Gräslund, Astrid

Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Gräslund, Astrid - Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. How Biomolecular Motors Work: Synergy Between Single Molecule Experiments and Single Molecule Simulations
Martin Karplus, Jingzhi Pu

2. Single-Molecule Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging: From Early Steps to Recent Advances
William E. Moerner

3. Single Molecules as Optical Probes for Structure and Dynamics
Michel Orrit

4. FCS and Single Molecule Spectroscopy
Rudolf Rigler

5. Single Molecule Spectroscopy Illuminating the Molecular Dynamics of Life
Watt W. Webb

6. Chemical Fluxes in Cellular Steady States Measured by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Hong Qian, Elliot L. Elson

7. In Vivo Fluorescence Correlation and Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy
Jörg Mütze, Thomas Ohrt, Zdeněk Petrášek, Petra Schwille

8. Fluorescence Flicker as a Read-out in FCS: Principles, Applications and Further Developments
Jerker Widengren

9. Development of Nanocrystal Molecules for Plasmon Rulers and Single Molecule Biological Imaging
A. P. Alivisatos

10. Size-Minimized Quantum Dots for Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Andrew M. Smith, Mary M. Wen, May D. Wang, Shuming Nie

11. Mapping Transcription Factors on Extended DNA: A Single Molecule Approach
Yuval Ebenstein, Natalie Gassman, Shimon Weiss

12. Single Molecule Measurement, a Tool for Exploring the Dynamic Mechanism of Biomolecules
Toshio Yanagida

13. Viral DNA Packaging: One Step at a Time
Carlos Bustamante, Jeffrey R. Moffitt

14. Chemo-Mechanical Coupling in the Rotary Molecular Motor F1-ATPase
Kengo Adachi, Shou Furuike, Mohammad Delawar Hossain, Hiroyasu Itoh, Kazuhiko Kinosita, Yasuhiro Onoue, Rieko Shimo-Kon

15. Mechanoenzymatics and Nanoassembly of Single Molecules
Elias M. Puchner, Hermann E. Gaub

16. Single Cell Physiology
Pierre Neveu, Deepak Kumar Sinha, Petronella Kettunen, Sophie Vriz, Ludovic Jullien, David Bensimon

17. Force-Clamp Spectroscopy of Single Proteins
Julio M Fernandez, Sergi Garcia-Manyes, Lorna Dougan

18. Unraveling the Secrets of Bacterial Adhesion Organelles Using Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy
Ove Axner, Oscar Björnham, Mickaël Castelain, Efstratios Koutris, Staffan Schedin, Erik Fällman, Magnus Andersson

19. Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy
Stefan W. Hell

20. Sub-Diffraction-Limit Imaging with Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy
Mark Bates, Bo Huang, Michael J. Rust, Graham T. Dempsey, Wenqin Wang, Xiaowei Zhuang

21. Assessing Biological Samples with Scanning Probes
A. Engel

22. Enzymology and Life at the Single Molecule Level
X. Sunney Xie

23. Controlling Chemistry in Dynamic Nanoscale Systems
Aldo Jesorka, Ludvig Lizana, Zoran Konkoli, Ilja Czolkos, Owe Orwar

24. Single-Molecule Protein Conformational Dynamics in Enzymatic Reactions
H. Peter Lu

25. Watching Individual Enzymes at Work
Kerstin Blank, Susana Rocha, Gert Cremer, Maarten B. J. Roeffaers, Hiroshi Uji-i, Johan Hofkens

26. The Influence of Symmetry on the Electronic Structure of the Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes from Purple Bacteria
Martin F. Richter, Jürgen Baier, Richard J. Cogdell, Silke Oellerich, Jürgen Köhler

27. Exploring Nanostructured Systems with Single-Molecule Probes: From Nanoporous Materials to Living Cells
Christoph Bräuchle

28. Gene Regulation: Single-Molecule Chemical Physics in a Natural Context
Peter G. Wolynes

Keywords: Physics, Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices, Atomic/Molecular Structure and Spectra, Spectroscopy/Spectrometry, Nanotechnology

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Springer Series in Chemical Physics
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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