Koenig, Edward

Cell Biology of the Axon

Koenig, Edward - Cell Biology of the Axon, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Myelination and Regional Domain Differentiation of the Axon
Courtney Thaxton, Manzoor A. Bhat

2. Organizational Dynamics, Functions, and Pathobiological Dysfunctions of Neurofilaments
Thomas B. Shea, Walter K.-H. Chan, Jacob Kushkuley, Sangmook Lee

3. Critical Roles for Microtubules in Axonal Development and Disease
Aditi Falnikar, Peter W. Baas

4. Actin in Axons: Stable Scaffolds and Dynamic Filaments
Paul C. Letourneau

5. Myosin Motor Proteins in the Cell Biology of Axons and Other Neuronal Compartments
Paul C Bridgman

6. Mitochondrial Transport Dynamics in Axons and Dendrites
Konrad E. Zinsmaier, Milos Babic, Gary J. Russo

7. NGF Uptake and Retrograde Signaling Mechanisms in Sympathetic Neurons in Compartmented Cultures
Robert B. Campenot

8. The Paradoxical Cell Biology of α-Synucle
Subhojit Roy

9. Organized Ribosome-Containing Structural Domains in Axons
Edward Koenig

10. Regulation of mRNA Transport and Translation in Axons
Deepika Vuppalanchi, Dianna E. Willis, Jeffery L. Twiss

11. Axonal Protein Synthesis and the Regulation of Local Mitochondrial Function
Barry B. Kaplan, Anthony E. Gioio, Mi Hillefors, Armaz Aschrafi

12. Protein Synthesis in Nerve Terminals and the Glia–Neuron Unit
Marianna Crispino, Carolina Cefaliello, Barry Kaplan, Antonio Giuditta

13. Local Translation and mRNA Trafficking in Axon Pathfinding
Byung C. Yoon, Krishna H. Zivraj, Christine E. Holt

14. Spinal Muscular Atrophy and a Model for Survival of Motor Neuron Protein Function in Axonal Ribonucleoprotein Complexes
Wilfried Rossoll, Gary J. Bassell

15. Retrograde Injury Signaling in Lesioned Axons
Keren Ben-Yaakov, Mike Fainzilber

16. Axon Regeneration in the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems
Eric A. Huebner, Stephen M. Strittmatter

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, general, Neurochemistry

Publication year
Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation
Natural Sciences

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