C. Cambon

202. Spectral analysis of energy transfers in anisotropic MHD turbulence
B. Teaca, D. Carati, B. Knaepen, M. K. Verma

203. Boundary layer influence on cavity noise generation
V. Koschatzky, R. Delfos, B. J. Boersma, J. Westerweel

204. Instability waves as a source of subsonic jet noise
V. Suponitsky, N. D. Sandham

205. Experimental study of sound production for constricted channels: application to simplified vocal tract geometries
O. Estienne, A. Hirtum, H. Bailliet, X. Pelorson

206. Turbulant Pressure Statistics in an Underwater Boundary-Layer Experiment
J. Abshagen

207. Spectral reconstruction of sound radiated by an organ pipe
M. Abel, K. Ahnert

208. Aerodynamic sound generation by turbulence in shear flows
G. Khujadze, G. Chagelishvili, M. Oberlack, A. Tevzadze, G. Bodo

209. On implicit turbulence modeling for LES of compressible flows
Stefan Hickel, Johan Larsson

210. Injection of a plane reacting jet into a supersonic turbulent channel flow
Christoph Schaupp, Rainer Friedrich

211. Turbulent premixed flame fronts: fractal scaling and implications for LES modeling
G. Troiani, F. Picano, C. M. Casciola

212. Large eddy simulation of a lean premixed swirl flame in complex geometry - comparison of two turbulent combustion models
P. Wang, J. Fröhlich, U. Maas

213. KS inertial range and validity of Richardson’s law
F. C. G. A. Nicolleau

214. Lagrangian Vortex Methods in Turbulent Channel Flows
R. Yokota, K. Fukagata, S. Obi

215. Unstable and turbulent flows simulated by means of the Boltzmann kinetic equation
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216. Natural Transition in Plane Poiseuille Flow
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217. Stabilization of the turbulent flows in anisotropic viscoelastic tubes
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218. Simulation of induced transition in hypersonic regime: Validation of foot print of the vortical structures
F. Pinna, S. Tirtey, O. Chazot, P. Rambaud

219. Active grid generated turbulence
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220. Velocity characterisation of axisymmetric jets from human-sized channels
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221. The role of nonlocality in unsteady turbulence
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222. Coherent enstrophy production and dissipation in 2D turbulence with and without walls
Romain Nguyen yen, Marie Farge, Kai Schneider

223. Space scale analysis of enstrophy transfers in two-dimensional turbulence
P. Fischer, Ch. H. Bruneau

224. Hydrodynamic stability of a stratified suspension flow in a plane channel
S. A. Boronin

225. Localization of compact invariant sets of the Lorenz’ 1984 model
K. E. Starkov

226. Large-scale energy dissipation and equatorial superrotation in shallow water turbulence
R. K. Scott

227. The effects of rain on wind-driven turbulent flow
N. Takagaki, K. Iwano, S. Komori

228. New results on grid-generated turbulence
Thomas Kurian, Jens H. M. Fransson

229. Gas-liquid interaction under vibration field effect
V. Kholmer, L. Grinis

230. An Invariant Nonlinear Eddy Viscosity Model based on a 4D Modelling Approach
M. Frewer

231. Projection of the turbulence closure problem on the invariant triangle as the basis for improved predictions of complex flows
J. Jovanović, B. Frohnapfel, M. Breuer

232. A computational study of the hydrodynamic forces on a rough wall
C. Braun, M. García-Villalba, M. Uhlmann

233. Turbulent flow structure investigation within target fluidic flowmeter
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234. The Wake of a Single 2D Roughness Element Immersed in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
B. T. Tee, L. K. B. Li, T. B. Nickels

235. High spanwise wall-shear stress events in turbulent duct flow
S. Große, W. Schröder

236. A POD-based reconstruction method for the flow in the near-wall region
B. Podvin, Y. Fraigneau, J. Jouanguy, J. P. Laval

237. Near-wall velocity and wall shear stress correlations in a separating boundary layer
P. Nathan, P. E. Hancock

238. Lifetimes of flow topology in a turbulent boundary layer
G. E. Elsinga, I. Marusic

239. RDT or low wavenumber modes’ dynamics?
S. R. Bogdanov

240. Intermittency in high resolution direct numerical simulation of turbulence in a periodic box: a wavelet viewpoint
K. Yoshimatsu, N. Okamoto, K. Schneider, Y. Kaneda, M. Farge

241. Detached Eddy Simulation of Turbulence Flows in a Pipe with Fractal Shape Orifices
H. W. Zheng, F. C. G. A. Nicolleau, N. Qin

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243. Beyond Reynolds stress analysis of quasilaminar flows
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244. Anisotropic Organised Eddy Simulation for statistical and hybrid modelling of turbulent flows around bodies
R. Bourguet, M. Braza, R. El Akoury, G. Harran

245. Experimental vortex generation and instabilities at flow around a magnetic obstacle
Yu. Kolesnikov, A. Thess

246. A dynamic multiscale subgrid model for MHD turbulence based on Kolmogorov’s equation
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I. E. Sarries, A. I. Iatridis, C. D. Dritselis, N. S. Vlachos

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249. A new compressible turbulence model for free and wall-bounded shear layers
J. Y. Kim, S. O. Park

250. Modelling of turbulent flow in a gas burner
K. Kwiatkowski, K. Bajer

Keywords: Physics, Classical Continuum Physics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
Page amount
27 pages
Natural Sciences

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