Meyer, Bertrand

Objects, Components, Models and Patterns

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Table of contents

1. On Realizing a Framework for Self-tuning Mappings
Manuel Wimmer, Martina Seidl, Petra Brosch, Horst Kargl, Gerti Kappel

2. Programming Models for Concurrency and Real-Time
Jan Vitek

3. CIF: A Framework for Managing Integrity in Aspect-Oriented Composition
Andrew Camilleri, Geoffrey Coulson, Lynne Blair

4. A Diagrammatic Formalisation of MOF-Based Modelling Languages
Adrian Rutle, Alessandro Rossini, Yngve Lamo, Uwe Wolter

5. Designing Design Constraints in the UML Using Join Point Designation Diagrams
Vanessa Stricker, Stefan Hanenberg, Dominik Stein

6. Stream-Based Dynamic Compilation for Object-Oriented Languages
Michael Bebenita, Mason Chang, Andreas Gal, Michael Franz

7. Algebraic Semantics of OCL-Constrained Metamodel Specifications
Artur Boronat, José Meseguer

8. Specifying and Composing Concerns Expressed in Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
Aram Hovsepyan, Stefan Baelen, Yolande Berbers, Wouter Joosen

9. Early Crosscutting Metrics as Predictors of Software Instability
José M. Conejero, Eduardo Figueiredo, Alessandro Garcia, Juan Hernández, Elena Jurado

10. Extensibility in Model-Based Business Process Engines
Mario Sánchez, Camilo Jiménez, Jorge Villalobos, Dirk Deridder

11. Guaranteeing Syntactic Correctness for All Product Line Variants: A Language-Independent Approach
Christian Kästner, Sven Apel, Salvador Trujillo, Martin Kuhlemann, Don Batory

12. A Sound and Complete Program Logic for Eiffel
Martin Nordio, Cristiano Calcagno, Peter Müller, Bertrand Meyer

13. A Coding Framework for Functional Adaptation of Coarse-Grained Components in Extensible EJB Servers
Olivier Caron, Bernard Carré, Alexis Muller, Gilles Vanwormhoudt

14. A Leasing Model to Deal with Partial Failures in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Tom Cutsem, Jorge Vallejos, Wolfgang Meuter, Theo D’Hondt

15. Reusing and Composing Tests with Traits
Stéphane Ducasse, Damien Pollet, Alexandre Bergel, Damien Cassou

16. Flow-Centric, Back-in-Time Debugging
Adrian Lienhard, Julien Fierz, Oscar Nierstrasz

17. A Classification Framework for Pointcut Languages in Runtime Monitoring
Karl Klose, Klaus Ostermann

18. Fast Simulation Techniques for Design Space Exploration
Daniel Knorreck, Ludovic Apvrille, Renaud Pacalet

19. PyGirl: Generating Whole-System VMs from High-Level Prototypes Using PyPy
Camillo Bruni, Toon Verwaest

20. Using Grammarware Languages to Define Operational Semantics of Modelled Languages
Daniel A. Sadilek, Guido Wachsmuth

21. Automatic Generation of Integrated Formal Models Corresponding to UML System Models
Helen Treharne, Edward Turner, Richard F. Paige, Dimitrios S. Kolovos

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Models and Principles, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Management of Computing and Information Systems

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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