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Global Geodetic Observing System

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Table of contents

2. Introduction
H.-P. Plag, G. Beutler, R. Gross, T. A. Herring, C. Rizos, R. Rummel, D. Sahagian, J. Zumberge

3. The goals, achievements, and tools of modern geodesy
H.-P. Plag, Z. Altamimi, S. Bettadpur, G. Beutler, G. Beyerle, A. Cazenave, D. Crossley, A. Donnellan, R. Forsberg, R. Gross, J. Hinderer, A. Komjathy, C. Ma, A.J. Mannucci, C. Noll, A. Nothnagel, E.C. Pavlis, M. Pearlman, P. Poli, U. Schreiber, K. Senior, P.L. Woodworth, S. Zerbini, C. Zuffada

4. Understanding a dynamic planet: Earth science requirements for geodesy
R. Rummel, G. Beutler, V. Dehant, R. Gross, K.H. Ilk, H.-P. Plag, P. Poli, M. Rothacher, S. Stein, R. Thomas, P.L. Woodworth, S. Zerbini, V. Zlotnicki

5. Maintaining a modern society
C. Rizos, D. Brzezinska, R. Forsberg, G. Johnston, S. Kenyon, D. Smith

6. Earth observation: Serving the needs of an increasingly global society
D. Sahagian, D. Alsdorf, C. Kreemer, J. Melack, M. Pearlman, H.-P. Plag, P. Poli, S. Reid, M. Rodell, R. Thomas, P.L. Woodworth

7. Geodesy: Foundation for exploring the planets, the solar system and beyond
J. F. Zumberge, J. S. Border, V. Dehant, W. M. Folkner, D. L. Jones, T. Martin-Mur, J. Oberst, J. G. Williams, X. Wu

8. Integrated scientific and societal user requirements and functional specifications for the GGOS
R. Gross, G. Beutler, H.-P. Plag

9. The future geodetic reference frame
T. A. Herring, Z. Altamimi, H.-P. Plag, P. Poli

10. The future Global Geodetic Observing System
M. Rothacher, G. Beutler, D. Behrend, A. Donnellan, J. Hinderer, C. Ma, C. Noll, J. Oberst, M. Pearlman, H.-P. Plag, B. Richter, T. Schöne, G. Tavernier, P. L. Woodworth

11. Towards GGOS in 2020
G. Beutler, M. Pearlman, H.-P. Plag, R. Neilan, M. Rothacher, R. Rummel

12. Recommendations
H.-P. Plag, G. Beutler, R. Gross, T. A. Herring, P. Poli, C. Rizos, M. Rothacher, R. Rummel, D. Sahagian, J. Zumberge

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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39 pages
Natural Sciences

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