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Body Contouring

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Table of contents

1. Mammary Anatomy
Michael R. Davis

2. Gluteal Contouring Surgery: Aesthetics and Anatomy
Robert F. Centeno

3. Anatomy and Topography of the Anterior Abdominal Wall
Michael R. Davis, Matthew R. Talarczyk

4. History of Classifications of Adiposity Excess
Melvin A. Shiffman

5. Body Contour: A 50 Year Perspective
Ivo Pitanguy, Henrique N. Radwanski

6. Injection Lipolysis for Body Contouring
Diane Duncan

7. History of Breast Augmentation
Melvin A. Shiffman

8. Inframammary Approach to Subglandular Breast Augmentation
Anthony Erian, Amal Dass

9. Hydrodissection Axillary Approach Breast Augmentation
Sid J. Mirrafati, Melvin A. Shiffman

10. Complications of Breast Augmentation
Anthony Erian, Melvin A. Shiffman

11. Regnault B Mastopexy: A Versatile Approach to Breast Lifting and Reduction
Howard A. Tobin

12. Mastopexy/Reduction and Augmentation Without Vertical Scar
Sid J. Mirrafati

13. Breast Reduction and Mastopexy with Vaser in Male Breast Hypertrophy
Alberto Giuseppe

14. Gynecomastia Repair Using Power-Assisted Superficial Liposuction and Endoscopic Assisted Pull-Through Excision
Yitzchak Ramon, Yehuda Ullmann

15. Mastopexy Complications
Melvin A. Shiffman

16. History of Breast Reduction
Melvin A. Shiffman

17. Strombeck Breast Reduction Technique
Pierre F. Fournier

18. Inverted Keel Resection Breast Reduction
Ivo Pitanguy, Henrique N. Radwanski

19. Vaser-Assisted Breast Reduction
Alberto Giuseppe

20. Complications of Breast Reduction
Melvin A. Shiffman

21. History of Abdominoplasty
Giovanni Benedetto, William Forlini

22. Abdominoplasty Principles
Melvin A. Shiffman

23. Liposculpture of the Abdomen in an Office-Based Practice
Peter M. Prendergast

24. “Anchor-Line” Abdominoplasty: A Comprehensive Approach to Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Body Contouring
Paolo Persichetti, Pierfranco Simone, Annalisa Cogliandro, Nicolò Scuderi

25. Circular Lipectomy with Lateral Thigh–Buttock Lift
Héctor J. Morales Gracia

26. Prevention and Management of Abdominoplasty Complications
Melvin A. Shiffman

27. Mastopexy with Extended Chest Wall-Based Flap After Massive Weight Loss
Luiz Haroldo Pereira, Aris Sterodimas

28. Brachioplasty: How to Choose the Correct Procedure
A. Chasby Sacks

29. Brachioplasty: A Body-Contouring Challenge
James G. Hoehn, Sumeet N. Makhijani, Jerome D. Chao

30. “Fish-Incision” Brachioplasty
Rajiv Y. Chandawarkar

31. Brachioplasty Technique with Molds Combined to Vaser Assisted Lipomyosculpture
Ewaldo Bolivar Souza Pinto, Pablo S. Frizzera Delboni

32. Limited Incision Medial Brachioplasty
Andrew P. Trussler, Rod J. Rohrich

33. Augmentation Brachioplasty with Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants
Gal Moreira Dini, Lydia Massako Ferreria

34. Long-Term Outcomes and Complications After Brachioplasty
James Knoetgen

35. Lymphoscintigraphy: Evaluation of the Lymphatic System
Cristina Hachul Moreno, Aline Rodrigues Bragatto, Américo Helene, Carlos Alberto Malheiros, Henrique Jorge Guedes Neto

36. Medial Thigh Lift and Declive: Inner Thigh Lift Without Using Colle’s Fascia
Daniele Spirito

37. Spiral Lift: Medial and Lateral Thigh Lift with Buttock Lift and Augmentation
Sadri O. Sozer, Francisco J. Agullo, Humberto Palladino

38. A Novel Treatment Option for Thigh Lymphoceles Complicating Medial Thigh Lifting Procedures
Wayne K. Stadelmann

39. Fat Augmentation of Buttocks and Legs
Lina Valero Pedroza

40. Lower Leg Augmentation with Combined Calf-Tibial Implant
Afshin Farzadmehr, Robert A. Gutstein

41. Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty: Basic Physics, Tissue Interactions, and Related Results/Complications
William W. Cimino

42. History of Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty
William W. Cimino

43. Face and Neck Remodelling with Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty (Vaser)
Alberto Giuseppe

44. High Definition Liposculpting
Alfredo Hoyos

45. Vaser-Assisted Liposculpture for Body Contouring
Alberto Giuseppe

46. Circumferential Para-Axillary Superficial Tumescent (CAST) Liposuction for Upper Arm Contouring
Andrew T. Lyos

47. Body Contouring with Focused Ultrasound
Javier Moreno-Moraga, Josefina Royo Torre

48. Focus Ultrasound on Limited Lipodystrophies
Michele Cataldo, Luca Grassetti, David E. Talevi

49. Aesthetic Body Contouring of the Posterior Trunk and Buttocks Using Third Generation Pulsed Solid Probe Internal Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty
Onelio Garcia

50. Treatment Options in Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis
Anthony P. Sclafani, Kenneth Rosenstein, Joseph J. Rousso

51. Liposuction for Madelung’s Neck
Robert Yoho

52. Body Contouring of the Thigh: The Third Dimension by Leonardo Da Vinci
Alberto Giuseppe

53. Liposuction of the Calves and Ankles Associated with Calf Implant
Adrien E. Aiache

54. Management of HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy: Medical and Surgical Options for Lipoatrophy and Lipohypertrophy
C. Scott Hultman, Anne Keen

55. Prevention and Treatment of Liposuction Complications
Melvin A. Shiffman

56. Comparison of Blood Loss in Suction-Assisted Lipoplasty and Third-Generation Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty
Onelio Garcia

57. Fat Transfer Principles
Melvin A. Shiffman

58. Enhancing Muscle Appearance with Extensive Liposuction and Fat Transfer
Alfredo Hoyos

59. Remodelling Breast and Torso with Liposuction and Fat Grafts
Alfredo Hoyos, David Broadway

60. Buttocks Remodeling with Fat Transfer
William L. Murillo

61. Complications of Fat Transfer
Hassan Abbas Khawaja, Melvin A. Shiffman, Enrique Hernandez-Perez, José Enrique Hernández-Pérez, Mauricio Hernandez-Perez

62. History of Bariatric Surgery
Melvin A. Shiffman

63. Psychosocial Aspects of Body Contouring Surgery After Bariatric Surgery
Troy W. Ertelt, Joanna M. Marino, James E. Mitchell

64. Psychosocial Issues in Body Contouring
David B. Sarwer

65. Nutrition Issues After Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss
George John Bitar, Sally Myers

66. The Body’s Aesthetic Units for Body Contouring Surgery in Massive Weight Loss Patients
Héctor J. Morales Gracia, Alberto Javier Coutté Mayora

67. Classification of Contour Deformities After Massive Weight Loss: Clinical Applications of the Pittsburgh Rating Scale
Angela S. Landfair, Dennis J. Hurwitz, Madelyn H. Fernstrom, Raymond Jean, J. Peter Rubin

68. Facial Contouring in the Postbariatric Surgery Patient
Anthony P. Sclafani, Vikas Mehta

69. Total Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss
Nestor Veitia, Dennis J. Hurwitz

70. Transaxillary Breast Augmentation/Wise-Pattern Mastopexy in the Massive Weight Loss Patient
George John Bitar

71. Mastopexy with Extended Chest Wall-Based Flap After Massive Weight Loss
Ruth Maria Graf, Daniele Pace, Alexandre Mansur

72. Medial Thigh Lift Free Flap for Breast Augmentation After Bariatric Surgery
Thomas Schoeller, Georg M. Huemer

73. Rotation-Advancement Superomedial Pedicle Mastopexy Following Massive Weight Loss
Albert Losken

74. Flank Reshaping
Keith Robertson, Bilal Gondal

75. Perforator Sparing Abdominoplasty: Indications and Operative Technique
Ulrich M. Rieger, Martin Haug

76. Abdominal Lipectomy and Mesh Repair of Midline Periumbilical Hernia After Bariatric Surgery Sparing the Umbilicus
Antonio Iannelli

77. Combined Abdominoplasty and Medial Vertical Thigh Reduction Following Severe Weight Loss
Mohammed G. Ellabban, Nicholas B. Hart

78. Complications in Abdominoplasty Patients After Bariatric Surgery
Mikko Larsen, Peter W. Plaisier

79. Quality of Life After Abdominoplasty Following Bariatric Surgery
Wilson Cintra, Miguel Luiz Antonio Modolin, Joel Faintuch, Rolf Gemperli, Marcus Castro Ferreira

80. Algorithm for Surgical Plane in Brachioplasty After Massive Weight Loss
Claudio Cannistrà

81. L Brachioplasty Following Massive Weight Loss
Daron Geldwert, Dennis J. Hurwitz

82. Brachioplasty After Bariatric Surgery
Franco Migliori

83. Brachioplasty and Axillary Restoration with Treatment Algorithm for Brachioplasty
Charles K. Herman, Berish Strauch

84. Current Techniques in Medial Thighplasty
David W. Mathes

85. Thighplasty
Cristina Hachul Moreno, Aline Rodrigues Bragatto, Américo Helene, Carlos Alberto Malheiros, Henrique Jorge Guedes Neto

86. Combined Thigh and Buttock Lift After Massive Weight Loss
Claudio Cannistrà

87. Venous Thromboembolism in Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery
Maura Reinblatt, Michele A. Shermak

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