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Table of contents

1. Holography in the '60s and '70s – A View from the Fringes
Charles M.

2. Coherence Holography: A Thought on Synthesis and Analysis of Optical Coherence Fields
Mitsuo Takeda, Wei Wang, Dinesh N. Naik

3. The Polarization Approach in Measuring Correlation Properties of Optical Fields
O.V. Angelsky, C.Yu. Zenkova, N. V. Gorodyns’ka

4. Real-time Coherence Holography
Dinesh N. Naik, Takahiro Ezawa, Yoko Miyamoto, Mitsuo Takeda

5. Coherence and Correlation in Digital Holography
Ichirou Yamaguchi

6. Analysis of fringe formation and localization in optical interferometry using optical coherence
C S Narayanamurthy

7. Quantitative Phase Imaging in Microscopy
Colin JR Sheppard, Shan S Kou, Shalin Mehta

8. Comparison and unification of speckle-based phase retrieval and holography with applications in phasefront alignment and recognition
P. F. Almoro, G. Pedrini, F. Zhang, A.M.S. Maallo, A. Anand, P. N. Gundu, W. Wang, A. Asundi, W. Osten, S. G. Hanson

9. High Precision Object Phase Reconstruction with Modified Phase Retrieval
Sandro Förster, Herbert Gross

10. Phase retrieval with an LCoS display: characterization and application
C. Kohler, W. Osten, F. Zhang

11. Digital dynamic-fringe pattern processing without frequency carrier, using wideband phase-shifting algorithmsM
Julio C. Estrada, Fernando Mendoza-Santoyo, Manuel Torre, Tonatihu Saucedo

12. Error-compensating phase-shifting Fizeau interferometry with a wavelength-tunable laser diode
Yukihiro Ishii, Sayaka Idoi, Hayato Fujita, Hideki Funamizu

13. Lateral Shearing Interferometer based on a Spatial Light Modulator in the Fourier Plane
Claas Falldorf, Reiner Klattenhoff, Achim Gesierich, Christoph v. Kopylow, Ralf Bergmann

14. Digital phase shifting holography and holographic interferometry
M. Kujawińska, N. Kumar, A. Michalkiewicz

15. Fourier-transform method with high accuracy by use of iterative technique narrowing the spectra of a fringe pattern
S. Nakayama, H. Toba, N. Fujiwara, T. Gemma, M. Takeda

16. Fringe pattern processing using a new adaptive and steereable asynchronous algorithm
J.A. Quiroga, J.A. Gómez-Pedrero, M. Servín

17. Synthetic Aperture Digital Holography
Joseph Rosen, Barak Katz

18. A new application of the Delaunay triangulation: The processing of speckle interferometry signals
Sébastien Equis, Pierre Jacquot

19. Phase analysis of interference signal with optical Hilbert transform based on orthogonal linear polarization phase shifting
Violeta Dimitrova Madjarova, Hirofumi Kadono, Naoaki Kurita

20. Digital Fourier-transform processing for analysis of speckle photographs
Karl A. Stetson

21. Wavefront evaluation in phase shifting interferometry based on recurrence fringe processing with 3D prediction
Igor Gurov, Alexey Karpets, Elena Vorobeva

22. White-light fringe analysis with low-cost CCD camera
Zdeněk Buchta, Petr Jedlička, Milan Matějka, Vladimír Kolařík, Břetislav Mikel, Josef Lazar, Ondřej číp

23. Design and assessment of Differential Phase-Shifting Algorithms by means of their Fourier representation
Marta Miranda, Benito V. Dorrío

24. A Nonlinear Technique for Automatic Twin-Image and Zero-Order Term Suppression in Digital Holographic Microscopy
Nicolas Pavillon, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula, Michael Unser, Christian Depeursinge

25. Modified two-step phase-shifting algorithm: analysis, demonstration, and application
Xiang-Feng Meng, Xiang Peng, Lu-Zhong Cai, A-Meng Li, Ji-Ping Guo, Yu-Rong Wang

26. The Used of Reference Wave for Diagnostics of Phase Singularities
Oleg V.Angelsky, Alexander P Maksimyak, Peter P Maksimyak

27. New convolution algorithms for reconstructing extended objects encoded in digitally recorded holograms
Pascal Picart, Patrice Tankam, Denis Mounier, Zu-jie Peng, Jun-chang Li

28. Reconstruction of noisy measured sharp edges at thin sheet metal components
J. Weickmann, A. Liedl, P.-F. Brenner, A. Weckenmann

29. Reduction of speckles in digital holographic interferometry
S. Hertwig, H. Babovsky, A. Kiessling, R. Kowarschik

30. Normalization and denoising in a multi-source and multi-camera profilometric system
Elena Stoykova, Atanas Gotchev, Ventseslav Sainov

31. Automated Phase Map Referencing Against Historic Phase Map Data
Roger M. Groves, Dominique Derauw, Cédric Thizy, Igor Alexeenko, Wolfgang Osten, Marc Georges, Vivi Tornari

32. Numerical multiplexing and de-multiplexing techniques for efficient storage and transmission of digital holographic information
M. Paturzo, P. Memmolo, A. Tulino, A. Finizio, L. Miccio, P. Ferraro

33. Fringe Pattern Normalization Using Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition and the Hilbert Transform
María Belén Bernini, Alejandro Federico, Guillermo H. Kaufmann

34. Complementary Filtering Approach to Enhance the Optical Reconstruction of Holograms from a Spatial Light Modulator
Mostafa Agour, Claas Falldorf, Christoph von Kopylow

35. Combination of Phase Stepping and Fringe Tracking to Evaluate Strain from Noisy DSPI Data
Erwin Hack

36. Influence of filter operators on 3D coordinate calculation in fringe projection systems
Christian Bräuer-Burchardt, Matthias Heinze, Christoph Munkelt, Peter Kühmstedt, Gunther Notni

37. Polarization interferometry of singular structure of organic crystal polarization properties.
S.B. Yermolenko, M.P. Gorsky, Yu.A. Ushenko, A.G. Pridiy

38. Zero order interferometry technique for measuring the Lyapunov’s maximal index in optical fields
Gavrylyak M.S., Maksimyak A.P., Maksimyak P.P.

39. Orientation-selective spiral-phase contrast microscopy
Guohai Situ, Michael Warber, Giancarlo Pedrini, Wolfgang Osten

40. Model-based white light interference microscopy for metrology of transparent film stacks and optically-unresolved structures
Peter Groot, Xavier Colonna de Lega, Jan Liesener

41. Limitations and Optimization of Low-coherence Interferometry for High Precision Microscopic Form Measurement
Peter Lehmann, Jan Niehues

42. Instantaneous Wavelength Detection by a Whole-Field k-space Method
A. Davila, J. M. Huntley, P. D. Ruiz, J. M. Coupland

43. Limiting aspects in length measurements by interferometry
René Schödel

44. Aspects of design and the characterization of a high resolution heterodyne displacement interferometer
Ch. Weichert, J. Flügge, R. Köning, H. Bosse, R. Tutsch

45. The femtosecond optical synthesizer as a tool for determination of the refractive index of air in ultra-precise measurement of lengths
Ondrej Cip, Radek Smid, Bretislav Mikel, Martin Cizek, Bohdan Ruzicka, Josef Lazar

46. Digital holographic microscopy with a simultaneous phase-shifting interferometer for measuring the angular spectrum generated by micro-optical structures
Byoungho Lee, Joonku Hahn, Yongjun Lim, Hwi Kim, Eun-Hee Kim

47. Resolution enhancement in digital holography by a two-dimensional electro-optically tunable phase grating
M. Paturzo, A. Finizio, S. De Nicola, P. Ferraro

48. Resolution improvement in lensless digital holographic interferometry
Daniel Claus, Marco Fritzsche, Dr. Brenda Timmerman, Prof. Peter Bryanston-Cross

49. Digital holography catching up with analogue holography both in resolution and in field of view with a bottom-line camera
F. Gyímesi, V. Borbély, Z. Füzessy, B. Ráczkevi

50. Fresnel and Fourier digital holography architectures: a comparison
Damien P. Kelly, David S. Monaghan, Nitesh Pandey, Bryan M. Hennelly

51. The last Word on Three-Flat Calibration − are we there yet?
Jan Burke, Bob Oreb

52. A New Flatness Reference Measurement System Based on Deflectometry and Difference Deflectometry
Gerd Ehret, Michael Schulz, Manuel Stavridis, Clemens Elster

53. Quasi absolute Test for Aspherics via dual Wavefront Holograms and a radial ShearPosition
Klaus Mantel, Irina Harder, Eduard Geist, Norbert Lindlein

54. Rapid and flexible measurement of precision aspheres
Eugenio Garbusi, Goran Baer, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten

55. Measurement of the shape of objects by the interferometry with two wavelengths
Pavel Pavlicek, Gerd Häusler

56. Recording-plane division multiplexing (RDM) in pulsed digital holography for optical metrology
Xiaolei Wang, Caojin Yuan, Hongchen Zhai

57. Identification of deformation components in TV holography and digital holography
János Kornis, Richárd Séfel

58. Extending the capabilities of the sphere interferometer of PTB by a stitching procedure
Guido Bartl, Arnold Nicolaus

59. Fringe contrast improving in low coherence interferometry by white light emitting diodes spectrum shaping
Anna Pakula, Leszek Salbut

60. Absolute testing of aspherics in transmitted light using an amplitude DOE
Andreas Berger, Klaus Mantel, Irina Harder, Norbert Lindlein

61. MEMS Calibration Standards for the Optical Measurement of Displacements
J. Gaspar, M.E. Schmidt, G. Pedrini, W. Osten, O. Paul

62. About the feasibility of nearfield-farfield transformers based on optical metamaterials
Steffen Maisch, Philipp Schau, Karsten Frenner, Wolfgang Osten

63. Analogy of white-light interferometry and pulse shaping
Reinhard Berger, Wolfgang Osten

64. Nanomeasuring and Nanopositioning Engineering
Gerd Jäger, Eberhard Manske, Tino Hausotte, Hans-Joachim Büchner

65. Reconstruction of Shape using Gradient Measuring Optical Systems
Jörg Seewig, Tobias Damm, Janick Frasch, David Kauven, Sebastian Rau, Johannes Schnebele

66. Metrological SPM with positioning controlled by green light interferometry
Josef Lazar, Petr Klapetek, Ondřej Číp, Martin Čížek, Jan Hrabina, Mojmír Šerý

67. Measuring Shape and Surfaces down to the Nanometer and Nanosecond scales by Digital Holographic Microscopy
Christian Depeursinge, Isabelle Bergoënd, Nicolas Pavillon, Jonas Kühn, Tristan Colomb, Frédéric Montfort, Etienne Cuche, Yves Emery

68. Deflectometry: 3D-Metrology from Nanometer to Meter
G. Häusler, M.C. Knauer, C. Faber, C. Richter, S. Peterhänsel, C. Kranitzky, K. Veit

69. 3-D Sensing for Microstructures Using Dynamic DOEs
Shihao Dong, Xiang Peng, Yingjian Guan, Ameng Li, Yongkai Yin, Jindong Tian

70. Doppler phase-shift fringe analysis and digital holography using high-speed digital camera
Toyohiko Yatagai, Daisuke Barada

71. Shape and Deformation Measurement of Moving Object by Sampling Moiré Method
Yoshiharu Morimoto, Motoharu Fujigaki, Akihiro Masaya, Kousuke Shimo

72. New Interferometry Tools for AeroOptics
James Trolinger, Vladimir Markov

73. Dynamic Fizeau Interferometers
Brad Kimbrough, Brian Medower, James Millerd

74. Surface contouring of vibrating objects using quadrature transform
Ricardo Legarda-Saenz, Ramon Rodriguez-Vera, Juan Antonio Rayas

75. Development and Application of a 10Hz Nd:YAG Double Pulse Laser for Vibration Measurements with Double Pulse ESPI
Ernst Heinrich Nösekabel, Wolfram Honsberg, Reinhard Kelnberger

76. Combining novel fringe analysis and photogrammetry for industrial shape measurement
Y. R. Huddart, J. D. R. Valera, A. J. Moore

77. Digital holographic interferometry for deformation measurement by means of an acoustical device
Hendrik Fischer, Rainer Tutsch

78. Pump-probe interference microscope observation for femtosecond-laser induced phenomena
Yoshio Hayasaki, Akihiro Takita, Mitsuhiro Isaka

79. Three-dimensional shape measurement of dynamic objects with spatially isolated surfaces
Qican Zhang, Xianyu Su, Liqun Xiang

80. Optical design of a DOE-based laser interferometer for inspection of MEMS/MOEMS
M. Józwik, M. Kujawińska, U.D. Zeitner, K.H. Haugholt

81. Time Resolved High Resolution Shape and Colour Measurement using Fringe Projection
Zonghua Zhang, David P. Towers, Catherine E. Towers

82. Dynamic 3-D shape measurement techniques with marked fringes tracking
Xianyu Su, Qican Zhang, Yansan Xiao, Liqun Xiang

83. Optical measurement and color map projection system to highlight geometrical features on free form surfaces
T. L. Pinto, A. V. Fantin, C. A. Carvalho, A. Albertazzi

84. Digital holographic recording of large scale objects for metrology and display
Thomas Meeser, Silke Huferath Lüpke, Thomas Kreis

85. Multiwavelength laser interferometry
Bretislav Mikel, Martin Cizek, Zdenek Buchta, Josef Lazar, Ondrej Cip

86. Accurate and fast three-dimensional imaging with use of fringe projection profilometry
Ameng Li, Xiang Peng, Yongkai Yin, Yinjian Guan, Xiaoli Liu

87. 3D vibration analysis of granular materials with two-color digital Fresnel holography
Patrice Tankam, Pascal Picart, Vincent Tournat, Denis Mounier, Vitali Gusev, Jean-Pierre Boileau

88. System for transient spatio-temporal (4D) vibration imaging and non-destructive inspection
James M Kilpatrick, Adela Apostol, Vladimir Markov

89. Microelements vibration measurement using quasi-heterodyning method and smart-pixel camera
A. Styk, M. Kujawińska, P. Lambelet, A. Røyset, S. Beer

90. Dynamic multipoint vibrometry using spatial light modulators
F. Schaal, M. Warber, C. Rembe, T. Haist, W. Osten

91. Optoelectronic method for device characterization and experimental validation of operational performance
Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz

92. Computational inverse holographic imaging: toward perfect reconstruction of wavefield distributions
Vladimir Katkovnik, Artem Migukin, Jaakko Astola

93. Cooperative Sensor Approach for holistic geometrical Measurement Tasks on Cutting Tools
Albert Weckenmann, Laura Shaw

94. View Planning for 3D Reconstruction using Time-of-Flight Camera Data as a-priori Information
Christoph Munkelt, Michael Trummer, Peter Kuehmstedt, Joachim Denzler, Gunther Notni

95. Stereo vision based approach for extracting features from digital holograms
Tomi Pitkäaho, Thomas J. Naughton

96. Flexible Combination of Optical Metrology Strategies for the Automated Assembly of Solid State Lasers
Robert Schmitt, Alberto Pavim

97. A Numerical Simulation Benchmark of Tilt Scanning Interferometry for 3D Metrology
Gustavo E. Galizzi, Pablo D. Ruiz, Guillermo H. Kaufmann

98. A virtual telecentric fringe projection system
K. Haskamp, M. Kästner, E. Reithmeier

99. Inspection of an extended surface by an active 3D multiresolution technique
J. Vargas, R. Restrepo, J. A. Quiroga, T. Belenguer

100. Automated Multiscale Measurement System for micro optical elements
W. Lyda, A. Burla, T. Haist, J. Zimmermann, W. Osten, O. Sawodny

101. Simulation based sensitivity analysis and optimization of Scatterometry measurements for future semiconductor technology nodes
Valeriano Ferreras Paz, Thomas Schuster, Karsten Frenner, Wolfgang Osten, Laszlo Sziksai, Manfred Mört, Christoph Hohle, Harald Bloess

102. Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry at Long Infrared Wavelengths. Scattering Requirements
Jean-François Vandenrijt, Cédric Thizy, Igor Alexeenko, Iagoba Jorge, Ion López, Idurre Sáez de Ocáriz, Giancarlo Pedrini, Wolfgang Osten, Marc Georges

103. Novel interferometric measurement systems for the characterization of micro-optics
H. Ottevaere, H. Thienpont

104. Design of a micro-optical low coherent interferometer array for the characterisation of MEMS and MOEMS
Kay Gastinger, Karl Henrik Haugholt, Arne Røyset, Jorge Albero, Uwe Zeitner, Christophe Gorecki

105. Looking for a new generation of MEMS-type confocal microscopes
C. Gorecki, S. Bargiel, K. Laszczyk, J. Albero, J. Krezel, M. Kujawinska

106. Radial in-plane achromatic digital speckle pattern interferometer using an axis-symmetrical diffractive optical element
Armando G. Albertazzi, Matias R. Viotti, Walter A. Kapp

107. Wavefront Sensor Design based on a Micro-Mirror Array for a High Dynamic Range Measurement at a High Lateral Resolution
Robert Schmitt, Ingo Jakobs, Karl Vielhaber

108. Intellectual property in industry and academia: where interests merge?
Nadya Reingand, Wolfgang Osten

109. Moiré interferometer for surface mapping with liquid crystal grids
Jan A.N. Buytaert, Joris J.J. Dirckx

110. High resolution tilt scanning interferometry system for full sensitivity depth-resolved displacement measurements in weakly scattering materials
S. H. Burlison, P. D. Ruiz, J.M. Huntley

111. Multifunctional phase-stepping interferometer for measurement in real time
Ventseslav Sainov, Elena Stoykova

112. A Wonderful World of Holography, Interferometry, and Optical Testing
James C. Wyant

113. Multifunctional Encoding System for Assessment of Movable Cultural Heritage
V Tornari, E. Bernikola, K. Hatziyannakis, W Osten, R.M. Grooves, M. Georges, T. Cedric, G.M. Hustinx, J. Rochet, E Kouloumpi, M. Doulgeridis, T. Green, S Hackney

114. Investigation of electronic PCB component with two-color digital holographic interferometry
Patrice Tankam, D. Mounier, Eric Moisson, Pascal Picart

115. Integrated Microinterferometric Sensor
J. Krężel, M. Kujawińska

116. High Precision Measurement of plane-parallel Parts
Matthias Fleischer, Tobias Gnausch, Daniel Supp, Jonathan Becker

117. Lateral Shearing Interferometry with Simultaneous Detection of both Gradient Fields on a Common Detector Grid
Vanusch Nercissian, Norbert Lindlein, Klaus Mantel, Irina Harder

118. Near infrared large aperture (24 inches) interferometer system development
Zhu Rihong*, Chen Lei, Gao Zhishan, He Yong, Wang Qing, Guo Renhui, Li Jianxin, Deng Shaogeng, Ma Jun

119. Interior Geometry Inspection Using Rerouted Fringe Projection
Omar Abo-Namous, Markus Kästner, Eduard Reithmeier

120. A Cellular Force Microscopic System for Cell Mechanics Investigation
Jing Fang, Jianyong Huang, Chunyang Xiong

121. Candle flame analysis by digital three-wavelength holographic interferometry
Jean-Michel Desse, Pascal Picart, Patrice Tankam

122. Moiré fringe generation and phase shifting using a consumer product LCD projector
Joris J.J. Dirckx, Jan A.N. Buytaert, A.M. Sam Jeught

123. Speckle velocimetry for high accuracy and multidimensional odometry
Tom O.H. Charrett, Ralph P. Tatam

124. Determination of Refractive Index Changes in Biconical Optical Fiber Taper
Karol A. Stasiewicz, Rafał Krajewski, Małgorzata Kujawińska, Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

125. Prosthodontic crown mechanical integrity study using Speckle Interferometry
Pierre Slangen, Stephane Corn, Michel Fages, Frederic J.G. Cuisinier

126. Monitoring of Drying Process of Paints using Lensless Fourier Transform Digital Holography
Chandra Shakher, Gyanendra Sheoran

127. On the Digital Holographic Interferometry of Fibrous Materials: Opto-Mechanical Properties of Fibres
Khaled Yassien, Mostafa Agour, Christoph Kopylow

128. Geometrical camera calibration using lasers and diffractive optical elements
M. Bauer, D. Grießbach, A. Hermerschmidt, S. Krüger, M. Scheele, A. Schischmanow

129. Measurement of the local displacement field produced by a microindentation using speckle interferometry. Its application to analyse coating adhesion
A. E. Dolinko, G. H. Kaufmann

130. Space-Time Multiplexing in a Stereo-photogrammetry Setup
M. Große, R. Kowarschik

131. Interference Investigation of Concrete Structure and Dynamics During Hydration.
Mykhaylo P. Gorsky, Peter P. Maksimyak, Andrew P. Maksimyak

132. Off-axis Reconstruction Method for Displacement and Strain Distribution Measurement with Phase-Shifting Digital Holography
Motoharu Fujigaki, Kohei Shiotani, Riku Nishitani, Akihiro Masaya, Yoshiharu Morimoto

133. “Flying Triangulation”: A motion-robust optical 3D sensor principle
Svenja Ettl, Oliver Arold, Peter Vogt, Ondrej Hybl, Zheng Yang, Weiguo Xie, Gerd Häusler

134. Laser direct writing of high resolution structures on curved substrates: evaluation of the writing precision
Matthias Häfner, René Reichle, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision

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