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Tissue Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Micro- and Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
Daniela Coutinho, Pedro Costa, Nuno Neves, Manuela E. Gomes, Rui L. Reis

2. Biomimetic Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering
Ian O. Smith, Peter X. Ma

3. Natural and Synthetic Scaffolds
Patricia S. Wolfe, Scott A. Sell, Gary L. Bowlin

4. Pluripotent Stem Cells: Sources and Characterization
Sean P. Palecek

5. Adult Stem Cells: Sources and Characterization
Hitoshi Okochi

6. Isolation and Growth of Stem Cells
Jeffrey M. Gimble, Bruce A. Bunnell, Farshid Guilak, Steven R. Smith, Adam J. Katz

7. Differentiation and Plasticity of Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering
Yao-Hua Song, Lukas Prantl, Eckhard Alt

8. Animal Models for the Evaluation of Tissue Engineering Constructs
Daniel A. W. Oortgiesen, Gert J. Meijer, Rob B. M. Vries, X. Frank Walboomers, John A. Jansen

9. Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing in Tissue Engineering
Haiou Shen, Aaron S. Goldstein, Ge Wang

10. Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering
Scott Maxson, David Orr, Karen J. L. Burg

11. Issues in Bioartificial Liver Support Therapy for Acute Liver Failure
John F. Patzer, Jörg C. Gerlach

12. Central Nervous System
T. Führmann, J. Gerardo-Nava, G. A. Brook

13. Tissue Engineering for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Andrew Hart, Giorgio Terenghi, Mikael Wiberg

14. Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels: How to Make a Graft
Sajoscha Sorrentino, Hermann Haller

15. Biohybrid Strategies for Vascular Grafts
Robert Lith, Guillermo A. Ameer

16. Heart and Cardiovascular Engineering
Axel Haverich, Mathias Wilhelmi

17. Tissue Engineering of Organs: Eye/Retina
Stephen Redenti, Henry Klassen, Michael Young

18. Engineering of Adipose Tissue
Laurence A. Galea, Heidi E. Lilja, Gregory PL. Thomas, Keren M. Abberton, Jason A. Palmer, Wayne A. Morrison

19. Blood Substitutes
Andreas Pape, Oliver Habler

20. Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels: How to Make a Graft
Andrew A. Gassman, Howard P. Greisler

21. Bone Tissue Engineering
J. C. Reichert, D. W. Hutmacher

22. Tissue Engineering of Organs: Brain Tissues
Deniece Fon, David R. Nisbet, George A. Thouas, Wei Shen, John S. Forsythe

23. Engineering Cartilage Tissue
Robert L. Mauck, Jason A. Burdick

24. Pancreatic Tissues
Grace J. Lim, Anthony Atala

25. Tendons: Engineering of Functional Tissues
D. I. Zeugolis, J. C. Y. Chan, A. Pandit

26. Tissue Engineering in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)
Wolfgang C. Puelacher

27. Tissue Engineering of Musculoskeletal Tissue
Lu Zhang, Myron Spector

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Genetics, Plastic Surgery, Medical Biochemistry, Laboratory Medicine, Biomaterials, Microbiology

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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