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Table of contents

1. Molecular Networks and Information Systems
Stefan Węgrzyn, Lech Znamirowski

2. Sorting of Quantum States with Respect to Amount of Entanglement Included
Roman Gielerak, Marek Sawerwain

3. Management of Web Services Based on the Bid Strategy Using the User Valuation Function
Jolanta Wrzuszczak, Leszek Borzemski

4. A Markovian Model of a Call Center with Time Varying Arrival Rate and Skill Based Routing
Jarosław Bylina, Beata Bylina, Andrzej Zoła, Tomasz Skaraczyński

5. A Novel Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Sensor Networks with Topology Control
Jerzy Martyna, Marcin Nowrot

6. On the Lifetime Maximization Design of Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Jerzy Martyna

7. Modeling of the Throughput Capacity of Hierarchical Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Jerzy Martyna

8. Object Oriented Vertical Communication in Distributed Industrial Systems
Rafał Cupek, Marcin Fojcik, Olav Sande

9. Combining Timed Colored Petri Nets and Real TCP Implementation to Reliably Simulate Distributed Applications
Wojciech Rząsa

10. Adaptive Streaming of Stereographic Video
Krzysztof Grochla, Arkadiusz Sochan

11. The Influence of Electromagnetic Disturbances on Data Transmission in USB Standard
Michał Maćkowski

12. Electromagnetic Emission Measurement of Microprocessor Units
Michał Maćkowski, Krzysztof Skoroniak

13. Software Influence Upon AX.25 Protocol Performance
Bartłomiej Zieliński

14. Buffer Capacity Adjustment for TNC Controller
Bartłomiej Zieliński

15. The Reliability of Any-Hop Star Networks with Respect to Failures of Communication Nodes
Jadwiga Kozłowska

16. A Floor Description Language as a Tool in the Process of Wireless Network Design
Remigiusz Olejnik

17. Dependencies and Configurations of Solutions in Multicriteria Optimization in Nets
Henryk Piech

18. Web Traffic Modeling for E-Commerce Web Server System
Leszek Borzemski, Grażyna Suchacka

19. RULEGO Bioinformatical Internet Service – System Architecture
Aleksandra Gruca, Marek Sikora, Łukasz Chróst, Andrzej Polański

20. On the Performance of AQM Algorithms with Small Buffers
Łukasz Chróst, Agnieszka Brachman, Andrzej Chydziński

21. Adaptive RED in AQM
Joanna Domańska, Adam Domański

22. QoS Aware MPLS Multicast in the MAN DiffServ Domain
Slawomir Przylucki

23. ServeR: .NET-Based Infrastructure for Remote Services of Statistical Computing with R-Project
Dariusz Rafał Augustyn, Łukasz Warchał

24. Modelling of Multi-tier Internet Applications with the Use of BCMP Queueing Networks and Simulation Model in Simulink
Andrzej Imiełowski

25. Disaster’s Impact on Internet Performance – Case Study
Tomasz Bilski

26. Creating 3D Web-Based Viewing Services for DICOM Images
Adam Piorkowski, Lukasz Jajesnica, Kamil Szostek

27. Efficiency Analysis of the Server-Side Numerical Computations
Adam Piorkowski, Daniel Plodzien

28. Adaptive Approach to Network Security
Bogdan Ksiezopolski, Zbigniew Kotulski, Pawel Szalachowski

29. PROFINET I/O Network Analyzer
Rafał Cupek, Markus Bregulla, Łukasz Huczała

30. Dual Bus as a Method for Data Interchange Transaction Acceleration in Distributed Real Time Systems
Andrzej Kwiecień, Marcin Sidzina

31. Hierarchical Petri Net for the CPDev Virtual Machine with Communications
Dariusz Rzońca, Bartosz Trybus

32. IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Mechanisms in Industrial Applications
Wojciech Domagała

33. The General Concept of a Distributed Computer System Designed for Monitoring Rock Movements
Piotr Gaj, Błażej Kwiecień

34. Remote Monitoring of Geological Activity of Inclined Regions – The Concept
Jarosław Flak, Piotr Gaj, Krzysztof Tokarz, Stanisław Wideł, Adam Ziębiński

35. The IEEE Wireless Standards as an Infrastructure of Smart Home Network
Mateusz Grabowski, Grzegorz Dziwoki

36. The Graphic Representation of Areas of Rough Sets Characterizing the Groups of Scheduled Tasks
Henryk Piech

37. The Problem of Bandwidth Allocation in the Business Activity of Service Providers: Comparison and Analysis of Costs
Bartosz Marcinkowski, Piotr Ostrowski

38. Network Transmission of 3D Mesh Data Using Progressive Representation
Krzysztof Skabek, Łukasz Ząbik

39. Application of Distributed System in Control and Diagnostic Toothed Gears
Andrzej Kwiecień, Jacek Rysiński, Marcin Sidzina

40. Improving Availability of Industrial Monitoring Systems through Direct Database Access
Arkadiusz Jestratjew

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), System Performance and Evaluation, Management of Computing and Information Systems

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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